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How to Reopen a Close Bank Account in Philippines?

If you want to re-open a close bank account here in the Philippines, you need to make sure first what's the status of your bank account.

Is it close? or is it just dormant (inactive)?

Reopen Close Bank Account in Philippines

In most cases, a bank account might be closed after being dormant (inactive) for many years. If your bank account has been inactive (no withdrawal or deposit transactions) in two years, it will automatically become dormant. And it will become a candidate for closure.

If you have the plan to re-open or reactivate your bank account, you must consider the dormancy service fee and below-maintaining balance service fee of that account. And you need to pay those fees in order to re-activate it again.

If you're eager to re-open that closed bank account even if it has service fees you need to pay, you can talk to your bank and make sure to bring a valid ID (government-issued).

Some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are working outside the Philippines might want to reopen their closed bank account in the Philippines. This case might be complicated but you can talk to your bank or contact your bank's customer service to reopen your closed bank account.

Do you want to reopen your closed bank account here in the Philippines?
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