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How to Apply Palawan Pawnshop Franchising
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With its rapid expansion, one of the top pawnshops in the PhilippinesPalawan Pawnshop is offering franchising, a business opportunity for you to earn a lucrative income. Everywhere, Palawan Pawnshop branches are established like mushrooms. People love to go to Palawan Pawnshop for its very flexible loan terms and very affordable remittance rates. Some of the services they offer are:

  • pawning (prenda)
  • money remittance (pera padala international)
  • forex exchange (money changer)
  • bills payment (electricity, phone, internet, load)
If you're interested to apply for franchising, just follow any of the options below:

Option 1

You can choose to apply for franchising of Palawan Pawnshop by sending a letter of intent addressed to:

Mr. Karlo M. Castro
Business Development Manager
Email Address: rebeccabadayos@yahoo.com

Option 2

You may call Palawan Pawnshop telephone number (landline) at (02)-912-4253 and look for Ms. Rebecca Badayos.

Option 3

You can also send a letter of intent to email address: ppsheadoffice@yahoo.com or fax to 048-433-4110.

Option 4

The simplest thing to do is to visit a Palawan Pawnshop branch and inquire for franchising. The staff is very kind enough to entertain your concern.

Some requirements to bring:
  • application letter
  • transcript of records
  • resume
Palawan Pawnshop

Do you have any other concern with Palawan Pawnshop franchising opportunity?

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119 Rodney Pequiro   (24-August-2015 11:13 AM)
Good day! Maam/Sir, Im interested to apply your company. Are you still hiring now? thank you.

118 Edward B. Malzan   (23-August-2015 6:41 PM)
Good day!
Just want to know how much is the franchise fee and other related infos and requirements in establishing pslawan pawnshop

117 Anita C Ngo   (21-August-2015 12:48 PM)
Dear Sir/ Ma'am.

I am planning to put up a business and Im planning to invest Palawan Pawnshop. I dont have any idea how to do it or do you have staff to train me. Also my concern is how much is the franchise fee, investment or initial capital. What are the requirements and how it is with the construction of the shop.
Thank you, hope to hear from you.

Ms A. Ngo

116 Lorena bayan   (21-August-2015 11:56 AM)

Hi!I am interested to have a franchise of Palawan express Pera Padala. what is the requirements and also the franchise fee. thank you. have a great day.

115 marilou d. wong   (15-August-2015 5:21 PM)
good afternoon sir/maam, i am interested to be an authorized agent of palawan express padala, but i dont know how to apply. can i ask if how much is the capital needed? and what are the requirements of the said application. thank you and i hope to hear you soon.

114 camille   (12-August-2015 10:52 AM)
i would like to ask about the contact number of main palawan express padala?and i wann know where is tha main office of palawan express

113 marchell ann fernando   (08-August-2015 12:01 PM)
Good afternoon im interested to franchise palawan express pera padala.i want to know the requirements and how much is the franchising fee. Thank you so much

112 Fatima Ellaine A. Requillo   (08-August-2015 8:36 AM)
Ma’am/ Sir,
Good Day!
I would like to apply for any vacant position in your organization that fit my qualification.
I am Fatima Ellaine Requillo, 21 years old with physical condition. presently residing in Alejal Carmen Davao del Norte. I graduated at Holy Cross of Davao College with a course of Bachelor of Science in business Administration major in Human Resource Management.
I motivated professional with a variety of skills and experience. My personal qualify reveal excellent teamwork and leadership.
Enclosed, herewith are my documents for any personal evaluation to support my application. I am looking forward to the opportunities of meeting with your discussing my suitability for the position further, I am available for an interview at your convenient time and you can contact me in this number 09097324562.

Very truly yours,

111 elvis evagelista   (07-August-2015 4:18 PM)
do u have offices here in cebu city that caters a ur client who is very interested to franchise palawan pawnshop

110 Ruth Garcia   (07-August-2015 11:18 AM)

Hi!I am interested to have a franchise of Palawan express Pera Padala. what is the requirements and also the franchise fee. thank you. have a great day.

109 Eleah J. Gayanelo   (07-August-2015 10:37 AM)
May i know how much would be the franchise fee.? Thank you.

108 Paul Lindog   (04-August-2015 9:45 PM)
Hi Good evening, I am interested to have a franchise of Palawan Express Pera Padala. May I know the requirements and the franchising fee. Thank you so much.

107 zharlyn M Mabunga   (03-August-2015 10:29 PM)
good evening mam and sir .
i want to apply to your company

106 RUBY ALIMPIA   (28-July-2015 1:45 PM)

I am interested of putting up a palawan express in our area in Bauang Public Market, Bauang La Union. How much is the franchise fee and initial investment.

Thank you.

105 Bella S. Santos   (24-July-2015 3:30 PM)
Franchising amount please

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