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How to Inquire Account Balance in BPI Online Banking
No time to go to BPI ATM to inquire account balance? You can do a balance inquiry for free by accessing your account or your BPI ATM Card through online banking. Here are the steps you need to do:

Step 1

You must be enrolled first in BPI's online banking. This might help you:
Step 2

If you are already enrolled in BPI's online banking, go to BPI website (https://www.bpiexpressonline.com) and log-in to your account

Inside BPI's Online Banking Website
BPI balance inquiry

Step 3

Right after successfully logging-in to BPI website, you can see your available balance. You can also do other online banking transactions.

Do you have any problem regarding your account balance in BPI online banking facility? Tell us in the comment below.
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200 gglegaspi   (13-May-2016 11:07 AM)
my last SOA was Sept 2015.. How come I didn't get any now.. pls do something about it.. SOA is really important.. Thank

199 Anabel F, Alaban   (09-May-2016 8:03 PM)
please i want to know my account balance in my atm account now.

198 Claire joy marquez   (26-April-2016 8:28 PM)
I cannot log in..every time i log in it always system currently unavailable..under going maintenance

197 Ilang ilang robino   (18-April-2016 6:13 PM)
Hi, can i use domestic toll free calls thru my cellphone? I need to check my balance. Thank you

196 RICKY SUPITER SAVAREZ   (02-April-2016 8:39 PM)
just balance inquiry

195 emelinda aranas   (30-March-2016 2:00 PM)
balance inquiry

194 allan austria   (23-March-2016 8:39 PM)
just balance inquiry

193 Celeste alcalde   (19-March-2016 6:42 PM)
Just balannce inquiry

192 Irish Beth T. dela Cruz   (19-March-2016 12:29 PM)
balance inquiry

191 DODONG23   (14-March-2016 3:34 AM)
hello how to enquire online my atm account

190 Thelma M. Villanueva   (02-March-2016 10:29 PM)
I cannot log in

189 kathlea may bais   (01-March-2016 1:55 PM)
inquire balance

188 regilda c.riofrio   (29-February-2016 2:34 AM)
I want to know my balance account to bpi

187 Karen mirandilla   (23-February-2016 10:07 AM)
Allow me to sign to bpi bank

186 desiree   (04-February-2016 8:01 PM)
I forgot my user name and password. I want to do online checking of my balance. Kindly help me

185 Judylyn Calisin   (30-January-2016 8:01 AM)
thank you

184 Angelyn G. Esportuno   (14-January-2016 8:14 PM)
Good Evening! I just want to ask if I can do online banking with my payroll account? if so, how can I create an account? I tried to do so but I failed.. hope to hear from you.. God bless and more power

183 Dafhney   (13-January-2016 4:30 PM)
Balance inquiry

182 remay daniel diaz   (10-January-2016 5:22 PM)
balance inquiry

181 julieta lacerna   (29-December-2015 3:57 AM)
hi, balance inguiry. cannot login

180 joy cambaya natonio   (11-December-2015 2:39 AM)
balance inquire bpi not log in

179 allan mendoza darang jr   (03-December-2015 10:33 AM)
Balance inquire

178 Lorena Ricafort   (01-December-2015 3:07 PM)
need to know my save up log in and password to check my savings amount

177 Rosie Maestre   (11-November-2015 8:26 AM)
Need my Balance inquiry.thank you

176 Ferdinand Alejo Simon   (09-November-2015 6:52 PM)
hi..good evening, i just want to know if my ATM CARD still active..cause its been a year that i cannot deposit my account..because when i was here in abroad i try to balance inquire the BPI atm card they not accepting..that why i scared, if i deposit money in may account..i want to know how they coming inside..i got that when i was in saudi arabia international, but i use it when i was there in philipines...thank you..please..give me a feedback sir/maam.

175 Kawakami Ana Sally Albar   (05-November-2015 1:15 PM)
For inquire my account balance

174 John Rey Rafanan Crescencio   (31-October-2015 7:49 AM)
I can't log in,what i did

173 Aide b. Quintela   (30-October-2015 5:24 PM)
Balance inquiry

172 Cristine Agmaliw Dugaysan   (24-October-2015 8:08 PM)
Need to know my atm balance

171 cristina salazar   (21-October-2015 6:18 PM)

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