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How to Inquire Account Balance in BPI Online Banking
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No time to go to BPI ATM to inquire account balance? You can do a balance inquiry for free by accessing your account or your BPI ATM Card through online banking. Here are the steps you need to do:

Step 1

You must be enrolled first in BPI's online banking. This might help you:
Step 2

If you are already enrolled in BPI's online banking, go to BPI website (https://www.bpiexpressonline.com) and log-in to your account

Inside BPI's Online Banking Website
BPI balance inquiry

Step 3

Right after successfully logging-in to BPI website, you can see your available balance. You can also do other online banking transactions.

Do you have any problem regarding your account balance in BPI online banking facility? Tell us in the comment below.

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169 Eric Valencia   (16-September-2015 4:35 PM)
thank you

168 arli   (10-September-2015 1:23 AM)
what happened to bpiexpressonline??? almost 1 month already i cant inquire my balance..i cant log in in my acct..what happened???

167 carla fabros   (08-September-2015 3:16 PM)
for balance inquiry

166 mimi laguardia   (08-September-2015 1:03 PM)
i want to know my balance in my atm account

165 Annalun   (08-September-2015 10:25 AM)
hi everyone plesae help i forgot my user id and password..i dont know what im going to do because im in overseas, i tried to call outside philippines toll free international number but i can't connect. thank you

164 Jocelyn Tendero Cabrera   (06-September-2015 10:39 AM)
statement of account ATM Card

163 Jainasil Pillado   (02-September-2015 1:21 AM)

162 normina sanday   (25-August-2015 9:35 AM)
Cant access my account

161 Sheila Ann fadriga   (22-August-2015 2:42 PM)
For balance inquiry

160 Nezza sadio   (13-August-2015 11:56 AM)
I forgot my first user name

159 ROEL ALFECHE JAVA   (05-August-2015 9:06 PM)
I cannot put additional money in my mutual funds....

158 ROEL ALFECHE JAVA   (05-August-2015 9:05 PM)
Thank you for enrolling in BPI Express Online however your account is not yet activated.

Please wait for our e-mail confirming the activation of your account.

ALMOST 4 MONTHS STILL WAITING WHEN my BPI Express Online account is activated.

157 sigma   (04-August-2015 11:00 PM)
i tried many times to registered express online to my account,and the online response already enrolled but when i try to call in 89-100 must be register to online don't know what should i do. please help me asap, i am outside in phils. thank you

156 MARK JOHN B. ASENJO   (03-August-2015 2:44 AM)
balance inquire

155 MARK JOHN B. ASENJO   (03-August-2015 2:43 AM)
i want to check may account thru online

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