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Top Network Marketing Companies in the Philippines (MLM)

Network Marketing Businesses (MLM) in the Philippines are spreading like a virus. From Top Multilevel Network Marketing Companies to some unregistered Network Marketing Businesses in the Philippines, many pinoys are so crazy engaging in this kind of business. Especially if they heard about the "kitaan" or "compensation plan" and they see the 'million-income-potential', they tend to take the bait and register to the Network Marketing company they are invited in. For you to know the Top Networking Companies in the Philippines (MLM pioneers and huge number of distributors), here's a list of them that will help you in choosing which is the best and more experienced Network Marketing Company for you.

We got here as claimed by others the hottest, the latest, the most exciting, the most dynamic, the best network marketing companies in the Philippines
MLM - is more on Empowering People

Top Network Marketing Companies in the Philippines (MLM)

  1. UNO (Unlimited Network of Opportunities) - PR Newswire reported UNO as the largest network marketing (MLM) company in the Philippines with over 300,000 individual distributors/members in the Philippines.
  2. DXN International Private Ltd
  3. AVON Products Inc.
  4. Forever Living Products Philippines, Inc.
  5. Nu Skin Philippines, Inc.
  6. Herbalife
  7. Usana
  8. Aim Global Inc.
  9. Frontrow Enterprise Philippines, Inc.
  10. Global Entrepreneurship Merchandising Inc. (GEM)
  11. Amway
  12. i-Fern
  13. Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA)
  14. Global Pinoy Remittance and Services (GPRS)
  15. Jeunesse Globe
  16. Classique Herbs Corporation
  17. Greenworld Woo Tekh Philippines
  18. Flitrep
  19. Health and Wealth (Green Barley)
  20. Samerica
  21. Fern-C
  22. Lifemax
  23. VMobile Technologies Inc. (Loadxtreme)
  24. CF Wellness
  25. Global Fusion Incorporated!
  26. Betternet777
  27. GDI (Online Based)
  28. Winalite International
  29. Max International
  30. MyOwnBiz
  31. Sante International
  32. Diamond Lifestyle Corporation (DLC)
  33. International Marketing Group
  34. Global Green Life
  35. PlanetBizWorld – RENEFX
  36. Empower Marketing
  37. Felta Multi-media, Inc.
  38. Filway Marketing, Inc.
  39. 4 Life Reserch Phils.
  40. GanoiTouch
  41. GNLD International
  42. Mary Kay Philippines, Inc.
  43. New Image International F.E. (Philippines.), Inc.
  44. Nikken Philippines, Inc.
  45. Reliv Philippines, Inc.
  46. Sunrider Philippines Inc.(MLM)
  47. Symmetry Phils., Inc. (MLM)
  48. Tianshi Philippines, Inc.
  49. Unicity Network Philippines, Inc.
  50. Dynapharm International Philippines, Inc.
  51. Waters Philippines (MLM)
  52. First Vita Plus Marketing Corporation
  53. Alivemax
  54. Vital C
  55. Essensa Naturale
  56. HB&W Marketing
  57. Lifestyles Asia
  58. Triumph International
  59. Royale Business Club, Inc.
  60. Agel Enterprises
  61. Victory Global
  62. Custrich Healthcare Products, Inc.
  63. Unlimited Possibilities World Marketing Corporation
  64. Momentum Kinetics International
  65. GMACS Cosmetic Distributor - SkinGlow by GMACS
  66. FM Group Fragrance
  67. Bionutriwealth International Corporation
  68. UBX Online
  69. Charmica Power Life Corporation
  70. Business Empire, Inc.
  71. Syntek Global, LLC.
  72. LifePharm Global, Inc.
  73. Global PINAS
  74. MyBeeWay Corporation
  75. Maxceemum Corporation
  76. TodayAdz
  77. MIYO Marketing Systems
  78. MMobile Technologies Inc.
  79. 1BRO Global, Inc.
  80. QDynamics Global Corporation
  81. Nutribiz International, Inc.
  82. Herbenna Stores, Inc.
  83. My Jinga Juice Incorporated
  84. ModelCoup International Inc. e-NuVVo Division
  85. Organo Gold
  86. Zmartpro International
  87. E. Excel International (Philippines), Inc.
  88. Edmark International
  89. I-GEE System (by Topland Management & Marketing Corporation)
  90. Powerline Global (Powerline World Online Marketing)
  91. Telepreneur Corporation
  92. Real Life Bliss International Corporation
  93. LiCHAN International Co. Ltd.
  94. I AM RICH Wellness Product Enterprises
  95. MyProtectLine Int'l Company
  96. Premium Health Provider International Inc.
  97. Technowise 360 Inc.
  98. PlanProMatrix
  99. BWL Health and Sciences Inc.
  100. Unlimited Power Matrix (UPMatrix)
  101. NBW5 Trading Corporation
  102. doTERRA Essential Oils
  103. Vantage International
  104. Ebiz Upnorth Communications Co.
  105. Ignition Marketing
  106. Extreme Pro Marketing Inc.
  107. LongRich Philippines
  108. One Lightning Corporation
  109. Constant Business Opportunities Solution Inc. (CBOSI)
  110. JC Premiere Business International Inc.
  111. Planet Mobile Technologies
  112. W1N International
  113. Success 200
  114. Zillionlife Pure Global Inc.
  115. Prime Zoenix Marketing Business Corporation
  116. 4Life Research Philippines, LLC
  117. Alphanetworld Corporation (NWORLD)
  118. NegosyoBiz Marketing
  119. Total Life Changes, LLC
  120. Phyto Science Sdn Bhd
  121. Rising Yuera International, Inc.

more MLM companies to be listed soon... check back for updates.

Inactive Network Marketing (MLM Companies) in the Philippines
  1. AD-FOR online advertising media company (inactive)
  2. Adszens Broker Corporation
  3. Oks Global Wellness, Inc.
  4. Mega-C

If you know other Network Marketing Companies not listed above, please let us know and we will add that Company here so that millions of Filipinos will be informed. And if some of the listed companies/business are inactive, please let us know also.
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1101 kabayan   (11 July 2016 9:48 PM)
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1100 Melren Bercasio   (03 July 2016 9:10 PM)
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1099 Ardi Bo   (01 July 2016 10:38 PM)
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1096 Jeremiah Charles   (15 June 2016 2:32 PM)
Total Life Changes should be on this list

1094 fvpartchiesalva   (10 June 2016 10:04 AM)
Why First Vita Plus are not in the list?

1095 admin   (11 June 2016 9:26 AM)
fvpartchiesalva, it's on number 52.

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1082 sheryl   (25 March 2016 3:57 PM)
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1080 Jerome   (02 March 2016 1:14 PM)
Hello author, FERN Inc. is not an MLM company, it's their sister company, i-fern. Please change, and add i-fern to the list :) Thanks.

1081 admin   (03 March 2016 9:53 AM)
Hi, Jerome. Thanks for the correction. The list is now updated.

1079 lorenoops   (02 March 2016 2:41 AM)
It doesn't matter whether you're in the best company or not.. as long as you got the best network marketing team you should earn well in networking

1078 Idowu Adebayo   (28 February 2016 8:35 PM)
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