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Where to Find the ATM Card Number of BDO?

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Dear affordableCebu,

Where can I find the ATM card number of my BDO ATM? I see some numbers printed on the front of my BDO atm card? Are they referring to card number or account number?

asked by Daniel


The 16-digit number you see on the front of your BDO atm card is the ATM card number. It's not the account number. Here's a screenshot of a BDO ATM Card (with MasterCard logo):

BDO ATM Card Number
Card number is encircled in red.

If the card number is almost unrecognizable or blurry, you can request a copy of your ATM card number in a BDO branch. BDO will be happy  to assist you. Don't forget to bring your valid ID.

The ATM card number is required by most online merchants. When transacting or purchasing online using your BDO MasterCard, the card number is required. So, make sure you have another copy of this number on your private computer or password-protected phone.

  • The card number is a very important number that you need to have a copy of it on your computer or in a paper. Make sure the copy in a computer is password-protected, or the copy in a paper is placed in a very secure place.
Do you have any problem with your BDO ATM card number?
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1 Marianne Grace D. Bastian   (05 July 2016 8:38 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam,
Good day!

I just want to inquire the account number of my daughter Marjorie B. Padiangan with ATM card number 0113100207194004.

Thanks so much so help is highly appreciated.