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How to Apply Correction or Change of Name/Entry in Birth Certificate

If you want to apply for a change of name or correct a clerical or typographical errors in an entry in your birth certificate, just follow the procedures below.
Let's make it clear, what are allowed here are only minor changes in entries (such as correction or change of first name/nickname). If you want to change the sex, age, nationality or civil status in your birth certificate, a separate article will discuss regarding that.

Procedures in Correction/Change of the First Name or Nickname in your Birth Certificate?

Remember, correction and change of first name are different. If your first name or nickname is misspelled (had a wrong spelling), then you have to request for Correction of Civil Entry (CCE). For example, correcting the first name "Jeson" into "Jason". On the other hand, if you have a completely different first name in your birth certificate (example: you often used Lily but what is registered in your birth certificate is "Lailah"), then you have to request for Change of First Name (CFN).

Let's proceed...

1.  Secure and bring the the needed requirements.
  • For those who want for Correction of Clerical Error (CCE), below are the needed requirements.
    • 2 valid id's or any of the following id's:
      • Driver's license
      • Baptismal certificate
      • COMELEC Voter’s id
      • GSIS or SSS id
      • School ID
      • Land Title/Certificate of Transfer of Title
      • Bank records
      • others (as required by the Civil Registrar)
    • Birth certificate (NSO copy)
    • Birth certificate (Local Civil Registrar copy)
    • If petitioner or the person who request is not the document/birth certificate owner, you should attach a Power-of-attorney
    • Required clearance, to wit:
      • NBI Clearance
      • PNP Clearance
      • Certificate of Employment with no pending administrative case (for employed) or Affidavit of Unemployment (for unemployed applicants);  Business permit (for self-employed)
  • For those who want for Change of First Name (CFN), the needed requirements are:
    • 2 valid id's or any of the following:
      • Driver’s License
      • Employment Record
      • Baptismal Certificate
      • Business Record
      • COMELEC Voter’s Affidavit/record
      • GSIS or SSS record
      • Medical Record
      • Insurance Record
      • Land Title/Certificate of Land Transfer
      • Bank passbook
      • Others (as required by the Civil Registrar)
    • Birth certificate (NSO copy)
    • Birth certificate (Local Civil Registrar copy)
    • If petitioner is not the document owner, attach a Power-of-Attorney
2.  Go to the Civil Registrar's Office. Get and fill-out the forms:
  • Petition Form RA9048 1.1 - for Correction of Clerical Error (CCE)
  • Petition form RA9048 4.1 - for Change of First Name (CFN)
You can get these forms in the Civil Registrar's Office.

Who are elegible to apply for a petition?
  • a person must be of legal age (18 years old and above). Thus, a minor (less than 18 year old) cannot file a petition.
  • a person must be the owner of the record (or birth certificate) that contains error in first name
  • if you are not the owner of the record (or birth certificate), you can still file a petition if you are the spouse, son/daughter/, parent(s), brother, sister, grandparent, guardian, or any other person duly authorized by law or owner of the record.
How much are the fees?
  • Filing Fee for CCE ...................... PhP 1,000.00
  • Filing Fee for CFN ....................... PhP 3,000.00
  • Mailing Fee ................................ PhP 80.00
  • Endorsement Fee ....................... PhP 250.00
Migrant petitioners (or out-of-town applicationts) shall pay an additional service fee to the Petition Receiving Civil Registrar (PRCR). This service fee will accrue to the local treasury of the PRCR:
  • For CCE .................................... PhP 500.00
  • For CFN ..................................... PhP 1,000.00
In case of a petition filed with the Consul General (CG), the fees are the same for all Philippine Consulates. The fees are the following:
  • For CCE .................................... $ 50.00
  • CFN .......................................... $ 150.00

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Jasneene Bacayo   (02 July 2018 2:46 PM)

Hi ma'am/sir. Just would like to inquire if how to process Correction of Middle Name? May Middle INITIAL po kasi nakaindicate wherein dapat po wala ako MIDDLE NAME/INITIAL, so it wouldn't look like magkapatid kami ng MOM ko. Even sa SSS naquestion po ung Birth Certificate ko and they asked me to have it updated. Magkano po fees and what are the documents I need to bring.
Maraming Salamat po :)

LURENA VESITACION   (12 May 2018 9:54 PM)


Good day!

Tanong lang po kung ilang days or months po ba ang magpa change name from christian to Muslims?
meron pa po ba other requirements except the list above?

Your response is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Ain Glenn A. Satorre   (19 October 2017 2:53 PM)

Paano po kapag yung gusto kong palitan ay yung Last name ko? nakalagay po kasi sa Last name ko ay yung Surname ng mother ko imbes na yung sa father ko. pano po yun??

Joana Carla E. Mananquil   (15 October 2017 5:53 PM)

I have filed a affidavit of correction of my first name in my daughters birth certificate estated "joana"only instead of "Joana Carla" in the municipality of mexico pampanga my question is how much do I need to pay for the processing of my petition?

John michael nucom   (29 September 2017 4:11 PM)

Good aftrnoon!

Hi ask ko lang po kung saan at gaano po katagal ma process yung CCE need po kase ma correct yung sa birth certificate ko, iba po kase yung mga nasa identification ko. Thank you

gelen   (23 September 2017 3:21 PM)


Lorraine Ramos   (06 September 2017 12:53 PM)


I would like to ask, is it possible to change the surname of your child, and not to use the father's surname?? and also delete the name of the father in the birth certificate?

If possible? how much this may cause?

Thank you in advance.

virginia espina   (17 July 2017 11:48 AM)

if im going to apply clerical error such as 3 leters in my full name is the amount im going to be paid is 1000???

Rhian   (11 July 2017 9:53 AM)

Hi poh ma'am/sir, ask ko lang poh, nawala poh kasi yung birth certificate ko, paano poh ako makakakuha ng bago? Pero gusto ko pong palitan ung first name ko, pwede poh bang kumuha ng bago tapos palitan ang first name??

Christian P. Medequillo   (21 June 2017 6:37 AM)

same din po ba siya pag sa Surname naman po ? like sa case ko MADEQUILLO ang nakalagay sa NSO birth certificate ko na dapat MEDEQUILLO . And wala po bang consideration na Tama yung Surname ko sa Original BirthCertificate ko pero pag dating sa NSO mali na ? thanks po .

Anaross B. Gampong   (18 June 2017 11:17 AM)

Hi ma'am/sir. Just would like to inquire if how to process Correction of Middle Name? Initial lang po kasi nakaindicate sa akin and Hand written din po kasi NSO ko , Request ko din po sanang ma i type written nalang siya para mas clear mabasa.. How much po total ng magiging fees and how many days po kaya siya makukuha?
Maraming Salamat po :)

Ruby   (07 June 2017 7:14 PM)

Hi! sir / Maam
Ask ko lang po kung how many days po ang process ng Correction of Clerical Error? thank you

Fretzie Fernandez   (29 May 2017 5:59 PM)

hello good afternoon.
gusto ko po e change ang apelyedo ng anak ko .at ilipat sa apelyedo ko. kasi hindi naman kami kasal ng tatay ng anak ko. paano po? please email me. thank you

Aniceto C. Cabali   (18 May 2017 9:15 PM)

Magandang gabi po Sana matulungan nyo po ako ma'am kung paano ko po pala maayos yong apilyedo ko ma'am or machange yong nakalagay po sa NSO ko ma'am is cabali gusto ko po sana echange ma'am sa cabale po paano ko po pala ma echange po ma'am thank you po?

Renelyn   (10 May 2017 8:25 AM)

Pano po kapag change of gender? Female po kasi ako tapos Male nakalagay sa NSO ko.

sarah jane abejuela   (11 April 2017 5:35 PM)

sana po matulungan nyo ako .pano po pag yung nasa nso ko Sarahjane pero yung ginagamit ko po since pagkabata Sarah Jane po pati po lahat ng ID ko ganyan po spell ng name ko sana matulungan nyo po ako kase yung hinihingi po ng QUEZON City Hall sa pagpapaayos ng NSO ko 1500 tapos 2 to 3 months ang process eh yung sabi po ng DfA sakin hhindi daw po tatagal ng buwan kase space lang po problema..maraming salamat God BLESS

Catherine Bondoy   (04 April 2017 7:27 PM)

Paanu po.kung wala pang nso meron lng local civil registrar pero mali spelling??? Pwede din po ba magdagdag ng a.k.a

edilyn mae espineda   (04 April 2017 9:36 AM)

sir pano ko po aayusing yong apelyido ko kasi ang nakalagay na apelyido ko sa nso/psa ko is yong apelyido ng nanay ko ehh kasal naman na po sila.

king   (04 March 2017 3:59 PM)

sir wat if i want to change the first name of my son how much will be the fee

Merie faith M. Matias   (22 February 2017 5:36 PM)

Hi I would like to know how cang I change my parents mispelled names. My father's first name i Gerry but in my NSO it's showing Jerry and also my Mother's name is Maria but in my nso it's Ma. How can i change this and how long will it take me t correct this because I want to file for marraige application. Thank you and great day!

Irene silfavan   (04 February 2017 3:01 PM)

Paano ko po aayusin ang NSO ko kasi nakalagay po doon apelyido pa ng nanay ko pero kasal naman po sila at sa lahat ng documents ko apilido po ng tatay ko ginagamit ko . nagpa affidabit naman na po ako kaso pag kukuha passport di po tinatanggap ang affidabit kailangan malinis na ang NSO . thank u po

sharlene mae agonos   (17 January 2017 4:36 PM)

Paano po mapapa correct ung 1 letter sa apelyido ko dapat kasu agunos un kaso ang gamit ko agonos lahat po ng id ko pati diploma gusto ko po sana ipacorrect ung mali na 1 letter help me po meron na po ako dito nso na tama kaso mga id ko mali lahat

Jessie palafox   (29 December 2016 6:18 AM)

Paano po pag correction ng apilyedo? dapat po kase is laurilla pero ang lumabas po sa nso nya ay laurella eh mali po yun! Mag kano po magastos don?

jaironn navarro   (29 November 2016 8:53 PM)

hi just want to ask how to add suffix II to my son's name

roberto fuentes   (11 November 2016 3:27 PM)

i was bullied by my classmates when i was young because of my name.now i decided to do an step to make my name turn into robert.is it posible? and how much will it cause? hoping for your proper response.thank you

Baby Alexiz Marie Tejada   (07 November 2016 4:56 PM)

I am writing to ask about the process for changing my first name.. I was using the name "Alexiz Marie" in elementary until my teacher requested to have my mom visit the school. It was then I was advised to use "Baby Alexiz Marie" which is the first name on my local civil registrar. I am staying in Bacolod and I was registered at Manila City hall. If I am to process and have the "Baby" removed from my name, may I know the procedure and the requirements if ever? In any case, any estimate on the expenses.

Malou   (07 November 2016 12:17 PM)


Paano naman po kung magbabawas ng letter. Yung name kasi ng mama ko sa Birth Certificate ay "Leonora" supposetedly "Nora" lang. Kindly assist me po.

Thank you and God bless,

Fritzy   (24 October 2016 10:19 PM)


How to apply for change of last name??
Thank you

Winnie   (10 September 2016 11:50 AM)

They said you need a PROOF OF PUBLICATION when filling change of first name. How long does the name needs to be in the newspaper? It is really for 2weeks? Isnt that tooooo long? The Municipal personnel told us to pay for the publication...and it is not stated in the RA how long it needs to be on newspaper.

rhea marie sase   (31 August 2016 6:56 PM)

Hi po .. ano po requirements para po ma icorrect yong wrong spelling ng name ruel po dapat yong husband ko pro nakalagay sa birthcertificate nya is roel... anu ano po ba requirements para dun.. please reply po...

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