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How to Inquire Account Balance in Metrobank Online
Don't have time to go to Metrobank ATM to inquire your account balance? One of the largest bank in the Philippines, Metrobank offers a convenient way to inquire your balance.


Through Metrobank online banking. You can access your account anytime and anywhere (24/7).

Before you do an online balance inquiry, you need to be enrolled in Metrobank online banking. To apply for Metrobank online banking service, read this article: "How to Apply for Metrobank Online Banking".

Just click the link above on how to enroll or apply for Metrobank online banking. After you have been successfully enrolled, follow the steps below in order to check your account balance online:

1.  Go to the official Metrobank Online Banking Website which is the MetrobankDirect website (https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/) and log-in.

Metrobank Online Banking Website

2.  After you log-in, you can now see your available balance.

Metrobank Online Balance Inquiry

Take note: Accessing your account online or doing an online balance inquiry is free of charge.

Do you find it useful to inquire your Metrobank account balance online? Tells us your thoughts below in the comment.
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156 chris oliver   (30-January-2016 2:00 PM)
What if i did not remit for 2 years?my money still there??thank you

155 Florentino Marcos Manuel   (05-January-2016 7:26 PM)
Please check my balance

154 Lanie Gili   (29-December-2015 1:44 PM)
Good morning

153 anessa francesca mitra   (27-December-2015 1:55 PM)
can you please check my balance?

152 robert gener   (15-December-2015 8:47 AM)
can i inquire my balance?

151 Anaflor Borreo Bragado   (12-December-2015 0:20 AM)
Will you please check my balance?thank you

150 Anaflor Borreo Bragado   (12-December-2015 0:11 AM)
Good evening im just to know my savings in my bank account. Thank youū

149 windelyn angsinco   (11-December-2015 4:28 AM)
check my balance

148 jollibee   (05-December-2015 1:45 AM)
can I use to withdraw my atm card here at abu dhabi

146 Ernelyn Ariston   (30-November-2015 4:13 PM)
What if i have encoded the wrong password and metrobank closed it for security purposes? How can i open it again?

147 admin   (03-December-2015 7:35 AM)
Ernelyn Ariston, your account will be unblocked after 24 hours. So, you can access or log-in to your account again.

145 JOCERIE SALIDO   (28-November-2015 9:05 AM)
Please can u check my balance thank you

144 galoanuta   (27-November-2015 2:40 AM)
please check my balance thank you.

143 Katherine Jane Abejar   (21-November-2015 7:52 PM)
Please check my balance in my ATM account and payslip on oOctober and November. Thanks

142 madonna   (18-November-2015 1:37 PM)
Please can you check my balance?

141 Ryan N. San Juan   (17-November-2015 10:01 AM)
Please check my balance.thank you

140 jennielyn jaime   (12-November-2015 3:06 PM)
please can u check my balance

139 ciena eve labuntog   (10-November-2015 11:47 AM)
i want to check my balance

138 arselia   (21-October-2015 2:37 PM)
Please check my balance.thank you

137 arselia   (21-October-2015 2:36 PM)
Pls check my balance, im going to deposit

136 San   (18-October-2015 7:22 AM)
check my balance pls.ty

135 San   (18-October-2015 7:17 AM)
I wanna check my balance

134 raul serrano   (24-September-2015 11:00 PM)
check my balance

133 charity briones   (22-September-2015 4:56 AM)
Until now i did not receive my activation email

132 Lorie   (21-September-2015 6:22 PM)
How can i sure that if i give my atm number and personal identification number to this website can i guarantee my security?

131 eddie delacruz   (21-September-2015 11:18 AM)

130 Noregen   (20-September-2015 1:16 AM)
Good pm po,pano po ba mgregister ng online banking sa metrobank.gusto ko po macheck balance ko.free of charge.salamat po.

129 Nema5   (18-September-2015 11:12 PM)
Kindly check my balance please. thank you

128 Jesusa c.takano   (15-September-2015 7:16 PM)
Good pm i want to know my balance please.thank you

127 eiseldaraug22   (15-September-2015 10:49 AM)
good morning. I want to know my balance.

126 ailyn bataller & apolonio jr cruz   (13-September-2015 11:55 PM)
good day. i want to check my dollar account .how cant i check thru online.?

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