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LandBank Iaccess Problems and Solutions

LandBank's online banking facility called LandBank Iaccess is a convenient way for LandBank clients to access their bank accounts anywhere they are and anytime they want as long as there's a computer/laptop and an internet connection. Though convenient or hassle-free, LandBank online banking system might be a bit burden or sometimes difficult to use for some old or computer-illiterate clients. Or maybe you might encounter a problem with using the system. So we compile those common problems and their solutions to make your online banking worry-free.
LandBank Iaccess
LandBank Iaccess Problems and Solutions
1. What is the website (url) of LandBank Iaccess?
  • https://www.lbpiaccess.com/
2. How to enroll or apply for Landbank Iaccess?
3. How many times should you enter wrong passwords during logging-in?
  • Three (3) times, then it will be blocked
4. Is it free to inquire my LandBank account balance online?
  • Yes
5. How to check your deposit account or savings account in LandBank online?
  • You should enroll first to LandBank Iaccess, and log-in to your account. Inside your LandBank Iaccess account, you view your account balance there for free or check all the transactions you've made on your deposit/savings/credit account.
6. How to determine if you enter the real or genuine LandBank Iaccess website?
  • You should check that the domain or url of the website you're browsing is https://www.lbpiaccess.com. Other than that, you're probably browsing a phishing website or website that steals your account information such as your iAccess ID and password.
7. What should you do if you enter and logged-in in a phishing website or if your iAccess account has been hacked?
  • Report to or call LANDBANK Helpdesk at 405-7800 (1-800-10-405-7000 for domestic toll-free calls) or you may send a message to [email protected]
  • The best thing to do is to go to a LandBank branch immediately and report the incident.
8. I want to apply LandBank online banking, where can I download the LandBank Iaccess Enrollment Form?
If you found any problems with LandBank Iaccess you can post them in the comment below, we'll do our best to help you. If you also found any solutions to a particular problem, please share them also in the comment below.

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Total comments : 66
Analiza Toledo   (31 January 2018 12:36 PM)
what will I do to reactivate my blocked account?

Lady Edem Pascua   (25 January 2018 7:41 AM)
Hi, how can I access my account in iAcess? I have not been able to do so since my account registration. Can I re-register again? Thank you.

JOHANNA G. CAMINO   (20 January 2018 3:46 PM)
i can't see the enroll button in the website of LBP IAccess, i cant enroll. i want to enroll but how?

Joseph Garcia   (05 January 2018 2:58 PM)
Hello, I can't access the iaccess website since December 2017. Can I e-mail someone, instead, to request for a summary of transactions for my account?

Catherine Villanueva.   (16 November 2017 11:09 PM)
Good morning since monday november 13 pumunta ako ng landbank kasi mag open sana ako ng aking i access bakit invalid user or password ang lumalabas na reset na yung password 3 beses na paulit ulit invalid pa rin ano ang gagawin ko indi ko ma open ang i access ko sana matulungan nyo ako maraming salamat

Jocelyn e cruz   (03 August 2017 4:19 AM)
For the past few weeks i was not able to connect with the landbank i access...according to them because of telcos connection is also failed..how long will it take for me to have an access again..what shall i do?

kristine joy   (09 June 2017 12:28 PM)
Please help me po nakalimutan ko po user id at password ko ano po dapat kong gawin?thank you

rowie lizano   (18 May 2017 8:18 AM)
Please help me po nakalimutan ko yung user at pass word ko ilang attempt na po ako nag lock na po siya..paki unblock po..

salve p.yolangco   (05 May 2017 8:13 PM)
Please help to unlock my lbpiaccess password..nkailang attempt po kasi ako nkalimutan ko un password ko.thank you.

Annieliza Grace B Lacar   (30 April 2017 12:23 PM)
kindly unblocked my LBP account thank you

Dines   (07 April 2017 10:41 AM)
please unlocked my lbpiaccess user id and pasword,thank you

Gay lapuz soriano   (31 March 2017 2:34 AM)
Please unlocked my lbpiaccess user id and pasword,thank you.

Lalai   (27 March 2017 1:19 AM)
No eneollment link in IACCEss site..please help!

Joaquin Valencia   (10 March 2017 7:51 PM)
I tried logging in recently, but a pop-up message says my account has been deleted. How do I fix that?

aileen ortega   (30 January 2017 5:25 PM)
Good day po .Nag locked po yung account ko kase i forgot my iaccess id and password. Patulong naman po.Thankyou ☺

Arvin Songco   (24 December 2016 4:20 AM)
Hindi ko pa rin ma open ang pina unlock ko na account

Arvin Songco   (24 December 2016 4:18 AM)
Bakit hindi ko pa rin ma open ung pina reveal ko na account ang tagal q na na process yun

Ariel De Guzman   (14 December 2016 7:34 AM)
How to reveal my blocked account?

singerB   (15 November 2016 7:52 PM)
The Website of the landbank is totally sucks!! too many bugs and can't help to complete a transaction. You can't even view your account statement. Too many problems with logins...

keken   (04 November 2016 3:50 PM)
Good day! I got my account blocked due to wrong entry of my password (haven't noticed i was typing in capslock) any solution to get this activated without going back to the bank personally? Your help desk number cannot be reached. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thank You!

Mark   (09 October 2016 5:36 AM)
Account locked. I am an OFW. I called my bank and told me to go back un the Philippines and request for unlock. Now, if 8 go back, i will close my account and transfer it to another bank with easier procedure to unlock locked account without going back home.

Mark Parmisana   (05 October 2016 2:41 PM)
Good Day! When i tried to check for my savings account it said " ACCOUNT NOT FOUND". Please tell me what's wrong or what should i do. Thanks.

JESSAN SILVA SAQUIAN   (28 July 2016 6:39 AM)
good day! i forgot my user name and password..thank you

Mary Etheljune M. Marasigan   (25 July 2016 10:30 AM)
Good day!
i could not access my account because it was blocked due to wrong entry of username and password..can you please help me on how to access it back..thank you

Christian Pomario Borja   (09 July 2016 10:26 AM)
Nakalimutan ko po yong password ko .paano na po yun?

Ruth H. Mercado   (29 June 2016 3:41 PM)
Ano pong gagawin ko kasi nag invalid username at password daw ako samantalang tama naman po ang pag enter ko nito

admin   (05 July 2016 2:24 PM)
Ruth, to fix it, try to reset/change your password by clicking the "Forgot the Password" link located below the login box. Just enter the username/iAccess ID you've created initially.

Kim   (17 June 2016 7:59 PM)
As far as I could remember, I already had my iaccess username and password which I did at the bank. But,unfortunately, when I tried opening it here at home, I cant log-in due to I have invalid username/password. What should I do? I entered the right one, as far as I remember.

ipur   (10 June 2016 9:49 AM)
What is going on now with landbank atm transaction? I cannot transact for two nows...

marissa Llonado esplana   (07 June 2016 11:08 AM)
Goodnoon Sir / maam please help me to unblock my iaccess. thank you

rechelle   (04 June 2016 3:29 AM)
how can i open my account wherein i forgot my atm pin, i am not holding my atm for about 5 years.

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