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How to Inquire Account Balance in BPI Online Banking
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No time to go to BPI ATM to inquire account balance? You can do a balance inquiry for free by accessing your account or your BPI ATM Card through online banking. Here are the steps you need to do:

Step 1

You must be enrolled first in BPI's online banking. This might help you:
Step 2

If you are already enrolled in BPI's online banking, go to BPI website (https://www.bpiexpressonline.com) and log-in to your account

Inside BPI's Online Banking Website
BPI balance inquiry

Step 3

Right after successfully logging-in to BPI website, you can see your available balance. You can also do other online banking transactions.

Do you have any problem regarding your account balance in BPI online banking facility? Tell us in the comment below.

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103 Jhoanne Marie Lizardo • 7:17 AM, 30-December-2014
how to check my balance through sms.
102 Noel Ador Dionisio • 2:41 AM, 16-November-2014
good evening i want to check my balance by online. i want to know if the money i send in my account in the Philippines is received on not im in Jeddah KSA now pls help me...
101 saada • 4:34 AM, 01-November-2014
Good evening! I want to check my balance by online
100 Heaven Knows • 1:12 PM, 16-October-2014
I want to know if the money i send to my atm account in the phillippines is received.im in Taiwan now.pls help
99 Nick Mongaya • 7:42 AM, 04-September-2014
how can i enroll bpi online?
98 Raida Victoriano Callejo • 2:39 PM, 01-September-2014
I want to know my balance in my atm
97 Jhoieza Rose Pantaleon • 6:05 PM, 19-August-2014
Hi , I open new account yesterday . And I deposit already a money then I check my balance now it's zero . Why ? Please help
96 Joy Immanuel • 6:18 PM, 11-August-2014
what about if im in riyadh how can i enroll in bpi online? to check my atm balance?
95 Shy Senupe • 1:52 PM, 11-July-2014
how to check my balance.?
94 marjobert • 6:22 PM, 30-June-2014
How to chek my balance?
93 romeo juarez • 1:23 PM, 20-June-2014
want to check my balance so how to check my balance
92 romeo juarez • 1:06 PM, 20-June-2014
how to check my balance
91 Renilda C. Mondares • 4:08 PM, 18-June-2014
I want the balance of my account
90 angilyn sta rosa • 6:18 AM, 04-June-2014
balance my saving
89 Cheredel Samson • 4:39 PM, 29-May-2014
Chicking my savings
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