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PAG-ASA Pawnshop
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Need Fast Cash? Let your assets work for you in PAG-ASA Pawnshop.

Established in 1987, PAG-ASA Pawnshop is fast-growing pawnshop in the Philippines due to its wide array of auctioned items and the affordability of its prices compared to other pawnshops in the Philippines.

We accept jewelries, watches, cellphones, digicams, high-end cameras, ipads, laptops and other gadgets, TV, aircons and other appliances. We also accept appliances, power tools, jewelries, and a lot more!

PAGASA Pawnshop Logo
PAG-ASA Pawnshop Logo

PAG-ASA Pawnshop is serving more cities through its number of branches:
  • PAG-ASA Pawnshop Corrales Branch
  • PAG-ASA Pawnshop Carmen Branch
  • PAG-ASA Pawnshop Cogon Market Branch
  • PAG-ASA Pawnshop Daumar Branch
  • PAG-ASA Pawnshop Carmen Market Branch
  • PAG-ASA Pawnshop Malaybalay Branch
  • PAG-ASA Pawnshop Tabunok Branch
We at PAG-ASA Pawnshop, we are always here to serve you.

PAGASA Pawnshop

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43 dextersabsal   (18-October-2015 1:39 PM)
How much is your appraisal of my 1 unit grinder, 1 unit powerdrill and plainer 4" blade size all makita brand and in good condition...

42 dextersabsal   (18-October-2015 1:34 PM)
Power tools

41 Jacklyn   (27-September-2015 10:23 PM)
Do you accept 925silver jewelry for pawn?

40 yang   (07-September-2015 8:28 AM)
Good morning! How much if I pawn my ASUS VivoBook X202E?

Thank you.

39 Jane binayao   (03-August-2015 7:13 PM)
Do you have chainsaw available. Im interested to buy in near cagayan de oro city or malaybalay city

38 zumo   (10-July-2015 12:04 PM)
hi good pm how much if i pawn my samsung smart tv led 42 inches call me 09162434551 thanks

37 che che amor pestano   (05-June-2015 1:20 PM)
good afternoon, can i ask if i can pawn some ipod apple brand and a lenovo laptop.thank you . please messege me for update.

36 Benzell   (28-May-2015 11:02 PM)
Hi. May i know if you accept Nokia c5-03 and samsung galaxy ace for pawning? Please reply asap...

35 Josephine   (25-May-2015 9:30 AM)
Good morning mam/sir,how much the appraisal rate of the iphone 5s then the charger was a little wreck i just put it now the electrical tape but im still using it.. PleAse can you give me some feed back about it.. Thank you. Inform me please soon.09164651845.

34 marianne rose   (07-May-2015 11:02 AM)
do you accept acer netbook with charger but it has a malfunction number 3? only number 3 is not functioning

33 Junrey   (29-April-2015 7:29 AM)
Good morning! May I know the auction schedules please.

32 leizel ann cubian   (14-January-2015 10:38 PM)
please inform me 09179842220

31 leizel ann cubian   (14-January-2015 10:37 PM)
hi im here in cebu . how much to pawn laptop ?
. brand is TOSHIBA .. quad core

30 Devimer Gregorio Bragat Novenski   (22-September-2014 0:54 AM)
Hi..im here in cebu im looking for a pawnshop.That accept manjo cake machines.please let me know if you accept..thank...pls contact me 09339712004

29 Jules   (13-May-2014 5:16 PM)
how much to pawn laptop dell?

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