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How to Apply for Banco de Oro (BDO) Savings Account

Banco de Oro (BDO) is one of the largest banks in the Philippines and has received several awards and recognitions. Your money is safe and secured if you open or apply a BDO Savings Account. Here's the procedure on how to apply for a Banco de Oro (BDO) Savings Account:

Step 1

Prepare the needed requirements:

a.) At least 2 valid id's. Bring at least 1 or 2 photo-bearing valid id's and 1 or 2 non photo-bearing valid id's:

> Photo-bearing Valid ID's:
- Postal ID
- Driver's License
- Voter's ID
- Company ID
- School ID
- Passport
- Senior Citizen ID
- Government-issued id's:
UMID card
PhilHealth ID

> Non photo-bearing Valid ID's:
- NSO Birth Certificate
- Barangay Clearance/Certificate
- Police Clearance
- NBI Clearance
- Marriage Certificate
- etc...

b.) 2 pieces of 1x1 recent colored pictures of yourself

c.) Initial deposit (2,000 pesos for ATM only  and 5,000 pesos for Passbook with ATM) 

Step 2

Go to your chosen or nearest Banco de Oro (BDO branch).

Step 3

Inside the bank, go to New Accounts section and tell a bank officer that you want to apply for a new account.

Step 4

The bank officer will process your application, do some paperworks, and you will fill out an application form.

Step 5

After filling out the form completely, ask the bank officer when will your ATM or Passbook savings account will be released.

BDO Passbook Savings Account
Photo of my BDO Passbook Savings Account

After the application process, the bank officer will give you a deposit slip that confirms your initial deposit transaction. 

Claiming Your BDO ATM/Passbook (Waiting Period)

Usually BDO will release your ATM or Passbook after 7 days (1 week). So, you should go back to your bank after a week and don't forget to bring your deposit slip to claim your ATM or Passbook savings account.

  • If you want to access your BDO account online, you should enroll to BDO online banking. With this facility, you can inquire your account balance online, pay your bills (utility, landline, electric bills, etc.) online, or transfer money to other bdo accounts online. You can also load your mobile phone online with this facility.

Happy banking with Banco de Oro (BDO)!

Do you have any concerns with BDO savings account?
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Total comments: 175
175 walterlaraga30   (08 January 2017 10:04 AM)
i want to apply BDO passbook....thank you

174 Marie   (07 November 2016 6:51 PM)
Is it possible to apply an account if you only have one valid ID for now ? And im a student .. Is it possible ?

173 Marie   (07 November 2016 6:50 PM)
Hello po im a student and my sister told me to open an account yet i only have one valid ID for now is it fine to open for 1 valid ID ??

172 ma.christina patricio   (22 October 2016 8:06 AM)
pwede po ba high school student ang mag open account? salamat po.

171 Jackie Ramiscal   (22 July 2016 12:55 PM)
Ma-help po ba ninyo ako

170 Jackie Ramiscal   (22 July 2016 12:52 PM)
Paano po wala po ako id na kahit ano my id ako sa work po gusto ko talaga po mag-open ng atm ko po

169 mariaj   (24 June 2016 4:21 PM)
good day. if i have a passbook savings account with atm, can i still deposit in my account without having to bring my passbook?
also, can i withdraw in my account using only the atm card without bringing my passbook?
thank you!

168 Rosemarie De Guzman   (05 May 2016 7:58 PM)
Hi I want to open an account

167 Cristelle mae acena   (20 April 2016 10:23 AM)
Hi. I just got a new job and i do not have valid id's yet like sss philhealth. Can i use my nso birth cert and nbi clearance? Thank you

166 Ibrahim   (11 March 2016 8:36 AM)
I want to open an account with the passbook here in the Philippines. How? And what are the requirements?
I am a foreigner with a Filipino wife and want to stay here for good.
Thank you

165 ma. mitzel flores   (10 March 2016 2:36 PM)
my son is 16 years old. Can he open a junior savers account?

164 amie   (13 December 2015 11:27 AM)
how can i apply bdo account? i am working in malaysia right now.

163 Jennifer Rotas   (24 November 2015 4:41 AM)
hi there,
i would like to open account while i am here in australia it is possible thankyou

162 ross   (29 September 2015 12:43 PM)
I already have two valid ID's. Is billing statements still needed? Thank you

161 edzie mendoza   (26 September 2015 4:37 PM)
Hi, would like to ask if it is possible to open an account if I'm in here in Malaysia. I would like to open one, but I don't know what are the requirements. Would really appreciate if you can help me. Thanks

160 Andrea   (25 September 2015 4:55 AM)
Good day maam and sir
How can I apply atm saving accounts? Im working out of country

159 amalia gandangan   (03 September 2015 11:24 AM)
hi i just want to know if i can possibly apply for peso savings account if i have only one photo bearing i.d like SSS and PhilHealth ID And for non photo bearing such as NSO and brgy. clearance any answer will be so much appreciated

158 Annalyn F. Tabo-tabo   (27 August 2015 4:12 PM)
I'm here in Kuwait as OFW. I want to open an account. But how? Is it possible to process online? And deliver it to me here my account?

157 Jasmin Ortega   (23 August 2015 9:57 AM)
Do you have savings account for children age 10?

156 Juvy Luzon   (10 August 2015 2:38 PM)
I want to open ATM savings account but I'm here in Malaysia working, can you help me pls how?

155 azel s zapico   (29 July 2015 1:48 PM)
I want open account..

154 Marilou onas   (29 July 2015 0:57 AM)
Good day I am working here at he'd da Saudi Arabia I want to open an account to your company I keep on searching, could you help me sir/ma'am how to open an account online. Hoping for your kind consideration and hoping you could help to save I live at midsayap cotabato your company have a branch there. Thank you

153 Arkhie   (15 July 2015 6:03 PM)

I would liketo open savings account on my name but i am in myanmar do you have any online application?

152 Xian jane   (13 July 2015 8:11 AM)
Is it possible to open bank account if the only identification i have is NSO birthcertificate and NBI clearance only??please response immediately.. thank you..

151 Evelyn f.mesobre   (11 July 2015 3:43 AM)
Hello mam im ofw now at Russian Moscow.. I would like to open account for online ....to check Mr here my savings?
How can I process here

150 angel zaragoza   (08 July 2015 10:40 AM)
hi good afternoon. I want to apply a bank account to your bank. but I do have Phil health id,pay ibig I'd and student driver license id. is that enough? or what else should I bring when i applying to your bank? thanks.

149 Cynthia   (04 July 2015 11:31 PM)
Hi,I want to open saving account online so went I go back to Philippines I have money safe from the bank like banko due oro, I can't open personally their please help me to apply online how to so I really want thank you I waiting your reply Banko de oro.

148 Jeanethe A Puno   (04 July 2015 2:30 PM)
Good day,i am ofw,i would like to inquire open account,but i dont have any valid ID,i have only passport,is it ok if thats the only documents i can present..??


147 steffanie romar castillo   (28 June 2015 12:38 PM)
hi, good day!!!!i just want to ask if there is a possibility to be a closed account if I already withdraw all my savings in my account due to emergency????I highly appreciated your reply,,thanks

146 cz   (22 June 2015 2:10 PM)
hi I would like to inquire about opening an account for ATM only, but unfortunately I don't have any ID, all I have is my NSO Birth Certificate and NBI Clearance. Is it okay if that's the only documents i can present?.

145 mimi kyours   (09 June 2015 5:04 PM)
and how much did i deposit to my new account , ?

144 mimi kyours   (09 June 2015 5:03 PM)
i have bdo atm and passbook , but sadly its closed .. what do wi do for that ? pls. help me . can i renew my account or what ? thank you ...

143 Jennifer Olaybar   (09 June 2015 4:22 AM)
How to inquire my kabayan savings account

142 Maribel galima   (30 May 2015 12:21 PM)
How much to pay if you open account BDO singapore passbook

141 ariel m. tan   (29 May 2015 8:45 PM)
New account with atm

140 michael velasco   (19 May 2015 9:52 PM)
i went to one of your branches and the security guard gave a copy of the requirements..im deciding to open a savings account but i found out that i need to provide a proof of billing and a landline is required also..almost all of our bills at home are all named in my mother and our landline has been recently disconnected.we decided not to renew the contract since we usually use our cellphones than landline.what will i do to compensate for those requirements? highly appreciated your reply thanks

139 josielyn tan   (10 May 2015 8:52 PM)
My husband and i wants to open an account, is it possible to have an account with two persons?
Like for example, me my husband wants to have an account, but we join in one account, so we both have an access in that account.

138 guada   (27 April 2015 12:44 PM)
can I open a bdo savings account for my 5 year old daughter? I just here to have asecure life while im in abroad at the moment....and she had 2 valid id to present such as passport and school i.d? thank you ..hope to hear it from you soon

137 Imee Pascual   (27 April 2015 11:58 AM)
Hi Sir/Ma'a,

I would like to ask if it is possible to open a joint account for Passbook with ATM?

136 Shella Aparri   (31 January 2015 4:50 PM)
I want to open account but i'm here in Korea is it possible to open account through online..thanks hope you response immediately.

135 Jeason Locsin Trayco   (07 November 2014 10:09 AM)
Hi Good Day!

I would like to inquire about opening an account for ATM only, but unfortunately I don't have any ID, all I have is my NSO Birth Certificate and NBI Clearance. Is it okay if that's the only documents i can present?.

Hoping for your immediate response.
Thank you.

Jeason Trayco

134 Christy Joy Vicente   (07 October 2014 10:14 AM)
Hi,,im joy,,recently in malaysia..i want open account in your bank from here by online..but i dont know how to do..
please help me.,thanks

133 liezel taniajura   (14 August 2014 9:00 AM)
hi , good day, i just wt to ask how much is the initial deposit for a non atm card? thanks

132 Larry Mendoza   (29 July 2014 7:53 PM)
Hi! I'm mr Mendoza of Batangas city.i just have some question regarding on how to open an account.and how much is the initial deposit for the debit card w/ passbook? Do i need to keep or maintain a balance i order to keep my account.active?how much is the maintaining balance?

I am looking forward for this ! Tnx!

131 Christian Marc Mondejar   (10 July 2014 8:31 AM)
Hi, i just opened my account yesterday at BDO SM North Annex
I was just asked the following
* 2 Valid ID
* Landline number (for confirmation of address)
* P2,000 for deposit

They'll take a picture of you through their webcam, so no need to bring a 1x1 photo
They also have a xerox machine, no need to photocopy your id's
soo, yeah thats it.

130 Jonathan Gallardo   (26 June 2014 6:42 AM)
i just want to know if my BDO kabayan savings account is still actice so i can transfer money to this account..
my account number is 5120591567
card number 5194 6301 0920 9261

because i want to transfer money in this card here in abroad

129 Emerald Ellis   (24 June 2014 8:27 PM)
Is underage like 20 or 21 years of age can apply this as allowness??

128 Engracia Dalimet   (18 June 2014 11:33 AM)
Sir /Madam

My atm and passbook was lost while i was in the philippine.Is it possible for me to have a replacement passbook and atm with the same account number?Im currently working overseas.Im looking forward for your reply.

Thank you.

127 arienz   (09 June 2014 5:43 PM)
hello !! good day..!! is it necessary that I should bring my original copy of N.S.O??? what about xerox copy?? it Isn't acceptable??


126 Heidi Operio   (26 May 2014 11:07 PM)
Applying for that account that theres no atm card is free but you have to deposit amounts as soon as you apply 5k up is ok

its based on my experienced

125 joe pickering   (18 May 2014 2:33 PM)
Hello, what will I need to do to open an account from Australia?

124 Teoly Roa,Menoza   (15 May 2014 6:31 PM)
How to open a new account? I'm here in japan ! Is it possible to open an account through my cousin??

123 Florisa Flores Paladan   (07 May 2014 11:05 PM)
Hi. Would like to know if I could deposit cash to my son's Junior Savers Passbook even w/out the actual passbook? And if there's no charge on interbranch deposit? Would really appreciate your response. Thank you.

122 Jerick Bernardo   (07 May 2014 10:39 AM)

Is there anyway I can open a new account with you online?

I currently live in New Zealand and I would like to open a new accout for my savings.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

121 chris   (04 May 2014 5:08 PM)
sir/ mam ask q lng if magkano ang lowest amount to open savings account?.

120 Anabelle Jaen   (04 May 2014 4:24 AM)
Hello.....im anabelle jaen in Paris france i would like to open account in philippines for savings what can i do for that please because i need.....if i save my money there i can take if im going there if its possible to do that thanks very much..

119 angelo villanueva   (27 April 2014 8:36 PM)
I'm a college student and I'm only 18 yrs old, is it okey if I will open an account?
I live in Compostela, Cebu.

118 Cris   (16 April 2014 11:02 PM)
Good pm ma'am/sir. I would like to know how much maintaining balance do I need to keep my account active?

117 marchella   (11 April 2014 9:46 PM)
Hi, want to ask a question how much is the initial deposit for ATM? How about passbook with atm how much?
Thank you!!!

116 Brenda   (01 April 2014 0:57 AM)
Hi, good day I want to inquire regarding how to open savings account online, since im working here in abroad and there s no BDO bank here, is its still possible to apply here in abroad or maybe u have online banking were I can send all requirements to open savings account.. if possible can you help me how and where, Pls im waiting for your response, really appreciate. Thank you.

115 Marlon   (29 March 2014 11:18 PM)
Is there a savings account that can receive a remittance??
and how much the initial deposit

114 Katherine angeles   (29 March 2014 5:47 PM)
Does a Passbook have the possibility to withdraw and deposit to any BDO branch?

113 JC   (28 March 2014 9:02 PM)

Is it possible for me to apply/open a savings account online?, since I'm currently working overseas.

Thank you

112 James Hizona   (23 March 2014 5:47 PM)
Want to ask, if it's possible to open a passbook and atm in the Philippines? I'm working here in Saudi. What are the requirements? Can one of my family in the Philippines open an account for me? thank you.

111 Ellaine Soriano   (18 March 2014 11:39 PM)
I want to open a new acct. What if I can't go back to the bank to pick up the passbook or atm. Can I ask someone to pick up for me?

110 WOOHOO   (18 March 2014 8:39 AM)
My ATM account was closed due to insufficient funds this month and I'm planning on applying for a Passbook (w/ ATM). Should I just go the New Accounts section and apply for one even though I already had a closed account? Someone told me that after his account was closed, he was asked to wait for nine months before applying for a new account. They also said it's impossible to reopen an account.

109 Westley   (16 March 2014 12:11 PM)
Is it possible to reopened a closed account?

107 jenny   (12 March 2014 10:06 AM)
if i am a gay then i will apply BDO account , do i need to use my real name for this account ?

108 admin   (14 March 2014 8:25 PM)
jenny, yes.

106 wilma   (10 March 2014 2:04 PM)
Do you accept voter's ID and baranggay clearance in opening a savings account?

105 Julius Dela Cruz   (02 March 2014 1:25 PM)
Hi is there a how much is the minimum deposit?

104 abi   (01 March 2014 11:30 PM)
If ATM only, is it possible for my brother to sent money from abroad using atm only?

102 gloryday mataganas   (25 February 2014 8:42 PM)
hello.. i wanna ask if the initial amount to open ATM with passbook is still 5,000? thank's! :)

103 admin   (26 February 2014 9:04 PM)
gloryday mataganas, yes.

101 federico   (24 February 2014 9:43 AM)
How to apply using remittance only by paying 100pesos.?

100 KELVIN   (24 February 2014 9:22 AM)
How much if no maintaining balance account?

99 wilma olivo   (20 February 2014 6:50 AM)
OLIVO hi i still have money in my smart money and i just buy Vmobile can i use this in Vmobile?can u help me how? want to load my load wallet from my smart money use my LX or Vmobile?

98 marquee   (19 February 2014 9:38 AM)
how can apply saving account even im here in canada?

96 Brandon   (11 February 2014 8:46 PM)
Sir, what if I would only apply for a Passbook Savings account w/o the ATM, how much would it cost?

97 admin   (13 February 2014 8:57 PM)
Brandon, still Php 5,000.

94 alvin aguilar   (05 February 2014 9:05 AM)
How much is the initial deposit for Passbook only. Is the initial deposit withdrawable or is it already owned by the BDO which serves as a fee and cannot be withdrawn?

95 admin   (06 February 2014 12:37 PM)
alvin aguilar, still Php 5,000. Yes you can withdraw it anytime but beware of below maintaining balance charges.

93 JINKY jane likigan   (02 February 2014 3:08 AM)
I am working here in Norway but I need to have BDO saving account (passbook or ATM) . Is it possible if I will ask my relatives to email me a scanned copy of application form from the BDO ? Then I will do signing here and sending them back the scanned form with my original penmanship and signature, and authorizing them again to give my application form to BDO with my scanned ID's in my behalf.

92 Priscila Sison   (30 January 2014 4:17 AM)
I live in Southern California and in the process of applying for my Social Security retirement in the Philippines so I need to open a peso saving account. Can I open a savings account on line? If not, can you direct me where your banks are located in Southern California so I can open an account in person?

91 Ricardo   (27 January 2014 5:05 PM)

Im working outside Philippines, any possible way for me to apply online or send to you guyzzz my requirements?


90 Orland Maano San Jose   (08 January 2014 10:18 PM)
good pm .. Where can we find the BDO main office here in Dubai in order for me to inquire?

89 Orland Maano San Jose   (08 January 2014 10:15 PM)
Sir good pm. Want to ask how can I open an account here in Dubai. I want to open a savings account in BDO so that when I come home, I already have savings in BDO.

88 Eleanor Kiang   (28 December 2013 9:44 PM)
Hi, I'm a Filipino expat working in Indonesia. May I know what are the requirements for opening an account aside from the minimum amount as well as photos? Will a passport and a kitas (Indonesian working permit) suffice? What if I have to go to work asap and I have only the weekend to open an account, would the bank be able to mail the atm to my address abroad? Earnestly hoping for your prompt reply. Thanks.

87 ella   (05 December 2013 4:36 PM)
Sir, does the atm account that comes with passbook refers to the atm debit card that can be used for shopping?

85 ella   (21 November 2013 4:12 PM)
Sir is there any processing fee in getting a passbook?

86 admin   (22 November 2013 1:22 PM)
ella, no. It's free.

84 merilyn anado   (05 November 2013 11:01 AM)
sir can I open an account by just presenting NSO, NBI and company ID only?

83 jang   (24 October 2013 12:21 PM)
Is it possible to deposit in other branches?

82 jang   (24 October 2013 11:26 AM)
Sir, is it possible to open a Kabayan Savings Account while in the Philippines?

79 john   (22 October 2013 12:56 PM)
can i open an account using a managers' check issued by my previous company??

78 RONALENE ORONGAN   (20 October 2013 4:47 AM)
can i deposit to kabayan saving account...for my saving..wait for your reply...thanks po

80 admin   (22 October 2013 5:00 PM)

77 Lyn   (17 October 2013 2:58 PM)
hello. I want to ask can the Php 2,000 maintaining balance in BDO be withdrawn? thanks

81 admin   (22 October 2013 5:02 PM)
Lyn, yes. But you should be aware of the penalty if your balance falls below the required maintaining balance.

76 Miriam Bernardino   (08 October 2013 3:28 PM)
Want to open a savings account but don't have 2 valid id's.. Passport only.. I have birth certificate and previous company id.. Is that ok?? Waiting for your reply. Thanks so much!

75 mimi   (07 October 2013 11:16 AM)
My daughter is only 1 year old and I want to open her own savings account,is it possible?

74 kATHERINE   (03 October 2013 2:00 PM)
Do you accept SSS ID and company ID in opening an account? thanks

73 Vivienne   (01 October 2013 7:48 PM)
can i open a savings a account at BDO online?

71 Kenneth   (29 September 2013 3:16 PM)
Question about savings account. Does it come with passbook and atm? Can I get both those two? thanks.

72 admin   (30 September 2013 7:56 PM)
Kenneth, yes you have the option to choose ATM with passbook.

70 nian nigoz   (27 September 2013 9:41 AM)
Can a 12-year old open a bank account. I'm just 12 years old. And I want to have a bank account.

69 lemar gotera   (26 September 2013 6:03 PM)
I am planning to open a savings account with BDO. Can I use a manager's check issued by my company? I just wanna ask if the bank would still require me to put extra money upon opening the account?
Thank you

68 Jessica S. Carino   (24 September 2013 1:46 PM)
Hi! Good Day.I have plan to open account to your Bank. May I ask if you accept Barangay ID and Postal ID for photo bearing valid ID

67 maymie arizo   (24 September 2013 4:25 AM)
hi,good day,i also have one valid id which is the voters id,and brgy.clearance and police clearance....is it ok?can i get already a passbook with these papers i have?please reply....thanks.

66 vanessa alfonso   (23 September 2013 10:32 AM)
hi. good morning i also have one valid id that is my school id,
My cousin opened an account in Italy? Is it accepted?

65 Anne   (22 September 2013 7:50 PM)
i'm 18yrs old can open an account in bdo and i have only one valid id. please reply.

64 mia dizon   (20 September 2013 9:56 PM)
hi, im only 18 years old can i apply for a BDO ATM?

63 denise   (18 September 2013 1:55 PM)
how to inquire balance in ATM through online?

62 KUNKELL   (16 September 2013 5:09 PM)
good day sir! i have only one valid ID(voter's ID) can i use my SSS number?! because it tooks 2-3months before i get my SSS ID! thank you! and please reply! ^_^

61 analie   (16 September 2013 4:00 PM)
good day, i currently work in quezon city.and i would like to yopen a bdo account to your good company.can i apply online?

60 Doreen Castro   (11 September 2013 1:45 AM)
I currently live in Netherlands and would like to open a BDO account. Can I apply online?

59 virginia oliveros   (09 September 2013 3:02 PM)
good day sir/madam
im an ofw before i live the phil i open a bank account on bdo but failed to put any deposit in the said account due on work problem...and shame on me i already forget the password:(...
im planning to open again next month in the phil when i have my vacation..is it still possible to open a new one?????
tnx in advance:)

58 rhodelayuson   (09 September 2013 11:20 AM)
good morning maam/ sir. want to ask if can I a joint account with my girlfriend? What are the requirements, amount of initial deposit? Thank you.

How much is the minimum maintaining balance? Is it by monthly basis?

57 Angelito C Macario   (08 September 2013 4:07 AM)
I currently reside here in the States and what steps do I take (and what documents are required besides ID cards) to open a dollar account with your bank? Thank you.

56 lalove lumapac   (06 September 2013 4:31 PM)
Question maam and sir. I want to open a bank account, then I have a passport and NBI. Are they enough?

55 lalove lumapac   (06 September 2013 4:29 PM)
tanong ko lang ma'am and sir gusto kong mag open ng bank account tapos and meron ako passport at nbi lang pwede na ba yan??

54 jhong   (04 September 2013 12:47 PM)
hindi po nila accept ung philhealth id :(

53 emer   (24 August 2013 3:38 PM)
Want to ask, can me and my girlfriend open a joint account? what are the requirements? amount of initial deposit. Thank you.

52 joshua anthony dorado   (18 August 2013 11:32 PM)
I want to ask. Can I apply a credit card while I'm a student? if students are qualified to open an credit card and what are the requirements?

51 frank   (16 August 2013 2:55 PM)
Initial deposit requirement Php 2,000.00
Minimum monthly ADB requirement Php 2,000.00
Minimum balance to earn interest Php 5,000.00
Interest rate per annum 0.25%


Account closure within 30 days Php 300.00
Below minimum balance Php 300.00
Withholding tax for interest earned 20%

50 frank   (16 August 2013 2:44 PM)
You can open passbook w/atm or passbook only or atm only of your choice.As long as you have the complete requirements such as 2 valid id's, 2 recent colored pictures of yourself, latest telephone bills(if none, you could borrow the latest telephone billings of your neighbors, for the bank confirmation),and then the minimum initial deposit of 2,000 for atm's and 5,000 for passbooks. After the requirements completed, go to the nearest bdo bank branches of your choice to fill-up application documents. After a while ask the bank officer, if when it be released. Hope it could help you.

49 frank   (16 August 2013 2:23 PM)

48 bong   (16 August 2013 2:08 PM)
Can i open also a passbook saving account here at middle east branch?..

47 nyl   (15 August 2013 12:45 PM)
How about passbook only without ATM?

46 love basalo   (13 August 2013 2:03 PM)
I am interested on getting a personal and business savings on your bank. I am not certain if it is possible to ahve two accounts (business and personal) under one name and by any chance it will be allowable how can i apply for it. thanks in advance

44 Noreen Joy Flora   (12 August 2013 10:06 AM)
Maam/sir i just want to ask.
What will happen if you withdraw the Php 2,000 initial deposit? Will it be considered closed account?

45 admin   (12 August 2013 1:12 PM)
Noreen Joy Flora, no.

43 stela pantilgan   (10 August 2013 6:10 PM)
sir/maam what do you mean about if sending the money need to convert to regular account if the sender came from overseas. .

42 faith   (01 August 2013 8:19 PM)
hello good evening!
i would like to ask, how about if on this month for an instance i pay the minimum amount for monthly maintaining balance and on the same month i added 3000 equals 5000php can i still have interest on that case? im a first timer in this kind of transaction so i would appreciate if you would help me? please do send me a response on my email thank you and God bless

41 admin   (31 July 2013 2:18 PM)
DOLLY, minimum deposit is stated in the above article.

40 riza   (30 July 2013 11:19 AM)
I don't have a phone line at home. I've read from the comments below that I need one in order to open an account. Is it true? It wasn't mentioned in the above requirements and procedures though. Are there other alternatives to that? Thanks

39 jhovel montanez aquino   (30 July 2013 8:38 AM)
Does having a BDO savings account qualify one to apply for a credit card?

38 Lan   (30 July 2013 6:54 AM)
Btw, you need to have a phone line or a post paid line in order to open up an account at BDO.

37 jjhay   (27 July 2013 11:45 PM)
Application for ATM with Passbook requires Php 5,000 initial deposit, will it be deducted?

36 Crystal Flores   (26 July 2013 10:51 AM)
How about application for opening a savings account for a foreigner?

35 Ma.Corazon Dayao   (25 July 2013 10:23 AM)
I am going to open an atm savings acct, can I also apply for a bdo credit card? How much do I need to deposit, and if possible, how long will it released?

34 Glenn Gujilde   (25 July 2013 3:11 AM)
Hi! Please help me open a passbook account. I am her in Hail, Saudi Arabia.

33 Glenn Gujilde   (25 July 2013 3:10 AM)
Hi! I want to open a passbook account. I am in Hail, Saudi Arabia. I want to know where and how to apply for the said account here.

32 GELLER NABONG   (23 July 2013 6:18 PM)
FOR ATM P2,000.00

31 Angelica Fornias   (22 July 2013 8:08 PM)
How much is the maintaining balance of atm??

30 imelda   (22 July 2013 2:57 PM)
hi good aftenoon i want want know if how much money to open a new acount thanks

29 imelda   (22 July 2013 2:56 PM)
how much the minimum deposit to open new acount

28 marites b. talaue   (22 July 2013 11:14 AM)
what if i have only 1 valid id but i want to have own bank account?

27 ma. leah c. gonzales   (22 July 2013 9:07 AM)
good morning, i would like to ask if my account is still active even i did not make any deposits a few years ago? Is it active until now or i will make a new account from BDO? thanks.

26 Jerwin Madria   (21 July 2013 9:50 PM)
Hi, just want to inquire if I can open an account, Im here in Dammam,KSA. Thank you

25 maria isabel   (19 July 2013 0:31 AM)
Hi...i just want to ask is there any a branch of BDO in Dammam, Saudi?

24 spinx!   (18 July 2013 12:15 PM)
Hi! I would like to inquire if it is possible to open an account in your bank while abroad..?My sister would like me to open an account for her in your firm. What would be the requirements and how long will it take?Thanks. I will be waiting for your response.

22 irene montilla mangaoang   (15 July 2013 4:19 PM)
just wanted to ask if my account still valid? i have an account before i never close it but the money in the account is to small so can i still send money in that account? or its close? thank u

21 renee loreato   (15 July 2013 11:15 AM)
is it possible to transfer money from abroad?3.6$

20 Blinky larga   (15 July 2013 6:41 AM)
Hi can i ask.. I have Postal ID only. Can I have a list of ID plus requirements for savings?

23 admin   (15 July 2013 7:38 PM)
Blinky larga, please read the requirements and the list of valid id's in the above article.

18 marlyn   (12 July 2013 2:43 PM)
Just asking a question. What two valid id are needed? I have Postal ID and baranggay certificate only?

19 admin   (12 July 2013 2:53 PM)
marlyn, you need also to bring NSO Birth Certificate.

17 Bevelyn   (06 July 2013 11:47 AM)
Is it possible to open savings account even if I am here in Australia?please do reply thanks..

16 jazz   (04 July 2013 10:48 AM)
after the 5000 deposit then how much is the minimum maintaining balance?

15 75299   (04 July 2013 7:58 AM)
after having been open my new account , it is possible to have a copy or the bank can issued me a bank certificate?

14 Daisy delos Santos   (01 July 2013 10:17 PM)
I'm here in Lebanon now,I want to open a savings account in the Philippines..what should I do?..thanks and I'm waiting for your mail..more power!

13 hanna jellieza   (27 June 2013 3:47 PM)
can i use an nbi clearance and a brgy. clearance for my i.d.?

12 rodelyn sauza singleton   (24 June 2013 12:20 PM)
hello.. i just got back home here in philippines and i am supporting my youngest sister for her colleges, i want her to open an account in BDO but she is still student. is it possible for her to have an account with passbook and ATM? may i know what are the requirements for her? i am from Dasmariñas city cavite. thank you! have a nice day!

11 Alecia Salas   (23 June 2013 7:15 AM)
I want to open dollar account in bdo but i live here in Denmark .what should i do?

10 cyril d. paraunda   (22 June 2013 4:59 PM)
i would like to open account, but im here in saudi arabia, please help me for this.

8 KIMBERLY   (20 June 2013 8:33 PM)
i went to bdo walter mart taguig at ang sabi 5000 daw po ang passbook with atm na daw un.
bkit sabi dto as i read 5000 sa passbook at 2000 sa atm?

9 admin   (20 June 2013 8:43 PM)
KIMBERLY, as state above,

"Initial deposit (2,000 pesos for ATM / 5,000 pesos for Passbook with ATM)"

In other words, initial deposit is 5,000 pesos for Passbook with ATM and 2,000 pesos for ATM only.

7 eljay   (19 June 2013 6:20 PM)
How much is the initial deposit for opening a passbook alone??

6 april rebudal   (19 June 2013 11:30 AM)
What type of account do you recommended to be opened if the situation is like this? I have a friend from Germany. He will be sending money to me via Western Union. Western Union offers a direct remittance to the bank account in the Philippines. What is debit card?

5 Ma. Gianelli Pagsiat   (19 June 2013 3:43 AM)
Good day! I wish to open a savings account in your company but I'm currently working here in Canada. Is there any way how to do this? I'm hoping for you positive response.. Thank you and more power!

4 Lorena Espinosa   (30 April 2013 3:19 AM)
Hello good day. asking a question. Is it possible to open an account online? My auntie here in Holland wants to open a savings account. So I suggest BDO for her. Is is allowed to open an account online then deliver the ATM here in Holland? We'll pay any expenses. thank you and god bless.

2 oriel   (29 April 2013 8:22 AM)
does the atm with passbook just only cost 2k?

3 admin   (29 April 2013 10:58 AM)
oriel, BDO ATM with Passbook cost is P5,000.

1 Jennifer Romero   (31 January 2013 2:52 AM)
i want to apply BDO savings account. is thet possible??? im living here in holland, but yearly visiting my family,,pls help..thanks