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How to Get or Apply a UnionBank EON Card (bank account)?

UnionBank EON Card is useful for offline and online transactions. Though EON Card is not a credit card, it has more advantages than the credit card. EON Card (or EON Debit Card) has minimal fees and no maintaining balance. You can open an EON Debit Card Account for only 350 pesos. 350 pesos is its annual fee for the bank. You can initially deposit any amount for as little as 100 pesos. It has less documents required for opening the account.

The documents required to open an EON Debit Card are listed below. You can use EON Debit Card to purchase in any Unionbank affiliated stores such as SM, Robinsons, Ayala, Gaisano mall and many other major stores in the Philippines. You can also use this card to purchase products or services in the internet - "online shopping". Online shoppers and online entrepreneurs are using this card to purchase anything in the internet. Like me, I use this card when I purchase products in Ebay, Amazon or any other e-commerce websites. I also use EON Debit Card to purchase domain and hosting for my websites.

Below are pictures of a real Unionbank EON Card:

Unionbank EON Card - front view
Unionbank EON Card - front view photo

Unionbank EON Card - back view
Unionbank EON Card - back view photo

Opening an EON card is easy and simple. To apply for an EON Card, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Bring the needed requirements to open a Unionbank EON Card:
  • Only 350 pesos - initial deposit.
  • At least two (2) valid ID's:
    • School ID
    • Company ID
    • Postal ID
    • NSO Birth Certificate
    • Barangay Clearance/Certificate
    • Passport
    • Current Driver's License
    • Permit to Carry Firearms
    • New Social Security System (SSS) card
    • Government Services Insurance System (GSIS) eCard
    • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
    • New Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card
    • NSO authenticated Marriage Certificate
    • Original & unexpired National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • Digitized Voter’s ID
    • Philhealth card
    • Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) / Senior Citizen card
    • ACR Identity Card (I-Card)
    • Consular ID
    • Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA) / Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Card
    • OFW ID
    • Seaman’s Book
    • Government office ID (e.g., Armed Forces of the Philippines, Home Development Mutual Fund [HDMF] IDs)
    • Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
    • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification
    • PRA Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) ID
    • Other valid IDs issued by the Government and its instrumentalities
  • 2 pieces 1x1 or 2x2 ID pictures
Bring the original copies of the ID's and you must photocopy/xerox them. The bank requires a photocopy of the id's. Please note that the branch may require other documents and information such as your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and SSS Number so please have this ready.

Step 2

Go to a nearest or to your preferred UnionBank branch and submit a fully accomplished EON Cyber Account Application form. This form will be provided by the bank.

Step 3

Pay P350 for your first year annual fee. Bring your initial deposit (not required but recommended) so that you can start using your EON account. For me, I initially deposited 350 pesos. You'll be told by the bank to fill-out an application form. And pass the necessary requirements. 

Waiting Period for Claiming

You can claim your EON Debit Card after 1 week. After you receive your card, you need to wait 2 days. Then, enroll your EON card in Unionbank website (www.unionbankph.com/).

Enrolling Your EON Account to Unionbank's Online Banking

Go to the official website of Unionbank (http://www.unionbankph.com). Click the EON Cyber Account link on Unionbank's homepage. This where you are going to enroll for Unionbank's online banking.

After registering and logging in to their website, you can see your amount deposited there.


Unionbank EON card will expire in three (3) years. After 3 years, you should renew your EON card to continue using it. Here's an article on how to renew your expired EON account: "How to Renew Old Expired Unionbank EON Card?"

Using Unionbank EON on Online Transactions

Before you can do online transactions (online banking), it's very important and it's required to link your EON Cyber Account Debit Card to Paypal. Paypal lets you pay online transactions worldwide. Here is the video tutorial. When your EON Cyber Account Debit Card is already linked to Paypal, you can now use your EON in paying online transactions.

What are you waiting for? You should apply for an EON Debit Card now! For faster, easier and more convenient way of shopping and transacting business online, EON Debit Card is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person below 18 years old open or apply an EON card?
  • No. 18 years old and above is the age requirement in opening an EON account.
Is EON card a credit card?
  • No. It's a debit card
Does EON card have a required maintaining balance?
  • No. It's a zero-maintaining balance
Can I transfer money from my Unionbank EON account to different bank (example, BDO, Metrobank, Landbank, BPI, etc.)?
  • No.
How to pay bills online with Unionbank EON account?
Does EON card act as an ATM card?
  • Yes. You can withdraw money from any ATM machines (with VISA, PLUS, Megalink logo) in the Philippines.

Note: I'm not endorsing Unionbank here. I'm just sharing my experience and the great benefits you can enjoy in using Unionbank EON Debit Card

Do you have any question or concern? Please tell me in the comment below.
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161 Calin Mar Y. Bolofer   (16 October 2017 3:23 AM)
Hello admin.bless day, i have a dormant eon card account for two years, what is the process to do renew my account? or open a new account to be able to use eon card again?

160 Jasmin Aure   (20 March 2017 7:28 PM)
Hi, I am a 19 years old 4th year student. I want to apply for an eon card. I don't have any id's other than my school id and NSO. Is that fine?

159 Jordan   (10 March 2017 1:40 AM)
Very informative. Thanks!

158 Sofia Ragay   (18 February 2017 3:29 AM)
Is there an over the counter deposit fee for this card?

157 Brando Ontong   (07 January 2017 3:55 PM)
I have apply for eon card . Now I don't have the time to pick up my eon card because of my hectic shecdule of my work. Can I allow someone from my relatives to pick up the eon card and I wil just make an authorization letter together with the requirements needed?

156 Glady   (13 October 2016 11:58 PM)
Can I use my eon card to pay something I bought at a mall at no extra charge?

155 florabel   (30 August 2016 7:25 AM)
Hello! I would like to know if WECHAT WALLET can be transferred in EON? thank you

154 dodong   (29 August 2016 12:42 PM)
I want to view my transactions but it doesn't give me any results, It keep saying No records fetched. Please advice. Ty

152 Ely   (17 August 2016 7:58 AM)
I'm 20 years old. Can i apply even if i'm just a student? Because I visited their page and it says that they require a proof of billing or income upon application, But I don't have a work yet but need an Eon card for my paypal account to work online. Thanks.

153 admin   (18 August 2016 1:16 PM)
Ely, yes. Tell the bank officer that you're a student.

151 Gemma   (22 July 2016 1:26 AM)
Hi! Do you require proof of billing upon application? If so, do you accept CEDULA as an alternative proof of billing? Thanks.

150 May   (16 June 2016 0:53 AM)
hi! just want to know if I can recieve money from Australia will send by my mom po using Eon? tsaka ang meron lang po ako dito na IDs are Tin, Philhealth, NSO, yung voters id ko po kc wala pa, even my UMID. thanks po

149 ROMMEL CO   (06 June 2016 4:17 PM)

147 Mellany C. Basco   (25 February 2016 9:24 PM)
Can I use this eon card to receive money from other countries?

148 admin   (27 February 2016 9:27 AM)
Yes, and that is through Paypal. Linking your EON card to your Paypal account will do that. Paypal registration is free. So, you don't need to worry about getting a Paypal account.

146 Cris   (11 January 2016 11:25 AM)
Good Day Admin.
I am a Virtual Assistant(Online Job) still No SSS or TIN Number, is it possible for me to acquire an EON card in UnionBank? I have here a Police Clearance and Barangay Clearance/Certificate (recent), 2 pieces of 1x1 picture (recent).

Looking for your response. Thank You. More Power.

145 Ateeq   (23 July 2015 8:24 PM)
Allied bank

144 joyce loria   (13 July 2015 10:34 PM)
do i have to pay other initial fee aside form the required 350?

142 ROGELIO SABALDAN   (02 July 2015 3:06 PM)

i already have my EON acct. but i did not registered it online. it will expire on 2016 & forgot my atm account number and ATM pin. How can i used this.

143 admin   (03 July 2015 8:00 AM)
Rogelio, you need to visit a Unionbank branch and request for the retrieval of your account number and atm pin. Don't forget to bring a valid ID for identity verification.

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140 Erika   (07 June 2014 3:55 PM)
Hi, How can I open an EON account even if I'm unemployed? I am 3 months jobless now and searching for a new work. I do have online work but my income there is not that high, It didn't even reach 100$ a month. Is that ok?

139 elephant   (21 April 2014 3:55 PM)
Im 17 and i badly need money on internet like paypal, I actually have a metrobank debit card but it is not approved by paypal. I'm just a year younger would this be possible? maybe? to have my eon account on unionbank

137 nikky   (11 March 2014 11:50 AM)
Hi already have eon account but inactive for the last 2 years. Can i just open another 1? i read that once the account is inactive you have to pay 500 per month, so its reasonably to open another account instead of paying 12000. Old card will expire this July 2014. Thanks in advance.

138 admin   (14 March 2014 2:10 PM)
nikky, you may open a new EON account.

135 mike edhel yusi   (06 February 2014 2:19 PM)
ok if 18 yrs old cant get an eon union bank account like me. Can my parents get an account but my paypal name and info will not match to my parents ? Can i still use or change my paypal name? Please help me..

136 admin   (11 February 2014 1:33 PM)
mike edhel yusi, your parents can apply and get an EON card. You can create another Paypal account which should be named to your parent(s). It's not possible to change your Paypal account name to another person's name according to Paypal's policy.

134 Jean Bermil   (14 October 2013 11:18 PM)
Hi, I just want to ask if SSS and tin numbers are required to get an EON card. I only have postal ID and NSO birth certificate! Hope to hear from you soon...

133 vanessa   (12 September 2013 5:14 PM)
hi, just wanna ask, i badly need an eon card for linking of my paypal account. i stopped studying so i dont have a valid student id, i only have a philhealth id. is that enough?.

132 leen van roosele   (23 August 2013 11:53 PM)
My question is ....

can i use the paypall

131 Claire Q   (08 August 2013 4:36 PM)
I went to Unionbank SM Cebu branch few months ago. The lady in charge (who was rather grumpy) told me I couldn't get an EON card because I need to present a proof of income or whatever. I told her still a student so she suggested I should ask my parents and have them apply instead. My parents are not in the country and they are very busy they can't attend to such small matter. She told me I need someone that has a JOB in order to apply for this. I also told her I've read stuff on the net about other people who are students (without showing proof of income) being able to get this card.
I should have got that lady's name and reported her, she has a severe attitude problem. UGH. Well, anyway, I hope you guys can help me. I wanted to purchase something online and my parents don't trust me with CC anymore because I maxed out

130 ian   (02 August 2013 10:05 AM)
it is so easy to get the EON debit card on Union Bank as long as you have all the requirements needed for apply.. like me.. its just 1-2 hours only, it will take 2 hours if there are many customers waiting.. :)

129 Jaysan Cabag   (10 July 2013 6:48 PM)
Can I get my 100 pesos in paypal?

128 jess   (04 July 2013 1:13 AM)
debit card offunionbank, I am in online trading or trader. Can I withdraw in Unionbank's debit card? or via wire transfer? please reply

127 Erick   (03 July 2013 3:12 PM)
Nice instructions, EON Card is the easiest card to use when it comes in online shopping, most important thing is that you can use it with your PayPal Account..

Hope this helps other people...

126 bernzz   (27 June 2013 10:42 PM)
i wanna ask.. how to get a reference number? can anybody tell me the steps on how to get the number.. thanks..

125 Ji Yan   (23 June 2013 3:11 PM)
Hi. Can I use passport size or 1.5x1.5 recent pictures rather than the written 2x2 or 1x1? Thanks!

124 Chris   (20 June 2013 11:37 AM)
Hi, thanks for the helpful post. I just graduated and the only ID I have is the official alumni ID issued by the college. If I bring an NSO Birth Certificate and a Barangay Clearance/Certificate together with my alumni ID, would these be enough? Thanks.

123 vlad   (17 June 2013 0:06 AM)
I want to ask if is it possible to get an EON card for my friend. He's credit card is being denied even if it's legitimate. For whatever reasons maybe he's block listed in the credit cards companies previously...He wants this card because this kind of card will also help discipline himself in terms of finances.

122 wolfa   (16 June 2013 0:26 AM)
I want to ask if I'm living abroad. How can I get my Eon Debit Card? Can I get it through my family or representative?

121 Legitperson   (08 June 2013 8:50 PM)
Can I apply online? I'm a student and I'm afraid something is required for a student to submit.

119 Legitperson   (08 June 2013 8:11 PM)
Postal I.D and a Voter's I.d
Voter I.D and Birth Certificate
and 350 Pesos

Are there any requirements?

120 admin   (08 June 2013 8:20 PM)
Legitperson, 2 pieces 1x1 recent pictures.

117 Legitperson   (08 June 2013 5:52 PM)
Can an unemployed apply for this? I'm a studnet in TESDA. Can I successfuly get an EON Card?

Occupation : Student - what are the requirements as students
Do I need to submit TIN/SSS/UMID?

118 admin   (08 June 2013 7:32 PM)
Legitperson, yes. Just present your school ID and another 1 valid id such as Barangay Clearance, Police Clearance, NBI Clearance, Postal ID, NSO Birth Certificate, etc.

115 Silhoutte   (06 June 2013 4:31 PM)
Hello Good afternoon..I went to Unionbank a while ago...I asked if what's the requirements for applying a EON(Debit Card). The lady told me to bring two valid ID's and a Reference Number..Where I can get the Reference Number?

116 admin   (07 June 2013 9:05 AM)
Silhoutte, did you ask the lady in the bank where to get the reference number? What type of reference number did the lady referring to?

114 MICHAEL JASON ANICETA   (05 June 2013 8:03 PM)
when i shop on ebay, will i pay in u.s. dollars?

113 echo   (04 June 2013 2:45 AM)
can i use it directly online to pay like a creditcard? im planning to fund my account on traderush

111 Vince   (01 June 2013 10:43 PM)
What are the requirements for a 10 years old to apply for an eon card?

112 admin   (02 June 2013 4:05 PM)
Vince, only 18 years old and above can open an EON card.

109 angelicajade   (28 May 2013 11:29 PM)
i signed up online last friday,
and received my reference number

i went to the unionbank this afternoon(tuesday).
the lady there asked for my
baranggay clearance,
school id and
my certificate of registration that proves i'm a current student at our university

then photocopied (2 copies each)

asked for Php 350
and asked me to deposit 200

and after 5-10 minutes
i already have my eon card

but the teller asked me to wait for 2 banking days to enroll online and call them for my expuse number

what is an expuse number? where will i use it?

110 joselito777   (29 May 2013 9:19 AM)
angelicajade, Expuse number is use for Paypal verification. It's also the Paypal code that you're going to enter on your Paypal account.

107 joe   (27 May 2013 12:22 PM)
Do I have to signup online first then go to the bank OR I could get everything done if I went to the bank with all the requirements?

108 joselito777   (27 May 2013 9:36 PM)
joe, you have to go to the bank first? Everything is not done if you went to the bank. Online enrollment is different from applying an account. You have to apply an EON account first before enrolling it to Unionbank's website.

105 Karim   (26 May 2013 11:45 PM)
Hi, Can I present only photocopies of my birth certificate? Or do I need to present my originals?

106 joselito777   (27 May 2013 9:41 AM)
Karim, yes, you must bring the original copies because the bank will verify the photocopies to your original copies.

103 Dale Amandoron   (13 May 2013 9:24 PM)
Hello. If i present my school i.d, do i also have to present my study load? or just the i.d, and if i work online and transfer my money on eon bank account, is it possible? i'm freelancing and i need to transfer my money from odesk to eon bank account. its possible right?

104 admin   (24 May 2013 6:23 AM)
Dale Amandoron, just present your school ID.

Yes, if your a freelancer from ODESK, your employer can transfer money to your EON account through Paypal.

102 Cess Moncupa   (19 April 2013 5:48 AM)
Hi. Is there an age requirement to apply for EON? Can a 16-year old like me apply? Thanks in advance!

100 laila   (16 April 2013 6:50 PM)
I want to know if is this a credit card? how much is the credit limit?

101 admin   (16 April 2013 7:37 PM)
laila, Unionbank EOn card is not a credit card.

98 Diana   (11 April 2013 10:54 AM)
Hi Mr. Khen, I registered 2 days ago, had claimed my card yesterday, and had enrolled in the EON Account in the UnionBank Website just today. I can't access my account. So as I review your responses to everyone and also your article above, you said to wait 1 week for the card & we have to wait 2 days before enrolling. In my case, I received it earlier that 1 week so I though I can immediately enroll. So what will happen now? Do I have to enroll again? Thanks.

99 admin   (11 April 2013 5:48 PM)
Diana, you're lucky enough that you recieve your EON card earlier than 1 week. It also depends on the Branch.

If you can't access your account, contact Unionbank's customer service email address: customer.service@unionbankph.com

95 Elizabeth   (03 April 2013 3:08 PM)
Hi, Will an application for EON card be approved by just submitting one Postal ID and NSO birth certificate? This is my first time application and I want EON/paypal.

96 admin   (03 April 2013 4:32 PM)
Elizabeth, yes.

94 rommel david   (18 March 2013 5:24 AM)
good day..how about liberty reserve? is it possible to use it,to withdraw funds from any online jobs..can we do that from liberty reserve to eon..thanks

97 admin   (03 April 2013 4:33 PM)
Rommel David, no.

93 edz   (03 March 2013 12:57 PM)
so I'll be needing to wait for 2 days before I can use my EON card?

92 shinji   (28 February 2013 8:08 PM)
hi can I apply? im 16 years old. Bringing only student id and barangay certificate. Is it allowed?

91 maicy   (28 February 2013 0:00 AM)
Is registration to EON account allowed even if you're working in a company (unemployed)?

90 phia   (19 February 2013 3:31 PM)
where can I find the application form for me to fill out for EON card?

89 ning   (04 February 2013 0:30 AM)
good day, why can't I type the postal code in the EON application form? Do I need to go the bank? thank you very much.

88 Abie   (24 January 2013 1:28 PM)
great content here.. just what I'm looking for. I've been searching for this piece of information for a long time. And here I can find it.

kabayan thank you!

87 suresh   (21 January 2013 9:13 PM)
sir/madam i have only 9th class marklist(certificate)and have a name in ration card.i want to open a new saving account.
what can i do?please reply me...

85 Mark Francisco   (21 January 2013 2:08 PM)
Just a photocopy of the Birth Certificate? What's the Baranggay Certificate ? Cedula ? .

86 admin   (21 January 2013 5:19 PM)
Mark Francisco, the original copy and photo copy of Birth Certificate are needed

A baranggay certificate is a type of document that certifies the baranggay address where you live. This is issued and can be secured at the Baranggay Hall/Office.

Cedula certifies your tax payment in the government. This is called Community Tax Certificate in English.

84 alvin   (16 January 2013 1:48 PM)
sir Khen, I've indicated N/A under the nature of work/business box and also under the employers business address. But when I click submit, a notification appeared that it is required to fill out the postal code of employer/business address. Please help sir.

81 Lance   (15 January 2013 10:48 AM)
Sir Khen,

Do you limit just two tries per day in logging-in in the Eon Cyber account. It's more than two days and still, I can't log-in. What you can advise?

Thank you!

83 admin   (15 January 2013 1:14 PM)
Quote (Lance)
Tlgang 2 tries lang per day sa pag log in sa eon cyber account?


Contact or email a Unionbank agent for help at email address: customer.service@unionbankph.com

80 RIZEN   (12 January 2013 0:28 AM)
Can I link my paypal and payza account to the eon at the same time?

79 Mishaal   (21 December 2012 2:18 AM)
This may sound stupid but I'm real new to this thing.

How much is it for an EON acct, is it like an ATM that needs maintaining balance, how fast is the process and can I use my EON as my ATM to withdraw my cash from?

Can it be used as an ATM debit card if say my employer sent from one local bank to my account?

I got so many questions cause I had a bad experience with BDO, they closed my account when I had just made it on the 10th. It's the 21st now. Happy end of the world day.

78 Eli19   (04 December 2012 11:38 AM)
I just want to ask if I can open an EON debit card account even if Im unemployed right now? thanks in advance!

82 admin   (15 January 2013 1:11 PM)
Eli19, yes.

76 Cloud Strife   (03 December 2012 6:43 PM)
Is this applicable for those below 18? I'm just 16 years old and I want a debit card in order to buy online.

75 june   (24 November 2012 8:17 AM)
hi! Do I need to open first a bank account in Unionbank before applying for an Eon Debit Card account? Please help. Thanks in advance.

77 admin   (04 December 2012 6:22 AM)
june, no need. You can open an EON right away.

73 Rhia   (22 November 2012 2:00 AM)
Hi! I've been having problems logging in sa eon cyber account, did all the steps and waited over 2 days but its been 2 weeks and still I can't log in. did you ever have the same problem? that's why I can't link my Paypal.

74 admin   (22 November 2012 8:11 AM)
Rhia, did you enter the information needed in the log-in form?

Did you enter the correct user id?

Did you enter the correct PIN number?

Enter the information correctly. You're given only 2 chances a day to log-in.

71 Nathan   (20 November 2012 8:16 AM)
Hi Khen! I want to ask, can I link same EON card with different Paypal account?

72 admin   (20 November 2012 8:55 AM)
Nathan, I have not tried linking same EON account with different Paypal Account.

If you have other Paypal account, there's no harm in trying to link it with your EON account.

If Paypal doesn't accept the linking of one EON account to multiple Paypal accounts, then I'm sure Paypal will automatically notify you in their website in the linking process.

Again, there's no harm in trying to link your EON account to multiple Paypal accounts.

And let us know if you successfully link your EON to another Paypal account.

63 ABEGAIL JEAN NADELA   (12 November 2012 11:44 PM)
hello there,i really want to open an eon unionbank for the reason i wanted to claim my money through paypal cause only EON UNIONBANK they will accept.....the only problem is that i dont have TIN no.# or SSS no.# to present there as documents you needed.......please can you help me in an easy way?? is there other way i can open an EON UNIONBANK where is easy???and no hard documents needed?

64 admin   (13 November 2012 8:23 AM)
ABEGAIL JEAN NADELA, The Unionbank branch here in Cebu don't require me to present TIN or SSS id.

You must have at least two valid id's such as school ID, company ID, baranggay clearance, postal ID, Police clearnce, NBI clerance, etc.

What's you status? Are you employed? a student? or a an unemployed?

62 Zang Adrien   (24 September 2012 12:53 PM)
Hi I want to ask. I forgot the maximum withdrawal in a day and how much is the maximum deposit for EON debit card?
i am not sure if it is 50K maximum deposit in one day please help thanks

61 Edrian   (19 September 2012 4:58 PM)
Hi How many days does it take for application approval for onlin banking after online registration? thanks for the answer.

65 admin   (13 November 2012 8:52 AM)
Edrian, like I said in the above article. After you claim your EON card, you need to wait for 2 days. Then, enroll your EON account to Unionbank's website (www.unionbankph.com)

60 james songalia   (13 September 2012 11:56 AM)
I'm planning to register for EON right now but "Nature of Work/Business" and "Employer/Business Address" are required to be filled-out. I'm just a student and I don't know what should be written on those fields. Please help.

66 admin   (13 November 2012 8:53 AM)
james songalia, there's no problem whether you're a student or not. Leave those fields blank or not applicable (N/A).

You must present at least 2 valid ids.

58 Liberty Grace Dedace   (12 September 2012 10:19 PM)
Is there annual fee for eon card? What if, after a year I forgot to pay annual fee, will there be additional charge?

59 admin   (12 September 2012 10:52 PM)
yes, as stated above it costs P350 for the annual fee.

No additional charge. You just have to present your EON card together with your valid id to Unionbank for renewal.

57 marian   (04 September 2012 11:53 AM)
I don't have TIN number, can I be accepted?

67 admin   (13 November 2012 8:55 AM)
marian, you don't need TIN number. Present at least 2 valid id's.

56 marian   (04 September 2012 11:49 AM)
Hi. I want to ask a question. Is the Unionbank EON card realtime. Can it receive money from abroad? Is there any charge for remittance from australia or US or anywhere. Thanks more power!

68 admin   (13 November 2012 9:00 AM)
marian, yes po realtime. Any person in the world can deposit to your EON account.

That person/business entity can even deposit money to your EON account through Paypal. But first, you must create a Paypal account and link your EON account to your Paypal account in order to do EON to Paypal transactions.

54 Roni   (11 August 2012 3:00 PM)
Is it allowed to widthdraw through solidtrustpay using eon debit card?

55 admin   (11 August 2012 3:28 PM)
Roni, no. It only accepts Paypal.

53 Bert   (25 July 2012 4:26 PM)
How about the combination of NSO Birth Certificate / LTO Student Permit License / School I.D. (last semester but I have a OR being enrolled).

What if LTO Student Permit License, is the photocopy refers to the second document. For the ID, is the photocopy back to back?

69 admin   (13 November 2012 9:02 AM)
Bert, yes they can be accepted.

52 Dinah   (25 July 2012 3:57 PM)
hello..im just confused po..if ever i am an online seller po then ang buyer ko po ay choose niya magbayad though bank..pwede ko ba magamit ang Union EON Bank account ko to receive money from him/her?..am i going to give them my account number sa EON para dun nalang sila magdeposit sa payment??then papanu po ang withdrawal?..automatic na ba siya ??

hope i dont sound stupid..so confused lang regarding EON..hope to hear from you..thanks

70 admin   (13 November 2012 9:07 AM)
Dinah, the buyer can pay you to your EON account. Yes, you must give the buyer your EON account number. You can do bank-to-bank transactions or Paypal-to-EON transactions.

If what you think is if your buyer is using Paypal to buy your item, and the buyer deposits money to your Paypal account, you can withdraw that money from your Paypal account to your EON account.

Withdrawing money from Paypal account to your EON account is not automatically done. Here's the procedure to do that - "How to Withdraw the Money From Your Paypal Account to Your EON Account or Any Unionbank Account"

50 Dert   (04 July 2012 9:55 AM)
Hello!, is "LTO Student Permit License" accepted?

I like this blog. Updated :) author

51 admin   (04 July 2012 9:59 AM)
yes, Dert. Thanks for the compliment. biggrin

47 mavis   (02 July 2012 11:56 PM)
can I apply using school ID laster semester? I stopped my studies and I want to apply for EON CARD for online stuff. Do you accept?

48 admin   (03 July 2012 7:58 AM)
mavis, you can try but it's not guaranteed. Each Unionbank branch has different policies regarding presenting ID's. Make sure to bring at least 2 more ID's such as baranggay clearance or postal id for back-up.

Baranggay clearance is the easiest way to get. Baranggay offices nowadays have photo-bearing certificates.

46 Mark   (03 June 2012 6:25 PM)
Do I need to wait seven (7) days before I can claim the EON card. I think the time is too long. Thanks.

49 admin   (03 July 2012 8:00 AM)
Mark, like any other banks (BDO or Metrobank), claiming of cards (ATM) such as EON card would take at least 1 week (7 days).

42 jack   (19 May 2012 8:24 AM)
hello khen. what are the requirements for students? Is birth certificate needed? or anything. Thanks.

43 admin   (19 May 2012 8:39 AM)
jack, you should bring at least 2 valid id's such as your school id, birth certificate, baranggay clearance or any of the id's posted in the above article.

Don't forget to photocopy your 2 valid id's.

41 Emz   (16 April 2012 1:18 PM)
Why doesn't Unionbak Caloocan branch accept baranggay certificate? If without SSS ID, is E-1 form accepted?

44 admin   (19 May 2012 9:08 AM)
Emz, it may depend by branch.

39 Reymart   (02 March 2012 8:21 AM)
I am 20 years old already sir, but don't have TIN and SSS number yet. Can I apply for EON Account in Union Bank?

45 admin   (19 May 2012 9:09 AM)
Reymart, yes.

38 Reymart   (02 March 2012 8:20 AM)
What if I don'y have SSS and TIN Number, since I am applying for now? Is it okay to submit only the ID? because I don't have TIN and SSS yet... Thanks in advance for the response sir..

40 admin   (02 March 2012 9:02 AM)
Quote (Reymart)
Is it okay to submit only the ID?


36 Raymond   (23 February 2012 10:59 PM)
khen, even to other cities? I'm from Zamboanga del Sur and will go to Cebu next. So even I used my eon card in Cebu still no fees?

37 admin   (23 February 2012 11:06 PM)
Raymond, where are you going to use it? Do you want to use it to purchase in Cebu? or something else?

If you use it in a department store or grocery store in Cebu, I'm not sure if there are charges or fees.

In my opinion, I think there are no fees when you purchase here in Cebu using your EON. A bank card carrying the VISA logo (like Unionbank EON Card) is usually free of charge (no transaction or service fees) when you use it to purchase anywhere in the Philippines. The same principle applies in online shopping using your EON. No fees.

34 Raymond   (23 February 2012 10:51 PM)

What are fees or how much when you used eon card to go shopping. Fees for not online shopping and fees for online shopping.


35 admin   (23 February 2012 10:54 PM)
Raymond, using Unionbank EON card is free offline and online.

32 Leo de Mesa   (20 February 2012 2:03 AM)
Hi sir, I have a question. My EON will expire next month. After renewal and getting my card, do I need to re-enroll in the Cyber Account then add new card to Paypal?

Please help. I have payment dues in Paypal every month.

Thank you!

33 admin   (20 February 2012 9:31 AM)
Leo, I didn't renew yet my Unionbank EON card. Much better to ask your Unionbank branch. But in my opinion, Unionbank might not require you to re-enroll your renewed EON card. It will take more time (to waste) to re-enroll you in their online banking. Unionbank is smart enough not to waste time. Time is money.

30 anne   (07 February 2012 9:50 PM)
yes i already saw the vid. i tried to do the steps but i still can't. the message is still there. i typed the right numbers but i still can't

31 admin   (08 February 2012 8:12 AM)
Anne, make sure you take note of these:

The billing address of your card should match the address of your bank has on file.

Expiration date and security code should exactly match.

Any of this can cause Unionbank to reject Paypal request to register the card. If all of this information matches, you'll definitely want to check with Unionbank to see why they're declining Paypal authorization.

Hope this helps,

28 anne   (07 February 2012 8:58 PM)
hi! i tried to link my eon card to paypal but upon registering, paypal can't accept my card. there's a message "This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card."

what should i do? i'm already enrolled on unionbank's cyber account

29 admin   (07 February 2012 9:19 PM)
anne,you can follow this video tutorial: How to Open or Apply Paypal Account Video Tutorial

If you failed to link your EON to Paypal, just reply here in the comment.

27 julianne   (09 January 2012 8:48 PM)
thank you again!

25 julianne   (09 January 2012 8:14 PM)
from my paypal account how will it go to my eon account?

thanks for answering my questions :)

26 admin   (09 January 2012 8:17 PM)
julianne, I think this might help you: How to Open or Apply Paypal Account Video Tutorial. There's a video in this article on how to withdraw funds from your Paypal account into your EON account.

23 julianne   (08 January 2012 7:29 PM)
hi! thank you so much this! a big help!
but i have a question, does union bank eon require a charge when you connect it to paypal? or vise versa?
also when you receive a money from your paypal account does it automatically go to your union bank eon account?
if you withdraw your money is there also any charge?

sorry i have a lot of questions, it's just that it's my first time to have an eon account.

thank you!

24 admin   (09 January 2012 2:35 PM)
Quote (julianne)
does union bank eon require a charge when you connect it to paypal? or vise versa?

Quote (julianne)
when you receive a money from your paypal account does it automatically go to your union bank eon account?

Quote (julianne)
if you withdraw your money is there also any charge?

21 Ma. Loribelle Perales   (05 January 2012 11:14 AM)
Hello. I just would like to verify if this Eon Debit Card also acts as an ATM Card? I mean could I withdraw money from it from any ATM machines? Thanks.

22 admin   (05 January 2012 11:25 AM)
yes Loribelle. It also acts as an ATM Card. You can withdraw money from any ATM machines.

19 reynald   (06 July 2011 6:18 PM)

18 reynald   (06 July 2011 6:17 PM)
hi, how to pay online using eon debit card?

20 admin   (06 July 2011 7:51 PM)
reynald,you can pay any international online stores affiliated with Paypal and local merchants affiliated with Unionbank. You can pay your bills such as PLDT, Globe, SMART etc. An good example is given here: How to Pay Your Bills Online through Unionbank.

15 Daisy   (10 June 2011 2:58 PM)
Hi there Khen! Thank you for the post. It's very helpful. I am doing a home based job as a virtual assistant and needs to open an account in unionbank because I have heard a lot of good feedbacks about using eon. I need an account since my salary will be sent in paypal. Thank you for the infos here. Glad that I can have the necessary requirements ready before going personally into the bank.

16 admin   (10 June 2011 3:09 PM)
Daisy, you're welcome.

14 orange   (26 May 2011 8:11 PM)

17 admin   (10 June 2011 3:09 PM)
Orange, you're welcome.

12 orange   (26 May 2011 3:41 PM)
hi there! just want to ask if TIN and SSS are really needed? Without those, can I still be accepted?
thanks in advance...

13 admin   (26 May 2011 4:51 PM)
orange, if you're a student and you present your student ID and birth certificate, it's acceptable. But if you're not a student, you should have at least either an SSS number or a TIN number.

10 Tala   (18 May 2011 10:55 AM)
thank you so much..=)

9 Tala   (18 May 2011 10:55 AM)
Can i deposit in account of Unionbank to any bank? Example to BDO...?

11 admin   (18 May 2011 11:01 AM)
Tala, if what you mean is to deposit money to BDO using your Unionbank account, it's not possible. It also applies to other banks.

7 radrex valera   (16 March 2011 11:39 AM)
Hi. just wanna ask about this statement

"Before you can do online transactions, it's very important and it's required to link your EON Cyber Account Debit Card to Paypal. Paypal lets you pay online transactions worldwide. Here is the video tutorial on how to do that: Click here. When your EON Cyber Account Debit Card is already linked to Paypal, you can now use your EON in paying online transaction."

What if I'll make an online purchase which accept Visa Credit/Debit card ONLY, not Paypal? Is it possible to use this EON card w/o the use of Paypal?

8 admin   (16 March 2011 5:36 PM)
radrex valera, which website are you referring to that accepts payments through Visa Credit/Debit card only and not Paypal?

5 Aya   (01 February 2011 7:03 PM)
I am planning to open an EON bank account as a college student and as I was reading your article the school ID isn't listed on the requirements. I currently have my school ID, NSO certificate, but my recent passport was taken abroad yet I asked my parents to send me a scanned copy of it. Will my NSO & school ID suffice or do current students have another set of requirements?

Thank you.

6 admin   (02 February 2011 8:13 PM)
Aya, I sent all your queries to a Unionbank Customer Service. They require you to make personal appearance to a Unionbank branch.

3 Marylyn   (12 January 2011 4:04 PM)
I'm from Biliran Province (near Leyte)...

There's no branch of Unionbank in Biliran but I want to be a part and have an account of it.
As for now, I'm here in Cebu City taking my OJT for only 3 months and afterwards, I'll be home.
Can I still able to join Unionbank here in Cebu?

I'm very much appreciated with your immediate response.
Thanks in advance!

4 admin   (13 January 2011 9:10 AM)
Marylyn, yes. You can open an EON account here in Cebu. It only takes 1 week to claim your Unionbank EON card. Be sure to prepare at least 350 pesos for the minimum deposit (much better if you deposit large amount) and the needed requirements: your school ID, company ID, SSS receipt or card (if you have) or any other IDs listed in the article above.

1 Ranz Daren Castillano   (04 January 2011 4:32 PM)
I'm 17, can I open an account for EON???

2 admin   (06 January 2011 7:50 PM)
Ranz, because you are 17 years old, you cannot open an EON Account in Unionbank. You need to be 18 years old and above.

This is an email I received from Unionbank's Customer Service when I asked them what's their age requirement in opening an EON Account:


Dear Sir/Madam:

Greetings from UnionBank!

Please be advise that 18 years old and above is the age requirement to open an EON account.

Best Regards,

Romeo Ramirez
UnionBank Customer Service
Email: customer.service@unionbankph.com
Website: www.unionbankph.com

If you are very eager to open an EON Account despite your age, it might be helpful to open an EON Account with the help of your parents or sisters/brothers or relatives who are 18 years old and above and whom you can trust. But you need to use their names and have them visit personally to any Unionbank Branches.