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How To Inquire Account Balance in Banco de Oro (BDO) Online
Don't have time to go to an ATM machine to inquire your account balance in Banco De Oro (BDO)? BDO always find a way.

They offer online banking where you can check your available balance.

To inquire your account balance in BDO, you must enroll first in BDO's online banking. This might help you: "How to Apply to BDO Online Banking".

If you have been enrolled in BDO's online banking, then, follow these 2 very simple steps below:

1.  Go to https://online.bdo.com.ph.

This is the online banking facility of BDO where you are going to log-in and access your account online. With BDO's online banking, you can inquire your account balance, pay bills (phone, internet, electricity), transfer money, buy a cellphone load, send money and many others.

2.  After you successfully logged-in, go to Account Information. In this section, you can view your accounts, and their available balance.

BDO Account Balance Inquiry
BDO account balance inquiry

Checking or inquiring your account balance online is free of charge.
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245 Alma Canete   (11-April-2016 8:43 PM)
Please I need to check my balance... Thank You!

244 arturo villaro   (08-April-2016 3:51 PM)
please i want to check balance account , thanks...

243 Imy aldaya   (24-March-2016 4:39 PM)
Hi I just want to check my balance... can you Help me?

242 Maria Corazon A.   (20-March-2016 1:54 PM)

241 Marielito L, Perpetua   (02-March-2016 2:16 PM)

I just want to check my balance, and in addition I would appreciate if you can tell me something about the cash back account. I'm planning to open a separate account with a monthly cashback of Php 10,000. How much do I need to deposit?

I will appreciate if you can send me a reply by today.

Best regards,


240 richard l narito   (01-March-2016 10:19 PM)
i want to know my balance?

239 Michael Martini Vallente   (25-February-2016 7:08 PM)
I want to know my balance?

238 Enelyn d.bala-an   (21-February-2016 12:23 PM)
i want to know my balance

237 helen sanglay   (11-February-2016 9:23 PM)
i want to know my balance

236 Rutchel Espejo   (14-January-2016 1:23 AM)
Balance inquiry

235 marygarce d. landrito   (07-January-2016 4:54 PM)
balance inquiry

234 arnold baylon   (05-January-2016 8:34 PM)
I want to know my balance account no.560007746

233 lemuel garcia lubguban   (14-December-2015 1:56 AM)
I can't check my balance im working in saudi arabia....branch site pasay edsa.....account no.5270109159 and thank you very much

232 lemuel garcia lubguban   (14-December-2015 1:47 AM)
First of all i would like to know my balance cause my atm is missing this is to infom you that i transfer money bank to bank.....

231 lemuel garcia lubguban   (14-December-2015 1:29 AM)
Pls. Reply...thank you

230 lexzie   (02-November-2015 7:05 PM)
i want to know my balance.

229 Joy A. Amis   (29-October-2015 1:50 PM)
I want to know my balance

228 Ramero Hernandez   (29-September-2015 4:11 PM)
please help me how to balance inquiry peso savings account

thank you

227 Liza Martin   (28-September-2015 9:42 PM)
I want to know my balance inquiry

226 abner soriano maycong   (28-September-2015 8:25 AM)
How to know my balance account true online

225 Joselito Culala Nazal   (17-September-2015 9:46 AM)
I want to know my balance true online banking instead of calling in the bank itself.

224 Jenifer Cazeñas   (15-September-2015 10:51 AM)
I want to know my balance inquiry

223 Randy Dagdag Sangalang   (14-September-2015 9:19 PM)
Can I Balance Enquiry only

222 juleta tolores   (10-September-2015 7:27 AM)
I want to plz if my kabayan account still active ...

221 Evelyn Almazar   (09-September-2015 9:10 PM)
I want to know why my checking account accnt. become closed..!?

220 camen aguirre   (08-September-2015 3:54 PM)
i want to knowmy balance inquiry

219 jeffrey pepito   (23-August-2015 10:34 PM)
i want to know my balance inquiry

218 Royce nuestro   (20-August-2015 9:09 AM)
I want to know my balance inquiry

217 Jean nalzaro   (19-August-2015 6:48 PM)
How to register in online banking?

216 charlaine grace c. gonzales   (08-August-2015 2:28 PM)
how much my money on bank book junior

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