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How to Inquire Account Balance in BPI Online Banking

No time to go to BPI ATM to inquire account balance? You can do a balance inquiry for free by accessing your account or your BPI ATM Card through online banking. Here are the steps you need to do:

Step 1

You must be enrolled first in BPI's online banking. This might help you:
Step 2

If you are already enrolled in BPI's online banking, go to BPI website (https://www.bpiexpressonline.com) and log-in to your account

Inside BPI's Online Banking Website
BPI balance inquiry

Step 3

Right after successfully logging-in to BPI website, you can see your available balance. You can also do other online banking transactions.

Do you have any problem regarding your account balance in BPI online banking facility? Tell us in the comment below.
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Total comments: 249
249 Jullienne V.Gutierrez   (24 October 2017 4:00 PM)
Balance saving

248 Lhuzy Gregorio   (20 October 2017 8:40 PM)
How to enroll online banking?

247 joy genove   (18 October 2017 2:58 AM)
Ako po ay nasa jordan sa ngaun at gusto ko po sanang mag enroll sa online banking. Paano po ba... Salamat po

246 Higinio Mappala   (06 October 2017 9:56 AM)
I just checked my credit card balance yesterday and it was a positive 3K. This morning, my credit card balance became -14K and i have never used my credit card. I have no scheduled payment for bills because i do it manually myself and i kept my payment in my files. Please explain, where did my deductions come from?
I have receive 2 phising emails the past 2 weeks to verify my account and i have been advised not to reply to it. i even forwarded the same emails to the branch manager, Mrs. Jesusa Eudela, of Sampaloc-Laon-Laan branch. I am starting not to trust BPI anymore these deductions are explained to me. I believe your system is hacked, not a computer glitz as you always claim

245 Rosemarie Tanay   (27 September 2017 7:10 PM)
Good day!!
How ca i check my balance account if your site is under maintenance!???

244 Mie U.Bulambao   (07 September 2017 12:05 PM)
Gustu ko sana malaman if activate pa ba account ko

243 Albert Soriano   (10 June 2017 0:35 AM)
Hello. Ask ko lang po. May nagdeposit po kasi sa account ng tita ko. Kaso sabi ng tita ko.close account na daw po ung card nya sa bpi.posible po bang pumasok ung pera kahit close account na po? Kasi sabi po nung nagpadala hindi naman daw po sinabi sa kanya ng teller na close account na kaya tinuloy po ung process ng pag deposit. Sana po masagot.maraming salamat po.

242 bernardita yutila   (09 June 2017 3:09 PM)
pls. pki settle ang problem s atm ng bpi kc need n po s puhunan.

241 Evavelyn Cortel   (20 May 2017 4:09 PM)
Ask Lang Po Ako Kong active pa Po ba anh account ko ? Kc nakalimutan ko na Po un password ko andito Po kc ako sa ibang bansa now gsto ko siyang pasukan ng pera kaso Kako close na ang account ko . Sana Po maka reply po Kayo asap thank you Po and god bless.

240 Rosalie   (13 May 2017 9:28 AM)
I can't access my bpi online banking.

239 jennifer   (09 May 2017 1:25 PM)
hi good day...yesterday i registered my bpi atm account in inernet then this morning i go to atm machine of bpi to activate my online inquiry,..when i log on in bpi site in internet the following details appear that...

Thank you for enrolling in BPI Express Online however your account is not yet activated.

Please wait for our e-mail confirming the activation of your account.

For more information, please e-mail us at expressonline@bpi.com.ph or you may call 89-100 and press 0 to talk to a phonebanker.

i check my email...they sent this to me the following:

Dear jennifer rose delano ,

Greetings from BPI Express Online.

Your enrollment in Express Online has been activated and you can now access your account/s (xxxx-xx20-64) anytime, anywhere, at your convenience via any internet-capable device.

To start your online banking experience visit www.bpiexpressonline.com

Should you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail us at expressonline@bpi.com.ph.

Please ensure that you keep your User ID and password CONFIDENTIAL at all times.

Thank you for using BPI Express Online.

At Your Service,

The BPI Express Online Team

please help me on how can i check my balance online so that i will not go in atm machine to check it....thanks

238 renz vergel isidro   (02 May 2017 2:48 PM)
check my balance

237 jhunie   (10 February 2017 9:43 PM)
check my balance and if my card is active till now

236 jhunie   (10 February 2017 9:41 PM)
pa check nman ng balance ng account ko at kung active pb cia

235 winnie rebecca alon-alon   (31 January 2017 11:48 AM)
balance inquire pls thnks

234 Jorge Michael Yanson   (31 January 2017 0:35 AM)
Hello po . nadebit po ako last Dec 2016 ng 1K then today 5K.

nakakapanlumo pero pakicheck naman po ng transaction history

233 Grace D. Mampusti   (16 January 2017 7:31 AM)
Good day po, bkit po kpag my bal. Ako iniwan s atm ko ay zero bal n the following day,knain na.

232 Amgie Morgado   (08 January 2017 10:41 PM)
Bakit di po ako maka balance inquire ma'am?

231 AIREEN RAMOS   (05 January 2017 8:03 PM)
how to check if my account still active

230 jonald cabeso   (28 December 2016 9:41 AM)
inquire balance

229 JING JING APALIS CANCINO   (23 December 2016 10:08 AM)
balance inquiry lang po salamat

228 JING JING APALIS CANCINO   (23 December 2016 10:07 AM)
bakit po hindi po ako maka balance ng error po b system nio?

227 pamela kristine miranda disonglo   (22 December 2016 6:35 PM)
i want to check my balance asap

226 rey franklin r. napone   (16 December 2016 11:11 AM)
i want to check my balance.

225 Danny b intendencia jr   (11 December 2016 9:05 AM)
Balance inquiry

224 Danny b intendencia jr   (11 December 2016 9:04 AM)
Good morning, I would like to know my balance.

223 sancho p. opina, jr.   (29 November 2016 8:40 AM)
good morning, i would like to know my balance.

222 ace mark e. belkeza   (10 November 2016 11:15 AM)
very good

221 mary jane dequera   (06 November 2016 1:35 PM)
Balance inquiry

220 Rhendalee   (20 October 2016 3:39 PM)
Hi, how to balance inquiry?

219 Veronica Garcia   (04 October 2016 2:44 AM)
I have a BPI Express Teller International card and I would like to inquire about my account balance in BPI online banking. What should I do?

218 Mac   (04 October 2016 0:22 AM)
Hi. I'm trying to check my balance online but i can't log in on my account. Please help.

217 Norman G. Alvarez   (03 October 2016 10:54 AM)
Balance inquiry

216 julitodiloy   (02 October 2016 2:09 AM)
atm balance checking

215 ruth g. legaspino   (29 September 2016 9:26 AM)
for balance inquiry

214 ruth g. legaspino   (29 September 2016 9:22 AM)
for balance inquiry

213 jeffrey azares guingon   (20 September 2016 9:28 AM)
this bank will always be the only one to trust with...

212 arjelyn c. abogado   (03 September 2016 4:16 PM)
good day! can I ask I have before BPI EXPRESS TELLER card which I applied in bpi family savings bank in muntinlupa city last 2013 or 2014 I'm not sure exact year...so its been almost 2 years now I haven't deposited ,my question is can I activate it again because I want to deposit my savings because iam currently working here in Saudi Arabia...please if I can activate it again or not or can you suggest what I can do to save my money while I am here abroad..I am looking forward for your answers..thank you very much..

211 imelda mayo   (30 August 2016 11:08 PM)
How to look for personal login.i want to do bills payment.

210 Ma.elena infante   (17 August 2016 3:54 PM)
I deposit in kingdom of Saudi Arabia in my account then my atm card I left with my mother then now she cannot withdraw the money I send.what will I do something wrong

209 ana elizabeth sindayen   (15 August 2016 2:47 AM)
kindly assist me to check the balance of my atm savings account as i deposited it from qatar through exchange center.
i already registered in the online banking but i lost the copy of my username & password

my account is in paseo de roxas branch

208 Angelica maderal   (11 August 2016 7:50 PM)
Need atm balance inquiry

207 francisco t. pila   (08 August 2016 8:28 PM)
I have already activated my online enrollment,yet I can't access your website,why is that?

206 jomar castro   (04 August 2016 1:51 PM)
atm savings balance inquiry

205 genevi gutierrez   (03 August 2016 7:35 PM)
Atm saving balance inquiry

204 Geralyn   (19 July 2016 11:03 PM)
atm savings balance inquiry

203 Rhobiemae Hazel Hilario   (12 July 2016 1:47 AM)

Would like to ask the field in my online BPI SAVE UP account regarding the TOTAL BALANCE and REMAINING BALANCE?
What's the difference between the two?

Thank you

202 hazel n francisco   (11 July 2016 7:50 PM)

201 Jennifer Dy   (01 July 2016 2:54 PM)
balance inquiry

200 gglegaspi   (13 May 2016 11:07 AM)
my last SOA was Sept 2015.. How come I didn't get any now.. pls do something about it.. SOA is really important.. Thank

199 Anabel F, Alaban   (09 May 2016 8:03 PM)
please i want to know my account balance in my atm account now.

198 Claire joy marquez   (26 April 2016 8:28 PM)
I cannot log in..every time i log in it always system currently unavailable..under going maintenance

197 Ilang ilang robino   (18 April 2016 6:13 PM)
Hi, can i use domestic toll free calls thru my cellphone? I need to check my balance. Thank you

196 RICKY SUPITER SAVAREZ   (02 April 2016 8:39 PM)
just balance inquiry

195 emelinda aranas   (30 March 2016 2:00 PM)
balance inquiry

194 allan austria   (23 March 2016 8:39 PM)
just balance inquiry

193 Celeste alcalde   (19 March 2016 6:42 PM)
Just balannce inquiry

192 Irish Beth T. dela Cruz   (19 March 2016 12:29 PM)
balance inquiry

191 DODONG23   (14 March 2016 3:34 AM)
hello how to enquire online my atm account

190 Thelma M. Villanueva   (02 March 2016 10:29 PM)
I cannot log in

189 kathlea may bais   (01 March 2016 1:55 PM)
inquire balance

188 regilda c.riofrio   (29 February 2016 2:34 AM)
I want to know my balance account to bpi

187 Karen mirandilla   (23 February 2016 10:07 AM)
Allow me to sign to bpi bank

186 desiree   (04 February 2016 8:01 PM)
I forgot my user name and password. I want to do online checking of my balance. Kindly help me

185 Judylyn Calisin   (30 January 2016 8:01 AM)
thank you

184 Angelyn G. Esportuno   (14 January 2016 8:14 PM)
Good Evening! I just want to ask if I can do online banking with my payroll account? if so, how can I create an account? I tried to do so but I failed.. hope to hear from you.. God bless and more power

183 Dafhney   (13 January 2016 4:30 PM)
Balance inquiry

182 remay daniel diaz   (10 January 2016 5:22 PM)
balance inquiry

181 julieta lacerna   (29 December 2015 3:57 AM)
hi, balance inguiry. cannot login

180 joy cambaya natonio   (11 December 2015 2:39 AM)
balance inquire bpi not log in

179 allan mendoza darang jr   (03 December 2015 10:33 AM)
Balance inquire

178 Lorena Ricafort   (01 December 2015 3:07 PM)
need to know my save up log in and password to check my savings amount

177 Rosie Maestre   (11 November 2015 8:26 AM)
Need my Balance inquiry.thank you

176 Ferdinand Alejo Simon   (09 November 2015 6:52 PM)
hi..good evening, i just want to know if my ATM CARD still active..cause its been a year that i cannot deposit my account..because when i was here in abroad i try to balance inquire the BPI atm card they not accepting..that why i scared, if i deposit money in may account..i want to know how they coming inside..i got that when i was in saudi arabia international, but i use it when i was there in philipines...thank you..please..give me a feedback sir/maam.

175 Kawakami Ana Sally Albar   (05 November 2015 1:15 PM)
For inquire my account balance

174 John Rey Rafanan Crescencio   (31 October 2015 7:49 AM)
I can't log in,what i did

173 Aide b. Quintela   (30 October 2015 5:24 PM)
Balance inquiry

172 Cristine Agmaliw Dugaysan   (24 October 2015 8:08 PM)
Need to know my atm balance

171 cristina salazar   (21 October 2015 6:18 PM)

170 Glindle Mae Elisan   (18 October 2015 5:59 AM)
balance saving

169 Eric Valencia   (16 September 2015 4:35 PM)
thank you

168 arli   (10 September 2015 1:23 AM)
what happened to bpiexpressonline??? almost 1 month already i cant inquire my balance..i cant log in in my acct..what happened???

167 carla fabros   (08 September 2015 3:16 PM)
for balance inquiry

166 mimi laguardia   (08 September 2015 1:03 PM)
i want to know my balance in my atm account

165 Annalun   (08 September 2015 10:25 AM)
hi everyone plesae help i forgot my user id and password..i dont know what im going to do because im in overseas, i tried to call outside philippines toll free international number but i can't connect. thank you

164 Jocelyn Tendero Cabrera   (06 September 2015 10:39 AM)
statement of account ATM Card

163 Jainasil Pillado   (02 September 2015 1:21 AM)

162 normina sanday   (25 August 2015 9:35 AM)
Cant access my account

161 Sheila Ann fadriga   (22 August 2015 2:42 PM)
For balance inquiry

160 Nezza sadio   (13 August 2015 11:56 AM)
I forgot my first user name

159 ROEL ALFECHE JAVA   (05 August 2015 9:06 PM)
I cannot put additional money in my mutual funds....

158 ROEL ALFECHE JAVA   (05 August 2015 9:05 PM)
Thank you for enrolling in BPI Express Online however your account is not yet activated.

Please wait for our e-mail confirming the activation of your account.

ALMOST 4 MONTHS STILL WAITING WHEN my BPI Express Online account is activated.

157 sigma   (04 August 2015 11:00 PM)
i tried many times to registered express online to my account,and the online response already enrolled but when i try to call in 89-100 must be register to online don't know what should i do. please help me asap, i am outside in phils. thank you

156 MARK JOHN B. ASENJO   (03 August 2015 2:44 AM)
balance inquire

155 MARK JOHN B. ASENJO   (03 August 2015 2:43 AM)
i want to check may account thru online

154 joesan mahilum   (02 August 2015 7:12 PM)
Hi, I want to know if my atm zero maintaining balance account was still active.
Thank you.

153 katheren simugan   (31 July 2015 3:14 PM)
i can't access i want to know how balance enquiry

152 Madelyn lareza   (29 July 2015 2:06 AM)
i can't access and I want to know how to inquire balance

151 Marichu D. Mallannao   (28 July 2015 4:13 PM)
I can't login

150 Andora c. Dela rita   (28 July 2015 3:23 PM)
I want to know my balance

149 Andora c. Dela rita   (28 July 2015 3:21 PM)
How much my money in the bank

148 Marichu D. Mallannao   (28 July 2015 12:02 PM)
Inquire balance

147 Marichu D. Mallannao   (28 July 2015 12:01 PM)
I want to know my balance

146 Marven Alon   (28 July 2015 9:07 AM)
inquire balance

145 Marven Alon   (28 July 2015 9:06 AM)
to inquire my balance account

144 emily tayab ebuna   (25 July 2015 0:04 AM)
i want to know my balance

143 jaychelleco   (20 July 2015 7:53 PM)
I can't create account ..

142 denmark   (18 July 2015 5:46 PM)
I just want to know how to balance a current account in BPI expessonline..

141 albert necerio francisco   (14 July 2015 7:19 PM)
inquire balance

140 joseph   (13 July 2015 6:29 AM)
Inquire balance

139 joseph   (13 July 2015 6:29 AM)
Inquire balance

138 cressida sambale   (06 July 2015 5:25 PM)
I want to know my current balance

137 Wensmae Generalao   (04 July 2015 5:56 PM)
I want to inquire my balance account BPI thanks

136 rex r limpioso   (30 June 2015 3:29 AM)
Can i open bpi account here in saudi arabia through online

135 grace   (21 June 2015 7:06 AM)
ive been calling since last night through your hotline no but its not going through..no phone banker is available even this morning. i want to inquire my savings account balance, atm pin forgot

134 marissa marcelo   (13 June 2015 12:34 PM)
Hello , good day i just want to know our bills statement for this month. Thank you.

133 marissa marcelo   (13 June 2015 12:32 PM)
Thank for using this page ... Can you please send me our credit card bill statement for this month.

132 Julie W. Castellano   (12 June 2015 0:24 AM)
thank you

131 Aillisz   (11 June 2015 3:43 AM)
Hello, i just want to inquire my bpi balance account, i filled up already the form.thank you!

130 rosalio pacilan jr   (02 June 2015 7:50 AM)
i want to check my account.

129 jeanalyn sungahid   (01 June 2015 6:16 PM)
I want to check my balance account and about my status in banking

128 king   (29 May 2015 3:27 AM)
i want to check my balance

127 karlo castillo   (27 May 2015 7:11 AM)
i want to check my balance

126 imsyang   (26 May 2015 1:13 PM)
I want to check my balance account.

125 nancymila39   (26 May 2015 0:34 AM)

How to check my balance account.

Thank you!!!!!

124 Bienvenido Jr. Raterta   (23 May 2015 8:05 AM)
I want to check may balance account

123 Romelyn Monterola Hernando   (22 May 2015 5:14 PM)
how to sign up to
inquire my balance in bpi bank

thank you

122 caren dondonay   (21 May 2015 7:22 PM)
I want to check my atm balance in bpi

121 gelen   (20 May 2015 11:11 PM)
I want to check my balance in bpi

120 estrella aguilar   (16 May 2015 1:53 PM)
i want to check balance inquiry in atm bpi account

119 estrella aguilar   (16 May 2015 1:33 PM)
i want to check my atm balance in bpi

118 rozelda   (15 May 2015 6:26 PM)

117 SHERWIN E. PREGLO   (15 May 2015 2:51 AM)
i want to check my balance,,i already fill up the form you ask,,,

116 myrna ani   (09 May 2015 7:47 PM)
How can i sign up to inquire balance?

115 Analyn m.papa   (09 May 2015 6:32 AM)
i want to check my balance

114 Erlindazacarias   (30 April 2015 7:18 PM)
I forgot my password and my username please help me. I want to see my balance

113 joan digma   (30 April 2015 8:15 AM)
I want to inquire my balance in bpi savings.

112 Juanito Canonigo jr   (26 April 2015 1:32 PM)
Sr.good morning I want to inquire my balance in my account..

111 jenny rose padernal   (24 April 2015 4:19 PM)
Hi, mam/sir I want to balance in my atm.thank you.

110 rodelio s. montecillo   (20 April 2015 11:55 PM)
thank you

109 kristel b bulawit   (11 April 2015 10:42 PM)
hi sir maam
how to inquire online to pbi

108 Malou espinosa   (09 April 2015 9:11 PM)
Hi sir/ma'm,

I want to know my balance in my atm

107 SHERYL LABAN ESCARLAN   (09 April 2015 2:40 PM)
i check my atm account

106 dess   (08 April 2015 8:02 AM)
hi I wanted to know why my account balance is 0 and my total balance is 563? how did it happened? this is a payroll account

105 Jo-Ann J.Manzon   (08 April 2015 7:00 AM)
hello and good day just a short question is your online bpiexpressonline are down or the system
is now totally cannot be used. It is because it is almost two weeks now that i cannot even view if
my allotment is already been sent to my account or my car loan was already debit through my account.please
notify is if the system are now no longer exist.hard for us to go and check through teller machine since
the easy way is online express. we hope for immediate reply.God Bless BPI..
truly yours
mrs manzon

104 mariza dumalaoco   (03 April 2015 8:39 PM)
How to check my balance

103 Jhoanne Marie Lizardo   (30 December 2014 7:17 AM)
how to check my balance through sms.

102 Noel Ador Dionisio   (16 November 2014 2:41 AM)
good evening i want to check my balance by online. i want to know if the money i send in my account in the Philippines is received on not im in Jeddah KSA now pls help me...

101 saada   (01 November 2014 4:34 AM)
Good evening! I want to check my balance by online

100 Heaven Knows   (16 October 2014 1:12 PM)
I want to know if the money i send to my atm account in the phillippines is received.im in Taiwan now.pls help

99 Nick Mongaya   (04 September 2014 7:42 AM)
how can i enroll bpi online?

98 Raida Victoriano Callejo   (01 September 2014 2:39 PM)
I want to know my balance in my atm

97 Jhoieza Rose Pantaleon   (19 August 2014 6:05 PM)
Hi , I open new account yesterday . And I deposit already a money then I check my balance now it's zero . Why ? Please help

96 Joy Immanuel   (11 August 2014 6:18 PM)
what about if im in riyadh how can i enroll in bpi online? to check my atm balance?

95 Shy Senupe   (11 July 2014 1:52 PM)
how to check my balance.?

94 marjobert   (30 June 2014 6:22 PM)
How to chek my balance?

93 romeo juarez   (20 June 2014 1:23 PM)
want to check my balance so how to check my balance

92 romeo juarez   (20 June 2014 1:06 PM)
how to check my balance

91 Renilda C. Mondares   (18 June 2014 4:08 PM)
I want the balance of my account

90 angilyn sta rosa   (04 June 2014 6:18 AM)
balance my saving

89 Cheredel Samson   (29 May 2014 4:39 PM)
Checking my savings

88 Noel Peralta   (15 May 2014 3:46 PM)
How much the minimum balance

87 blessie lipaen   (14 May 2014 8:05 PM)
please reply.thanks

86 blessie lipaen   (14 May 2014 8:00 PM)
hi i would like to know my account balance. thanks

85 antissaformanes   (03 May 2014 7:26 AM)
I need to know my balance..

84 antissaformanes   (03 May 2014 7:24 AM)
Hi. I would like to ask my balance in my account. Pls reply

83 rosalie   (07 March 2014 11:20 AM)
Good day bpi...I open an accnt in phil. And my atm is with me..I deposit money in my bank accnt.but I don't know if its already in. How to do the balance inquiry? Its my first time here..pls.asst.

82 Angel Tejada   (03 March 2014 10:00 PM)
hi, i would like to ask if i got this kind of message from bpi ( the maintaning balance waiver that you've enjoyed on your new account has expired. to avoid service fee, please maintain 3k) still i can deposit? if my husband deposit from saudi, is there a chance that the money will deposit to my husband account???

please reply, thank you.

81 elma angco labadan   (03 March 2014 10:02 AM)

80 Melanie Ocampo   (02 March 2014 10:57 PM)
Good evening po! I cant remember po my password and user id, can you send it po in my email account. Thanks

79 Cindy Lontok   (25 February 2014 7:50 PM)
I cannot contact 89100.
I need to know my username and password to access my account in bpi online.
Pls send my username and password thru my email address

78 julie   (20 February 2014 3:27 PM)

77 Katherine Yu   (15 February 2014 3:36 PM)
I'm trying to view my account statement online. However, I can only see the first page summary. I'd like to also view the transaction details, but I can't see it. Please advise how to check it. Thanks.

76 Ok   (14 February 2014 8:03 PM)
Can I check my Saving account on ATM it's newly open and I deposits 2 times, I need to know if my deposit were in my account

75 Charito E. Valdez   (13 February 2014 2:30 AM)
How to check my balace in my saving account

74 Charito E. Valdez   (12 February 2014 4:10 AM)
I want to checkk my balace, in my atm. How can to check

73 cristina culaban   (07 February 2014 10:55 AM)
i have a problem regarding my BPI GLOBE BANKO Account, BPI GLOBE BANKO can accept payment from the merchant DORELCO, why is it that i paid my bill due and my 6 other relatives and it surprised me knowing that my savings account were deducted those amount that were due and my bill at DORELCO were not paid off? were did my money go?

72 Mary Ann   (06 February 2014 0:56 AM)
As far as I know my total deposits is P32,193. But when I checked my atm here in kuwait my balance is only KD70 or P11000+.where did the 20thou plus go..I need my money now. If I only knew that my money will be like this I should not put it in your bank..

71 lalinka ledesma   (01 February 2014 8:44 AM)
I deposited 35 500 but receipt showed 15 500 only.. i deposited at BPI molo branbch

69 Marcelino Manarang   (28 January 2014 10:34 PM)
it is possible to reset my current username and password due to forgot it, and to enroll again to BPI for banking inquiry

70 admin   (31 January 2014 7:36 PM)
Marcelino Manarang, yes

68 Marcelino Manarang   (28 January 2014 10:28 PM)
i forgot my username and password for my BPI banking online inquiry due to not using online frequently please help me on this matter thanks..

67 ada   (23 January 2014 4:37 PM)
is it possible to enroll bpi globe banko account in online banking website? tnx a lot...

66 j.conrad supremo   (23 January 2014 3:21 PM)
good service

65 melvin Gales   (21 January 2014 6:14 PM)
I would like to ask on how to check my balance in ATM account in BPI through online thank you.

64 christoper   (18 January 2014 9:52 AM)
I would like to ask on how to check my balance in my ATM account in BPI through online
Thank you

62 Grace V. Galaraga   (10 January 2014 9:03 PM)
I would like to ask on how to check my balance in my ATM account in BPI through on line...
Thank you and God bless!!!

63 admin   (14 January 2014 9:08 AM)
Grace V. Galaraga, you should follow the procedure presented in the above article.

61 Gamaliel C Gonzales   (08 January 2014 10:20 AM)
I used to monitor all my accounts both pesos & dollar account. How come today, It doesn't show up my dollar account?


60 walter masing jr   (21 December 2013 12:08 PM)
ayaw ko nlang

59 Ramil Namalata   (20 December 2013 8:30 PM)
why I did not recieve any confirmatioin?

58 janel marasigan   (14 November 2013 4:41 PM)
good day..before i leave in the philippines i went to bpi bank to activated my atm thru international..but when im here in dubai & tried to withdraw its not working..its my atm is still not activated??thanks..hope to hear your responce soon..

57 Sonia Alburan Bulosan   (18 October 2013 12:03 PM)
How would I know my balance in my maxi saver account and my ATM?

56 john paul soriano   (10 October 2013 9:02 PM)
can u pls send me my statement of account

55 Cherrylyn s. valencia   (10 October 2013 8:42 AM)
gusto ko mag time deposit sa account ko magkano ang minimum amount at ilan monts din. at magkano ang interest

53 Merlita   (27 September 2013 4:38 PM)
How to check my balance in my ATM account in BPI through online .thank you and have a blessed day

54 admin   (28 September 2013 11:13 AM)
Merlita, the same procedure po na nasa itaas. You need to enroll your ATM account to BPI online banking facility. This might help you po: "How to Apply for BPI Online Banking"

If you are enrolled to BPI's online banking, you can now access your account balance and do other banking transactions such as fund transfer or pay bills.

52 audreymonge   (20 September 2013 8:33 AM)
i have an savings account in bpi bank..i open it..last march 26, 2013 in my PEDOS time..i change already the password..but the problem..until now i ddnt put or deposit even 200...my question is..its my atm account is still activated until now..because i have a plan to deposit now in my account..thank you!!

51 marion giselle cawagas   (11 September 2013 3:35 AM)

Hi I would like to ask how to access my account because I forgot my password? I can't call in your landline because I am in Qatar we don't have a landline here.

thank you!

50 marevic ybanez   (04 September 2013 11:37 PM)
wala po akong comment...ask lang po ako kung ano swift code nyo sa BPI para makahulog ako sa account ko...thanks..GOD BLESS

49 joan   (05 August 2013 5:28 PM)
gd pm po , paano ako mka log in bakit po pag mag log.in ako in correct na d ko mn tlga nkalimutan ang password at user id ko. pls help me mag inquire sana ako. salamat po

48 Emeliano m. mapano   (27 July 2013 3:15 AM)
how to open my account i go to the website but i cant open pls ,tell me how to do it , bec i want to deposit money but first i want to know my balance ty.God bless

47 MAGDALENA E. CARAY   (24 July 2013 5:12 PM)
today, 7-24-13 at 3:00 pm my daughter withdrawn 1,000 from my bpi direct account thru atm, however no amount of money was discharge. What will we do please help us. she waited for 20 minutes in the machine but no amount discharged. Please help. Thank you.

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