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How to Inquire Account Balance in China Bank Online

Want an easy access to your account balance in China Bank? You can inquire the balance of your China Bank account (ATM, Passbook, Checking, Time Deposit, etc.) without going to the bank or to the ATM machine.
You can do a balance inquiry online through China Bank's online banking facility. How? Follow the procedures below:

Step 1

First, you must have a China Bank account. Enroll that account on China Bank's online banking. These articles might help you:

Step 2

If you are already enrolled on China Bank's online banking, then, you can now access your account and do balance inquiry for free.

Step 3

Log-in to China Bank's online banking website ( http://www.chinabank.ph/ ). Click the Login button.

China Bank website

And log-in using your USER ID and LOGIN PASSWORD. Then click the Login button.

China Bank Online Banking log-in page

You will then see your account balance and other features of China Bank online banking.

China Bank Balance Inquiry Online

Take note: Balance inquiry online is free of charge. With online banking, you can even do other banking transactions aside from inquiring or checking your account balance.

Do you have any concern or problem accessing your China Bank account online?

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jazzi   (26 April 2018 1:40 AM)
How to register bank account

hermelinda Lofranco Vitor   (26 January 2017 1:15 AM)
I forgot my atm pin no.please help me.pls.reply thank you&more power

Ana Jay G. Bulig   (14 January 2017 8:52 AM)
how to check balance inquiry online

Florna Prado Belleza   (15 November 2016 7:18 AM)
what is my account balance?

ruel salvador   (14 August 2016 9:14 PM)
how do i view my history withdrawal at atm china bank? thank you

FIEL C. FLORENTINO   (29 July 2016 8:19 PM)
please give me account number.

Dave Evangelio Hucalinas   (15 July 2016 9:35 PM)
Greetings Sir,
I have a ChinaBank Overseas Kababayan Savings and I register this online long time already I think 4 yrs ago and i deposited once in a while and this account given to me when I was in Philippines, currently I'm in Saudi Arabia, i wanted to check online my bank account but I can't remember my LOG IN ID and password, it is possible I can register again my account? also my phone number change already. Hoping you can give solution to my inquiry.

Thanks and Regards,


anthony gumban   (31 May 2016 4:26 PM)

jaycee jaranilla   (28 February 2016 7:54 PM)
can i ask if its that ok i send money here in saudi direct to my account because i open my account in philippines.. i just want to put my salary monthly to my accounts its ok thank you so much

Jaycee L. JARANILLA   (28 February 2016 1:16 AM)
Can i inquire about my account balance thank you

Janine   (01 February 2016 10:04 AM)
how do I view my history withdraw at ATM on china bank? thank you

remedios bartiana   (06 December 2015 10:19 AM)
good morning cbc i want my acount balance

Leovic R.Elarde   (28 July 2015 0:21 AM)

why the can not open my online banking.?please help.thanks

Ferdinand G Marcelo   (13 November 2014 1:25 AM)
how can I enroll at China bank online banking,whatis this users name and what kind of password needed, I try many times but does not accept,kindly show a sample how to enroll.

maradane mabanag-borja   (20 March 2014 9:06 AM)
i created my user id and password for the atm no. 068 0
01 0008572 last week and i forgot my user id and password... please send me again so that i can do online banking. thanks!