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Is Withdrawing Money in BDO ATM Machines using BDO ATM Card Free?

If you have a Banco de Oro (BDO) ATM card and you want to withdraw in the ATM machine of the other BDO branch, you might wonder if withdrawal to such ATM is free or has a charge.

Is withdrawing money in BDO ATM machines using BDO ATM card Free? Yes. It doesn't cost to withdraw on any BDO ATMs using your BDO ATM card.

But if you withdraw or transact using ATM's of other banks within the Philippines or abroad, there is a corresponding service charge.

Other Local Banks’ ATMs:
   > Balance Inquiry= Php 2.00
   > Withdrawal = Php 11.00

Foreign Bank ATMs with Cirrus/Plus logos:
   > Balance Inquiry = US$ 1.00
   > Withdrawal = US$ 3.50

*Any unsuccessful ATM transaction such as wrong PIN, insufficient funds, exceeds limit, etc. will still be charged of US$ 1.00.

Do you have any concern in withdrawing money in ATMs of BDO?
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