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Metrobank Customer Service Hotline/Telephone Number
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"You're in Good Hands With Metrobank". Metrobank carries this banner with a heart. In need of financial assistance? they can truly be trusted.

Days will come that problems may come as you do banking with Metrobank. In case you have concerns, you can contact Metrobank Customer Care Hotline/Telephone Number:

      24x7 Customer Hotline: (632) 8700-700
      24x7 Domestic Toll-free No.: 1-800-1888-5775
      Email address: customercare@metrobank.com.ph
      Telephone Number: (632) 898-8701; (632) 898-8702

Metrobank's primary business interest involves borrowing and lending, investment banking, trade finance, thrift banking, remittances and treasury. 

Metrobank is serving the top companies and institutions in the Philippines. They are also strong in the middle market corporate sector - a big portion consists of Filipino-Chinese business.

Metrobank is also a very active participant in the foreign exchange (forex) market in the Philippines, and is accredited by the BSP as a government securities dealer.

It provides investment banking services through First Metro Investment Corporation and retail banking through Philippine Savings Bank.

As a customer, do you have any concerns with Metrobank? Tells us in the comment below.

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66 ma.cecilia lagman • 0:26 AM, 26-January-2015
I ask if can I REQUEST MANAGERS CHECK only 400k? If can how much the CHARGE and what REQUIREMENTS I need?
65 ma.cecilia lagman • 0:23 AM, 26-January-2015
I want to know if can I request MANAGER CHECK to my account,only 400k,if yes how much the charge and what requirements i need?
64 Chrissie Mae Bucayan Calvo • 4:28 PM, 21-January-2015
I trying to call these contact #s several times.. no answer!is that customer service??????????????
63 mbalbarez • 4:30 PM, 18-December-2014
I want to know, if my mertrobank e.t. account is active even my last transaction is april 2014?
62 Brenda Castro Dumaual • 1:27 PM, 12-November-2014
just want to give my email add to this tel. # 02 2146 600 but nobody answered. .this tel. # is the one using to call me last Nov. 6, 2014
61 Babylaine Rivera • 1:26 PM, 22-October-2014
Attn: Didi Tan
Please cancell my Metro Bank access shields (Insurance)

Mrs. Baby-Laine E. Rivera
60 Mayette Ignacio Lagman • 11:34 PM, 30-June-2014
..it's the end of the month all most of us going to get money to atm..but it's offline mode for how many hours...we need that day the money all my commitments cancel
59 ベルモント ロン • 9:36 PM, 30-June-2014
we can't redraw cash to any atm machine including Metro's atm machine. what happen? Is there a problem with the network or something? when it come available or online.
58 lillian foyag madallang • 1:25 AM, 12-June-2014
I cant remember my atm pin, how can I get a new pin number?thanks
57 Lerma C. Recio • 5:26 PM, 09-June-2014

can I know what will I do once I lost my ATM Card?
56 angelo argate • 7:39 PM, 03-June-2014
hi guys i've been trying to call you 10x already but no one is answering my call. very frustrating. I need to block my payroll account since i lost it.
55 anabelle paragas ellezo • 8:10 PM, 22-May-2014
I just want to cancel the metrobank protect premium that I agreed last few weeks. kindly email me with the confirmation if already cancel this. Thank you very much.
54 jannice marcos • 11:59 AM, 18-May-2014
53 johnna amahit • 5:46 PM, 14-May-2014
Your hotline numbers DO NOT WORK! fix it asap.
52 Travilla, K. A • 3:27 PM, 06-May-2014
I closed my credit card for over a month now and your customer care verified it is blocked. Now, your stupid SOA is sending me update on my email.

Last year it happened too when I closed my account and you kept sending me my SOA meaning that my account is still active.

You are the worst bank I ever had!!
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