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What to Do If You Lost Your LandBank ATM Card?

Some circumstances in life are unavoidable. A thief might stole your LandBank ATM Card. Or due to your busy lifestyle, you might forgot where you keep it. Or it got lost somewhere. You might be worried what would happen to the money on your ATM account. So, what should you do first if you lost your LandBank ATM card?

The first thing to do is to report immediately the loss of your LandBank ATM card to a LandBank branch. It takes time (maybe hours or days) to go to a LandBank branch and report the incident.

If you need immediate action such as blocking access to your ATM account, you should call LandBank Customer Service Hotline right away: (02) 405-7000). You can also call LandBank Hotline Toll-free number: 1-800-10-4057000. A customer service representative will verify your identity and will block your ATM account.

If you go to the LandBank branch for atm card replacement, you might ask...,

What are the requirements to bring for LandBank ATM Card Replacement

You need to bring the following:
  1. Notarized Affidavit of Lost (Tip: You can get a free affidavit of lost from the Public Attorney Office or PAO)
  2. Valid ID's
  3. ATM Card Replacement Fee - Php 150
  4. Take note of your ATM Account Number

Does LandBank accepts any liability for loss ATM Card?

LandBank does not accept responsibility for any unauthorized transactions of your lost/stolen ATM card. As stated on LandBank's ATM Card Terms and Conditions:
"LBP (LandBank) will not be responsible for any unauthorized transactions caused by the use of the lost or stolen ATM card until after LBP has received my/our stop payment order or notice of loss."
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1 Cezar   (03 December 2017 6:29 PM)
Can i request for a replacement card in any branch?