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How can a Student Open a Bank Account in the Philippines?

If you're a student studying here in the Philippines, a bank account (such as ATM or Passbook account) is a convenient and free medium of receiving your allowances (money) from your parents/guardian who live far from you. Like when I was still a student studying in Quezon City, Metro Manila, I used an ATM card to receive my weekly allowance from my parents who are in Mindanao. Before going to the bank, it's better to prepare the needed requirements in order to save time and money.

What are the requirements?

  1. At least two (2) valid id's.

    • One (1) valid that bears a photo. Examples are:

      • your school ID
      • Company/Office ID
      • Postal ID
      • Driver's License
      • Voter's ID
      • NBI/Police Clearance
      • etc.
    • One (1) valid id which bears no photo. Examples are:
      • NSO Birth Certificate
      • Baranggay Clearance/Certificate
      • etc.
  2. 2 pcs. 1x1 or 2x2 pictures
  3. Initial deposit (ranges from P500 to P10,000 depending on the bank and the type of account). The initial deposit of some of the popular Philippine banks are:
    • BDO = P2,000 is the initial deposit for opening an ATM card/account
    • Metrobank = P2,000 is the initial deposit for opening an ATM card/account
    • BPI = P3,000 is the initial deposit for opening an ATM card

After securing the needed requirements, you can go to your preferred bank where you want to apply a bank account. Inside the bank, go to the New Accounts section. If you don't know that section, just tell any bank officer that you want to open a new account and they will be happy to assist you. Don't forget to wear your smile.

Take note: Regarding the valid id's, you can also bring both two (2) photo-bearing id's. It's also recommended to bring 1 photo-bearing id and 1 non photo-bearing id. But if you bring 2 non photo-bearing id's, there's a big possibility that you're application will not be accepted.

Some foreign students or students with dual citizenships (e.g. Filipino-American, Filipino-Chinese, Filipino-Japanese, Filipino-Italian, Filipino-German, Filipino-Mexican, etc.) can open a bank account here in the Philippines by bringing their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR I-Card).

Are you having a problem in opening a bank account in the Philippines? Let us know in the comment below.

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Ericka Roque   (15 April 2018 8:31 PM)
Good day. I'm 17 years old and my parents planning to open an account. But I currently have only one. I just wanna to ask if there a possibility that I can open an account

Karen Cris Calvez   (13 April 2018 1:56 PM)
Good day. I would like to ask if after i pay 3000 for initial deposit, will it go to my atm card or is it just a fee to open a new account?

ogie bilbar dayap   (11 February 2018 1:58 AM)
hello im 16 year old i want to open bank account because my mom sending me money everymonth i want to save money is it posible

Alexandra Ramiro   (25 December 2017 4:06 PM)
I an only 16, my query is, can i open an account without guardian to accompany me? is my age okay to open an account?

Wendy O. Del Rosario   (27 September 2017 7:38 AM)
good morning po. tanong ko lang po magkano po ang initial deposit para sa student savings acount. salamat po.

Raven Ann Salangsang   (26 April 2017 10:17 AM)
What if I will only be the one opening the account without telling my parents?

James Cooper   (12 February 2017 8:06 AM)
I would like to ask , is Php.100 the minimum for student per day for depositing?

Jera manatad   (23 July 2015 7:02 PM)
what if you only have 1 valid ID because i am still a student?

Ninha   (11 June 2015 1:11 AM)
Im foreign student that study in philipine .. I want to open ATM but i dont have ACR-I card.. its allow or not? or i must use ACR-I card

Aaliyah Noble   (10 June 2015 8:29 AM)
I would like to ask if my tita from Kuwait can be able to send me money through this student account. Thank you!

apolonia galang   (10 May 2015 0:34 AM)
hello,hello management,I want my son and daughter have their own bank account,but they are 16 and 12 years old only.they thus eligible to apply for and to have a personal account ?and what requirements they need to ?

ruzzel escote   (07 May 2015 9:41 PM)
Hello. 17 yr old and Im studyng at patts in paranaque. So I just wanna ask, what are the requirments to have a account at bpi. ?

ruzzel escote   (07 May 2015 9:37 PM)
What are the requirements in bpi for student