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Security Features of Metrobank's Metrocash Manager

Here are some great security features of Metrobank's Metrocash Manager:

Metrobank Metrocash Manager Security Features
(Picture snapshot) Metrobank Metrocash Manager Security Features

Computer virus protection

Metrobank use up-to-date virus protection software that protects their network system from any computer virus.

An integrated firewall system over Metrobank's existing network backbone.

Secured transmissions
Metrobank uses 128-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on all their online transactions. This is the highest type of encryption currently used by all IBS (Internet Banking System) networks.

Authentication and Digital Certification
Metrobank uses range of technologies such as Verisign digital certificates, user passwords and a Challenge-Response Authentication technique to ensure that during a secured Internet banking session, the parties involved are authenticated and authorized.

Messsage Integrity
Message authentication code technology is in place to ensure that transactions sent are not tampered with.

Monitoring and Log Control
Extensive use of transactional audit trails and comprehensive transaction logging.

Automatic log-out feature
Metrobank's systems have an automatic log-out feature that is activated when your computer is left idle for 20 minutes.

Customer ID and Password
Metrobank assign each user a unique Customer ID and password to access metrobankdirect Corporate. Metrobankdirect Corporate requires a Customer ID and Password respectively for each Maker and Authorizer enrolled in the system.

Built-in Approval Workflow
The Maker-Authorizer set-up enforces the required layers of security and authenticity of transactions in your company. With such a set-up, your authorization rules match your company's signing/authorization rules.
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