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Metrobank Customer Service Hotline/Telephone Number

"You're in Good Hands With Metrobank". Metrobank carries this banner with a heart. In need of financial assistance? they can truly be trusted.

Days will come that problems may come as you do banking with Metrobank. In case you have concerns, you can contact Metrobank Customer Care Hotline/Telephone Number:
  • 24x7 Customer Hotline: (02) 8700-700 - this line is always busy. So, try to contact the alternative hotline number below.
  • Alternative Hotline Number: (02) 870-0900
  • 24x7 Domestic Toll-free No.: 1-800-1888-5775
  • Email address: customercare@metrobank.com.ph
  • Telephone Number: (632) 898-8701; (632) 898-8702
Metrobank's primary business interest involves borrowing and lending, investment banking, trade finance, thrift banking, remittances and treasury. 
Metrobank is serving the top companies and institutions in the Philippines. They are also strong in the middle market corporate sector - a big portion consists of Filipino-Chinese business.
Metrobank is also a very active participant in the foreign exchange (forex) market in the Philippines, and is accredited by the BSP as a government securities dealer.
It provides investment banking services through First Metro Investment Corporation and retail banking through Philippine Savings Bank.
As a customer, do you have any concerns with Metrobank? Tells us in the comment below.
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Total comments: 230
230 Patricia cliford   (28 May 2017 8:22 PM)
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229 Aimee   (25 May 2017 4:31 PM)
I withdraw yesterday and it was okay. But a while ago, the machine said my password is incorrect and that I had to enter it thrice but its still incorrect. So the machine blocked my card. I waited for like an hour and withdrawn again but its still the same. It says I had to contact the branch. Now, I cant contact any numbers I see in the internet that says telephone number for customer service of metrobank. please reply asap. we need the money asap too. thank you

228 TONY WHITE   (22 May 2017 5:36 PM)
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227 roland leo   (17 May 2017 8:35 PM)
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226 ANDREA ESPIRITU   (16 May 2017 8:11 PM)
Good day,

Do you have branch that open til saturday? Or weekdays with long banking hours? Thank you

225 Ruth Reforsado   (15 May 2017 2:08 PM)
Good day! I just want to ask how can I call on metrobank, I'm here in saudi right now. Can I use my mobile number here? thanks.

224 Sheila   (04 May 2017 2:56 AM)
Hi, my name is Sheila. I want to reactivate my peso and dollar account. How will I do that?

223 marlene croxton   (02 May 2017 3:41 PM)
my husband sent money to metrobsnk acctn last wedsnesday why until now still not in his acctn pls advice us

222 jhane   (29 April 2017 5:24 PM)
nagkamali po ako ng mobile number... panu ko po ma update ulit? thanks

221 Jesebel b.flores   (29 April 2017 3:52 PM)
Hi ma'am and sir .....my concern is ....my atm card inside the machine....how I get it back ?

220 Peter Mothersole   (23 April 2017 11:46 AM)
Please help i have just signed up for mobile banking but i have lost the link address because i can not cut and paste as asked what do i do now? Thank you

219 J Songco   (22 April 2017 11:42 AM)
Been calling the hotline for hours now still placed on hold. There appears to be no customer service representative available. Sent an email but still no answer

218 S.Ratnayake   (20 April 2017 4:22 PM)
Dear sir,

I want to know whether there is an Anti Drug Certificate/Anti Terrorist Certificate requirement when transferring of money from UK to outside countries.

Your urgent reply will be appreciated.


217 melchorita ortega   (12 April 2017 4:54 PM)
Napakabagal po ng aksyon ng Metrobank Iloilo City Home Loan Division sa pagrelease ng original land title sps. ronnie ortega kahit naipasa na lahat ng documentsnoong march 23, 2017 pa saka nagtuturuan sila kung sino dapat ang assigned personnel ang dapat magrelease nito. Wala bang proper training ang mga tao nyo? Isang buwan o higit pa bago kayo nyo i-release ito? Sana maging responsable kayo. Salamat...

216 Geneth   (12 April 2017 4:04 PM)
I had been debited, I tried to coordinate with one of your branch here in Eastwood (Le grand). I got no help, they only instructed me to go to Bdo since I tried to withdraw in Bdo, it's like beating around the bush, Bdo said I should coordinate with you! Yes, I did that's the first thing I did but no help at all. Your branches and your employee should possess a good customer service. I hope that this comment will wake you up! People are reporting with your branches as well because your customer service is always busy.

215 Sheila Mae Belandres   (12 April 2017 3:45 PM)
Customer service waiting time takes too long please try to speed up your average handling time to minimize customer from being caught up on the line! and to avoid queue specially when customer is in a hurry!

214 jayson globio bautista   (08 April 2017 1:30 PM)
maam sir,

na block po yung atm ko kc po nag kamale ng pindot ang mama ko pano po gagawin ko

213 alexis arsenio   (06 April 2017 3:27 PM)
Good Day!
Ang metro direct online banking hindi ko makita ang verification code kasi po mali po ang email address na nailagay ko.Paano ko po makita ang verification code ko po at pwede po ba papalitan ang email address ko po sa metro direct online banking?


212 Marvin Banaylo   (04 April 2017 4:44 PM)
Sir / Ma'am,

Namali po Ako ng lagay ng number Ko Sabi mobile direct number , at hinde Ko po makuha Ang one time Na password .. Paano po ba mapapalitan Ang number Ko or Paano o ma uupdate Yung account ko.


211 Gemma C. Caratay   (27 March 2017 1:01 PM)
Good pm,
I am submitting my professional identification card.
thank you.

210 Chreselda Dimaano   (20 March 2017 3:53 PM)
My metro direct personal online banking was locked...forgot password...may request to unlock since i have now my correct password

Thank yoy

209 Cionnie Ethel Alpas Cabusas   (16 March 2017 4:41 PM)
Can I ask the how much the opening and maintaining balance of the Passbook savings account? and what is the requirements in opening the said account.

Thank you.

Regards. Ethel Cabusas

208 Reah Liza Cadano   (16 March 2017 9:20 AM)
Many times na ako nag deposit dito manila sa kahit anung bank wala namang charge. Bakit sa metrobank kidapawan,meron??? Diba dapat walang charge?? Paki explain nga po!

207 Venancio Lojo   (06 March 2017 8:06 AM)
I want to receive my monthly billing of my credit card thru my email.This is my card number.
5464985030564009 .my birthday is 08/29/59.

Thank You very much.

206 Gil philip navarro   (04 March 2017 4:39 PM)
Bakit yong toll free hotline nyo hindi pwide tawagan.180018885775 yan po yong number.hindi ako maka tawag.paki ayos naman kung hindi matawagan yang binigay nyong number wag nyo na i popost salamat po.

205 Flordigna Reyes   (03 March 2017 8:27 PM)
Can i encash a check amounting to 300,000.00 to any branch? Thank you.

204 Vervic John Teodoro   (22 February 2017 9:29 PM)
hi i jus recently bought 30.00 load from my card but still the load is not showing up to my mobile number
090667165459. The transaction made was Feb 27 2017 around 1:45AM. Thanks

203 johnchrysander   (20 February 2017 3:21 PM)

I would like to cancel my insurance through METRO CREDIT PROTECT please...... I received my certificate today February 20, 2017 and I would like to cancel it since it burdens my obligation in Metrobank. You may call my no. 09063708247 for verification.

May this request merit your favorable response... 

thank you
Procopio M.  Pelapil Jr.

202 johnchrysander   (20 February 2017 3:09 PM)
To customer service    I would like to cancel my insurance through METRO CREDIT PROTECT please...... I received my my certificate today February 20, 2017. and I would like to cancel it since it burdens my obligation in Metrobank.

201 Edgar P. Duhaylungsod   (17 February 2017 11:52 AM)
ATTN: Customer Service Department

Reasons I'm writing is how to access my Account through Online Banking. Since I am residing overseas, I would like to have personal access with my account to get an updated status on a moment I need know. Please advise by email and looking ahead to hear a sooner reply.

Thank you,
Edgar Duhaylungsod

200 Micca   (17 February 2017 8:58 AM)
i need to unlock my online account, your assistance is badly needed. thanks

199 Gloria Tolentino   (17 February 2017 8:11 AM)
I need to call but not on service ang hotline nio.. Please response namn po. Hindi po ako nag apply ng insurance pero naka deduct s credits ko.. Hayst .

198 Jennifer aguilar   (06 February 2017 10:02 PM)
Ive been calling the hotline both local and international but its always busy or not available. I need to unlock my online account.

197 hermy   (31 January 2017 3:17 PM)
Dear Ma'am /Sir: 

i received a call from one of your employees that my application for credit card was approved and that the card was already sent. May I know the any updates on this.

Thank you

Hermilynn L. Novilla

196 marvin nisay   (30 January 2017 8:04 PM)
how to unlock my metrobank online account ? pls help

195 Aljohn landingin   (12 January 2017 4:09 PM)
I forgot my username and password on my internet banking account,what should i do??

thank you

194 Angelie Albutra   (07 January 2017 7:06 PM)
I lost 500pesos on my atm last october 2016. I filed a complaint in the nearest metrobank to my place but then no refund was given. Last januay 4,2017, ihad a transaction and the process was smooth. I had a ramaining balance that time. January 5 was our payday so my salary was added to the atm so it should be the remaining balance plus my salary. I withdrawed 800 pesos but then the remaining balance that reflected on the receipt was lacking one thousand pesos. Please help me deal with this because two regular working days pay was lost. Thank you.

193 Shane suzet S Baldovino   (29 December 2016 9:10 PM)
I lost my atm card. Awhile ago... Tomorrow is the stort of holiday.. Is there any possible way that i can withdraw my money over the counter..... I would like to block my lost atm...

192 nelida amado sanita   (29 December 2016 9:04 PM)
tanong ko lang po kung ano po ba yung user i.d. at passcode?ng transaction reference#470-3-470-12266-9...kasi po hindi naman po pumasok yung passcode sa email account na nilagay ko dati...salamat po...

191 Felix R. Roma,Jr.   (28 December 2016 10:40 PM)
Hello I need to blocked my account since it was lost together with my wallet..I need your assistance regarding on this matter..thank you

Account name

Felix R. Roma ,Jr.

190 lucia magallanes   (17 December 2016 7:02 PM)
how to block my ATM card now? my ATM was stolen today

189 Alexis Joey Abogadil   (17 December 2016 6:21 PM)
Ask ko lang po bank account name.

188 Marie joy samenada   (14 December 2016 9:16 AM)
Ask ko lang po kuna papaano gagawin ko kase hindi ko ma buksan yung metrobank direct ko? Salamat po.

187 aileen sarol   (10 December 2016 9:15 PM)
ask ko lang po may system issue po ba tau ngayon sa payroll account ng alliance mansols inc. in sta rosa laguna? it seems doble ang pumasok na sweldo ng mga tao

186 Jennifer Kristine Bautista   (05 December 2016 11:41 PM)
Pls advise toll free international number I can call here from Hongkong 24/7. Urgent regarding my metro femme signature visa . The international. NUmber u provided seen on the web upon searching are all not reachable or allowed to dial here in hongkong

185 Tasha Anne quilo   (01 December 2016 9:20 AM)
Hi good day po tanong ko lang po kung tama po ba tong code na bingay sa akin 21298683 name ng padala Eric Roger name ng pinadalhan Tasha Anne quilo thanks po ss sagot

184 caroline sarmiento   (29 November 2016 0:15 AM)
i want to reset my password in online banking its locked

183 Fialen20168   (15 November 2016 11:45 AM)
November 15, 2016 

Re: Cancellation of Credit protect 3,        
       Medishield Plus of Sept. 2016,     
       Credit Life Plus from an (AXA) insurance dated Aug. 6, 2016         
       Metro Acci Shield Sept 2016 

 Dear Sir/Madam,

 I sent already at your email po. But still no response,   I try to call your hotline “Toll Free” but always not available. When is the right time na available po kayo?  I am sending you this matter to request of cancellation the above mentioned. Please help me to cancel immediately since they were not using it any way.  

Hoping for this immediate feedback.

Thank you and God bless. 

Sincerely Yours,
Fialen Wangon

182 Lucila Fajardo   (02 November 2016 11:51 AM)
November 2, 2016

Re: Cancellation of Metro Acci Shield

Dear Sir/Madam,

I try to call your hotline “Toll Free” but always not available. I am sending you this matter to request of cancellation of my Metro Acci Shield Under the Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation.

Hoping for this immediate feedback.

Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely Yours,

181 mamerto ebrona jr   (26 October 2016 1:24 PM)
October 26, 2016

Re: Cancellation of Metro Acci Shield

Dear Sir/Madam,

I try to call your hotline “Toll Free” but always not available. I am sending you this matter to request of cancellation of my Metro Acci Shield Under the Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation the reference Number: MAS0915-0028467 with effectively date is October 7, 2015. Please help me to cancel immediately since they were not using it any way.

Hoping for this immediate feedback.

Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely Yours,
Mamerto Ebrona Jr.

180 mamerto ebrona jr   (26 October 2016 1:19 PM)
October 26, 2016

Re: Cancellation of Metro Acci Shield

Dear Sir/Madam,

I try to call your hotline “Toll Free” but always not available. I am sending you this matter to request of cancellation of my Metro Acci Shield Under the Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation the reference Number: MAS0915-0028467 with effectively date is October 7, 2015. Please help me to cancel immediately since they were not using it any way.
Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely Yours,
Mamerto Ebrona Jr.

179 KRISTAL B. ESTACIO   (25 October 2016 11:32 AM)

Good afternoon!

With regards po sa billing statement ko this October 2016, pwede ko po ba ipa-waive ung 2000 annual member fee. Every year po, nagrerequest po ako to waive the membership fee. I also emailed in customer service but got no response.

Hoping for this immediate feedback.

Thank you

178 Alvin Mosqueda   (25 October 2016 7:05 AM)
Need to help with my login account because i cannot log in i don try the forgot password and try those needed information but it wont go thru please advise thanks.

177 Raquel Cruz   (18 October 2016 8:25 AM)
Good day! Untill now i did not receive any bank statement from your company regarding with my credit card statement of account. Hoping for your fast action.

176 Efraim D. Purca   (05 October 2016 9:43 PM)
Good day!

I have been concerned about my Cash2Go status. I already inquired from your customer service website on what legal action must I do in order to in cash the check but the problem is the staff told me that the check has already expired or still. I honestly don't what "still" means.. I really need your help. The staff advised me to ask the customer service about this issue. Am I entitled to get that money or convert it to pay my balance since I've been paying my debts in Metrobank.. I hope you could help me in order to maintain my good reputation in Metrobank.

175 Efraim D. Purca   (05 October 2016 9:40 PM)
Good day!

I have wired a money from PayPal to my credit card account. However, I don't have bank account in Metrobank. My concern is am I able to save that money in my credit card by wiring the money from paypal to my credit card account? And my other concern is can I convert that money to pay my previous balance?

Thank you!

174 joy tampus   (04 October 2016 10:42 AM)
just asking how to use or convert my credit card points...thank you

173 Joan Lazo   (04 October 2016 8:13 AM)
I would like to know how can we knew if you read our messages here. I need a response. It is taking too long now and I need to know if your taking an action.

172 Arnil C. Estella   (03 October 2016 6:48 PM)
Hi customercare,

Good Day!

May I request an online account in your network.


E-mail : arnil.estella@fairchildsemi.com

171 Joan Lazo   (01 October 2016 12:37 PM)
Please give me back the insurance that was deducted on my account from April-August. I previously your good office and yet no action was taken up to now and no deduction seen on my statement of account. Please remove also the credit protect and I cancelled already the Travel and Tour which was added to my payment. Please take action right away. This is a serious matter for me. PLease you need t do something now, as soon as possible. Thank you

170 Jojet Calabria   (29 September 2016 5:18 PM)
my account has been LOCKED. what should I do?

169 Jojet Calabria   (28 September 2016 8:00 PM)
hi..Good Day!my account has been locked. ano dapat gawin?

168 John Joseph T.Gan   (28 September 2016 8:54 AM)
To Whom It May Concern,

this is John Joseph Tan gan.Please stop the credit protect payment in my credit card.In the first place I didn't use that.

Thank you.

167 John Joseph T.Gan   (28 September 2016 8:51 AM)
To Whom It May Concern,

This is John Joseph Tan Gan.Please stop the credit protect payment in my credit card.In the first place I didn't use that.

Thank you.

166 Rene C.Guerra   (07 September 2016 10:14 PM)
Hi! It takes a lot of time and effort for me to enroll at online banking so i can check my statement of account and dues of my credit card.I need to ask your assitance in this matter.Had emailed already but till now no response.Hope to hear you as soon as possible.thank tou

165 briccio j dela cruz   (02 September 2016 8:41 PM)
gandang gabi po. tanong ko lang po kung paano ko po ma hold ung pera sa atm ko nawala ngayon lang pong hapon?salamat po

164 AGATON L.VILLAMOR   (30 August 2016 7:18 PM)
correction date of birth 12- 07-1956

163 MLP9987740775   (18 August 2016 3:07 PM)
Good Day.
I can't update my transaction limit.
When ever I try to continue, the replay says that I am not authorized.
I want to transfer funds more than the default value.
Please help me operator

162 bernardtalana   (18 August 2016 11:30 AM)
cc # 5464 9859 1138 5003
how can i claim when i suffered vehicular accident?
please see attach file. 

thank you!


161 Baby Jane hermina   (15 August 2016 4:26 PM)
Please update on Google what are the numbers that can be dialled by the OFW, nakakairita

160 LYle Agnes S Rojo   (10 August 2016 8:44 AM)
I just want to know if you acknowledge my inquiry thru customerservice@metrobank.com as given in my Statement of Bill. I have been sending it because of the erroneous entry of my Statement of Bill which will be due on August 11,2016 but until now I have no answer receive from your your office. Kindly give your telephone number or any contact number? thank you

159 Ricardo M. Lastimado   (09 August 2016 4:37 PM)
I, Ricardo M. Lastimado, one of your valued client requesting for the termination or cancellation of following:

Credit Protect 3- 154.89 monthly
Credit Life Plus- 1,203.00 monthly
Metro Acci Shield- 350.00 monthly

Because I'm going to use my credit card limit for my business. My card Metrobank Visa with card # 4055987709915007

Your consideration is highly appreciated. Thank you.

158 paulfernando   (09 August 2016 3:44 PM)
Good Day!my account has been locked.i send email 2 days back but no one reply.please assist me.

157 Cristy Suarez   (06 August 2016 12:41 PM)
I just want to if i can recover my online in Metrobank because it was already block by the system. Please assist.

156 Ann   (05 August 2016 8:14 AM)
ATM password locked. Can't call your hotline as our branch is in Makati but now we are residing in Cebu. We don't have a landline and the office phone number only accepts local landline number only. Please assist.

155 Mary Jane T. Espiritu   (02 August 2016 5:44 PM)
Good evening. Isa akong ofw dito sa hongkong. May inquiry sana ako about sa FAMI. Gusto ko sanang mag open tumawag ako sa metrobank dito sa hongkong how to open a FAMI Account they said need daw sa Philippines mag open ng FAMI Account and dito na lang daw magdeposit lang. Can you help me how to open. Gusto ko na kasi sana magstart para kahit paano hindi ko namamalayan na nakakapag ipon ako para s anak ko. Thank you and more power.

154 Jingjing vidaurreta   (02 August 2016 1:43 PM)
My son sydrick lost his money i was deposited  last july 11,2016,until now,nobodys reply to an email at the metro bank palompon branch,i was there to ask any updates about my concern but he told me that the main office of metro bank still had no reply,please...return the money lost in the account of my son sydrick g. Vidaurreta...the acct.no.is 3594004265,for more questions just contact metro bank palompon branch,

153 gretchen valiente   (27 July 2016 1:25 PM)
hello, i would like to ask po if active pa po ba and atm ko, matagal ko na po kasing hindi nagamit , almost 4 years na po,.
pwede pa po kayang mag deposit ng pera from canada..at papaano po kaya ang gagawin para makapag deposit ng pera sa atm ko galing canada? thank u po..
eto po atm account number ko 504946 214 017320 8 000

152 riz salim   (25 July 2016 9:01 AM)
good day! ask ko lang po sana if may branch po ba kau na bukas pag saturday

151 Rryche pascua   (06 July 2016 8:05 PM)
Ask ko lng po kung makukuha pa yong pera nagwidraw kasi asawa ko sa atm machine ng metro bank nabawasan yong laman ng atm pero wla po cash na lumabas please.help!!!

150 Lourdes   (01 July 2016 7:29 PM)
I am in sweden now and i cant use my debit card. It always says technical error. Can you please help me. Asap!

149 Jessie Gonzales adajar   (29 June 2016 8:24 AM)
Hello po . Magandang umaga po. Ako po si Jessie Gonzales Adajar. Patunayan ko po sa inyo na hindi ko po nagagamit ang credit card na ipaabot niyo sa akin. At gusto ko po na ipa block ko para hindi po magagamit kahit sinuman dahil hindi ko po ito kailangan kasi po isa lang po akung kasambahay hindi ko po magagamit at ayaw ko po na magka roon ng utang dahil mahirap lang po kami ayaw ko po na mabiktima sa taong naka paligid sa akin gusto ko po na malinis ang aking buhay maraming salamat po & Godbless us

148 eugene b. tamayo   (22 June 2016 10:33 AM)
Mr. Rico Ocampo of Metrobankcard.. I lost your number .. can you please email me ? You are a big help cause your hotline is always unreachable.

Thank you

147 fretzielove jalagat   (18 June 2016 5:19 PM)

report lang po nakain po ang atm ng asawa ko paano po makuha


146 Edward Pacificar   (13 June 2016 9:33 AM)
I would just like to make a follow up on my issue with auto-load on you ATM
I requested for a load of 150 pesos and my account was debited with the same amount but no
confirmation of the load. I was trying to call you hotline but to no avail. Please have this checked right away

145 Arlene G. Sinel   (08 June 2016 2:14 PM)
Please update my email address to my metrobankcard so i can receive updated bills of mine. Thank you

144 Vhermel   (07 June 2016 7:51 PM)
Help. Nagpaload ako ng worth 700pesos,
300pesos first, 2nd is 300pesos again, then 100pesos

nabawasan ung balance ko ng 700pesos sa metrobank pero ung load wala..

143 Rhea Jean H. Bongabong   (06 June 2016 8:13 AM)
I have a complaint. I deposited php 3,000 just this 03 june 2016 via a machine. Someone from the bank in Salinas drive branch assisted me in Cebu. I opened an account from a sales rep , branch cebu-ramos about 2 months ago(march). Look my concern is when I checked my balance via atm on june 5, 2016, after I purchased from a store using the card of 171.70, what happened was my remaining balance on my debit card turned to 2,240.80, it supposed to be 2,828.3. ABOUT PHP 587.50 HAS BEEN STOLEN WITHOUT ANY NOTICED? C'MON. ON THE PREVIOUS MONTH (APRIL) 267 PLUS HAS BEEN STOLEN. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME ISSUE. WHEN THERE IS A TIME YOU NEVER DEPOSITED , THEN YOU DEPOSITED YOU WILL GET? I AM PISSED!!, I deposited above the maintaining balance of 2 k when it comes to my pay time, then you stole after????I WANT A REFUND FOR THE TWO INSTANCES , WILLING TO PROVIDE MY ACCOUNT, PLEASE ANSWER MY COMPLAINT ASAP!!

142 CAERWYN01   (03 June 2016 3:24 PM)
I was trying to enroll on Metrobankdirect Personal Internet Banking but i was mistaken input wrong cellphone number that's is why there was no tempo (OTP) on my mobile. My registration failed to finish because of that.. what should i suppose to do?

141 Randy M. Olila   (02 June 2016 4:44 PM)
Good day, this is Randy M. Olila applicant of your credit card in Metrobank Carcar City Cebu, I would like to know the update of my application coz it almost a month when I submit my application in Carcar City Cebu, please free to contact me this #09057126546 whether my application is pass your qualification or not. thanks

140 Joena Jamison   (31 May 2016 1:40 PM)
Yung load ko na P50.00 through metrobank mobile app hindi pa dumadating! Transaction #247168. Paki asikaso naman! Walang kwenta yung customer hotline niyo. WALANG KWENTA!

139 Marites M. Dungca   (21 May 2016 10:46 AM)
My online banking is locked due to wrong password.How can i activate it? I really ned an anser as its very important to me. Thanks and more power.

138 Estate of Pastor T. Tabale   (20 May 2016 2:05 PM)
To Whom it may concern,
Good Day!I would like to ask,why is it that my tax payment for tin:438701874000 has failed?

137 frank pitero   (19 May 2016 4:20 AM)
mam sir, my concern is I want you to informed that I was in here in japan since feb. 2016. with that my balance credit was too late. pls adjust my billing date if possible...im a good payer. rigth.

136 olive laccay   (10 May 2016 12:33 PM)
my online banking has been locked.how can i activate it

135 Jujubaclagon   (03 May 2016 1:16 PM)
Is there any metrobank in Northern California?

134 josephine gaas   (02 May 2016 11:04 PM)
what if my online Metrobank account is locked due to wrong password. is it possible for not to retrieved instead I make another account

133 Basil   (02 May 2016 10:50 AM)
I still have not received my billing statement due. Last month, it arrived a day before due date. Your toll free numbers are non existent. How can i pay on time?

132 Aileen Paraiso   (29 April 2016 10:08 PM)
Good day.
I have credits cards from your company for a year now. I haven't used any of these cards. Now, i want them closed. Do i still have to pay the annual dues?
Thank you!

131 Ma. Judy B. Bernas   (28 April 2016 6:10 PM)
Can i have your smart hotline, please.?

130 george   (28 April 2016 6:37 AM)

how can i call you i am here in UAE?

thank you

129 Dang   (22 April 2016 6:14 AM)
Hi, can I use my Metrobank debit card to pay online purchases? The name indicated on the card is our company name & not my name since this is a salary account. Please advise. Thanks!

128 Meneleo S. Bernardo   (18 April 2016 11:15 AM)
Dear Sir/ Madame

I am a client of your tandang sora ave br and i want to communicate with the branch manager or any officer and their email address. Your immediate reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

127 Kayzelle Sarabia   (03 April 2016 4:31 AM)
I am so disapponted with Metrobank! I tried withdrawing money from their atm at their Shaw branch around 3:45 am because my friend was craving for McDonalds. I attempted to double check my balance, even though I know it's around 3000. Twice, it refused and said Financial Institution Not Found. So I said to Sheena, "maybe it will be a good idea to withdraw all of it to see if the money will come out. Then, I'll just report to our management at work and try to see if they can move my salary to a different bank." So I typed in 3000 and waited for five minutes. We tried calling 6328700700 as written on the machine. The money and the receipt did not come out. I ran and crossed the streets, deciding to check my account on another Metrobank machine near Brady and Sykes recruitment hub. Lo and behold, my balance comes off as 3 pesos. Apparently, transaction has ended means that my withdrawal was registered even though I have not received a single cent from the ATM. I rushed over to the police station, asking to file a complaint. I know that the banks don't release CCTV shots without police reports. The policemen refused and said I should file the complaint to thr security guard ONLY. They assisted me to the branch and after being reassured that yes, makukuha ko ung pera pag nagpabalik balik ako sa Metrobank mainbranch... maybe after 15 days. Keyword is maybe. I explained that no, despite going out in my pajamas at an ungodly hour, di ako prostitute. I'm a call center agent on nightshift who definitely has no time to spare. I live in Mandaluyong, I work at Sta Mesa, and now I'm expected to go to Buendia Main Office for god knows how long to retrieve the money I earned! Police said ganoon talaga process. Oh really? Should I expect them to do the same thing next salary? The guard insisted that it was not the machine, as he managed to withdraw his money. And after logging my complaint with a set of blurry explanations, I was sent home. Thank you for wishing me luck, police of Mandaluyong and for forbidding me to post this on social media to warn others! Thank you din Metrobank for good service! It's refreshing to know that I can trust you with my money!

126 hearty quijada   (01 April 2016 7:43 AM)
i forgot the password of my online banking acct. for failing several times my online acct. has been blocked . please help to activate it.

125 aNNa Lamorena   (28 March 2016 8:26 AM)
today is my due.can i ask for my balance due for this month?
pls reply ASAP!
Thank u!

124 Rolando Fernandez jr   (24 March 2016 6:38 AM)
Good Day!

I have a standing credit due next month April 2016 but until now I did not receive my latest SOA. I don't know the exact amount due. I don't even receive a reminder via SMS. Request sent me the SOA for my reference. I'm afraid that you charge with late payment or other fees due to late patment.

123 daisy labr   (02 March 2016 4:14 AM)
dear metrobank,

I am currently here in Australia how can I acces to metrophone banking?

thank you!

122 Leslie Tangcalagan   (01 March 2016 12:10 PM)
I just wanted to know your Globe hotline so I can call. Thanks.

121 Anna Grace Valdez   (27 February 2016 4:13 PM)
I would like to receive my statement of account in my email lexace_04@yahoo.com. The courier is always late, until now, I don't have my copy, I usually rely on the text notifications, but unfortunately sometimes it doesn't send me a message, like this month.

What do you want your customer to do? Call the hotline 8700-700, well it sucks! Before it worked, now it didn't! It is supposed to tell the customer the details but what happened is that it will let you record things, just after getting the 16 credit card numbers. Then gone! WTF!

120 Gina L. Mendoza   (23 February 2016 7:38 PM)
My metrobank direct personal got lock. what i should do? Attempts to get in touch with you through your hot line but hardly to connect. Thank you very much.please help

119 Jeffrey S. Rigor   (17 February 2016 4:12 PM)
My metrobank direct personal got lock. what i should do? Attempts to get in touch with you through your hot line but hardly to connect. Thank you very much.please help

118 mark anthony gomez vargas   (16 February 2016 5:20 PM)
I tried to withdarw on t your atm at starmall alabang 3rd flr.last feb. 14, 2016 No cash was dispensed!! Fix this please! I cabt even contact your hotline number! This is really frustrating!!

117 mark anthony gomez vargas   (16 February 2016 5:16 PM)
I tried to withdraw 1k on your atm located at starmall alabang 3rd floor last feb 14 2016.. was able to complete theeverything then there was no cash that was released and no reciept.. but my balance was deducted with the amount that i suppose to withdraw when i checkec it at the psbank tam right beside it!! Fix this please.. i cant even contact the number at the back of the card!! This is realy frustrating!!

116 Delica Sy   (11 January 2016 12:22 PM)
hello metrobank. i wasn't able to log in to my metrobank direct personal. i need to check my account asap.what happened? what am i going to do with this?please fix this problem asap...Thank you...

115 emily   (05 January 2016 1:54 PM)
Need your assistance to please cancel my credit card application which was processed last Dec.2015.
Thank You

114 Linda G.Sabanal   (28 December 2015 8:13 AM)
Hello I already pay my plan through metrobank ebanking but when I inquire my balance in my plan account debit is still their, what happen to my money..... please help me solve this issue.

Thank you

113 Ida Omana   (22 December 2015 7:50 PM)
I would like to ask why your staff doesn't allow me to cancel my credit card visa. I didn't apply for it in the first. I am so disappointed and disrespected because that is supposed to be my choice. Now,I am planning to consult a lawyer if there is any charges that I can file against this case.
They even told me that I have to wait for a year for the cancellation of my credit card. I dont see any reason why I have to wait that long.

112 Joanne Marie Bermas   (10 December 2015 12:47 PM)
Good day!
I withdrawn at metrobank atm machine in Rizal St. Legazpi Branch, October 5,2015 amounting 6,000 pesos in the afternoon and I already pass the complaint form and told me to wait 3 days to process but until now I did not receive my 6,000. What I should do?

111 Darwin Sanana   (02 December 2015 11:42 AM)
Good day!!
i withdrawn at mtero bank atm machine in t santiago st. Oct.30.2015 it was 5:30 pm that time I've already pass the form the and told me to wait for 10 banking days it's already Dec 2

110 Teodomero C Ratilla   (28 November 2015 11:27 AM)
My metrobank direct personal got lock. what i should do? Attempts to get in touch with you through your hot line failed thus this message. Thank you very much.

109 Clarenz Cosio   (26 November 2015 3:10 PM)
I lost my pin what should I do? Please let me know.

108 Aoyama glendora   (23 November 2015 10:02 PM)
Hi ! I've lost my ATM card and I also forgot my password , what should I do?

107 bryan estanilla   (18 November 2015 11:02 AM)
Why my ATM card is card hot lost

106 NESTOR BUNCAD JR. SANCHEZ   (15 November 2015 4:23 PM)

105 Abdulwahab M. Jaafar   (09 November 2015 4:50 AM)
Please re send my SOA Pass word

104 AAbdulwahab M. Jaafar   (09 November 2015 4:47 AM)
pls. send me my SOA pass word

103 AAbdulwahab M. Jaafar   (09 November 2015 4:45 AM)

102 Rafael Requintel   (05 November 2015 1:01 PM)
Hi, good day! I withdrawn in an atm machine last November 5, 2015 13:12:49, and no cash dispensed in the machine the amount was deducted in my account. My card number is 5286672670013432. Please help me. Thank you.

101 neil gabriel esgra   (29 October 2015 8:56 AM)
Hi please help me...im a land bank card holder and i withdrawn in metrobank atm machine last oct 14 2015 and i received nothing.( no cash dispense) but the amount was deducted in my acct...i already filed a complaint about this but until now not refunded yet.thanks

100 Bon   (21 October 2015 1:50 PM)
Good day!!,

I have account in Metrobank but it was since 2011, can I still reactivate my account or should I open a new account?


99 gary y gorne   (25 September 2015 11:27 PM)
my atm card was lost just tonight i want metrobank to cancel or block any transaction regarding my card..

98 ruel   (25 September 2015 2:40 PM)
Good day, i cant open my SOA since i have not received yet my password. can you send me again my password. thanks

97 Mikael Bryan Porras   (24 September 2015 9:07 PM)
Is it possible to change my atm pin code online?

96 ROWENA AMISTOSO   (22 September 2015 1:37 PM)
Good day. i would just like to ask if my annual membership fee will be waive. As far as i know Metrobank Dumaguete Locsin branch with MS BING Calumpang said that annual payment now should be waive. i cannot contact thru phone because we dont have PLDT line just globe lines. Thank you so much.. Hoping for your response.

95 Marites D. Celiz   (16 September 2015 7:01 AM)
can't log in

94 leonor villalongja   (14 September 2015 8:00 PM)
I would like to ask for an immediate cancellation of my credit card METROACCI SHEILD amount of 350.00 and CREDIT PROTECT

93 Anna M. Sarmiento   (17 August 2015 5:53 PM)
Hi! i would like to cancel my metro acci shield and my hospital card protect. thank you!

92 Krezzia   (28 July 2015 9:35 PM)
good day! I would like to cancel my metro acci shield which was billed to my account. Im hoping for your immediate action. thank you!

91 liza d. banisan   (28 July 2015 6:38 PM)
Hi...I would like to ask on how to close my atm card

90 maria contessa itucas   (28 July 2015 10:13 AM)
verify my application status

89 Michael P. Agbalog   (28 July 2015 9:56 AM)
Good Day! I would like to cancel my Metro Acci Shield which was billed on my account ASAP. Thank You.

88 helen martinez   (27 July 2015 8:00 PM)
can i send money from my metrobank debit card to my bpi account through online banking?

87 jessicaca b.siglos   (26 July 2015 4:25 PM)
i want that the metro acci shield of php350 be stopped.how can i address this?thank you.

86 Ralph B. Gutierez   (23 July 2015 3:27 PM)
Hi Good Day!...I would like to ask on how to cancel my metro acci shield...ASAP...thank you.

85 Jen guevarra   (22 July 2015 6:09 PM)
Hi! I have paid my sister tuition fee in FEU thru metrobank. Unfortunately,i lost the receipt.can i request to the branch a copy of the receipt because they need to present it at the finance office.thank you..

84 DOLORES VITO ISRAEL   (20 July 2015 4:02 PM)
hi, i would like to cancel my metro acci shield which was billed on my account. I will consider to pay it this month BUT I WOULD LIKE TO CANCEL ANY TRANSACTION FROM METRO ACCI SHIELD ASAP. any help on how to cancel my metro acci shield will be much appreciated. thank you..

83 Princess Apoderado   (15 July 2015 12:49 PM)
I would like to cancel my metro acci shield which was billed on my account

82 Henz Cacayorin   (11 July 2015 5:43 PM)
What if I will withdraw the 2000 remaining Balance but in two weeks only I will return after 2weeks,it is OK?

81 Rose Ann Pinpin   (07 July 2015 3:45 PM)
Good day, can you please unlock my account? I need it asap. Thank you!

80 emilie p. solvero   (02 July 2015 6:55 PM)
May i request to cancel my metro acci shield payment on my billing, thank you.

79 Panganiban, Lea C.   (29 June 2015 8:15 PM)
Good Day, I would like to cancel my metro acci shield which was billed on my account. I will consider to pay it this month BUT I WOULD LIKE TO CANCEL ANY TRANSACTION FROM METRO ACCI SHIELD ASAP.hoping for immediate action. Thanks

78 yolanda zarate pamintuan   (26 June 2015 7:25 PM)
May i request your good office to cancel my metro acci shield card hoping for your immediate action.thanks

77 yolanda zarate pamintuan   (26 June 2015 7:18 PM)
Hi may i ask your good office to cancel my metroaccishield hoping for immediate action. thanks

76 MARIA THERESA LADERO   (20 June 2015 2:06 PM)
please cancel my acci shield. i tried to call their number and also tried to open their website. any help on how to cancel my metro acci shield immediately will be much appreciated. thank you

75 MARIA THERESA LADERO   (20 June 2015 1:50 PM)
hi, i would like to cancel my metro acci shield which was billed on my account.ASAP. any help on how to cancel my metro acci shield will be much appreciated. thank you..

74 mia lorraine m. natnat   (13 June 2015 11:30 AM)
hi, i would like to cancel my metro acci shield which was billed on my account. I will consider to pay it this month BUT I WOULD LIKE TO CANCEL ANY TRANSACTION FROM METRO ACCI SHIELD ASAP. any help on how to cancel my metro acci shield will be much appreciated. thank you..

73 mia lorraine m. natnat   (11 June 2015 8:16 PM)
hi i would like to cancel my metro acci shield.

72 Kristine Memorando   (08 June 2015 4:22 PM)
May I ask for your assistance regarding for my metrobankcard. I have no online security like for example password on online purchases. What will I do to have online security

71 Lynden Laxamana   (06 June 2015 12:53 PM)
Dear Metrobank Customer Service Team

I would like to ask on how can i proceed on my registration for metrobank online banking

Have tried filling out the online registration but i have encountered error due to invalid data entered according to the system. I have rechecked the details/data many time but still i was not able to go through due to the same reason.

I more thing, I have tried calling the international toll free no but was not able to contact it.The no, that i have contacted is 80087000707. Kindly advise what is the correct toll free no. I am here in dubai but i have open my account in the philippine for international account.

70 Cherry Mae Calimpusan   (29 May 2015 8:28 PM)
May I kindly ask why i could not withdraw here in thailand? When I tried to withdraw my money it will
say that the transaction is invalid. Thank you for your answer.

69 Limuel C. Santos   (21 May 2015 10:24 AM)
hi metrobank service team,

may we ask your assistance regarding undispense atm withdraw amouting to 3000 php, As World Partners Bank, it this was already been credit to Metrobank, May i asked when will be forwarded to my atm account, pls. see report below...
On Saturday, May 16, 2015 11:32 AM, Paul Joseph Bawan <pjabawan@worldpartners.com.ph> wrote:

Good day Mr. Limuel C. Santos

We are sorry for the inconvenience it has brought you. We will investigate this matter. Meanwhile please provide us the following details:

1. Your bank name and account number :Metrobank, account # 156-3-156-23259-0
2. Your ATM card number: 5386 6715 6002 0911
3. Amount Debited: 3000 php
4. Date and Time of transaction: may 15,2015 around 4:30-4:40 pm
5. Branch of world partners bank ATM machine that you've transacted : Sta.Maria Bulacan Branch , near HBC and Dunkin Donut

68 Elvira S Caparas   (12 May 2015 9:18 AM)
I would like to change my billing address to:
Lot 1-C, Block 4, Jupiter St., Sunnyside Heights Subdivision, Batasan Hills, Capitol District, Quezon City ZIP Code 1126

67 Marilyn Rabimbr   (22 April 2015 8:02 AM)
I have an account in metro bank as remittance for more than five years. can i have a chance to loan a personal loan.

66 ma.cecilia lagman   (26 January 2015 0:26 AM)
I ask if can I REQUEST MANAGERS CHECK only 400k? If can how much the CHARGE and what REQUIREMENTS I need?

65 ma.cecilia lagman   (26 January 2015 0:23 AM)
I want to know if can I request MANAGER CHECK to my account,only 400k,if yes how much the charge and what requirements i need?

64 Chrissie Mae Bucayan Calvo   (21 January 2015 4:28 PM)
I trying to call these contact #s several times.. no answer!is that customer service??????????????

63 mbalbarez   (18 December 2014 4:30 PM)
I want to know, if my mertrobank e.t. account is active even my last transaction is april 2014?

62 Brenda Castro Dumaual   (12 November 2014 1:27 PM)
just want to give my email add to this tel. # 02 2146 600 but nobody answered. .this tel. # is the one using to call me last Nov. 6, 2014

61 Babylaine Rivera   (22 October 2014 1:26 PM)
Attn: Didi Tan
Please cancell my Metro Bank access shields (Insurance)

Mrs. Baby-Laine E. Rivera

60 Mayette Ignacio Lagman   (30 June 2014 11:34 PM)
..it's the end of the month all most of us going to get money to atm..but it's offline mode for how many hours...we need that day the money all my commitments cancel

59 ベルモント ロン   (30 June 2014 9:36 PM)
we can't redraw cash to any atm machine including Metro's atm machine. what happen? Is there a problem with the network or something? when it come available or online.

58 lillian foyag madallang   (12 June 2014 1:25 AM)
I cant remember my atm pin, how can I get a new pin number?thanks

57 Lerma C. Recio   (09 June 2014 5:26 PM)

can I know what will I do once I lost my ATM Card?

56 angelo argate   (03 June 2014 7:39 PM)
hi guys i've been trying to call you 10x already but no one is answering my call. very frustrating. I need to block my payroll account since i lost it.

55 anabelle paragas ellezo   (22 May 2014 8:10 PM)
I just want to cancel the metrobank protect premium that I agreed last few weeks. kindly email me with the confirmation if already cancel this. Thank you very much.

54 jannice marcos   (18 May 2014 11:59 AM)

53 johnna amahit   (14 May 2014 5:46 PM)
Your hotline numbers DO NOT WORK! fix it asap.

52 Travilla, K. A   (06 May 2014 3:27 PM)
I closed my credit card for over a month now and your customer care verified it is blocked. Now, your stupid SOA is sending me update on my email.

Last year it happened too when I closed my account and you kept sending me my SOA meaning that my account is still active.

You are the worst bank I ever had!!

51 ma. luisa n. pasana   (16 April 2014 11:14 PM)
in behalf of my sister georgette r. navales i am informing you to block her lost/snatched credit card number 5464 9851 1009.. been contacting the hotline no. one is answering..

50 ma. luisa n. pasana   (16 April 2014 9:21 PM)
this is in behalf of my sister i would like to ask you to block her credit card which was being snatched today.. hope for your speedy response about this matter...thank you

49 Samuel B. Relleta jr   (07 April 2014 0:44 AM)
Hi i tried to withdraw money from one of your ATM machine here in naga city Cam Sur the branch is beside pure gold
in centro no money was despensed by the atm but upon checking my online banking it got deducted :) what should i do??? please help

48 Lyda Del Rosario   (06 April 2014 8:00 AM)
My Saving Account has no credits from your vranch at Fort Bonifacio (near St Lukes Hospital) for the past few months The credit is coming from SSS for the survivor's benefit. The SA account no. Is 3-492-04717-3

47 Hubert C. Zamayla Jr.   (01 April 2014 11:01 AM)
Please help sending my billing statement. Thank you.

46 Ferdinand D. Fernando   (27 March 2014 4:54 PM)
Good Day Sir/Mam,
Could you please send my account balance for my credit card this month of March for my personal info. ASAP. Thanks.

45 Divina M. Diaz   (20 March 2014 11:43 AM)
I tried to contact your customer service by phone but the answering machine kept on saying that your CS representatives are engaged at the moment. May i know how my One Time Password (OTP) will be activated? Purchases made using my visa card were refused because OTP were not sent immediately in my cellphone. I never changed my Cp number. Ty for your immediate response.

44 FAITH M. CATUBAG   (26 February 2014 4:12 PM)
Good day.

I have an email sent last February 24 and re-emailed today feb. 26, 2014 addressed to your customercare@metrobank.com.ph re: Monthly Statement Acknowledgement receipt no. GCMFSI-01517..Please check my message and this receipt number, for your verification and proper action.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

43 Genevive Abella   (22 February 2014 10:44 PM)
good evening,
i would like to asked if what is the SWIFT CODE of METROBANK MANDAUE CITY??? pls. i need ur help. thank u very much

42 MARRYGRACE B.ASTILLERO   (22 February 2014 6:54 AM)
i would like to asked something about my banking online account locked on how to unlocked thank you asap....

41 allen m.cerin   (17 February 2014 11:20 PM)
follow up ko lang po status ng application ko,, ng credit card,,,, reply asap

40 Jefferson Delen   (08 February 2014 5:24 PM)
This is an urgent situation, in behalf of my Auntie's problem. I would like to ask on how to block immediately her account due to lost of her ATM?
Her Bag was snatched by someone at the mall and seeking for Police assistance but the metrobank at this time is already close?

39 ana marie b. chan   (14 January 2014 4:34 PM)
i would like to inquire if i can convert my present checking account to your new "account one"?
it's more convenient since it has a passbook. Thank You!

38 Loida B. Balista   (10 January 2014 5:09 PM)
good day! I would like to inform you that I want to cancel the metrobank family protect it started appearing on my statement of account last month of december without even notifying me and have no documents. I don't like to avail this so please I want to cancel it because I have no money to pay for it. thank you and god bless....

37 janice reyes   (02 January 2014 3:20 PM)
metro bank how to register a roaming number in the bank????can you plssss answer my querries???

36 yoko marie eguia   (16 November 2013 9:37 AM)




35 fredi hills   (27 October 2013 10:05 PM)
Do You Need A Loan To Pay Off Your Bills,Financial Help? We Offer Loan At 3%, Email Us Now fredihillsloans@gmail.com with Full Names, Loan Amount, Loan Duration, Country, Tel/Mobile.

34 Lalaine Mukasa   (26 October 2013 3:51 AM)
I agree! Celeste the customer care is suck!!!
What happen to this trusted bank of the Philippines ???
They never care to their customer.
They don't answers calls, the answering machine takes 1-2 hours coz, the customer representative is engage at the moment bla bla bla....
I have a problem of my e-banking.
I send a lot of e-mails nobody answer!!!
I will transfer my banking on BDO the metro bank customer service is useless!!!

33 Celeste Condino   (24 October 2013 10:43 PM)
The customer service of metro bank is useless.they say it's 24/7 customer service hotline but obviously is not. I have emergency problem in my ATM account and I need someone to fix this for trying to call their 24/7 customer service but nobody answering the phone and the worst is the credit on my phone is gone because it is overseas call. Anybody can give me the call center service of metro bank in the Philippines. I have same problem before in Banco De Oro but in this bank only 5minutes talk to their customer service they solve my problem and the good thing is they have international call center service that I can call anytime no service charge on phone credit because it's toll free call. I hope metro bank have also like this or else all your overseas Filipino worker customer will transfer their account in other bank that can give satisfaction to their customer.

32 marie   (09 October 2013 4:26 PM)
may i request to get my PIN no. can you please send me my PIN no. so that i can avail the cash advance. please give me my PIN and let me inform if i can avail now. thank you!

31 Apolonio G. Climacosa   (08 October 2013 11:30 AM)
Gud morning Sir/Madam
Last week a lady employee of yours calls me and offers me of a cash to go program of my new issued mastercard, after all her explanation she finally convince me and accepted. She told me that after approval it will be delivered to me in check at my given address. It's nearly a week and no confirmation came.
Can you please check if ever this transaction really happens. Can you please confirm it for me.

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