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How to Apply Palawan Pawnshop Franchising
We would like to inform everyone that Palawan Pawnshop, according to their Social Media Manager Coleen Mae Sitchon, is "not accepting franchising" anymore. Application for franchising or Palawan Express Pera Padala agent is currently put on hold.

If you have further inquiries, you can contact Coleen at coleenmeansgirl13@gmail.com.

You may disregard the following information below.

With its rapid expansion, one of the top pawnshops in the PhilippinesPalawan Pawnshop is offering franchising, a business opportunity for you to earn a lucrative income. Everywhere, Palawan Pawnshop branches are established like mushrooms. People love to go to Palawan Pawnshop for its very flexible loan terms and very affordable remittance rates. Some of the services they offer are:
  • pawning (prenda)
  • money remittance (pera padala international)
  • forex exchange (money changer)
  • bills payment (electricity, phone, internet, load)
If you're interested to apply for franchising, just follow any of the options below:

Option 1

You can choose to apply for franchising of Palawan Pawnshop by sending a letter of intent addressed to:

Mr. Karlo M. Castro
Business Development Manager
Email Address: rebeccabadayos@yahoo.com

Option 2

You may call Palawan Pawnshop telephone number (landline) at (02)-912-4253 and look for Ms. Rebecca Badayos.

Option 3

You can also send a letter of intent to email address: ppsheadoffice@yahoo.com or fax to 048-433-4110.

Option 4

The simplest thing to do is to visit a Palawan Pawnshop branch and inquire for franchising. The staff is very kind enough to entertain your concern.

Some requirements to bring:
  • application letter
  • transcript of records
  • resume
Palawan Pawnshop

Do you have any other concern with Palawan Pawnshop franchising opportunity?

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173 JORGE ABELLA   (19-May-2016 4:40 PM)

172 Maria Nenette Dalisay   (19-May-2016 9:54 AM)
hi Mam/Sir

Good morning. I would like to ask your other landline number because I cannot contact your office to the number given here, kindly include also the office address so i can personally inquire about the franchising of Palawan express padala. Thanks You.

171 Maria Nenette Dalisay   (19-May-2016 9:53 AM)
hi Mam/Sir,

Good morning. i would like to ask your other landline no. because i cannot contact your office to the no. given here, kindly include also the office address so i can personally inquire about the franchising of Palawan express padala. Thanks You.

170 Wendel   (17-May-2016 11:48 PM)
Dear sir/ madaam,

I would like to inquire how much it cost to franchise palawan pera padala.and what are the requirements needed. Hope to hear some feedback soon. Thank you

169 paisal y dimaro   (14-May-2016 7:09 PM)
magandang gabi.. ask ko po mgakano franchise kung magpatayo po ako ng palawan express pera padala dito marawi city?

168 cindy   (30-April-2016 10:00 AM)
Hi Ma'am / Sir,

Good day!

I Would like to inquire the cost of palawan pwnshop franchasing and also all requirements needed. I'm interested for this project.
I'm looking forward to here feedback from you. Thank you and God bless.

167 leny a. balingit   (19-April-2016 11:48 AM)

Good day..We would like to inquire about Palawan Pawnshop franchise and all the requirements needed.Hope for your asap response.thank you

166 wakhuz   (08-April-2016 10:23 AM)
good morning i would like to inquire for franchise cost and as well as the requirements.

165 Jean   (31-March-2016 10:22 AM)
Hi, Good day! I would like to ask on how much it will cost me to franchise Palawan Pawnshop and all things needed to be done. Will be expecting an immediate response. Thank you.

164 Coleen Mae Sitchon   (28-March-2016 1:00 PM)
Hello, Admin!
Good day!
I am Coleen Mae Sitchon, Social Media Manager of Palawan Pawnshop.
Would you please remove this post regarding application for franchising Palawan Pawnshop Palawan Express Pera Padala. This has outdated information and the company is not accepting franchising, as a matter of fact.

I am looking forward to an immediate response on this. Thank you!

I indicated my gmail account for any inquiries.

163 Dyan   (26-March-2016 2:15 PM)

Good day..We would like to inquire about Palawan Pawnshop franchise and all the requirements needed.Hope for your asap response.thank you

162 charise   (15-March-2016 6:18 PM)
good pm po, i would like to inquire for franchise cost and as well as the requirements. thank you.

161 Lorrymae Joy Blanco   (25-February-2016 5:31 AM)
I am very much interested in getting a franchise. Kindly tell me how much is the franchising fee and what are things needed to be done

160 mary jane b. bartolome   (22-February-2016 10:28 AM)


159 Maria lelis m sumulong   (11-February-2016 3:46 PM)
hi sir Karlo
my tenant CVM Pawnshop is moving out in my commercial space. Since they would not remove all furnitures and fixtures including the vault . i am offering to you my space in Pasig infront of pasig mega market after jollibee and fcm supermarket . u can contact me at 09255762288 and or on my landline 871-8809 . Thank you .

158 Roumella Candelario   (09-February-2016 12:34 PM)
Good day! I would like to know the cost of franchise & the requirements needed?

thank you!

157 armando castañeda   (09-February-2016 9:23 AM)
Good morning Rebecca! I want to ask the requirements and the minimum capital needed to open a franchise to be located at barangay Kias, Baguio City if ever it is feasible/viable.
thank you very much.

156 ZENAIDA   (08-February-2016 8:30 AM)
please send me a project proposal and a budget for the franchising....

155 april fabian   (31-January-2016 4:54 PM)
Hi! Just want to inquire about the franchise., how much would be the cost. Our barangay is a big barangay with neighboring barangays here in Davao City. Palawan Express is not yet here so I'm thinking of franchising.

154 Ricky Ogatis   (26-January-2016 7:06 AM)
Hello Good Morning!

I want to know more about how to franchise a Palawan Express Pera Padala in our area, What are the requirements and how much the investment.

Thank You Very Much.

153 Cherryl Arcan   (20-January-2016 10:08 AM)

I would like to ask how much is the cost of your franchising fee?and How to process the application form?
Hoping for your reply.
Thank you God bless.

152 Vincent Villanueva   (04-January-2016 11:47 AM)
I am interested in franchising this line of business, kindly send me the details on how to avail the franchise. Thank you and more power!

151 Gerald Mendoza   (29-December-2015 10:22 AM)
Good Day,

May I just inquire about the franchising fee, and procedure on how to start business with your company, I am from Naga City, Camarines Sur. Please contact me with my email or cp no. 09435804040.


150 jaydelyn ocastro   (25-December-2015 11:06 PM)
Im interested of getting a franchise of palawan express padala may i know how much it cost pls..you can also txt me the info 09293782878

149 Elnora Grace R. Lopez   (18-December-2015 3:49 PM)
Hi Sir/Madam,

I'm interested to put a remittance center in our province, Bulacan, kindly inform me how much is the estimated capital in engaging with your company. Your prompt reply shall be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

148 Ramon Espanola   (15-December-2015 3:29 PM)
Good day . .

I just want to know how much is the fee for franchising? If we get your company as a payment center of our business, how much is the fee? what are the requirements?

Please my contact number is 09288423869.

147 rocel caballero   (03-December-2015 8:28 PM)
I just wanna inquire how much is the franchising fee for this business? Thank you.

146 Jeric dela torre   (03-December-2015 11:17 AM)
Hello sir/mam how much capital
Do i need if i want to franchise palawan kindly give more details or requirements for franchising palawan kindly text my cp number-09107221164 thank you!

145 Lilia Sale-Paragoso   (02-December-2015 1:58 PM)
how much capital do i need if i want to franchise?

144 Eduardson   (30-November-2015 7:16 PM)
Hi Sir,

Good day!

I would like to know how much it cost for franchising pera padala?

Thank you,

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