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How to Open or Apply a Passbook Savings Account in Metrobank Philippines
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I guess you already know the importance of having a savings account (it might be a passbook, atm or time deposit) in a bank. Aside from securing your money, you also hold the faith to further grow your money in different investment instruments in the bank. But to start your discipline to save your hard-earned money, you should know how to open or apply a passbook account in a bank.  What I'll be going to show you here are the steps in opening a passbook savings account in Metrobank.

Metrobank is one of the largest and most trusted bank here in the Philippines. It has numerous recognitions and awards such as "2010 Bank of the Year" by The Banker, "2010 Best Bank in the Philippines" by the EUROMONEY, and "2010 Best Domestic Bank" in the Philippines by the AsiaMoney Awards. Recently this year, Metrobank received an Anvil Award of Merit for Public Relations Tools and Grand Anvil Award from the Public Relations Society of the Philippines. That's why, cast your doubts and you shouldn't worry for entrusting your money with Metrobank. "You're in Good Hands with Metrobank".

Metrobank Awards and Recognition
(Picture) Metrobank's Awards and Recognitions

To open or apply a passbook savings account in Metrobank here in the Philippines is easy as long as you have the needed requirements.

How to Open or Apply a Passbook Savings Account in Metrobank Philippines
1. Prepare the needed requirements/documents:
If you're a student, you don't need a SSS number or TIN number. Most of the time, if you have two valid id's and a barangay certificate or a birth certificate, and 2 pieces 1x1 picture, you will be easily accepted by the bank. Each branch of the bank (Metrobank or any other banks) differs in their strictness of acceptance of depositors/clients. If you're an unemployed college graduate and have some cash in hand and you want to open a savings account in a bank, some banks require you to submit a TIN number. I repeat, some banks require you a TIN number. If you don't have a TIN number, I guess my best option for you is to choose another branch or another bank. Don't worry, there are thousands of banks in the Philippines including the rural banks and the cooperative banks ;o)
2. If all needed requirements are prepared, go to a Metrobank branch where you like to open a passbook savings account. (Be sure to wear your smile always.)

3. Inside the bank, ask a bank officer/employee that you want to apply for passbook savings account. The bank officer will give you an Application form to fill-up. Provide whatever requirements needed by the bank.
Metrobank gives you the option whether you want have an ATM card together with your Passbook. For me, better to have an ATM card. ATM card gives you more mobility in withdrawing your money anywhere. (There's no cost to ask for an ATM card). Your Passbook and ATM card has the same account number.
4. Then after filling-up the form, giving the 10,000 pesos initital deposit, and some verification, a bank officer/employee will give you your newly opened passbook with the amount of your initial deposit indicated inside. (Be sure to check or review your Passbook regarding the name, account number and amount deposited). You will receive your ATM card after 1 week.

Metrobank Passbook Savings Account
Picture of Metrobank Passbook savings account

It only takes 20 to 30 minutes for processing your application for Passbook savings account depending on the number of applicants and the number of bank officers available.

The maintaining balance and the balance to earn interest of Metrobank Passbook Savings Account is 10,000 pesos.

If you want to know more about the Rules and Regulations governing Metrobank's Passbook Savings account, you can read it here.

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95 Sarah Suarez   (22-September-2015 6:37 PM)
I already opened passbook to Metrobank. But now I am living now in UAE and I still continuing to save money. Every month I'd deposit money to my bank account. Now, I want to check my balance. How to open online on Metro bank? Hope you can help me concerning this. Awaited to your response. Thank you!

94 roch   (06-August-2015 10:39 PM)
i am a student and i want to open an account. is it possible to open an account even if i have only one valid id?

93 Maribel de vera   (02-July-2015 5:26 PM)
How to apply new account through online?

92 jenevie g. deala   (25-June-2015 8:57 AM)
I opened my passbook account last monday. But the teller didnt ask for my 1x1 id picture.isn't important in opening an passbook account?thank you

91 Precious   (10-June-2015 11:27 AM)
Can i open an account in philippines even I'm here in south korea ? Please kindly reply..

89 Rhox Bernadit   (04-June-2015 7:50 AM)
Good Day.
I just want to know if I'll open a passbook savings account then I choose to have a passbook together with an atm card having with the same account number, is there any other fees/charges aside from 10,000(which is for initial deposit)? I'm looking forward for your response. Thank You!

90 admin   (06-June-2015 10:52 AM)
No other charges.

88 Lee Dareg   (01-May-2015 1:50 PM)
Because I withdraw all my money before and is already closed my saving account. . And now I want to activate again but how and im here in abroad

87 Lee Dareg   (01-May-2015 1:47 PM)
Hello maa'm and sir can I activate again my saving account

86 Vergel Matanguihan Carpio   (30-December-2014 8:22 PM)
what if im here at k.s.a and i want ipen an account .. where can i open??.. do you have a representative bank here at k.s.a riyadhn

85 Mc Mhen   (11-December-2014 6:00 PM)
good day... can i withdraw all the money in my account when i need it...? will it be close?

84 Arthur Balboa (arthur1994)   (08-December-2014 2:03 PM)
Is it possible to convert my ATM card into a Passbook account?

83 Mary Grace Viloria   (30-November-2014 3:13 AM)
i believe barangay clearance is no longer required. (bigwas)

82 John Lloyd B. Franco   (16-October-2014 11:10 PM)
Hello Admin or Admins... Auhm I want to know it clearly that if its okay if I don't have Barangay clearance... Just a Birth Certi...? I'm a College student I want to apply for an passbook to suprise my parent that I can save my allowance... Auhm another Question.. What if my 10,000 will fall down to 9,999 or in the other words I can't maintain the min... balance what will happen? last question sir? if its okay if I fail to deposit more money if I already have an Passbook ? Thank you sir (Sorry for bad English) [size=15][b][i][color=red]

81 Cherrilyn Bihag   (07-July-2014 11:00 PM)
Hi, i want to ask if i already open passbook saving account,what are the ways of depositing? Is there required amount to deposit monthly,? What if failure to deposit on the next mo.?i really dont have idea pls help me,,,

79 Ma. Crystal Pearl   (15-March-2014 10:27 AM)
Hello, I want to ask if it is possible for my fiance to have a one account for two person? He is in Uk and im here in Philippines, the account is for us both, can i use it here in Phil?
Thanks and more power!!

80 admin   (19-March-2014 8:18 PM)
Ma. Crystal Pearl, you can apply for a joint account.

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