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How to Update Mobile Number in Metrobank Online Banking (MetrobankDirect)?

If your mobile number is not updated on your Metrobank Online Banking (MetrobankDirect), you will be having problems with some online banking transactions such as:
  • Fund Transfer to Unregistered Account
  • Enrolling 3rd Party Account to Metrobank Online Banking
  • etc.

Why are you going to have problems with those transactions?

Because fund transfer to unregistered account requires One Time Password (OTP). This OTP will be sent to your mobile number (mobile phone). The same with enrolling 3rd party account which also requires OTP.

If you're using a new mobile number, you cannot receive the OTP which is needed to be entered to those transactions. If your old mobile number (the one you indicated upon online banking enrollment) is lost because you lost your sim or phone, you need to update your mobile number.

Update Mobile Number in Metrobank Online Banking

How to update your mobile number in your Metrobank Online Banking account?

Option 1. You can send a message (request to update your mobile number) to Metrobank email addresses:
  • customercare@metrobank.com.ph 
  • ebanking@metrobank.com.ph 
  • help@metrobank.com.ph 
Option 2. Go to your Metrobank branch of account and request for mobile number update for online banking. If you don't want to go to the Metrobank branch, you can call them through phone. They can update your mobile number by phone but they will verify your identity first by checking your personal info or your ID numbers of your valid ID's.

Option 4. The easiest one is to create a new Metrobank online banking account. Here's how: "How to Enroll in Metrobank Online Banking?". Make sure to enter your new mobile number upon registration. This will take 5 minutes to register online.

Are you having problems with updating your mobile number?
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5 Charm   (10 November 2016 3:13 AM)
Nakaka'hassle naman pupunta pa sa designated branch na from where i applied my ATM just to change my number pano kung nasa Ajman ako tapos Abu Dhabi ako naka pag register. Sana lagyan naman ng option to change through online. And it's too costly na tatawag pa sa customer service then time wasting also. Sana yung hindi naman nakaka hassle.

4 Victor12   (06 September 2016 12:35 PM)
victor glenn g. cuajao

can you explain how should happen to my OTP password I could not receive, I registered my metro bank account  last week through on line banking direct but
still now I couldn't receive.

3 alan m. pahang   (17 August 2016 1:08 PM)
i am here abroad, i have my metrobank credit card but forgot to activate it prior my departure and my previous phone registered is not valiied right here right now. Please help. Thank you very much.

2 Lorie   (12 July 2016 9:41 AM)
All other options except option 2 is possible. They won't allow changes unless you go to the branch where you signed up personally. Option 4 is not possible. The system detects that you have an existing account already.

1 Lan   (17 May 2016 2:22 PM)
When I called they said that they no longer accept mobile changes and that I have to go to my branch to update my mobile number.