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How to Enroll in Metrobank Mobile Banking?

Avail the great benefits of mobile banking from Metrobank! Through your phone or tablet, you can access your Metrobank account (inquire account balance), transfer funds, or even pay your bills or buy a phone e-load. You can do this if you enroll your Metrobank account to the Metrobank Mobile Banking service. Follow the steps below:

Enroll in Metrobank Mobile Banking

Step 1

You should have a Metrobank account enrolled to Metrobank's online banking system (MetrobankDirect). You may refer to this: "How to Enroll in Metrobank Online Banking (MetrobankDirect)?".

Step 2

Log-in to your MetrobankDirect account. Inside your MetrobankDirect Account, go to Options --> Enroll --> Mobile Banking Enrollment.

Enroll Metrobank Mobile Banking

Step 3

You will be redirected to the Mobile Banking Enrollment form. Check or select the account you want enroll and enter 6-digit MPIN. Then, confirm the transaction.

Enrollment Form Metrobank Mobile Banking

Everytime you want to log-in to your Mobile Banking account on your phone, you are required to enter this MPIN. So, make sure you memorize your MPIN and also make sure it's difficult for others to identify it.

Step 4

If you haven't installed the Metrobank Mobile Banking App, you should install it. If you're using a phone running an Android system, you can download the app in Google Play (or go to this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.metrobank.mbs). 

Metrobank Mobile Banking Google Play

Or if you're using an Apple iPhone running an iOS, you can download the app in iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/metrobank-mobile/id586611307.

Metrobank Mobile Banking iTunes

Step 5

After successfully installing the app, you open the app and activate it by entering your Enrolled Mobile Number and the Activation Code. The activation code will be sent to your mobile phone and to your email at the same time.

Activate Metrobank Mobile Banking

After successful activation, you can log-in to your Metrobank Mobile Banking account by entering your MPIN.

Log-in Metrobank Mobile Banking

Inside the Metrobank Mobile Banking App

What you can see after logging-in to you Metrobank Mobile Banking account are the following:

You can be able to buy cellphone load, transfer funds and pay bills.
Inside Metrobank Mobile Banking Transaction

You can view the available balance of your account.

Inquire Balance Metrobank Mobile Banking

You can manage your account by changing your MPIN and email address.

Change MPIN of Metrobank Mobile Banking Account

Or you can read some important information about the functions of the app's features.

Features of Metrobank Mobile Banking App

Are you having any problem using the Metrobank Mobile Banking App? Do you find it very convenient using it?

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Marlon   (07 October 2017 11:35 PM)
Why I cant Enroll Mobile Banking?

Krisha awuino   (19 May 2017 7:13 PM)
I can't register to mobile banking. When I click the "option" to find the "enrol" to my metrobank nothing appear.