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How to Apply Palawan Pawnshop Franchising
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With its rapid expansion, one of the top pawnshops in the PhilippinesPalawan Pawnshop is offering franchising, a business opportunity for you to earn a lucrative income. Everywhere, Palawan Pawnshop branches are established like mushrooms. People love to go to Palawan Pawnshop for its very flexible loan terms and very affordable remittance rates. Some of the services they offer are:

  • pawning (prenda)
  • money remittance (pera padala international)
  • forex exchange (money changer)
  • bills payment (electricity, phone, internet, load)
If you're interested to apply for franchising, just follow any of the options below:

Option 1

You can choose to apply for franchising of Palawan Pawnshop by sending a letter of intent addressed to:

Mr. Karlo M. Castro
Business Development Manager
Email Address: rebeccabadayos@yahoo.com

Option 2

You may call Palawan Pawnshop telephone number (landline) at (02)-912-4253 and look for Ms. Rebecca Badayos.

Option 3

You can also send a letter of intent to email address: ppsheadoffice@yahoo.com or fax to 048-433-4110.

Option 4

The simplest thing to do is to visit a Palawan Pawnshop branch and inquire for franchising. The staff is very kind enough to entertain your concern.

Some requirements to bring:
  • application letter
  • transcript of records
  • resume
Palawan Pawnshop

Do you have any other concern with Palawan Pawnshop franchising opportunity?

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106 RUBY ALIMPIA   (28-July-2015 1:45 PM)

I am interested of putting up a palawan express in our area in Bauang Public Market, Bauang La Union. How much is the franchise fee and initial investment.

Thank you.

105 Bella S. Santos   (24-July-2015 3:30 PM)
Franchising amount please

104 Bella S. Santos   (24-July-2015 3:28 PM)
Would just like to know the franchising amount. Thnks

103 Aileen Joyce   (24-July-2015 2:04 PM)
Good day!!! I am interested to have a franchise of Palawan Express Pera Padala. May I know the requirements and the franchising fee. Thank you so much.

102 Adonis Bonghanoy   (24-July-2015 10:02 AM)
Good day sir/madam, can you please give some idea how much is the franchising fee....and what are requirements needed...

101 June francis cabasan   (22-July-2015 3:00 PM)
Good afternoon im interested to franchise palawan express pera padala.i want to know the requirements and how much is the franchising fee. Thank you so much

100 Zor Castillo   (21-July-2015 3:42 PM)
Please give me some information regarding franchising of Palawan express Pera Padala . I am interested to apply. How much is the capital.

99 Rachel Tanguid   (21-July-2015 11:43 AM)
Hi, i am interested to franchise business of palawan pera padala. I want to know what are your requirements. Thank you. You can call me 09752175733.

98 Roselaine L Corpus   (17-July-2015 8:09 PM)
Hi, I am interested to apply in your company here is my contact number 09283316126.
thank you

97 Jame castro   (14-July-2015 7:24 PM)
Hi, How much is the total investment required all in? Can we put the business anywhere in the country?
Please email me, eg.pinoy@yahoo.com

Thank You...

96 Raquel G. Manidlangan   (12-July-2015 3:51 PM)
Hi im interested to make francise business palawan pera padala. Please send me the information about it. Thank you and God Bless

95 Marivi   (03-July-2015 1:20 PM)
good day!

Hello I'm Marivic Suan 24 years of age. I want to apply in your company, here is my contact number 09309176915.

Sincerely yours,

94 jonna   (03-July-2015 6:51 AM)
Have a good day!!!
Im interested about franchising..please let me know what is the requirements and what i nèed to do.thanks...

93 Ma. Daphni pajarillo   (01-July-2015 6:31 PM)
Good day to you. We are interested to make franchise business of Palawan Pawnshop. Hope you can send us information details how to apply. Please include time frame upon approval. Thank you

92 Ruby Mariga   (29-June-2015 11:30 PM)
Good day!
I'm interested to have a franchise of your business, what are your requirements?
Please email me for your answer. Thank you and Godbless!

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