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How to Inquire Account Balance in Metrobank Online

Don't have time to go to Metrobank ATM to inquire your account balance? One of the largest bank in the Philippines, Metrobank offers a convenient way to inquire your balance.


Through Metrobank online banking. You can access your account anytime and anywhere (24/7).

Before you do an online balance inquiry, you need to be enrolled in Metrobank online banking. To apply for Metrobank online banking service, read this article: "How to Apply for Metrobank Online Banking".

Just click the link above on how to enroll or apply for Metrobank online banking. After you have been successfully enrolled, follow the steps below in order to check your account balance online:

1.  Go to the official Metrobank Online Banking Website which is the MetrobankDirect website (https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/) and log-in.

Metrobank Online Banking Website

2.  After you log-in, you can now see your available balance.

Metrobank Online Balance Inquiry

Take note: Accessing your account online or doing an online balance inquiry is free of charge.

Do you find it useful to inquire your Metrobank account balance online? Tells us your thoughts below in the comment.
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Total comments: 197
197 ariate noel   (23 July 2016 2:34 PM)
i want to inquire my balance to my atm

196 Austria S. Miyasaka   (18 July 2016 9:38 AM)
How to check account balance of BDO kabayan savings

195 Danniza Luz   (17 July 2016 1:26 PM)
why i didnt recieve any result?

194 Wardlen   (06 July 2016 1:50 PM)
Why I don't receive OTP CODE

193 Syrish Verdera   (02 July 2016 3:14 PM)
I want to see my balance in may atm card

192 mylene medina   (02 July 2016 1:31 PM)
How to check my account

191 mylene medina   (02 July 2016 1:29 PM)
How to check my balance in Metrobank

190 joy   (29 June 2016 11:20 PM)
can do online debitcard?

189 Ginalyn Banton   (24 June 2016 1:55 PM)
How to online balance inquiry in metrobank?

188 rebecca tan   (22 June 2016 3:01 PM)
why is it i can't swipe my credit card? and i can't log in to metrobank direct.. huhu what should i do?

187 Ricamor geoca   (02 June 2016 10:35 AM)
Just wanna ask what is the swift code of Metrobank? Is it ok to send in my atm card from abroad specifically from china . Thx hope to receive respond very soon. Thank you

186 Orlando Apostol   (31 May 2016 11:46 AM)

185 Immaculada Zarate Dela Rosa   (28 May 2016 4:35 AM)
I want to check my balance.

184 jackielyn rada   (25 May 2016 6:19 PM)
i want to check my balance

183 RYAN ALMORFE RUFO   (17 May 2016 12:21 PM)

182 Markwill Manzano   (14 May 2016 8:52 PM)
im trying to enroll my new account in metrobank but unfortunately i keep on receiving message that i have an invalid data,which is i know that im giving right details.. please help thanks

180 Rizalito Nacu   (06 May 2016 7:19 AM)
Why i cannot create an account due to invalid data? I entered the correct data.

Please Help, i can't balance inquiry.


179 Rizalito Nacu   (06 May 2016 7:17 AM)
check my balance please

178 LJ SANDOVAL   (05 May 2016 8:38 PM)
my account has been locked for security purposes,i can't open it because i forgot my password. How can I unlocked it? thanks

181 admin   (07 May 2016 4:41 PM)

177 Emily   (04 May 2016 7:21 AM)
Can i use my number here in canada to registered an online banking, thanks

176 Lorna   (03 May 2016 3:49 PM)
Good day!
Do you have any idea how to request for my statement of account for all my transactions made from 2013 until 2015.
I really need your help.


174 June Gaas   (02 May 2016 11:10 PM)
can I make another online banking account. my account was locked due to wrong password so instead of retrieving I will just make a new one is it possible

175 admin   (03 May 2016 7:22 AM)
June Gaas, you need to call Metrobank Customer Service (02-870-0700) to unlock your account.

173 alfredo cruz ylanan jr.   (29 April 2016 8:37 PM)
Good day,

can i ask my account no. if is still activate?can you please check my balance.. thank you
Acct. no. 373 340 782 5

172 Shirley m. tongol   (25 April 2016 10:25 AM)
please kindly send my balance through my email.thanks!

171 Pearly R. Ocat   (11 April 2016 6:09 PM)
please kindly check my balance this account # 254-3-254-22408-2 metrobank

170 Barbie Goldie Aimee Marcos   (30 March 2016 5:47 PM)
i needed to open a new account lately my dad Mr. Esmeralito A. Marcos deposited a dollar account on his account i had the original reciept of dollar account just send in to my email as soon as possible.,......

169 Jayson m pamintuan   (27 March 2016 6:04 PM)
My balance check it. How

168 Ramil A. Batuhan jr.   (23 March 2016 1:23 PM)
kidnly check my balance
thanks. :)

167 Vilma Brillantes Irabagon   (23 March 2016 11:27 AM)
Thank you

166 juliet eyas takahashi   (19 March 2016 5:33 PM)
Kindly check my balance

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