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Where to find the Account Number in Metrobank ATM Card?

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Dear affordableCebu,

Where can we find the account number of a Metrobank ATM Card?

- asked by nono


You can find the account number just below the account name of the Metrobank ATM Card. Like what you can see in the photo below:

Metrobank ATM Card
Metrobank ATM card (photo)

The account number is found at the lowest left corner of the ATM Card. Some of the reasons why you don't exactly know your ATM account number are:
  • You forgot it.
  • You don't memorize it.
  • The printed account number faded in the ATM card.
  • You lost a copy of your account number.
To help you avoid forgetting the account number of your Metrobank ATM, write your account number on your phone or in a piece of paper inserted inside your wallet.
In case you totally lost and forgot your account number, you must go to your depository branch or any Metrobank branch or call Metrobank Customer Service at (02) 870-0700 or 1-800-1888-5775 and ask to retrieve your account number. When visiting a Metrobank branch, don't forget to bring at least two valid id's for identity verification.

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Juan dela Cruz   (24 November 2018 6:53 PM) [Entry]

Bobo ng mga nagtatanong dito na gusto makuha account number. Tumawag kayo sa Metrobank hotline mga tanga.
Michael d .esguerra   (19 October 2018 7:05 PM) [Entry]

Where i can find my card number ?
Arjay Mendoza   (01 June 2018 4:03 PM) [Entry]

Gusto kong malaman yung Account Number ko sa Metrobank.
ulysis   (29 May 2018 8:48 PM) [Entry]

i want to know my ATM card number because i want to send it a money.
Vergel Laborera   (02 February 2018 5:07 PM) [Entry]

Hi how can i get my account number?
Rizalee Joi Amba   (21 December 2017 2:06 PM) [Entry]

Hi, good day! Just want to ask if where can I find the account number of the Metrobank Pay Card?
Warner Jimenez   (31 January 2017 9:07 AM) [Entry]

I just want to know my acct. number
Arfel V. Carles   (05 January 2017 5:55 PM) [Entry]

Pwede ko po bang malaman bank account ko sa Metrobank pay card ko kaylangan ko po sa pagpapadala ng pera. salamat po sana bigyan nyo ng pansin concern ko agad
Arfel V. Carles   (05 January 2017 5:47 PM) [Entry]

Me I know my account number in my ATM paycard Metrobank I need to transfer money thank u very much please responds ASAP
harvey z. bade   (10 November 2016 12:59 PM) [Entry]

pwede malaman ung account ko sa metrobank d2 ako bhay nagonline...
joey R. cartavio   (02 November 2016 4:18 PM) [Entry]

kunin ko po sana yung account number ko
genevieve cabase   (27 September 2016 9:11 PM) [Entry]

good day! im genevieve cabase,
i want to know my ATM card number because i want to send it a money.
timi   (27 April 2015 7:32 PM) [Entry]

hi, may i know how many digits are there in metro bank account number? thank you