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How to Apply Correction or Change of Name/Entry in Birth Certificate
If you want to apply for a change of name or correct a clerical or typographical errors in an entry in your birth certificate, just follow the procedures below.

Let's make it clear, what are allowed here are only minor changes in entries (such as correction or change of first name/nickname). If you want to change the sex, age, nationality or civil status in your birth certificate, a separate article will discuss regarding that.

Procedures in Correction/Change of the First Name or Nickname in your Birth Certificate?

Remember, correction and change of first name are different. If your first name or nickname is misspelled (had a wrong spelling), then you have to request for Correction of Civil Entry (CCE). For example, correcting the first name "Jeson" into "Jason". On the other hand, if you have a completely different first name in your birth certificate (example: you often used Lily but what is registered in your birth certificate is "Lailah"), then you have to request for Change of First Name (CFN).

Let's proceed...

1.  Secure and bring the the needed requirements.
  • For those who want for Correction of Clerical Error (CCE), below are the needed requirements.
    • 2 valid id's or any of the following id's:
      • Driver's license
      • Baptismal certificate
      • COMELEC Voter’s id
      • GSIS or SSS id
      • School ID
      • Land Title/Certificate of Transfer of Title
      • Bank records
      • others (as required by the Civil Registrar)
    • Birth certificate (NSO copy)
    • Birth certificate (Local Civil Registrar copy)
    • If petitioner or the person who request is not the document/birth certificate owner, you should attach a Power-of-attorney
    • Required clearance, to wit:
      • NBI Clearance
      • PNP Clearance
      • Certificate of Employment with no pending administrative case (for employed) or Affidavit of Unemployment (for unemployed applicants);  Business permit (for self-employed)
  • For those who want for Change of First Name (CFN), the needed requirements are:
    • 2 valid id's or any of the following:
      • Driver’s License
      • Employment Record
      • Baptismal Certificate
      • Business Record
      • COMELEC Voter’s Affidavit/record
      • GSIS or SSS record
      • Medical Record
      • Insurance Record
      • Land Title/Certificate of Land Transfer
      • Bank passbook
      • Others (as required by the Civil Registrar)
    • Birth certificate (NSO copy)
    • Birth certificate (Local Civil Registrar copy)
    • If petitioner is not the document owner, attach a Power-of-Attorney
2.  Go to the Civil Registrar's Office. Get and fill-out the forms:
  • Petition Form RA9048 1.1 - for Correction of Clerical Error (CCE)
  • Petition form RA9048 4.1 - for Change of First Name (CFN)
You can get these forms in the Civil Registrar's Office.

Who are elegible to apply for a petition?
  • a person must be of legal age (18 years old and above). Thus, a minor (less than 18 year old) cannot file a petition.
  • a person must be the owner of the record (or birth certificate) that contains error in first name
  • if you are not the owner of the record (or birth certificate), you can still file a petition if you are the spouse, son/daughter/, parent(s), brother, sister, grandparent, guardian, or any other person duly authorized by law or owner of the record.
How much are the fees?
  • Filing Fee for CCE ...................... PhP 1,000.00
  • Filing Fee for CFN ....................... PhP 3,000.00
  • Mailing Fee ................................ PhP 80.00
  • Endorsement Fee ....................... PhP 250.00
Migrant petitioners (or out-of-town applicationts) shall pay an additional service fee to the Petition Receiving Civil Registrar (PRCR). This service fee will accrue to the local treasury of the PRCR:
  • For CCE .................................... PhP 500.00
  • For CFN ..................................... PhP 1,000.00
In case of a petition filed with the Consul General (CG), the fees are the same for all Philippine Consulates. The fees are the following:
  • For CCE .................................... $ 50.00
  • CFN .......................................... $ 150.00
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27 cristine solidum   (12-May-2016 5:03 PM)
Hi, i would like to ask how to correct the surname of my father to "solidom" to "SOLIDUM". and how much will it cost.

26 Krizza   (11-May-2016 11:13 PM)
I was wondering if the same procedures should be undergone when changing "Surnames"...

25 Geraldine   (06-April-2016 10:07 AM)
Hi, I would like to ask if how much will it cost for me to change my name from "Geraldin" to" Geraldine"??
Should I go to the place where I was born?
Thank you.

24 Geraldine   (06-April-2016 10:04 AM)
Hi, I would like to ask if how much will it cost for me to correct my first name from "Geraldin" to "Geraldine "?
Thank you!

23 aldrin   (20-March-2016 3:44 PM)
Can i use PRC ID and PAssport for the required 2 valid IDs?

22 admin   (14-March-2016 9:24 PM)
ann, you should use the name appeared on your Birth Certificate.

21 elsa   (23-February-2016 10:01 AM)
hi! good day!
i just had my NSO Birth certificate from NSO, i found out that my middle name spelled BRIDO. but since i study i used BREDO... so all my id's was BREDO. now im going to apply for passport, how can i change my id's to BRIDO from BREDO? what are the necessary documents needed and procedures? please let me know. i need help!

20 Elfren v. Villanueva   (20-February-2016 10:35 AM)
Sir/mam, my problem is not correct the date of my birth, what can i do..

19 Dennis   (18-February-2016 12:17 PM)
Good day! I would like to inquire regarding change spelling of my mother's name in her birth cert., from Merciditas to Mercedita. What should be our first step? Thanks i advance! Godbless

18 Jessabell Delliva   (10-February-2016 2:04 PM)
I would like to change my family name from Delleva (as registered on my NSO) to Delliva (the name I used with all my other documents). The rest of my family is using Delliva. May I ask what would be the correct procedure for this change? thank you.

17 Eduardo B. Vasquez   (16-October-2015 8:09 PM)
i want to change my name.From Domingo to Eduardo Vasquez..because i not use domingo since birth.till now..all my document is Eduardo.thanks..

16 Cane Barrioquinto   (03-August-2015 12:44 PM)
Good day! I want to correct my gender. I am a female but, in my NSO and Local Registrar Certificate is male. Please advise, Thank you

15 Benson Magtahas   (23-July-2015 9:21 AM)
I want to correct the spelling of my family name or surname which is Magtajas(based on the Civil Registrar) to Magtahas which is my real surname.how much is the cost for that?And how long is the processing?Please help and guide me.god bless.Im Benson Magtahas

14 emma cutora pajanonot   (20-June-2015 9:39 PM)
i need to change my middle name

13 melody malbago baton   (13-April-2015 1:30 PM)
My concern is I want to change my middle name,last name and year of my birth since birth I've never my lastname put in my cerficate.how much is coz and how many years to process.thanks I'm waiting your response

12 jennifer lopez   (14-January-2015 11:46 PM)
I would like to file the correction of my name I using since I was elementary im Jennifer Consignado Lopez but when i noticed in my nso was Jennifer Guantia Consignado please help me for this problem nd how long I wait for the correction of my name

11 Saint Francis hctcmsi Iloilo   (08-October-2014 9:23 AM)
for newly born babies, how to delete one letter from the name of the child? Thank you.

10 Jhelyn Labra Recaido   (24-September-2014 7:54 AM)
panu po mag palipat ng apelyido,, ung apelyido ko po ksi ngaun sa nanay ko ipapalipat ko sna po sa apelyido ng tatay ko

9 antonio payang   (23-May-2014 7:45 AM)
an entry in our land title was made, the Maiden name of my spouse is TERESITA TABANGAY TABAMO, in the title it is stated married to TERESITA TABANGAY insteed married to TERESITA TABAMO. How can I correct this error?

8 richard fonseca   (30-April-2014 9:34 AM)
i would like to file correction of my first nmae but i was born in abu dhabi what should i do

7 demy cleofas   (03-February-2014 12:20 PM)
what if our original copy of nso.is already taken of gsis..there clasified photo copy of our nso is acceptable to file a cce?.

6 athelstane duque II   (07-December-2013 8:41 PM)
For error in suffix, JR. instead of II, which will apply CCE or CFN. And where should it be filed? in the originating civil registry office or it can be filed to Civil Registry Main Office.

Thank you in advance.

5 mirasol rivera   (16-May-2013 4:15 PM)
I am female and i was born in the year of 1979 in my local civil registrar my year of date of birth is 1979.but when i get my NSO my year of date of 1976.because it is handwritten
pls help me.i apply passport and i found out that my nso record in year date of birth is 1976.so until now my passport is pending...pls help me what to do...

4 Love Paz   (26-March-2013 8:23 PM)
Pano po ipa remove ung date of marriage ng parents sa birth certificate ng anak? Di po sila married.

3 Antonio P. Santos Jr   (20-March-2013 11:19 AM)
Need help! All my identifications including school docs, tin I'd, SSS, drivers license, and etc have jR on my name, but found out that my birth certificate has Ni JR on it. Please tell me step by step want should I do to. Change my birth certificate to have JR on it?

2 charlene   (21-September-2012 3:51 PM)
how can i fix the wrong spelling of my father;s name roel cortez instead of ruel cortez?what can i do about this case?thank you and Godbless

1 GIGI D. ABOGADO   (11-July-2012 4:58 PM)
For error in suffix, JR. instead of III, which will apply CCE or CFN. And where should it be filed? in the originating civil registry office or it can be filed to Civil Registry Main Office.

Thank you in advance.