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How to Inquire Account Balance in Metrobank Online
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Don't have time to go to Metrobank ATM to inquire your account balance? One of the largest bank in the Philippines, Metrobank offers a convenient way to inquire your balance.


Through Metrobank online banking. You can access your account anytime and anywhere (24/7).

Before you do an online balance inquiry, you need to be enrolled in Metrobank online banking. To apply for Metrobank online banking service, read this article: "How to Apply for Metrobank Online Banking".

Just click the link above on how to enroll or apply for Metrobank online banking. After you have been successfully enrolled, follow the steps below in order to check your account balance online:

1.  Go to the official Metrobank Online Banking Website which is the MetrobankDirect website (https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/) and log-in.

Metrobank Online Banking Website

2.  After you log-in, you can now see your available balance.

Metrobank Online Balance Inquiry

Take note: Accessing your account online or doing an online balance inquiry is free of charge.

Do you find it useful to inquire your Metrobank account balance online? Tells us your thoughts below in the comment.

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86 enriquezjahn • 7:55 PM, 27-February-2015
i wanna see my account balance,how can i do it?
85 Tony Kakko Sonata • 9:36 AM, 19-February-2015
Balance inquire please,..tnx
84 avcd16andrei10 • 2:58 PM, 08-February-2015
how to see may balance inquire
83 Mary Grace Lagare Buagas • 6:44 PM, 30-January-2015
i forgot my pin code what do i do??
82 Mara Klar • 6:51 AM, 08-January-2015
thanks it helps. :)
81 ray lazarte • 10:49 PM, 03-January-2015
i have a booking via online at the hotel and later on i cancelled it that apply 999.00 php cancellation charges but my atm card has only 559.00 php balance ... it was a debit card ... question is the bank will going to charges my card??? what will i do?
80 Melissa Mangogtong • 8:40 PM, 27-December-2014
I cant open an account because of the atm pin.. when i type the atm pin the numbers will repeat itself .huhu what should i do? Mel..
79 rcme29 • 12:39 PM, 23-December-2014
how to inquire my balance in metro bank please hope u help me
78 Michael Angelo Andres • 8:43 PM, 20-December-2014
balance inquire please
77 Punzalan Shanne • 11:05 PM, 01-December-2014
how to inquire balance for metrobank debit
76 Liezel J. Baguinat • 11:11 AM, 23-November-2014
can i enroll online?
where is the form?
75 Liezel J. Baguinat • 11:09 AM, 23-November-2014
How to log in?
74 Liezel J. Baguinat • 11:09 AM, 23-November-2014
I wanna see my account balance, how can I do it?
73 Maelyncantina • 11:32 AM, 27-October-2014
I want to inquire my balance
72 Manelyn Batara • 6:33 PM, 02-October-2014
I wanna see my acount balance
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