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How to Close your Metrobank Bank Account?

Closing your bank account, like for example, your Metrobank bank account, is crucial if your ATM card or Passbook has been stolen, lost or if an unauthorized person accessed your bank account.

Here are 2 (two) options in closing your Metrobank bank account:
Close Metrobank Bank Account

Option 1

For urgent or emergency situations, just call Metrobank customer service hotline and request for blocking of your bank account. This will not close your bank account. Rather, it will stop any unauthorized person to have an access to your bank account. That person cannot withdraw, transfer money or do any transaction of your bank account. To close your bank account, go to your Metrobank branch of account, bring your valid ID (government-issued ID) and request for closure of your bank account. 

Option 2

Another option is to withdraw all your money from your Metrobank bank account. It will be closed automatically after two years of being inactive (dormant).

Note: You can open a new Metrobank bank account if you want to in another branch. Or you can re-open your inactive bank account but you must pay service charges (for dormant account and below maintaining balance).

Do you want to close your Metrobank bank account? You can tell us the reason(s) in the comment below.

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K   (09 April 2018 3:32 AM)
hi, id like to close my account because i opened it in a different city. Now that im here in manila, they charge me 50 pesos every time i deposit in it. It's awful because it defeats the purpose of using a bank for me, which is to save money. It's a passbook accout. How do i close a passbook account?

admin   (09 April 2018 8:43 AM)
K, you need to withdraw all the money in that bank account. And leave it inactive for two years. It will be automatically closed anyway after two years.

At the same time, you can open a new bank account in that branch there in Manila and enjoy FREE DEPOSIT and FREE WITHDRAWAL.

PILLAS   (04 November 2017 8:04 AM)
gandang umaga po pano ko po makikita ang balance ko po

admin   (09 April 2018 8:45 AM)
Pillas, pwede niyo pong makita account balance niyo sa MetrobankDirect (Metrobank's online banking facility).

Just enroll in MetrobankDirect.