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How to Load Your Phone Using BDO Online Banking
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Usually, everytime you want to load your phone (cellphone, iphone, android phone or any mobile phone), you might probably go to a nearest store or loading station and buy a load. But with the advent of online banking and with additional buy-mobile-load feature of some banks in the Philippines, you can now load your cellphone in the comfort of your home or office.

The largest bank of the Philippines, Banco de Oro (BDO) offers such great feature in their online banking services. BDO created a "Buy a Load" functionality of their online banking which enables you to buy a cellphone load online anytime you want and anywhere you are. In BDO's "Buy a Load", the amount you load will be taken from your savings account. Don't worry! It's free and no charge everytime you want to load your cellphone/mobile phone. Do you want to try BDO "Buy a Load" feature? Just follow these simple procedures below:

Procedures on How to Load Your Phone Online Using BDO Internet/Online Banking

Step 1

In order to load your cellphone online, it's a prerequisite to have a BDO account and second your BDO account should be enrolled in internet/online banking. You can't load your cellphone if you don't have these 2 things first.

Step 2

Given that you already have the above requirements, log-in to your BDO account. This is the url address:

BDO online banking website

Step 3

Click the "Buy a Load" menu (indicated with a cellphone icon).
BDO Buy a Load

Step 4

In the Buy a Load webpage, just choose the the appropriate options in the different fields.
BDO Buy a Cellphone Load online

Get load from - In the first field, you can choose any of your BDO accounts where you can get load from.

Load this Mobile Number - this the cellphone number you want to load. Take note: You should enroll first the Mobile/Cellphone number you want to load. Just follow preceding steps in enrolling your mobile number. It's so easy, so not to worry.

Amount - this is the amount you want to load in your cellphone.

Remarks - you can leave this blank.

Reload Schedule - if you want to load your cellphone immediately, then choose Immediately. You can also choose to load at a Later Date or a Regular Schedule Date.

Step 5

After choosing appropriate options in the different fields, click the Submit button in order to process your load. You will then receive your load in your cellphone within a few seconds. You will then receive in your email a notification message indicating that you successfully load an amount. Below is the notification message I received in my email when I bought a 30 pesos load online through BDO online banking:
/------------ Start of Email ------------/

Dear Mr. ***** * ***** ,

Thank you for using BDO Internet Banking.

Your request for prepaid mobile reload was processed.  Details as follows:

       Account No.           : **********36
       Mobile No.            : **********7
       Amount                : PHP 30.00
       Remarks               :
       Transaction Ref. No.  : PMR-********-****43

For any question or concerns, you may contact BDO Customer Contact Center at the following nos.:
            631-8000 (Metro Manila)
            1-800-10-631-8000 (PLDT Domestic Toll Free No.)
            1-800-3-631-8000 (DIGITEL Domestic Toll Free No.)
            Int. Access Code-800-8-631-8000(International Toll Free No.)
Or send an email to Mybdo-InternetBanking@bdo.com.ph.

Thank you.

BDO - Electronic Banking Unit

/------------ End of Email ------------/

I hope this article helps a lot to all BDO accountholders.

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2 Josephine   (24-October-2013 1:49 PM)
Hi Good Day!

I have a question. Why is it always have an error like this: 'IST30: Unsuccessful Transaction' every time I load to Touch Mobile numbers?

Kindly help me solve this issue.


1 Jessie L. Seprado   (12-September-2012 12:12 PM)
Hi good day to all!! I want to ask. Can I convert my payroll account into a personal account. The account contains an amount more than the initial deposit needed for opening a personal account. So that I will not go to the bank anymore just to open a new account.

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