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SuperCat Travel/Shipping Schedule for Cebu, Tagbilaran and Ormoc

For your travel to Cebu, Tagbiliran and Ormoc or vice versa, you can ride a SuperCat boat which is faster than an ordinary boats available because of it's equipped with high powered turbo engine. For your guide, you can take a look at their schedule below.

SuperCat Logo
SuperCat Logo

SuperCat picture
Picture of a SuperCat boat

Schedule of SuperCat Trip (Travel/Shipping Schedule)

Destination (from-to)
Time Schedule
(Departure - Arrival)
Ticket Price
Cebu to Ormoc
5:45am - 8:05am
11:00am - 1:30pm
4:40pm -7:00pm
Ormoc to Cebu
8:20am - 10:40am
1:45pm - 4:15pm
7:15pm - 9:45pm
Cebu to Tagbiliran
8:30am - 10:15am
12:20pm - 2:15pm
4:30pm - 6:15pm
Tagbiliran to Cebu
10:30am - 12:15pm
2:30pm - 4:15pm
6:30pm - 8:15pm

Travel time is estimated to be 2 hours and 20 minutes. This schedule is subject to change of cancellation due to technical reasons or weather conditions without prior notice.

For more information such as ticket reservation, you can contact SuperCat at the following telephone number: +63 (32) 233-7000.

If you know the ticket price and if there's any changes of their SuperCat Trip schedule, please let us know by doing dropping us a comment below. Thank you.
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49 Pat   (03 March 2016 8:57 PM)
Hello Good Morning,

How much is the fare from Ormoc to Cebu and how much luggage can we bring. What is the charge for extra weight?

48 brian   (12 December 2015 11:03 AM)
How much is the ticket fare going to tagbilaran?

47 David Purdy   (09 September 2015 3:58 AM)
What is the cost round trip from Tagbiliran to Ormoc? Do all supercats use the same seaport in Cebu city?

46 Fragile   (13 May 2015 11:18 AM)
How much is the student's fare from Tagbilaran to Cebu?

45 Maribel Carceller   (16 April 2015 12:46 PM)
Can we have your schedule and rates of your shipping from ormoc to cebu

44 Elinitasuarez Bentillo   (04 November 2014 11:44 AM)
and you should the online booking no new to go to ticket office

43 Elinitasuarez Bentillo   (04 November 2014 11:43 AM)
you should put the fare rates!!

42 rose hernandez   (11 June 2014 8:37 PM)
Hi, i just want to know the daily time schedule of supercat from cebu to ormoc.We need it ASAP thank you very much.

41 Roselyn Guarin-Schmidt   (09 June 2014 7:23 AM)
Good day!

I would like to ask schedules from Camiguin to Tagbilaran, if it is Daily Travels? and the PRICES Please!!!

Please Response as early as Possible.

Thanks You! and Have a Nice Day!

40 Firmo Agoncillo   (24 March 2014 2:18 PM)
I just want to know it I can purchase tickets without reservation on the day of our trip 03 May 2014 from Cebu to Ormoc. I want reply soon as possible.
Thank you very much...

39 Firmo Agoncillo   (24 March 2014 2:10 PM)
I just want to know if I can purchase tickets with out reservation, trip from Cebu to Ormoc on 03 May 2014. Many thanks!

38 Jovelyn Mistula   (03 December 2013 2:36 AM)
I will travel on Dec. 28 and I wanna buy ticket online, how can I? Is there any discount for two way ticket?

Your reply is highly appreciated.

37 rubhie   (07 November 2013 11:40 AM)
i want to know if there is a trip from cebu to ormoc tomorrow 4:50pm. and how much is the price. pls text me 09096813618. pls reply asap. thanks

36 Ali A. Binzaid   (24 May 2013 4:28 PM)
Have a good day,
My arrival on Fri 14 June 2013 at 18:05H in Mactan Cebu International Airport.
And I want to go to D & A Seaside Cottages in (Lawigan, Catarman, Camiguin / Misamis Oriental, Philippines)
Can you guide me to right way to go same night and how can I buy tickets online.
Fast replaying fully appreciated.

35 badgen   (17 May 2013 1:18 PM)
how to book a ticket for tomorrow morning?
ormoc to cebu

34 Tess   (04 May 2013 9:03 AM)
hi good day! how much is the fare cebu-ormoc?

33 Anecita Senoc   (04 April 2013 5:41 PM)
Can I book right now for April 17 sa 1:45 p.m arrive Cebu 4:p.m noon Supercat. How can I book?

32 Anecita Senoc   (04 April 2013 9:18 AM)
I have telephone number 577-8296. Supercat.Ormoc to Cebu 1:45 p.m arrive 4:05 p.m. Please call me if I can book.

31 Ramon C. Montealto   (25 March 2013 3:45 PM)
May we know how much fare for Tagbilaran to Cebu?

30 Ferdinand   (21 March 2013 11:20 AM)
Good day!
How much is the fair cebu to ormoc.

Please reply.
Thank you.

29 Carmen   (19 March 2013 10:41 AM)
Is there a trip from Cebu to Ormoc, March 29th? Reply soon pls. Thank you

28 toppi   (11 March 2013 1:55 PM)
Hello, is there a trip from cebu to tagbilaran this coming March 28 and March 29. Thanks! Hope you can get back to us soon.

27 angie   (18 February 2013 3:43 PM)
good day !!!!!!
may byahe ba tayo ngayon darating na holy thursday and holy friday.
maraming salamat po!!!!!!!!

26 bebs   (18 February 2013 3:40 PM)
may byahe po ba tayo ng march 28(holy thursday),march 29(holy friday). thanks a lot.!!!!

25 Mann Temario   (18 February 2013 9:14 AM)
Good day!

Ask ko lang ho if as is parin ho skedyul for cebu to ormoc and ormoc to cebu? at walang nag bago?

24 Eully velez   (20 January 2013 4:06 AM)
Gud am. Tanong lng po kung my byahe ba from cebu to ormoc on jan 22. U can txt me at 09262817607. Tanx.

23 Brenda   (18 January 2013 4:08 PM)
askko lang poh may bayad ba ang 5yrs.old? at anu ang requirements f not the parents ang kasama ng bata..cousin lang ang magdala?T.Y

22 jen   (29 December 2012 12:56 PM)
hello po,ask lang ako if may schedule ang barko sa january 6,2012 ng gabi ormoc to cebu?thank you po...txt nuipo ako sa# ko 09498424016

21 leah I. bernil   (26 December 2012 2:13 PM)
hi good pm, i have a ticket booked tomorrow dec, 27, 2012 at 3:55pm, i just wanna know if the sailing is okay or it is cancelled due to weather condition..hope can get some answer then..my number is 09294426588, thanks a lot and Happy New Year ahead.God bless.


20 Mark Gariando   (26 December 2012 1:57 PM)
Tuloy ba yong mga trips today? especially the 7pm trip Ormoc-Cebu? Please text me 09235232424. Would really appreciate the feedback.

19 aileen belocura   (25 December 2012 7:17 PM)
hello po just want to knw if my byahe po bah ang supercat tom dec.26 i got the ticket confused lang if may byahe coz of typhoon...pls give us update...thnx

18 ludy   (25 December 2012 5:11 PM)
may i suggest for an online reservations

17 avon   (10 December 2012 3:38 PM)
hi , tanong lng po kung my schedule ba going to tagbilaran sa january 27 2013? how much ung rate? and white time ung departure.thanks

16 paulo maximino poliquit   (05 December 2012 11:39 PM)
hi just want to know if you have a traveling schedule on december 31 2012 and january 1 2013 from ormoc city to cebu city

15 karen   (17 November 2012 12:37 PM)
pila ang rate sa cebu-tagbilaran?
sakto na ang time?

14 louie   (15 November 2012 11:33 AM)
how much po un rate ng cebu to tagbilaran & tagbiliran to cebu, this coming dec. 9 sana kami m byahe? tks.

13 Ivy Orosco   (01 November 2012 11:17 PM)
Hi, I just want to ask if you have travel schedules on holidays such as November 1& 2? Thanks.

12 mercy g. sabellano   (17 October 2012 1:19 PM)
how much the fare Cebu-tagbilaran-cebu if i will buy tomorrow a ticket there is a discount can you give clarify the price

11 geraldine solis   (23 July 2012 7:21 AM)
how much is the fair from ormoc to cebu today?

10 rege   (15 June 2012 11:58 AM)
hi, just want to know the shipping schedules for cebu to ormoc tonight, june 15 and also the rate. how about ormoc to cebu on sunday, rate and schedule as well...thank you so much..hope to hear from you.

9 thom   (05 June 2012 7:59 PM)
how much is the price ticket on the cebu-ormoc trip on june 18,2012?

8 chippy lanzaderas   (03 June 2012 4:06 PM)
how much yong ticket from cebu-bohol,flight will be on june 12,2012...thank you...

7 gloria   (31 May 2012 11:27 AM)
I would just like to inquire if pwede po bang sasakay sa supercat na doon na ako kukuha ng ticket Cebu to Ormoc City?

6 Micklian   (24 May 2012 9:14 PM)
ask ko lang po sana kung saan po ako pweding makakuha ng ticket from cebu to ormoc? Saan po ba pweding bumili? merun po ba kayong ticketing office sa mga MALL? i hope your reply! thankyou po!

5 andym   (22 May 2012 1:12 AM)
ringo, i hope u like a long journey, zig zag roads!!! happy the better way for you to go to ormoc from tacloban would be get a flight from tacloban to cebu, just over 1 hour, then get supercat ferry from cebu to ormoc, aboout 2 hours, going by bus or van from tacloban is going to be nearly 4 hours and first part of journey is not nice road!! the bus terminal you asked about is not far from ferry either!! i dont think there will be website for it, anyway, hope this helped u ringo, safe journey, godbless. andym.

4 Ringo   (08 May 2012 5:59 AM)
I would appreciate the website for the Bus Terminal in Ormoc City. My goal is to take a van or Bus from Tacloban airport to Ormoc City and Ormoc CIty to Tacloban using AIRCON transportation.

3 winnie Niñofranco   (04 April 2012 1:11 PM)
I would just like to inquire if there would be a trip on Good Friday (April 6) from Cebu to Bohol.

what time ang schedule?

2 Beverly Gotido   (02 April 2012 11:08 PM)
ask lang po ako if pwede po ba didiretcho ako mamayang 4 am papuntang ormoc kahit wala pa akong ticket..ok lang ba if dyan na lng ako kukuha ng ticket??

1 Archimedes Pepito   (25 March 2012 8:59 PM)
I would just like to inquire if there would be a trip on Good Friday (April 6) from Cebu to Bohol.