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How to Enroll in Metrobank Online Banking Online?

Whether you're an old or new online banking user of Metrobank (MetrobankDirect), you can enroll your Metrobank account to Metrobank's online banking facility called MetrobankDirect. This is a very simple procedure and it only takes about five (5) minutes to do it.

Step 1

Go to the official website of Metrobank online banking facility (for retail or individual) called MetrobankDirect Personal.
Click the Sign up now link as you can see on the screenshot below:

Metrobank Online Banking MetrobankDirect

Step 2

Select the type of account you want to enroll. Is it your ATM Card or your Credit Card?. If you enroll your ATM Card, choose ATM Card. Then, click Continue button.

Enroll in Metrobank Online Banking
Enroll ATM Card in Metrobank Online Banking

Step 3

Fill-out the Enrollment Form.

Enrollment Form Metrobank Online Banking

Tips for filling-out of the following fields:
  • Preferred USER ID - don't use your name. As much as possible, use a combination of letters and numbers (alphanumeric).
  • ATM Card Number - enter the card number that can be found printed at the front of ATM Card. Add three zeros (000) at the end of your 16-digit ATM card number.
Metrobank ATM Card Number
  • ATM PIN - enter the PIN code (or Personal Identification Number) of your atm card
  • Card Holder's Name - make sure you write First Name first, then Middle Name, and Last Name
  • Mobile Number - enter your mobile number. Make sure you enter your most used mobile number in order to receive your One-Time-Password or OTP and transact the online banking service securely.
Proceed to the next step.

You will receive a message (MetrobankDirect User Activation) to your email like what you can see below:


Dear Mr. *******,

Thank you for choosing Metrobankdirect for your internet banking needs.

To activate your Metrobankdirect account, please follow the instructions below:

1. Copy and paste the link on your address bar to access the activation page.

Activation URL: https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/RetailInternetPortal/activationwizard.do?activationId=************

*Please note that this link will remain active within 3 days upon receipt.

2. Enter your temporary password.

Your temporary password is: **********

3. Read the terms and condition and click "I AGREE".

4. Provide at least 2 challenge questions and answers and click "SAVE".

5. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile no.

6. Change your temporary password.

7. You may now login to Metrobankdirect.

Should you require further information, you may contact Metrobank Customer Care Desk through any of the following:

Hotline : (632) 8700-700
Domestic Toll-free : 1-800-1888-5775 (for provincial areas only)
E-mail : customercare@metrobank.com.ph

Thank you and we are glad to be of service to you.

Metrobank E-Banking Division

Click the activation link and follow further instructions given in the email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. I have already an account enrolled in Metrobank Online Banking (MetrobankDirect), can I re-enroll it by following the steps above? Yes.
  2. I cannot update my mobile number, that's why I cannot receive my One Time Password (OTP). How can I update my mobile number? Read this "How to Update Mobile Number in Metrobank Online Banking?".
  3. Is there any fee in enrolling an account to Metrobank Online Banking? No. It's free.
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29 Laline Paradero   (02 March 2017 6:44 PM)
Hi, i tried to sign up online but it says that my card number is invalid,it says that it should be 19 digits. i have an atm debit card. Please help me !

28 aldin s arasad   (02 March 2017 5:27 AM)
Nage-enroll ako sa metrobank direct pero laging sinasabi is INVALID. I checked and tried it many times pero laging INVALID. Ano pong kailangan kong gawin. Please help. Th

27 Cherry Arellano   (24 February 2017 10:41 PM)

I cant register my prepaid card to metrobank direct. Whats that mean? I tried many times but it says "your ATM card is not valid range" even I put 000 at the end of 16digits. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks

26 Manolo P. Galvez   (10 January 2017 10:38 AM)
Good day I am enrolling online my passbook US dollar account is it possible. Thanks

25 Cherie Fuentes   (10 January 2017 1:33 AM)
Good day,
I was being advised to enroll my account online but as i understand these steps it is only for personal account. My account is corporate (me and my sister). How can i enroll it so i can used online banking. I requested for a bank statement but it takes long time for them to give me.
Your response is highly appreciated.
Thank you

24 Coco Saj   (07 January 2017 5:56 AM)
I cant register, I only have 13 digits for my account number

23 Gahby   (22 November 2016 2:07 AM)
Good evening. Nage-enroll ako sa metrobank direct pero laging sinasabi is INVALID. I checked and tried it many times pero laging INVALID. Ano pong kailangan kong gawin. Please help. Thank you.

22 Camille Dawn M. Pardua   (20 November 2016 4:37 PM)
Nafill-up ko na po yung info sinunod ko naman po lahat pero bakit lagi pong invalid? Thank you po.

21 CELSO D. CENTINO   (12 November 2016 11:47 AM)
thank you

20 Gian Mikaelo Poldiak   (10 November 2016 10:23 AM)
Hello, how do I enroll my Debit card? because there's only Credit and ATM. Please help

19 jeyvie   (08 November 2016 12:56 PM)
Can I sign up using a Metrobank Debit Card? I tried to sign up but it need 6digits of pin number but my pin number is only 5digits

17 Anna Rose Carwel   (28 October 2016 11:42 AM)
why does it says it needs 19 digits for the atm card # where in mine is only 16? Thank you.

18 admin   (29 October 2016 5:44 PM)
Ann, It's because of the growing number of Metrobank accountholders. They increase the digits of the account number.

Just add 3 zeros at the beginning of your account number to make it 19 digits.

16 Riz   (11 October 2016 1:01 PM)
Hi! Tanong lang po.. D po match ang temporary password ko para po maactivate yong metrobankdirect account na kaeenrol ko palang
Ano po dapat gawin? Thank yoi

15 Margarett   (22 September 2016 8:59 PM)
Good evening. Nage-enroll ako sa metrobank direct pero laging sinasabi is INVALID. I checked and tried it many times pero laging INVALID. Ano pong kailangan kong gawin. Please help. Thank you.

14 bambamjhoe   (21 August 2016 11:06 PM)
how well i know my account savings in metrobank for ofw

12 Vinooo   (09 August 2016 9:39 PM)
I don't have a middle name.what will I write middle namebox

13 admin   (10 August 2016 8:43 AM)
Vinooo, just write any name you want. Or left it blank.

11 Joyce Ann Espina   (28 July 2016 8:54 AM)
What can i do if my activation code url for accessing online banking expired? I reapplied at Metrobank.com.ph and it stated that i was already enrolled. Your prompt response will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

10 Chona Orbita Escalicas   (19 July 2016 10:03 PM)
Please Help me to access my account online.

Thank you

9 john paul bautista   (07 June 2016 3:38 PM)
Dear metrobank Please help me to access my account online.

Thank you!

8 john paul bautista   (07 June 2016 3:35 PM)
Please let me access my account online.
Thank you

7 rachel portiles   (04 June 2016 0:30 AM)
i need some help, how can i enroll my account properly. i give all the details but they always say its invalid data. i fallow all the steps but i cannot finish beause they says invalid? and there asking the PIN number, is it the PIN i'm using in my card or i create new one. i'm so confuse

6 Mendel Margallo Adona   (31 May 2016 11:24 AM)
I am currently abroad and trying to enroll/register in Metrobankdirect using mg atm account but I cannot go through with the activition because I am unable to receive the One Time Password on my mobile number here in abroad.

Please advise how can I get through with the activition. Thank you very much!

5 michelle   (29 May 2016 2:45 AM)
i have a question..i dont have atm or credit card only passbook..can i enroll in metrobank online banking?if yes.. how?

4 John-john morillo   (06 May 2016 6:25 AM)
No comment

3 FGVerdad   (29 March 2016 9:46 AM)
I have already registered with metrobank direct however the activation link has expired already. I try to register again and it says i'm already registered how can I proceed?

2 Roben   (13 February 2016 12:19 PM)
Hello.. Tried the steps above for re-enrolling. It says my account is already enrolled and is not allowing me to re-enroll. Why is that? Hope you can help. Thanks

1 Mary Angelane R. Ayon   (30 January 2016 9:46 AM)
Why i can't put my account card number in online registration to check my account. It is my first time to enroll.