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How to Activate Your Metrobank Account for Online Banking?

If you're a Metrobank accountholder, you can enjoy transacting online such as paying your bills online, transfer funds to other Metrobank accounts online or open a new Metrobank account (Savings Account, Credit Card, etc.) online. You can do online banking in Metrobank at a comfort of your home, office, or anywhere and anytime you want. But you should enroll or activate your Metrobank account first to MetrobankDirect, Metrobank's online banking facility. This is applicable only to all Metrobank customers with regular ATM, Debit card, Prepaid card and Credit card. If you're not an existing Metrobank accountholder and wanted to apply for Metrobank account and Metrobank online banking, then, these articles might help you: 
If you're an existing Metrobank ATM/Credit Card accountholder and wanted to apply or activate online banking, then follow the steps below.

Step 1
Go to Metrobank's official website (https://www.metrobank.com.ph/). Click the Enroll Now! link located at the upper-right corner of the website (inside the metrobankDirect box). You will be redirected to a new page. Choose the type of Metrobank account you want to enroll (ATM or CREDIT CARD).
Step 2
Enter the appropriate details in the Metrobankdirect Personal Internet Banking Enrollment Form. Details of the Enrollment include the following:
For Metrobank ATM, Debit Card, Prepaid Card Users:
  • Your Preferred USER ID
  • ATM Card Number - if your atm card number has 16-digits only, add three (3) zeroes at the end of your 16-digit atm card number.
  • Card Holder's Name
  • Salutation
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
For Metrobank Credit Card Users:
  • Your Preferred User ID
  • Credit Card Number - the 16-digit number found at the front of the credit card
  • Embossed Name - the name embossed/printed at the front of the credit card
  • CVC/CVV or the Card Verification Code/Card Verification Value - the 3 digits found at the back of the credit card
  • Expiry Date - can be found at the front of the credit card
  • Card Holder Name
  • Salutation
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
Click the Continue button after entering the details.
Step 3
Once your online banking enrollment is approved, you will receive an activation link and temporary password to your email. You must click the activation link and follow further steps to proceed with the activation and finish the enrollment. The activation link is valid for three (3) days, so you must click the activation link within 3 days.
If your account does not have ATM card, you can activate its online banking feature by going to the bank (branch) where you've opened the account. Don't forget to bring a valid id.
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
What if you typed the incorrect ATM PIN, CVV or CVC?
  • The system will display an error message stating that "You may have entered an invalid data. Please check.".
What if you do not enter a mobile number?
  • A mobile/phone number is required. If you did not enter a mobile number, the system will prompt you an error message. Thus, you will not be able to continue the enrollment.
What if you do not enter an email address?
  • An email address is required. This is where you're going to receive the activation link. You will not be able to enroll without this.
What if your activation link sent to your email is expired?
  • You can request a new activation link by contacting Metrobank customer service through:
    • 24/7 Customer Hotline: (632) 8700-700
    • Domestic Toll-free No.: 1-800-1888-5775
    • Email address: customercare@metrobank.com.ph
What if you're getting an "invalid temporary password" message when you try to complete the activation process?
  • You should enter the exact temporary password contained in the activation email (including period in the end if there's any).
What if you type the wrong One Time Password (OTP)?
  • The system will display an error message stating that the OTP is invalid.
What is the maximum number of tries to generate new OTP?
  • You can generate OTP up to three (3) times only. 
Does OTP expire?
  • Yes, validity of OTP will last for 20 minutes only.
What if you reach the maximum number of tries in generating OTP?
  • The system will display error message. You can repeat the activation process by clicking the activation link again which was sent to your email.
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Total comments : 89
ANNIE POLINAG   (07 February 2018 10:31 PM)
Paano ma received ang OTP tama naman ang number na nalagay ko naka pag transfer pa nga ako pera.tapos nagkamali ako ng password asked ng OTP para chnage wala naman ako na rereciv...

Mercy sinfuego   (18 January 2018 10:30 AM)
Nilagay ko naman ang tamang cellphone number ko pero hibdi ako maka recieve ng OTP panu ko matatapos..sinu ukan ko mag register ulit wla na hindi na pwede.. so panu ko makakapag register ng online banking ulit?..anu ba naman yan..

rey mark magana   (16 December 2017 6:22 PM)
i put wrong email address instead of email on yahoo i put my email on facebook so i cannot received any activation link what do i need to do to change or fix this please help me.

Ansel Lim   (29 November 2017 3:47 PM)
how to fix this error "Either your Activation URL or corresponding temporary password has expired."?

Jher   (10 November 2017 11:19 PM)
What is i incorrectly input my cp number? what shall i do?

Lemuel Imbat   (01 November 2017 8:13 AM)
I have already registered to online banking and at the end it said that it sent me an email for ke to fully activate my accountm yet, till now i have noy received the confirmation email. I tried redoing the registration but i wont allow me anymore tries..

Red   (05 October 2017 2:03 AM)
Pwede ko ba i request na sa email ko nalang i send ung OTP?

Richelle De Juan   (22 September 2017 10:12 PM)
What if i input wrong email address instead of @gmail i put @yahoo.. How do i correct it.. Or change it..

Susannim   (22 August 2017 8:15 AM)
I already register 1st step online banking and then I return to homepage I cannot even continue to register to check my balance please help me

CesAzarcon   (12 July 2017 11:25 PM)
I made an account in metrobank online but i used my number here abroad.
it did not send any SMS for the OTP.
Now i am trying to make another online account via my friend's number in PH
but it keeps on saying that i already have an account enrolled.
Help please .
Will the enrolled account ever be expired and let me create another online account for my bank account?
Please reply :( since Metrobank doesnt. Thanks!

jocelyn yguinto   (19 June 2017 10:45 PM)
I have registered this account for online access to the account
I have not been able to login. The time allowed for using my one-time access code has expired.
I requested another one-time access code, but unfortunately I made a mistake when I registered, I put my UK cellphone number instead of my Philippines cellphone number 09335113682.
So now I can not get a new one-time access code.

It would be best for me if my previous registration was deleted allowing me to register again, this time properly.



marcie galang   (18 June 2017 2:35 AM)
Hi , what can i do to know my preferred USER ID thank you

Dess   (03 June 2017 4:14 PM)
When applying my debit card for online, it always says" not in range". what does it mean?

Bato   (24 May 2017 6:59 AM)
Hi! I need help regarding Metrobank Direct. I've been trying to enroll my ATM to Metrobank direct Personal Internet Banking but I kept getting the error: "You may have entered an invalid data. Please check.", although I'm quite sure I filled up the application form correctly with valid data.

Michelle   (18 May 2017 5:30 PM)
Gusto ko po sanang mag request ng bagong activation link. Mali po kasi ang nalagay ko na email address sa fill-up form ng online banking.

TACIO   (25 April 2017 7:54 AM)

Dave   (05 March 2017 8:20 AM)
Can i add passbook account to metrobank direct?

Flora May Go   (27 February 2017 12:38 PM)
Is my UAE mobile number accepted to register for online banking? please help

jenwine rita   (19 February 2017 8:48 AM)
Request po ako ng new activation link hindi ko po ma open account ko at ma balance ng expired po ung link

REzia   (01 February 2017 3:17 PM)
Hi! For three days now since my opening of my prepaid debit card, every time I tried enrolling in Metrobank's Direct Banking I get this message : "Your ATM Card Number is not in a valid range." Even if I recheck the accuracy of the data that I provided in the box, this message kept on appearing, and I cant successfully enroll. What might be the problem?

I am having the same trouble.

emily   (31 January 2017 3:43 PM)
"Your ATM Card Number is not in a valid range."
what is meaning of this?? I cant access my account.. can i ask for a help for this??

gecko   (29 January 2017 12:13 PM)
hi po, bakit po ayaw ma activate ung atm prepaid card ko po nagdagdag po ako ng three zero's sa 16digits po ng atm number ko ayaw pa rin? sabi nya Not In range...

Pajaron   (27 January 2017 5:41 PM)
Hi! For three days now since my opening of my prepaid debit card, every time I tried enrolling in Metrobank's Direct Banking I get this message : "Your ATM Card Number is not in a valid range." Even if I recheck the accuracy of the data that I provided in the box, this message kept on appearing, and I cant successfully enroll. What might be the problem?

ledh   (22 January 2017 9:34 AM)
Hi! how to enroll a passbook only account in metrobank? thank you

Salvador Insao   (22 January 2017 6:34 AM)
I am using metrobank mobile app but my username and password is INVALID. I don't know why. I am using iphone and android and they have the same problem. But if im going to use a browser to login it will go through. Dont know whats the problem with your app.

Jennylyn Manliclic   (08 January 2017 5:45 PM)
Hi. I can't create my online account, it's asking me for my middle name, but I don't have middle name. As in I really don't have it even with my birth certificate, what do I need to input on the middle name part?

Leonard Martin Nganhayna   (19 December 2016 5:19 PM)
Please send to my email account my registered username and password so I can confirm why I cannot access my account because it keeps saying invalid username or password. Thank you!

khryz   (14 December 2016 1:24 PM)
Hi. I have been waiting for my OTP to register my account. How long should I wait for my OTP to be sent to my mobile phone? If you can give me advice as I need to check my statements online. Thank you

pio tibalao lll   (11 December 2016 6:47 PM)
will check account thru online

Ma. Elena O. Abainza   (01 December 2016 12:32 PM)
I wasn't able to activate my account because I have reached the maximum tries for OTP. I am trying to enroll again my account but it says here that account is already enrolled. What is the best thing I can do?

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