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How to Unlock Your Locked Metrobank Online Banking Account?

Sometimes, you might entered wrong password (in three tries) of your Metrobank online banking account (MetrobankDirect). Maximum password entry attempts is three. So, after three failed password attempts, your Metrobank online banking account is now LOCKED. You're now worried thinking how can you access your Metrobank online account and thinking that somebody might have access to your account. Please stop worrying. Metrobank limits the number of password entry attempts for security reason. How can you unlock your locked Metrobank online banking account?
Locked Metrobank Online Banking Account

Your Metrobank online banking account will remain LOCKED unless you call Metrobank Customer Service to request for unlocking your account.

Here are Metrobank's Customer Service Hotline Numbers you can call:
  • 24x7 Customer Hotline: (02) 870-0700
  • 24x7 Domestic Toll-free No.: 1-800-1888-5775
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Telephone Number: (02) 898-8701; (02) 898-8702
After identity verification, the Customer Service Representative will now UNLOCK (UNBLOCK) your account. You can now open your account. Don't stop or cancel the call. Make sure you try to open your account while having a conversation with the Customer Service Rep. If you don't know or if you forget the password, ask for your password. And try to enter and log-in to your account.

Tips Before Contacting Metrobank Customer Service
  • Prepare to answer some personal/private information such as your name, your complete address, your birthday, the date you've opened your Metrobank account, last transaction of your account, etc...
  • Please be patient in waiting an answer of your call. You may spend several minutes (5-10 minutes) before a Customer Service Representative answers your call.

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X   (24 April 2018 2:12 PM)
bat andaming tanga?

Jennifer Layson   (27 March 2018 2:48 PM)
I've been experiencing locked and inactive on my account. I report it to the branch and they issued new card which is electronic. Now I can't log in on metro bank direct..l sign up for another for my new card but it states there that I have invalid Entry. How can I fix the problem?

Jonalie Boncales   (21 March 2018 8:56 PM)
Good day! I want to ask why my account when i sign in to online banking they say USER IS PERMANENTLY DISABLED. Even i input the correct details.
Looking forward in this regard.
Thank you.

jeffrey aguirre   (23 February 2018 2:32 AM)
my online banking was temporarily disabled for the reason that i entered three times with wrong password.the other problem is i am a ofw here in saudi and i can’t call metrobank customer service because it will spend a lot of money..can you please help me to this.Hoping for your response as soonest.

Joy bergantinos   (31 January 2018 0:22 AM)
My account has been locked and iam ofw so my philippines number is not active already.. When i reach here in taiwan i can still log in my account but after one months its says its locked. I dont know why.. So i was trying to unlocked but the only option is you will send a temporary pasword into my philippine number which is no longer active.. Can you please help me to unlock my account.. Again iam ofw not in philippines so its not possible to visit any of your branch.. As you see i open an ofw account. Hope you will help me to fix my problem. Thanks.

Michael Brian Tyco Garrido   (17 December 2017 9:38 AM)
Pls help my account is locked.my user i.d is sEan24gArRiDo15...

Railenne Basalo   (16 December 2017 1:15 AM)
How can I change my mobile number and how can I unlock my account?

JUN MARK CASIPONG LLENA   (01 December 2017 1:54 PM)
Good day!
May i ask to unlocked my account?

yesL   (14 October 2017 10:03 AM)
How can I change my mobile number and how can I unlock my account?

ron speers   (22 September 2017 6:52 AM)
When you do report it they will simply tell you to report lost/forgot password and to change it. We simply go straight to the lost/forgot password. We change one character in the password.

christian mihara   (04 September 2017 11:01 AM)
please help me my account is locked up my user id is mihara 20

John Rey Diocson   (29 August 2017 9:10 AM)
Hi, Pls my account is user is permanently disabled. So I can't open my account.

My user ID is Johnrey123456.

Please help to activate my account.

Elizabeth Ramas   (09 July 2017 2:33 PM)
Hi! please help me unlock my online account, i already received a temporary password from my email to unlocked my account and it's still within 8 hours from the time i have requested it however as soon as I enter the temp.password given it will show locked out.

Marilyn Butaya   (07 July 2017 1:19 PM)

Mher Alad   (04 June 2017 7:58 PM)
hi my account was permanently disabled what happen ? I can't access to my account please I need help.

ROSETTE FLOR REYES   (08 May 2017 7:23 AM)
Hi Goodmorning,

My account is locked please assist. Thanks.

CHENEIBE DUMA   (04 May 2017 5:43 PM)

Mary Avigael Hunor Roselo   (21 April 2017 5:14 AM)
Hi Good day,
I could not login to my account please help me.

Thanks and Regards,
Mary Avigael Roselo

Irenedenieva   (06 February 2017 11:20 PM)
Please help me. I Forgot temporary password of my metrobankdirect.and i forgot my mobile number registered

Walter Pahunang   (29 October 2016 9:20 AM)
Hi Good day,
I could not login to my account please help me.

Thanks and Regards,

Walter Pahunang   (29 October 2016 9:18 AM)
I could not login on my account.
please help me please.

Thanks and Regards
Walter Pahunang