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How to Apply for Metrobank ATM Card Bank Account

Known for its tagline "You're in Good Hands with Metrobank", Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. ( or simply Metrobank) was founded in September 5, 1962. It was recently awarded in the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2011 as the "Best Bank in the Philippines" and it's popularly known also to be the 2nd largest bank in the Philippines. That's why your money is safe and secure when you open an account with Metrobank especially an ATM account. If you want to open or apply for a Metrobank ATM Card, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1
Before going to any Metrobank branch, prepare the needed requirements:
a.) 2 valid id (photo bearing):

   > School ID
   > Company/Office ID
   > Driver's License
   > Passport
   > NSO Birth Certificate
   > Baranggay Clearance
   > Postal ID
   > NBI or Police Clearance
   > Government-issued ID's (PhilHealth ID, SSS ID, UMID, etc.)
   > any other valid ID...

b.) 2 pieces recent 1x1 or 2x2 picture
c.) 2,000 pesos for the minimum amount (initial deposit) of opening a new ATM account
Step 2
Go to your preferred Metrobank branch where you want to apply for ATM account:

Step 3
Then, go to the New Accounts section inside the Metrobank branch and ask for an Application of New ATM Card Account.

Step 4
The Account Officer will then give you forms to fill-up. Accomplish these forms. That's it. The Account Officer will give you a Deposit slip/receipt with your Account Number printed on it. 
Claiming Your Metrobank ATM Card (Waiting Period)
You can claim your ATM card after 7 days (1 week). Bring and present your deposit slip  and a valid id upon claiming.

Pictures of a Real Metrobank ATM Card
Metrobank ATM Card
Metrobank ATM Card picture
Metrobank ATM Card Front View
Old Metrobank ATM Card with Maestro logo in the front
Metrobank ATM Card Back View
Metrobank ATM Card with Bancnet and Cirrus logos at the back
New Metrobank ATM Card
New Metrobank ATM Card with MasterCard logo at the front
Metrobank ATM Card (back view)
At the back of the Metrobank ATM Card bearing BancNet, Maestro and Cirrus logos.
You can use (for withdraw, balance inquiry, bills payment) this ATM card on any ATM machines that bear the BancNet, Maestro and Cirrus logos.
Other Types of Metrobank ATM Cards
Metrobank ATM Cards
Maintaining Balance
The above ATM card is a Metrobank e-Teller ATM card. You should maintain the required maintaining balance of at least P2,000 in order to avoid charges/fees. Other types of Metrobank ATM accounts have different maintaining balance:
  • Passbook Savings with ATM - P10,000 
  • OFW e-Teller ATM - waived 
  • SSS Pensioner ATM - P100
  • AccountOne with ATM - P25,000
Falling Below Maintaining Balance Penalty
Metrobank charges P300 (per month) if your Metrobank e-Teller ATM falls below the required maintaining balance. The same amount will be charged to other types of Metrobank atm accounts:
  • Passbook Savings with ATM - P300
  • OFW e-Teller ATM- waived 
  • SSS Pensioner ATM - P300
  • AccountOne with ATM - P300
Some Powerful Features of Your Metrobank ATM Card
  • Withdraw or transfer money to over 800 Metrobank branches and to over 1,600 ATMs in the Philippines
  • Pay your utility bills (phone, electric, internet, etc.) through ATM, mobile banking and internet banking
  • Use it to purchase in major business establishments or department stores such as SM, Robinsons, Ayala Malls, Gaisano Malls, and any other stores with Card Swipe Machines which are affiliated with Bancnet.
  • You can enroll your ATM account to Metrobank Online Banking and avail great online banking services of Metrobank such as free balance inquiry (access of your account), pay bills (electric, water, phone or internet bills, etc.), transfer funds and many others.
  • and many more...
Do you have any concern with you Metrobank ATM card?
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443 Anna Andris   (10 April 2017 3:50 AM)
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441 marc kevin   (31 March 2017 2:51 PM)
sir pano po yung atm debit card ko nkuha ko n lhat ng laman at zero balance n sya..last pa yun..ang tnong ko po pde p bko mg hulog para sa savings ko..or blocked n yun?

440 marilou lagallo   (29 March 2017 11:26 PM)
hello po! magtatanong lang po. Meron po ba kaung Metrobank branch dito sa Dubai? (kung meron anu po ang address?) at kung meron pwede bang mag open account (passbook savings account with ATM). salamat po!

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437 jay ann   (24 February 2017 11:59 AM)
.good day..
i have a friend who lives in california usa. .
.and she told me that she will send me money through my account which is my atm card. .Ilang araw ko po ba malalaman na may laman na ang atm ko. .if kung nahulog na nya ang pera sa account ko. .agad agad po ba na papasok sa atm ko or it takes a few days pa po. .thanks po

436 Mr simon   (23 February 2017 9:37 AM)
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435 Mikee Capuchino   (21 February 2017 8:44 AM)
Ano pong specific card ung may kasama ng passbook Na initial dep is 10k? Pwd pong pa send ng pic with passbook. Gusto KO po makita ung design po ng card. Thank you po.

434 Genilda Semblante   (10 February 2017 5:43 AM)
Good day maam/sir..
I am a ofw in singapore...is it valid that i bring only a photocopy of my passport and my ic or work pass in the office to open a new atm card in metro bank..!?

433 Lorena barameda   (06 February 2017 5:10 PM)
Hi poh 2014 poh kumuha PO ako ng ATM account sa Metrobank pero Hindi ko poh nahulugan pwede PA PO bah ma activate ulit UNG ATM ko?Thanks poh.....

432 Sherwin Agad   (28 January 2017 1:12 PM)
Hi, good day. I want to have an atm account and I saw the requirements needs a TIN number but I am still a student, should I get it or is it okay not to have it? Thank you..

431 Can Seyis   (08 January 2017 2:02 AM)
Hi Iwant to open bank account ?
What I need to do ?

430 Jonna Mai Iniego   (04 January 2017 3:26 PM)
Hi, good day. I want to have an atm account and I saw the requirements needs a TIN number but I am still a student, should I get it or is it okay not to have it?

429 TARA KLINE   (31 December 2016 6:34 AM)
I have my ATM card already programmed to remove the maximum of $ 50,000 per day for up to 20 days. I am very happy about this because I have mine last week and I used to get $ 100,000. D. Pedro is giving the card only to help the poor and needy even though it is illegal but it is something nice and not as another scam claim to have ATM cards blank. And nobody gets caught when the card is used. Get yours today. Just send an email through paulatmoffice@gmail.com

428 Eve   (23 December 2016 2:40 PM)
Hello there, I'm just wondering what type of metrobank card to use for withdrawing cash in any country? Or any store I go to?

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

427 mary june hirro   (06 December 2016 8:48 PM)
sir/ma'am,ano po bang atm card dapat kong gamitin.?
para sa savings na kong saan pwede ko lang ma withdraw agad in case kinakailangan.
thanks po

426 Mel   (11 November 2016 1:54 PM)
Sir. Ano po bang type ng atm ang gagamitin ko if yung pera ko is for saving tapos pwede ko sya i withdraw anytime.

425 Leah P.Ocon   (31 October 2016 6:37 PM)
Hello po..Mayron po bang ATM na walang maintaining balance po?Thank you

424 Nechel Cadampog   (31 October 2016 10:36 AM)
Good Day!
No need to bring a billing for your requirements in opening an account?

Thank you.

423 Mary rose atos   (26 October 2016 3:36 PM)
hi...pwede bah magopen ng account kahit nandito sa Malaysia...

422 anamarie clave lopez   (25 October 2016 2:30 PM)
hello po magkano ba ang initial deposit kng atm lang ang kukunin ko..

421 Joanne Ragsag   (16 October 2016 9:09 AM)
Good Day! Can I open an account using my maiden name?

420 Julius Ceazar Maynes Rosal   (15 October 2016 9:24 AM)
magkano naman claim for ATM card or charge

419 Marielo Alindahao   (25 September 2016 6:24 PM)
I would like to open an atm card international .what should be the process on that and how much is the initial deposit?

418 Pamela E. Sullano   (11 September 2016 5:58 AM)
i wish to ask if the metrobank atm with mastercard logo can be used to pay online to the australin border office for lodging an australian visa.... it will be an international payment...thank you

417 EDNA PONDANG   (31 August 2016 5:51 PM)
ask ko lang po kong need pa p ang tin number for new account?
and kong magkano ang deposit sa ATM card?

416 rolando cruz sambrano   (30 August 2016 7:36 PM)
i would like to open an atm account....
i am ofw working here dubai....
please advice me....

415 veramore   (26 August 2016 2:22 PM)
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414 freesia   (23 August 2016 12:58 PM)
Good afternoon. magkano ang maximum na pwdeng laman ng isang atm card?

413 myrna mantalaba   (11 July 2016 4:50 AM)
hi i just want to know if i can apply atm thru online?

412 ALISA   (10 July 2016 7:13 AM)
good aM PO, SA ISABELA basilan metrobarnk branch , kinakailangan pa ang tin mumber, ung requirements nio ba dito ay parehas sa lahat ng metrobank branches?

411 cris   (20 June 2016 8:02 PM)
Hi my Debit account on Metrobank has been inactive since may last year because I resigned from my work. And now I received a letter today,I just want to know if my account will be charged because I can't remember if I have a remaining balance. Please reply. Thank you.

410 AJAY KASHYAP   (18 June 2016 5:02 PM)

409 AJAY KASHYAP   (18 June 2016 5:01 PM)

408 riza gay animas   (07 June 2016 12:15 PM)
Hi!i just want to ask what if the account was closed 2 years ago because it was used by the school for our scholarship and when the scholarship was gone the account will automatically closed. what will i do to re-open it?would i apply again for new account?

407 mark daniel vila   (19 April 2016 6:27 PM)
Good quality

406 Rosecelyn S. Climaco   (19 April 2016 3:50 PM)
Is NSO Birth Certificate and Police Clearance is valid upon opening atm accoun??

405 Ramil Untalan Parajas   (04 March 2016 3:45 PM)
online application

404 Joycel fernandez   (08 February 2016 10:33 AM)
My name is Joycel , just wondering if I can open my ATM account, but I'm out of country ,
I wonder if I can apply it through ONLINE

403 aidomar sedano   (31 January 2016 3:16 AM)
Hi! i just want to know if my metrobank atm payroll account is still active even i am no longer connected with the company? i just recently resigned last year of december and i am now currently working abroad in saudi arabia. may i know if i can still continue to use the atm card so that i can send money for remittance as my savings? please give me response. thank you!

402 Ferdinand fajela   (06 January 2016 3:28 PM)
Good pm,I want to apply ATM,for saving,but I'm here in abroad how to get ATM.thank you

401 Alyssah Arugay   (06 January 2016 3:07 PM)
Hi! I would just want to ask about the age requirement in order to get an ATM card. I'm a 16 year-old student and I am interested in getting an ATM card in Metrobank. Hoping for your fast reply. Thanks!

400 Herbert F. Tantiado   (03 January 2016 1:40 PM)
I actually heard a good review of Metrobank's card to my friends and Family. That's the reason why I wanted to open an account to this bank. God Bless.

399 Christine C. Cacho   (28 December 2015 11:39 PM)
Im a an atm holder of metrobank from 2013 but its long time that im not using it, i just want to ask if can i use it now or better i will open a new one?
Waiting for your answer.

398 Yan yan   (09 December 2015 11:21 PM)
Hi i leave here in hong kong and i lost my wallet with my atm metro bank card and written right down the card mastercard i would like to ask if person found my card can she or he use to pay by online shop?im trying to call you hotline to hold my account but always busy.so im worried.

397 ALYASSER AKBARA   (20 November 2015 9:46 PM)
hi good pm sir,maam
i want to apply open account for atm , my perents in abroad will be sending money for me, but i have my business networking company, name of my company is unified products and services,
account name i write example alyasser akbara with my company that is accepted or not,
pm me

396 Rosie   (11 November 2015 6:55 PM)
May I ask when will the bank get the penalty charges in falling below the maintaining balance?

395 Brylle Ton   (28 October 2015 10:47 PM)
Oh well, I will try to apply soon with ET savings ATM. :)

394 Irene Roble   (25 October 2015 5:11 PM)
Need fast opening atm savings account online

393 Anthony L. Ontolan   (17 October 2015 7:42 PM)
Hi..i am planning to have my new ATM account at you metro bank Siquijor branch,i am a casual employee of Philippine Statistics Office and we were paid through landbank check.. My question is,..is it ok if im goin to deposit in my account/ATM using my landbank check? Is there any charges? If there is,how much? Thank you so much....

392 roxannecrisostomo   (19 September 2015 12:09 PM)
can i apply if i only have police clearance and voters id form and baranggay clearance only

391 lovely dawn m. Viloria   (16 September 2015 0:08 AM)
Hello! I would like to ask if i had opened my atm card in the year 2010 and haven't used it even once,like i never had deposits and withdrawal does it already close now or i can still use it? Thank you for replying.

390 Julie ann Buco   (13 September 2015 7:55 PM)
Hello, what if I have atm card, can I deposit for myself ??

389 jonah vic joting   (13 September 2015 8:26 AM)
Can I apply if I only have police clearance I.D,TIN I.D,Birth Certificate? Thank you

388 jonah vic joting   (13 September 2015 8:23 AM)
Good morning, can i apply if i only have police clearance i.d and Tin I.D,Birth certificate?
Thank you..

387 tholits   (04 September 2015 9:25 PM)
what are the requirements needed for the ofw atm card?

386 jahara   (01 September 2015 2:02 PM)
good afternoon. can i apply if i only have NSO birth certificate and Alumni ID? thank you.

385 Jhayla   (18 August 2015 1:06 AM)
what if I withdraw my remaining balance this month worth 1,000; do I have a penalty if I will immediately replace of 300 of the same 1,000 I withdrawn?

384 Robbie   (13 August 2015 8:06 PM)
Can I apply if I only have NSO and school ID? I really wanted to open an atm account eversince but im afraid. I am still a student, then would it be ok?

383 CRISTINE MARIE S.MISLANG   (07 August 2015 9:47 AM)
can i apply a atm savings account.thanks

382 Jani Mari Cabigo   (03 August 2015 3:28 PM)
if i apply atm card tomorrow when will i get the card?

381 Xian jane   (13 July 2015 0:22 AM)
Is it possible to open an account if NSO and NBI clearance is the only identification that i have??

380 Barbara   (24 June 2015 3:21 AM)
my sister currently holds the OFM e-teller ATM card, is it possible to add my mom to the account and make it a joint account? Thanks!

379 Jeneveb Bonghanoy   (18 June 2015 11:56 AM)
Do you accept if i will open a bank account,while i only have the NSO,VOTERS CERTIFICATE,AND A PROOF OF BILLING for the requirements?.

378 Rommel Escabusa Llido Silmaro   (12 June 2015 7:51 PM)
Nice one... I want to apply this one..:-)

377 hazel marie A. espeleta   (09 June 2015 11:17 AM)
how to open an account

376 Yza Ü   (19 May 2015 2:42 PM)
Does Metrobank accept bank-to-bank remittance from abroad? Can I and 2 of my sisters open a joint account there? How? Pls. Answer ASAP thanks :)

375 shey   (13 May 2015 9:36 AM)
hi sir/madam good day..
is it possible if i want to change my account name? the last name only, please le t me know.. thank you

374 ma.jucit p.bonilla   (01 May 2015 3:49 PM)
hi metrobank
Can you help me how to open account online in your bank.but im here in bahrain and i dont have any bank account to save my money please help me....

373 regina curiba   (17 April 2015 1:47 PM)
Can i ask something ? Is this bank doesnt required a billing like pldt billing ,water billing and etc.?

372 Joanna   (11 April 2015 5:41 AM)
My balance is in negative amount for 2 weeks. My friend is in abroad. She already deposit money to my account. Why can't I receive the money when I check it through online? Its been 2 days. Please reply. Thank you.

370 Cheryl Baldon   (11 February 2015 5:10 PM)
Why don't they accept NSO Birth Certificate?

369 Mariz Aguinaldo   (20 January 2015 1:59 PM)
Hi Mam/Sir,
Isn't possible if my boyfriend, do the transaction, in opening new accounts, under my name? Do i need to make authorization letter for him to transact?

Mariz S. Santos

368 Aezel Balmocena   (18 January 2015 8:30 AM)
some metrobank branches also ask for proof of billing, photo copy of the id's and a brgy. certificate. Such a hassle :(

367 Mary Grace Viloria   (31 December 2014 8:01 PM)
the id card must not be expired like drivers license.

366 Gerson Llames   (29 November 2014 11:48 AM)
Hello! What if I spent 1k of my maintaining balance? But I paid it on the next week. Will I still get a deduction per month?

365 Geraldine Pimentel Rayray   (15 October 2014 8:20 PM)
What if I've committed an inconsistent signature? Is it possible to change the signature into a new one so it will be more consistent? Please send me an email at here in Facebook or at rayraygeraldine@yahoo.com . Thanks!

364 whayne dayson   (22 September 2014 8:01 PM)
Hi, I wanted to apply my atm through online banking, I fill up the form online, entered my account no.,my password and all info. but still no reply.. What happened? Thanks for the reply in advance.

363 Hyacinth Ronsable   (10 September 2014 12:55 PM)
@ jc ycong I had the same concern last year. My previous employer issued my atm card. What I did was I informed my metrobank branch and the person in-charge for accounts converted account from an employer-based account to a personal account. I suggest you do the same thing.

362 MEanne Juguilon Olegario   (28 August 2014 8:07 PM)
Just want to ask, my sister is in aboard I want to know if she valid to do deposit trough ATM card?

361 matit carel   (05 August 2014 12:34 PM)
hi metro bank,i have money in my paypal account my boyfriend from usa put it,now it need atm card that hve logo of mastercard or visa to. is it possible i can get my money if i get atm that hve logo of visa or mastercard on ur branch metrobank?ty

360 Karenjoy Ocampo Delacruz   (22 July 2014 10:26 AM)
Hi metro bank, i just wanna ask if how can i check my accounts through online.. i am ofw here at taiwan, i have my atm accounts but i didnt deposit money yet, because i am afraid that if i use remittance center to deposit on my accounts maybe when i go back to philippines, there is no money deposit on my accounts, i am far away from metro bank office here at taiwan thats why im not able to deposit on my own, i cant even use any atm machine..it always say error, do its possible that i can check my atm account online? Pls reply thank you....

359 selle   (07 June 2014 1:58 PM)
hi, metrobank. i want to ask if there is a required age in apply for debit card? thanks.

358 cherri   (26 May 2014 2:11 PM)
Hi, Is Metrobank Debit account possible to receive money coming from India? Is there an affiliate bank there for Metrobank?

357 jc ycong   (13 May 2014 4:49 PM)
hi admin, good day! i would like to ask, will i lose the money that i have in my account (which was issued by my previous employer) my account has been dormant since December last year, and can i still use it as my personal account eventhough i am not connected with my employer anymore? or do i need to transfer my money to a new account? thank you very much

356 FLORENCIA R. QUINO   (07 May 2014 5:39 PM)
hi, can i use master card to pay ad and shop online?

355 jinkytebelin   (20 April 2014 0:27 AM)
i have an atm from metro bank, can i withdraw money when i am in united arab emirates? and what bank i can withdraw cash?

354 marvin   (13 April 2014 10:44 AM)
i have a debit metro bank atm card, it was issued to us when we were hired as a call center (SITEL-Bagiuo city) last oct. 2013. iresigned last december 2013. can i still be able to use? my uncle from the US will send a money to me through bank, can i give him my account no. and use my atm?

353 jana   (12 April 2014 12:48 PM)
Hi, this helps me a lot, thanks for this site i know all the things that i need to bring. God bless.

352 ycnan   (09 April 2014 11:09 PM)
I have a hard time enrolling my atm to a debit card. How do i do that in the metrobank direct website? if it is already a debit card why are issues when i use it in booking. what is the "member card number"?

351 entingkabisote   (15 March 2014 10:13 AM)
Hi Admin,

Just want to ask if it's possible to convert a payroll atm to a personal account?
I have a metrobank atm but this was issued when I was still working for a certain company and I already left that company years ago.
I also haven't had any transactions using that particular atm for more than two (2) years now.
Will the atm be deactivated by now? Or are there any penalties/charges?


349 Kurodin   (12 March 2014 2:01 PM)
Hi, is metrobank electronic teller a debit card? I have no idea since the company issued me the card and I resigned months ago, is it still active? and can i use it to sign up an account in Paypal? Please reply ASAP. i need to get an online job really quick and I need a paypal account. Thank you so much

350 admin   (14 March 2014 10:52 AM)

Quote Kurodin
is metrobank electronic teller a debit card?


Quote Kurodin
can i use it to sign up an account in Paypal?
No. Metrobank ATM cannot be linked to Paypal.

348 joemar sayson   (11 March 2014 3:10 AM)
hello ,
i just want to make sure if it is true that my friend opened an atm card account in metrobank and she received her card after she done opening so it means only one day ,you willl receive your card ,thanks

346 myra he   (07 March 2014 12:10 PM)
can my sister drop a money to my atm she in singapore,so she like me to open an aacount for sending me money?

347 admin   (10 March 2014 2:01 PM)
myra he, yes. Give her your ATM account name and account number and find a Metrobank or Metro Remittance Center in Singapore where she would be able to deposit the money. There's a Metro Remittance Center in 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza , #04-93 Singapore. You can contact its phone number at +65 6734 8035.

344 Jesse Boartfield   (22 February 2014 12:23 PM)
You forgot to include two important things... Must have proof of billing..Electric bill, PLDT Bill, water bill etc.... and you CANNOT open an account on Sunday. Due to the information here, I just wasted about 3 hours this Saturday. If you are going to put info online, you should make sure it is correct

345 admin   (22 February 2014 2:17 PM)
Jesse Boartfield, it also depends on the Metrobank branch and the type of account you want to open. I had opened a Metrobank account with only 1 valid id - "Driver's License" and in another branch, I had also opened a Metrobank account with Baranggay Certificate and Postal ID as requirements.

What type of account did you try to open?

343 Tonee Sagun   (21 February 2014 10:21 AM)
My fiance and i are interested in opening an account. What could be the best account type we can get. He is an ofw in KSA. Will it be better to get the ofw e-teller arm or the passbook savings witn atm?

341 jj   (13 February 2014 11:24 PM)
Can I use the new card for online shopping? im guessing its possible since it has mastercard logo on it. thanks..

342 admin   (17 February 2014 12:06 PM)
jj, yes it has MasterCard logo but you cannot linked it to Paypal. Thus, you cannot buy to online merchants using Paypal.

339 connie buenafe   (12 February 2014 1:59 PM)
i want to ask f i open an atm acct in phils and i bring it with me in hk do i still withdraw or deposit money both hk in phils?

340 admin   (13 February 2014 9:05 PM)
connie buenafe, yes you can still use it on any ATM machines with MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus logos in Hong Kong (HK).

338 francis billones   (10 February 2014 10:58 AM)
if i inquire my balace to the atm,,is there any charge?

337 francis billones   (10 February 2014 10:54 AM)
is there any fee when inquiring for atm?

336 kathrina   (01 February 2014 8:29 PM)
is alumni id valid for opening bank account?

335 Bing   (01 February 2014 0:25 AM)

I am based in the UK. I received my ATM card but I don't know how to activate my Metrobank Electronic Teller. Please assist. Many thanks. -Bing H Bridges

334 Sabila Valentino   (28 January 2014 11:34 AM)

Good day sir/mam, how can I know the account number of the ATM. The owner forgot the account number and he hadn't able to deposit money to his account.

hoping for your response thank you.

333 jennilyn lucido   (22 January 2014 8:25 AM)
what if i have no passport, i'm student only

332 Gail   (22 January 2014 0:21 AM)
How do i encash a manager's cheque? I recieved it from my previous employer as my final pay. Can i encash it right away hustle free?

330 paul   (09 January 2014 10:31 PM)
Hi admin., I want to ask, will my atm card be deactivated if it has Php 100 remaining balance since 2013?

331 admin   (14 January 2014 8:54 AM)
paul, it will not be deactivated. Metrobank will just deduct a fee if you fall below the required maintaining balance.

Note: You can still use your ATM card.

329 jinaleen pangniban   (09 January 2014 2:54 PM)
I want to ask how many months before you issue a Check? thanks

327 Dionic cruz Viloria   (24 December 2013 2:12 AM)
I open an Metrobank ATM account here in abroad and i have a 50k+ deposited on my account i did not deposit on my account for one year, my question is my account still active or not?

328 admin   (27 December 2013 5:21 PM)
Dionic cruz Viloria, yes, it's active and you can still use it. Your account will be regarded as DORMANT if you're not using it or if you have done no transaction in 2 years.

325 WELSONIA D. LEONOR   (19 December 2013 12:49 PM)
Gud pm... just wanna ask if i can use my old atm card, i have already atm card but it is provided by my employer before when i was working on a corporation...?

my past work is a cashier in some fast food chain last 2009, and after i finished my contract i was not able to use it until now.

i will wait for the response thanx

326 admin   (20 December 2013 12:37 PM)
WELSONIA D. LEONOR, the company has the authority to deactivate your ATM. I think the company is issuing a cash card. And you have no control on whatever the company might do to your cash card.

It's advisable to open a new ATM account for yourself.

324 russel   (10 December 2013 10:25 AM)
sir, just wanna ask if i can use a saudi riyal money as initial deposit to have a Passbook Savings with ATM?hoping for your response.thank you.

322 Josh   (05 December 2013 10:00 PM)
Where is the member number located in metrobank's new ATM card? i am finding it hard to pay my tuition fee through online because i don't know what to enter in the member number space.

323 admin   (07 December 2013 7:06 PM)
Josh, please ask the school if what does the member number referring to? Does it refer to bank account number or atm card number?

321 Michell   (28 October 2013 7:24 PM)
How can I check my account through online? I opened an account in UAE. Since 2011, I had several deposits, both in UAE and Philippines. I'd like to get an
online statement, but how?

320 ayen   (18 October 2013 4:06 PM)
is it ok to open an account if i have with me my postal id and sss id?it should be passbook with atmthanks pls reply

319 mitch   (16 October 2013 10:58 AM)
Can I open an account if I'll only bring postal ID, baranggay clearance and NBI?

318 erwin   (15 October 2013 11:07 AM)
may i ask if this atm card can use to transfer money from international?

cause my aunty want me to apply for atm card so she can easily from her bank account the money to my atm card?

317 jessica   (27 September 2013 8:36 AM)
Is it OK to open an account bringing postal i.d and barangay clearance only?

316 Glennmark Gevela   (26 September 2013 6:25 PM)
I had an Metrobank ATM savings account before, but as of now I am not using it, then one time I checked if it is working but I can't access with it anymore. What shall I do to retain it?

315 alfred   (21 September 2013 4:40 PM)
hello icant use my atm card here in Dubai,
I need your advise how to use here in Dubai ,
what can i do?
when ill used may ATM card always decline
please help me

314 alfred   (21 September 2013 5:50 AM)
hello icant use my atm card here in Dubai,
I need your advise how to use here in Dubai ,
what can i do?

313 jerome   (18 September 2013 8:57 PM)
hello :) I have my aunt working in new york. Is it possible that my aunt could deposit on my metrobank atm card ? if it is possible, is there any processes/procedures before I can withdraw from my atm ? thank you :)

312 flaire   (31 August 2013 1:02 PM)
Hi.. good day everyone.. just want to asked if the ATM of metro bank can be deposited by others??.. i mean i have BF in USA his a foreigner.. and every month he send me a money for my financial and he asked if he can send money directly to the ATM.. is that okay?? please answer my question i needed it so much to know.. thank you smile

311 anne   (31 August 2013 12:41 PM)
Hi.. good afternoon.. just want to asked if the ATM of metro bank can be deposited by others??.. i mean i have BF in USA his a foreigner.. and every month he send me a money for my financial and he asked if he can send money directly to the ATM.. is that okay?? please answer my question i needed it so much to know.. thank you

310 leonila   (29 August 2013 4:04 PM)
Hello po! My friends want to apply a metrobank credit card, it is possible even she's outside the country (ofw). what will be the requirement will be needed f possible.

309 jen   (11 August 2013 9:55 AM)
where to find account number in debit card. is it the 13 digits or 16 digits in front of card

308 mathet   (29 July 2013 2:44 PM)
Someone will send me money from Sweden. Can the funds/money be transferred to my ATM if ever I opened an ATM account in Metrobank? Thank you.

307 kim   (22 July 2013 8:45 PM)
Hello, I'm planning to open an online shop. And my sister have Metrobank Maestro Card. Can it be used as an account for my buyers to transfer payments to. What's the difference between Maestro and Master Card??

306 GREGORIO S. BARBER JR.   (20 July 2013 12:10 PM)
Good PM sir, I want to open a new account in your bank.. Is it OK if I bring only TIN ID at philhealth ID? thanks!

305 rio ramos   (20 July 2013 9:49 AM)
hello sir,.. how many digits does the account number of Metrobank ATM card have? I'm a newbie.., Is it 13 digits or 16 digits?

303 chona pilande   (17 July 2013 5:24 PM)
good eve.. I want to know how to enroll online banking in ATM account thanks

301 Nikki   (16 July 2013 11:55 PM)
Sir/Ma'am, Is the Php 300 deduction done monthly? if falling below maintaining balance.

302 admin   (17 July 2013 9:23 AM)
Nikki, yes.

300 maricris ricon   (10 July 2013 12:11 PM)
can my mom send my allowance using this type of savings acount. she is from curacao, netherlands.
thank you.

299 Lorraine Nepomuceno   (09 July 2013 8:33 PM)
Hi! is it possible to transfer money from an HSBC Bank Account from abroad to Metrobank ATM Bank Account through internet banking??

298 meg   (01 July 2013 7:07 PM)
Metrobank now offers debit cards:


I wonder if you know the rates, fees, and requirements for this.

296 dhyra   (01 July 2013 10:27 AM)
can you further explain the metrobank e-teller atm card's charges pls

297 admin   (01 July 2013 10:48 AM)
dhyra, this might help you. Click this link "Metrobank Personal Bank Accounts, Minimum Maintaining Balance and Interest rates"

It provides details on the service charges of the different Metrobank accounts.

295 khaye   (29 June 2013 3:20 PM)
I have a metrobank OFW atm card and I want to apply for metrobank credit card. please help me or give me info about how to apply if I am an existing Metrobank costumer.

292 cams   (28 June 2013 8:48 PM)
Good Evening.! I'm just confused. I want to clarify. Is Php 2000 automatically deposited to our ATM card. Please reply. I want to open an ATM card. thank you:)

293 admin   (29 June 2013 10:26 AM)
cams, yes. As you pay P2,000 for opening a new ATM card, it will be automatically be deposited to your account. It serves as an initial deposit. And you can withdraw it anytime and on any ATM machines you want.

291 melody   (24 June 2013 10:45 PM)
hi just want to ask if it is possible to open an account from here abroad?

294 admin   (29 June 2013 10:29 AM)
melody, yes it's possible by the help of your relatives here in the Philippines. Just send your request or application at customercare@metrobank.com.ph

290 melody   (24 June 2013 10:41 PM)
Hi, just want to ask if it is possible for me to open an account her in abroad? I really want to.. can u give me the requirements it is possible and what i need to do pls.. tnx...

288 rodivina   (24 June 2013 3:28 PM)

I just want to ask if we need to have a maintaining balance in ATM. thank you

289 admin   (24 June 2013 8:25 PM)
rodivina, yes. 2,000 pesos is the required maintaining balance.

287 margie   (20 June 2013 1:10 PM)
good day to everybody, just wanna know if this ATM Card can received money from abroad let say Canada

286 Naneth   (18 June 2013 12:33 PM)
are all the requirements written above should bring in going to metrobank? what if i don't have one of those requirements?

285 dahlia   (12 June 2013 10:24 PM)
How many digits does the ATM account number have? My atm card has my name on the lower left corner with 13-digits below the name and a 16-digits in the middle of the atm card.

371 admin   (28 March 2015 8:57 PM)
The account number has 13 digits and can be found below the account name.

283 Robert   (11 June 2013 7:04 PM)
What are the requirements for minor ?

284 admin   (11 June 2013 7:16 PM)
Robert, they're presented in the above article.

281 Dave   (09 June 2013 10:05 AM)
how to depost in the atm card ???

282 admin   (09 June 2013 12:55 PM)
Dave, just go to the bank, ask help inside the bank and deposit your money to your ATM account.

280 Vince   (09 June 2013 9:37 AM)
Hi! what are the requirments for opening a student account in metrobank i am 10 yrs old grade 6. Can I open a metrobank account ?

279 Evangeline Lubrica   (06 June 2013 12:51 PM)
Can I open two ATM card in one account at the same time? How to open prepaid master card? How long it takes and how much? Thank you..

277 Karla   (05 June 2013 8:43 PM)
Hi! I just want to know if they charge monthly for accounts with negative balance. I was charged -200 last March and now my mon deposited 5k and I checked my balance it was 4,200 only. It's my savings account

278 admin   (06 June 2013 7:24 AM)
Karla, If your account balance falls below the required maintaining balance for 2 consecutive months, I'm pretty sure Metrobank will charge 300 pesos.

Fore more details about the charges, you can read it here: "Metrobank Personal Bank Accounts, Minimum Maintaining Balance and Interest rates"

275 resanne   (04 June 2013 1:54 PM)
good pm,what is the minimum amount of opening a new student ATM account

276 admin   (04 June 2013 6:09 PM)
resanne, as stated above, it's 2,000 pesos.

274 Chloe   (02 June 2013 5:05 PM)
Does metrobank issue an atm card with new face or design? Mine is different from the above picture.

271 Nyle   (01 June 2013 10:35 PM)
Hi... Im planing to deposit my money to my Atm card to a different branch where the account was opened in Tagbilaran City BOHOL will it charge a fee??????

273 admin   (02 June 2013 4:01 PM)
Nyle, if you want to deposit on any branches on the same region, there's no charge.

270 Nyle   (01 June 2013 7:00 PM)
What are the requirements for students. Do you allow 10 years old to open a METROBANK ATM CARD???

Please Reply Back ASAP

269 jembe   (01 June 2013 4:24 PM)
usually bank need a tax identification # to open an account...is it possible to open an atm account with out it?

272 admin   (02 June 2013 3:59 PM)
jembe, yes it's possible to open a bank account without a TIN.

263 binjaleel   (01 June 2013 0:04 AM)
Where can we find the account number of atm card during deposit?

264 admin   (01 June 2013 9:06 AM)
binjaleel, the account number is not printed or embossed on the ATM card.

262 Bengielyn mallari   (31 May 2013 1:03 PM)
Is birth certificate accepted?

265 admin   (01 June 2013 9:06 AM)
Bengielyn mallari, yes.

261 Lea   (31 May 2013 2:04 AM)
For minor, what are the equirements to get an atm account?

266 admin   (01 June 2013 9:07 AM)
Lea, school id, NSO birth certificate or baranggay clearance.

260 mary grace   (30 May 2013 3:45 PM)
What will happen to an ATM card with no deposit for a long period of time, will it expire? Can it be reactivated? If yes, how?

267 admin   (01 June 2013 9:09 AM)
mary grace, your account will remain active until 2 years even if you don't have any banking transactions. After 2 years of no transactions, your account will become dormant and Metrobank will charge dormant fee for that.

259 Bengielyn mallari   (29 May 2013 8:29 PM)
What id is allowed to be submitted?

268 admin   (01 June 2013 9:09 AM)
Bengielyn mallari, you can see a list of some valid id's in the above article.

257 Bengielyn mallari   (29 May 2013 3:28 PM)
Is NBI clearance accepted?

258 joselito777   (29 May 2013 5:08 PM)
Bengielyn mallari, yes but it's just a supplementary ID. You need at least two ID's.

254 Nico   (28 May 2013 2:12 PM)
Can I open an account even if have only one ID?

256 joselito777   (29 May 2013 10:03 AM)
Nico, No. You need at least two valid ids.

253 bengielyn mallari   (27 May 2013 4:05 PM)
i have only 1 valid id..i just want to know if i can still open an atm account

255 joselito777   (29 May 2013 10:03 AM)
bengielyn mallari, you need at least two valid ids.

251 Nyle   (25 May 2013 10:38 PM)
What if 2,000 pesos remaining balance is withdrawed, will the ATM account be closed?

252 joselito777   (26 May 2013 9:59 AM)
Nyle, it will not be closed right after. But you will be charged a fee (300 pesos) for falling below maintaining balance.

250 Nyle   (23 May 2013 10:35 PM)
Can a 10-year old be able to open an ATM account in Metrobank?

249 Chloe   (16 May 2013 1:01 AM)
Are atm for remittance and atm for regular savings account the same? Thanks

248 dave   (13 May 2013 5:30 PM)
is there a minimum age for opening this Metrobank ATM card?
Can a 14-year old open this?

247 beth nierras   (03 May 2013 12:36 PM)
Good day! can i use this debit card for forex transactions? thank you

243 PRINCESS LHEE A. OBIEN   (30 April 2013 3:39 PM)
Hi, if I get to open an account such as metro atm, will it be possible for it to receive money from anywhere worldwide, for instance someone sends me? Thank you

244 admin   (30 April 2013 4:57 PM)

242 PRINCESS LHEE A. OBIEN   (30 April 2013 3:35 PM)
Hi, I would like to ask if I could use voters certification and brgy. certification for valid I.D.'s in applying for metro bank atm? Thank you

245 admin   (30 April 2013 4:58 PM)
PRINCESS LHEE A. OBIEN, as long as you have voter's ID (photobearing) and a Barangay Certificate, your application will be accepted.

At least 1 photobearing valid ID and another supplementary ID will do.

241 ramir mortel   (28 April 2013 10:30 AM)
If the Php 2,000 maintaining balance had been withdrawed, can the atm card still be used?

246 admin   (30 April 2013 4:59 PM)
ramir mortel, yes you can still use the ATM card.

240 raychelle garcia   (27 April 2013 3:01 PM)
Good Day Ma'am/Sir, my atm card got blocked this morning. should i able to use it again tomorrow or after 24 hrs? or send me some info for me to able to use it again.please email me. if you dont mind, thank you so much and God Bless.

237 Reg   (24 April 2013 11:59 AM)
Is the Php 2,000 initial deposit withdrawable?

238 admin   (24 April 2013 1:51 PM)
Reg, yes.

236 jeo-an dulayba   (22 April 2013 12:58 PM)
Can this ATM be used internationally?

239 admin   (24 April 2013 1:53 PM)
jeo-an, yes. You can use it on any ATM machines with Cirrus or Maestro logos. There are a lot of ATMs outside the Philippine bearing those logos.

235 juliet baillo   (20 April 2013 11:42 PM)
maam/sir, I want to save money every wage payout. But I have no valid ID like voter's ID or SSS ID. I have only an ID from our agency. Can it be accepted. Thank you.

234 chris   (16 April 2013 8:44 PM)
thanks khen

232 chris   (16 April 2013 8:36 PM)
Hi, magkano po yung fee para mag open ng account?

233 admin   (16 April 2013 8:37 PM)
chris, initial deposit is P2,000.

231 Cheycel   (05 April 2013 3:11 AM)
Hi, I just wanna ask how would i know my account number? Is there any requirements? Pwede ko po ba syang malaman kahit through call lang ang conversation?

230 jen   (28 March 2013 11:36 AM)
Good day! Can I open an ATM or savings account even if i'm abroad and not holding a filipino citizenship anymore, without going to the bank personally? Thanks much!

229 Carla Nacario   (11 March 2013 4:02 PM)
Hi I just want to ask. In Taiwan, we are required to open a Metrobank account because of our tax. I just arrived in the Philippines. My tax is in my company and has been released. Is my atm card given to me by Metrobank Pidos still active? I was not able to use it for almost three years. I have the ATM. Do I need to open a new atm account? How much is the maintaining balance. How much would be the total cost of opening a new atm account?

227 Myrelle   (07 March 2013 11:09 PM)
Hi. Good evening. I just want to ask. My fiance sent me money to my atm account. How much balance should I left? If I withdraw all the money on the next paycheck, will the money be deducted?

228 admin   (08 March 2013 8:03 AM)
Myrelle, maintaining balance for Metrobank ATM is P2,000. And also this article might help you: "Metrobank Minimum Maintaining Balance and Interest rates 2013"

225 amy   (04 March 2013 11:40 AM)
My boyfriend is in Australia. If he deposits to my atm savings acccount through online, what should be needed or what are the requirements?

226 admin   (04 March 2013 11:49 AM)
amy, if you want to apply for Metrobank's online banking, this might help you: "How to Apply for Metrobank Online Banking Service"

224 amy   (04 March 2013 11:24 AM)
After I applied for ATM savings account, can it be used through online banking or is transfer of money from other account to my account allowed in online banking?

222 Kat   (03 March 2013 11:21 PM)
I want to open an account. But what I only have is a driver's license. Is it accepted?

223 admin   (04 March 2013 10:28 AM)
yes, Kat.

221 Especially for you!   (27 February 2013 9:05 PM)
what is IBAN, swift or BIC accounts? he wants me to open an account so that he could send me money from norway . is it possible that he can send me though atm metrobank from norway? he needs the IBAN, SWIFT OR BIC accounts

220 benice del rosario   (20 February 2013 9:41 PM)
my friend opened an atm account in retiro branch. she just relocated by her company in manila. she was told that metrobank retiro branch only approves residency in that area. she was disapproved, though she has her company address, company ids, government ids. is residency ground for disapproval of her atm application?

218 Patricia Arceta   (15 February 2013 11:13 PM)
Hi. I want to open the ATM account kaya lng postal ID ng po ID ko, can I use my marriage certificate?

219 admin   (16 February 2013 7:21 AM)
Patricia Arceta, yes.

217 elvis cortes   (15 February 2013 5:34 PM)
I want to apply for ATM, will it be too long to claim the atm? Is there any initial deposit?

216 mimi   (14 February 2013 8:56 PM)
Hello. What if the PIN has been forgotten and the atm card has been blocked. Can I still used it on the other day?

214 mikkaangel   (04 February 2013 6:00 PM)
good day.I want to open an account,but I only have 1 valid id. voter's id and i have barangay certificate. Are they accepted? I have a passport bu already expired. I really need your answer. Thanks.

215 admin   (06 February 2013 10:18 AM)
mikkaangel, those are sufficient. you can open an account.

213 jennifer   (02 February 2013 4:41 PM)
do you have any idea on the maximum cash i can deposit in the payroll ATM of metrobank?

212 Gina Galero   (02 February 2013 3:59 AM)
Hi po. How many digits should be written if I deposit to my account? My account number consist 13 digits but it doesn't work. Thanks

211 flor_mk02   (01 February 2013 8:41 PM)
Hello Mr. Khen. I've opened a new ATM account. After I filled out the forms and all requirements are submitted, the bank gave me the atm card but it was different from the picture shown above. Only my name is printed on the ATM. It appears like an ink printed and not embossed. I was not given an instruction to claim the atm after one week. Is this the new ATM card. Only the name is printed? Thanks.

210 Dhes   (01 February 2013 1:28 PM)
Hi!! i'm planning to open an account to metrobank..but i have only company i.d ,is it enough? thanks :))

208 florieza Cerdeña   (31 January 2013 5:36 PM)
I want to ask. After I filled out an application, the atm card was given to me but the design of the atm card is different from the atm card (in the picture) shown above. Thanks!

207 pnca071701   (30 January 2013 8:01 PM)
i am planning to open an account in metrobank, but i have only one validi d, driver's license ko, is it enough?

209 admin   (31 January 2013 5:54 PM)
pnca071701, yes

206 Mariano T. Recaño   (29 January 2013 3:48 PM)
I would like to apply for an Metrobank ATM card.

204 aliam aznietac   (28 January 2013 12:53 PM)
sir, i have a question. Is it required to deposit every month? How much is required to deposit monthly? thanks. more power.

205 admin   (28 January 2013 1:15 PM)
aliam aznietac or maila cateinza, you are not required to deposit every month. As long as there's Php 2,000 remaining balance. Metrobank will charge a fee for this.

Metrobank will not deduct or charge fees if you maintain P2,000 balance in your account.

202 Jeremiah bulatao   (27 January 2013 10:53 PM)
-what are the requirements for opening a student account?
-how much is the initial deposit?

203 admin   (27 January 2013 11:12 PM)
Jeremiah Bulatao, requirements for students in opening a Metrobank ATM account are at least 2 valid id's:
  • School id
  • NSO birth certificate or Barangay Certificate/Clearance or Police Clearance.

Initial deposit is 2,000 pesos.

199 shana raya   (22 January 2013 2:46 PM)
hello.. im here at cebu.. can I pay monthly bills like VECO or MCWD using my ATM card in Metrobank? that is done through an ATM machine?

200 admin   (22 January 2013 4:07 PM)
shana raya, you can pay your monthly bills in VECO through enrolling your ATM account to Metrobank's online banking. Read "How to Pay VECO Electric Bill Through Metrobank Online Banking". I don't know if you can pay your VECO bill through ATM machine.

Likewise, Metrobank doesn't accept MCWD bills. So you cannot pay MCWD bills through your Metrobank ATM card.

198 pearl   (20 January 2013 11:03 AM)
Good am. Can a Metrobank Electronic Teller having a master card logo be used as a credit card. hope for reply. thanks.

201 admin   (22 January 2013 4:30 PM)
pearl, there's something wrong with your question. Metrobank Electronic Teller card has no Master Card logo as you can see in the photos in the above article. And Metrobank Electronic Teller card is an ATM debit card and not a credit card. So you cannot use the Metrobank Electronic Teller card as a credit card.

197 kayodngkayod   (20 January 2013 5:09 AM)
Hi! i am presently working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.. Why did I not receive an ATM card when I opened a savings account (I've read in the previous post that ATM is included with Passbook). They only gave me a passbook. Then, the staff said that he cannot record the money to be deposited because there was no machine? then if i want to know the total amount of my savings account, he said that he can contact me through text or just go to him? i am in doubt and sort kind of afraid because it is my first time to open an account and i would like to know about the genuineness of this metrobank branch in telemoney, batha, Riyadh, KSA.. thank you and May God bless you.

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