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How to Apply for Metrobank ATM Card Bank Account
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Known for its tagline "You're in Good Hands with Metrobank", Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. ( or simply Metrobank) was founded in September 5, 1962. It was recently awarded in the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2011 as the "Best Bank in the Philippines" and it's popularly known also to be the 2nd largest bank in the Philippines. That's why your money is safe and secure when you open an account with Metrobank especially an ATM account. If you want to open or apply for a Metrobank ATM Card, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1

Before going to any Metrobank branch, prepare the needed requirements:

a.) 2 valid id (photo bearing):

   > School ID
   > Company/Office ID
   > Driver's License
   > Passport
   > NSO Birth Certificate
   > Baranggay Clearance
   > Postal ID
   > NBI or Police Clearance
   > Government-issued ID's (PhilHealth ID, SSS ID, UMID, etc.)
   > any other valid ID...

b.) 2 pieces recent 1x1 or 2x2 picture

c.) 2,000 pesos for the minimum amount (initial deposit) of opening a new ATM account

Step 2

Go to your preferred Metrobank branch where you want to apply for ATM account:

Step 3

Then, go to the New Accounts section inside the Metrobank branch and ask for an Application of New ATM Card Account.

Step 4

The Account Officer will then give you forms to fill-up. Accomplish these forms. That's it. The Account Officer will give you a Deposit slip/receipt with your Account Number printed on it. 

Claiming Your Metrobank ATM Card (Waiting Period)

You can claim your ATM card after 7 days (1 week). Bring and present your deposit slip  and a valid id upon claiming.

Pictures of a Real Metrobank ATM Card
Metrobank ATM Card
Metrobank ATM Card picture

Metrobank ATM Card Front View
Old Metrobank ATM Card with Maestro logo in the front

Metrobank ATM Card Back View
Metrobank ATM Card with Bancnet and Cirrus logos at the back

New Metrobank ATM Card
New Metrobank ATM Card with MasterCard logo at the front

Other Types of Metrobank ATM Cards

Metrobank ATM Cards

Maintaining Balance

The above ATM card is a Metrobank e-Teller ATM card. You should maintain the required maintaining balance of at least P2,000 in order to avoid charges/fees. Other types of Metrobank ATM accounts have different maintaining balance:
    • Passbook Savings with ATM - P10,000 
    • OFW e-Teller ATM - waived 
    • SSS Pensioner ATM - P100
    • AccountOne with ATM - P25,000
    Falling Below Maintaining Balance Penalty

    Metrobank charges P300 (per month) if your Metrobank e-Teller ATM falls below the required maintaining balance. The same amount will be charged to other types of Metrobank atm accounts:
    • Passbook Savings with ATM - P300
    • OFW e-Teller ATM- waived 
    • SSS Pensioner ATM - P300
    • AccountOne with ATM - P300
    Some Powerful Features of Your Metrobank ATM Card
    • Withdraw or transfer money to over 800 Metrobank branches and to over 1,600 ATMs in the Philippines
    • Pay your utility bills (phone, electric, internet, etc.) through ATM, mobile banking and internet banking
    • Use it to purchase in major business establishments or department stores such as SM, Robinsons, Ayala Malls, Gaisano Malls, and any other stores with Card Swipe Machines which are affiliated with Bancnet.
    • You can enroll your ATM account to Metrobank Online Banking and avail great online banking services of Metrobank such as free balance inquiry (access of your account), pay bills (electric, water, phone or internet bills, etc.), transfer funds and many others.
    • and many more...
    Do you have any concern with you Metrobank ATM card?

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    397 ALYASSER AKBARA   (20-November-2015 9:46 PM)
    hi good pm sir,maam
    i want to apply open account for atm , my perents in abroad will be sending money for me, but i have my business networking company, name of my company is unified products and services,
    account name i write example alyasser akbara with my company that is accepted or not,
    pm me

    396 Rosie   (11-November-2015 6:55 PM)
    May I ask when will the bank get the penalty charges in falling below the maintaining balance?

    395 Brylle Ton   (28-October-2015 10:47 PM)
    Oh well, I will try to apply soon with ET savings ATM. :)

    394 Irene Roble   (25-October-2015 5:11 PM)
    Need fast opening atm savings account online

    393 Anthony L. Ontolan   (17-October-2015 7:42 PM)
    Hi..i am planning to have my new ATM account at you metro bank Siquijor branch,i am a casual employee of Philippine Statistics Office and we were paid through landbank check.. My question is,..is it ok if im goin to deposit in my account/ATM using my landbank check? Is there any charges? If there is,how much? Thank you so much....

    392 roxannecrisostomo   (19-September-2015 12:09 PM)
    can i apply if i only have police clearance and voters id form and baranggay clearance only

    391 lovely dawn m. Viloria   (16-September-2015 0:08 AM)
    Hello! I would like to ask if i had opened my atm card in the year 2010 and haven't used it even once,like i never had deposits and withdrawal does it already close now or i can still use it? Thank you for replying.

    390 Julie ann Buco   (13-September-2015 7:55 PM)
    Hello, what if I have atm card, can I deposit for myself ??

    389 jonah vic joting   (13-September-2015 8:26 AM)
    Can I apply if I only have police clearance I.D,TIN I.D,Birth Certificate? Thank you

    388 jonah vic joting   (13-September-2015 8:23 AM)
    Good morning, can i apply if i only have police clearance i.d and Tin I.D,Birth certificate?
    Thank you..

    387 tholits   (04-September-2015 9:25 PM)
    what are the requirements needed for the ofw atm card?

    386 jahara   (01-September-2015 2:02 PM)
    good afternoon. can i apply if i only have NSO birth certificate and Alumni ID? thank you.

    385 Jhayla   (18-August-2015 1:06 AM)
    what if I withdraw my remaining balance this month worth 1,000; do I have a penalty if I will immediately replace of 300 of the same 1,000 I withdrawn?

    384 Robbie   (13-August-2015 8:06 PM)
    Can I apply if I only have NSO and school ID? I really wanted to open an atm account eversince but im afraid. I am still a student, then would it be ok?

    383 CRISTINE MARIE S.MISLANG   (07-August-2015 9:47 AM)
    can i apply a atm savings account.thanks

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