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How to Apply for BDO Online Banking?

Online banking nowadays makes your life easier than before. No need to personally go to the payment office of your biller to pay for your bills such as PLDT bills, SMART or GLOBE bills, SSS online payments and other utility bills. With a click of a mouse you can do any financial transactions anytime and anywhere in the world. And one of the best banks that offers such online banking service here in the Philippines is Banco de Oro (BDO). Here you can learn how to apply for Banco De Oro (BDO) online/internet banking.

BDO Internet Online Banking

Steps on How to Apply for Banco de Oro (BDO) Online Internet Banking

It is assumed that you already have a BDO account. You cannot apply for BDO online internet banking without an account. BDO named their online banking service as "BDO Retail Internet Banking".

1. Go to the official BDO website (www.bdo.com.ph). On the homepage, click the ONLINE BANKING LOGIN link  and click the Enroll Now Link.

BDO new online banking website

2. You will be redirected a the enrollment page. You must Agree BDO Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions of Use by checking the checkbox below and click the Submit button.
BDO internet banking terms and conditions

3. You must fill out and complete the BDO Online Banking Enrollment Form.
BDO new online banking enrolment form

Continue to fill out the form until you finished.

(Note: Do not create a password that relates to your birthday or personal information. Use a long combination of numbers and letters, small and capital letters for your password.)

4. Review your Enrollment form and click the Submit button then be sure to print a copy of the Enrollment form. You will be notified in your email that you have a pending application status until you submit your Enrollment form to the BDO branch. Below is the notification email for a "User with Pending Application":


< --------- Start Email --------- >

Dear Mr. ******,

Your BDO Electronic Banking Enrollment has been saved.

        Transaction Reference No.:  OE**********************

In order for BDO to process your enrollment, you need to send information to the bank.  You may send your BDO Electronic Banking enrollment until 8 P.M. the next day.

To send enrollment, login to BDO-Electronic Banking under "User with Pending Application" using your nominated User ID and password.

For any question or concerns, you may contact BDO Call Center at the following nos.:

        631-8000 (Metro Manila)
        1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free No.)
        Int. Access Code-800-8-631-8000 (International Toll Free No.)

You may also send your inquiry via email to callcenter@bdo.com.ph.

Thank you for enrolling to BDO Electronic Channels.

BDO - Electronic Banking Unit

< --------- End Email --------- >

5. Pass your Enrollment form to the BDO branch where you open an account. Then wait for 2 to 3 weeks of approval. You will receive a confirmation letter in your email that your BDO Retail Internet Banking has been approved. Below is the confirmation letter that you will receive in your email upon approval of your application:


< --------- Start Email --------- >

Dear Mr. *******,

We wish to inform you that your enrollment to BDO Electronic Channels has been approved. You may start accessing your account/s and do banking transactions 24 hours after receipt of this notification via the following BDO Electronic Channel/s:

Internet Banking

For any question or concerns, you may contact BDO CALL Center at the following nos.:

          631-8000 (Metro Manila)
          1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free No. PLDT)
          1-800-3-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free No. Digitel)
          Int. Access Code-800-8-631-8000 (International Toll Free No.)

Or send an email to callcenter@bdo.com.ph.

Thank you for enrolling to BDO Electronic Channels.

BDO - Electronic Banking Unit

< --------- End Email --------- >

Inside BDO online banking website

BDO online banking website

Pay Bills in BDO Online Banking

Buy Load in BDO online banking

Powerful Features and Benefits of BDO Online Banking

Through your BDO Retail Internet Banking, you can enjoy and do the following for free 24/7:

Other Things You Can Do with BDO Online Banking
  • If you have another BDO account (aside from your old BDO account), you can enroll that new account to BDO's online banking facility. It can be done by logging-in to your old BDO online banking account and go to Enrollment Services --> Own Account --> Enroll.
  • If your old BDO account is inactive and no deposit has been made (zero balance), you can delete or unenroll that account from BDO online banking by going to Enrollment Services --> Own Account --> Edit/Delete Own Account.
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210 lycille macairan menguito   (03 December 2017 11:42 AM)
hello gudpm im deaf, i like apply new atm bdo.. i need saved future

209 micaela escobar   (17 November 2017 5:44 AM)
how can I open a bdo account, I'm here in USA, Oklahoma and I don't have any account in the Philippines. Can you please let me know if I can use the online application without any existing account?

208 Karen mae Gestupa   (30 September 2017 7:46 PM)
hello just want to ask now im here working in malaysia this morninh ill try to make a widrawal ,. but the trasaction cancelled,.. what happen? tq

207 Anzelen obedencia   (21 September 2017 8:36 PM)
I want to know my balance

206 Marlon Basira   (25 May 2017 3:34 AM)
Hello po, nasa ibang bansa na po ako ngayon tapos nagregister po ako ng mobile online banking need pa po pala ng BDO atm machine to proceed registration, may iba pa po bang paraan para makaregister?

205 Jorelle Samaniego   (23 May 2017 12:24 PM)
How can I get my bank statement

204 zel   (23 May 2017 9:07 AM)
paano po makapag online banking kapag nasa ibang bansa...

203 Harvey Bayron Trono   (15 April 2017 4:04 PM)
Hi I'd like to have an online banking, how will I transfer money to another bank account?

202 nhielda i. undoh   (12 April 2017 10:28 PM)
To check my account

201 Sheryn Gacutan   (28 February 2017 4:56 AM)
Lately i cant widraw from my bdo kabayan card im here in saudi. The last time i widraw it was February 3, but now i cant widraw and i still have enough money left in my account. What will i do? Thanks

200 Devon Bennett   (30 January 2017 7:54 PM)
hi my name is devon i wondering if i can set up and bank account for the phillipsse because i do lots of traveling there i currently live in canada so i can have money there with out going to an exchange rate place can you plz provide me with some imformation about it plz

199 jenelyn larin   (21 January 2017 9:27 PM)
i already enrolled my kabayan savings to online banking.verification done also after i received email from bdo can i use the bdo application that i download to transfer money even im outside philipines? i open the kabayan savings here.i never use it in the philippines.your quick response is appreciated

198 Cherrygil Rodriguez   (12 January 2017 10:04 PM)
Hello po registered na po ako dati sa Online Banking kaso nakalimutan ko ang ID user ko at ang password tapos ang # ko na ginamit ay wala ng signal tapos ang email address ko din po na ginamit di ko na ma open pwede po ba ako magregister Ulit?

197 Marites V.pajarillaga   (24 December 2016 10:53 AM)
I want to apply online my Acount I'm already in Dubai for check my balance

196 Elizze Diloy   (20 December 2016 3:10 PM)
How can I apply for a BDO online banking when I'm already in Abu Dhabi?

195 Jerico Esmabe   (20 December 2016 9:15 AM)
Can I open a account thru online?

Thank you.

194 marilou L.Gutierez   (23 September 2016 8:17 AM)
how can i use my bdo atm card in china?

193 KAREN   (12 September 2016 6:50 PM)
Anybody knows if I can open an account online from US?

192 aireen clado villanueva   (29 August 2016 8:44 PM)
How to check my balance in kabayan saving account?

191 Rosemarie Esquibel   (13 August 2016 4:48 PM)
Please can you help me to check my kabayan saving and how to know my balance?

Thank you

190 genalyn morales   (03 July 2016 11:51 PM)
I will apply for online banking at banco de oro

189 edmon   (02 July 2016 9:12 PM)
Thank ypu

188 edmon   (02 July 2016 9:11 PM)
Hi have ah wonderful evening BDO bank I want to ask about banking and also what is different requirement to bring in your company beep me back

Thank you

187 aureen abuacan   (28 June 2016 5:29 PM)
I forgot my pin no.and I want to activate my atm savings account again

186 Rosita A. Pineda   (28 June 2016 10:00 AM)
Dear Madam/Sir
A pleasant good day to all of you out there
Please can you help me to register and enroll to bdo because I wanted
To know my balance up to date


185 Samina T. Usop   (04 May 2016 3:36 PM)
How to make a BDO Account online

184 Mechiel Villaluz hernandez   (02 May 2016 10:44 PM)
Good day ,my account is close how It might to activate.

183 Joanna B. Caños   (31 March 2016 8:26 AM)
Hi how to enroll BDO online banking?

182 sitti sarah kinang   (23 March 2016 11:14 PM)
Hi good evening i just want to check if my kabayan savings is active

181 Elvie Borejon   (04 February 2016 7:37 PM)
THank you

180 DOLORIZ   (01 February 2016 3:06 AM)
hi good day,,just wanna ask if may kabayan saving still active..i didnt put any savings for 2 years.thanks

179 catherinedelatorrern   (25 January 2016 6:54 PM)
hi,im working in saudi arabia now and i have difficulty using the kabayan savings account. I can't use it even by having a balance inquiry. please help. thank you.

178 roxanne   (13 January 2016 2:43 PM)
Good afternoon just i want to us f the bdo cash card is can expire i didn't put money for 2yrs it is possible to expire my cash card

177 monzer f haron   (17 December 2015 0:06 AM)
very nice bank bdo

176 monzer f haron   (17 December 2015 0:04 AM)
nice bank

175 rosana barbosa   (03 December 2015 4:24 AM)
i want to apply new account..how i will do it?

174 Reynaldo Baculinao Batuigas   (19 November 2015 11:08 PM)
I am here in Saudi Arabia now I want to enroll my BDO Accounts (2 accounts) into ONLINE BANKING, please help me out. Thank you.

173 Mary Ann A. Barroga   (19 November 2015 9:56 PM)
I just want only to know if my kabayan savings account is still active.thank you in advance.

172 maria   (09 November 2015 7:19 PM)
i want to aplly bdo visa card online, how?

171 Ignacia P.Maderse   (28 September 2015 4:23 PM)
I want to apply online banking

170 Jecyl O Pomicpic   (22 September 2015 1:08 PM)
I want to check my balance, thanks

169 Blessie ebol   (10 September 2015 2:08 PM)
I want to apply online banking

168 SHEILA C.SILANG   (07 September 2015 9:05 PM)
I want to know my balance at my bankacount I open at OFW kabayan savings with past book only pls can u reply me.bcuz I sent money at remitans By BDO Direct

167 Lester   (04 September 2015 10:22 PM)
I want to apply online

166 Luanne c.Lucerna   (19 August 2015 11:31 AM)
I wanted to know if my account kabayan saving still active

165 jeralinda s. zata   (16 July 2015 1:55 PM)
Is there a way, i can activate my bdo online banking from tanauan branch? I already submit my form there 2 years ago. But im here now in new york. that time i dont open my account online until i forget my password and username. Do i have to do it again? Or i can recover my old username and password?

164 grace glifonea   (16 July 2015 5:51 AM)
Hi!!! Good day i just wanna asked why i cant submit my information account in your online banking... how can i check my balance they asked my atm card no. but when i get my kabayan savings in philippines atm card is not available that time.. thats why i have only passbook. No atm ..but in online access needed atm card number .please help me ..

163 Riza S. Parigde   (16 July 2015 4:12 AM)
I want to inquiry my balance account

162 Paquito G Montales Jr   (05 July 2015 7:40 AM)
I want to inquire my balance account

161 andjo   (02 July 2015 7:01 AM)
i can't enroll my form because my atm card no. has already on site....how can i enroll again????

160 Michelle   (01 July 2015 9:30 AM)
I wanna know my maintaining balance thanks

159 Sheralin   (29 June 2015 9:20 AM)
Hi,,, I can't submit my information account on your online banking enrollment.

158 jonathan manlunas   (13 June 2015 1:52 PM)
hi i want a bdo credit card, please help me....

157 Daniel Aaron I. Genuino   (08 May 2015 10:29 PM)
I'll be waiting for your reply as soon as possible please..... I'm just worried about all my savings.... Thank you very much.... Or at least give me a contact number where I can call in the bdo southmall branch so I can clear things out....

156 Daniel Aaron I. Genuino   (08 May 2015 10:27 PM)
I've been remitting money to my bdo account in the Philippines coming from macau but I don't have any records to check if all of my money has been reaching the bdo southmall branch where I opened last year... Please email me as to how I can check it or a number where I can call so I can now if all has been sent to my account... I only have my passbook but now other prints yet , just the initial amount... Please email me ASAP... Thank you very much.

155 dexter cayaga   (19 April 2015 12:03 PM)
Open online account

153 Mary Joyce Quilog-Villamea   (09 October 2014 4:39 PM)
In Our Case, before my husband came here in Dubai he applied BDO Kabayan Savings in the Philippines. Since then we started to send money on his account from last year til now, but when we decided to check the balance, my husband forgot his password on his ATM Card. Can you help us how we can retrieve his password? Is there any alternative bank here in Dubai where we can inquire?

152 Vanz Paul Bas   (07 September 2014 2:38 AM)
how about me im a OFW in taiwan how i can enrol the form to BDO?

154 admin   (11 October 2014 1:31 PM)
Vanz Paul Bas, you must fill-out an enrollment form online at BDO's website, then print it and send it to the BDO's main office address.

151 Keanne Lawrence   (24 June 2014 11:25 PM)
BDO = Bad Day Out. Why would anybody want to get tangled up with laborious system of online banking.
Whoever set this system up has got some peculiar ideas about internet banking should work. Once you get through the crazy sign on you are offered a limited service that requires ATM verification.
They really have no idea what is being done by real banks providing a full range of services online with fast easy access and no hindrance.

150 Ginalyn Duguil   (24 June 2014 9:22 PM)
Hello. I am an ofw who works here in abu dhabi. I just want to ask if there is any other way to know my balance via online aside from enrolling in BDO online banking? Because I've tried enrolling at BDO e-banking but was failed due to activation of the code through bdo atm branch.

149 Marjun Napuli   (23 June 2014 6:52 PM)
Hello! Can I have a request to have my savings account balance please... Thank you

148 oscar   (19 June 2014 7:39 AM)
Can I open an account on line.

147 rena las   (14 June 2014 1:07 AM)
im trying to make an account via online banking i used my US number and it keep on saying valid numbers.really? i used my fathers philippines number too,but its not correct???? what number are you looking for? for me to accomplish this online banking? im tired of trying it!!!

146 amani   (06 June 2014 6:14 PM)
hi can i have the correct email address of retail internet enrollment banking of bdo? thank you

145 Joyce   (03 June 2014 3:49 AM)
Hi! Can I have a request to have my savings account balance please... Thank you

144 Reynold S. Barbon   (15 May 2014 1:51 PM)
I need the statemeny of my BDOaccount

143 Reynold S. Barbon   (15 May 2014 1:39 PM)
hi..good day

142 cancer   (05 May 2014 9:04 PM)
Good day!

Those OFW currently outside Philippines who would like to enroll their account/s through BDO online banking or you have pending enrollment, here are the things that you need to do :

1. Enroll your account as demonstrated by the admin of this page.
2. Print and Sign your Electronic Banking Enrollment Form and send through registered mail/post office near you any and address or send to: (for OFW in KSA 4 SAR is the charge to send to Philippines and it will take 15 to 20 days)

Electronic Banking Unit
Transaction Banking Group
7/F, BDO Corporate Center,
7899 Makati Avenue, Makati City

BDO shall notify via e-mail once your account has been activated. To know the status of your enrollment, you may log-in to BDO Electronic Banking using your nominated User ID and password. For Phone Banking and Mobile Banking enrollment, please contact our Customer Contact Center.

I hope this will help

141 abhie   (29 April 2014 9:51 AM)
Good day, I have a pending online banking application, I already have my ATM activation code, my problem is I'm residing overseas so i can't activate it on a BDO ATM machine. can I use other ATM machine? are there any other options that you can help me. thanks.

140 Lynn   (28 April 2014 5:51 PM)
enrollment to BDO Electronic Channels has been forwarded to BDO for manual processing..my enrollment is
Still pending!!what should I do?

139 ricardo   (22 April 2014 1:06 PM)

i want to ask regarding my user i.d i couldn't open.even i try to input a new password i got from my email.
also many times i received a new password and always said wrong password and invalid i.d.
pls give your advise

138 shane anne   (04 April 2014 12:05 PM)
i opened an account during my last holiday in the philippines october last year. Part of the contract was my sister will have access of the said account thus, giving her own ATM card too. I came back in UK and tried to enroll for online banking which i managed to complete with my sisters help in activating the code in one of your cash holes. Now the problem is, I haven't been successfully log in to your online banking system. I assumed i have forgotten my log in details and I have click forgotten user id to send to my email but, up until now i haven't received any email from BDO and I was disappointed for not getting any response. As of this moment, I haven't been able to access your very advance online banking offer. I'm left gutted and unhappy how slow your system works. Can you at least sort this out or provide me assistance as one of your account holder to mend this preposterous situation. Thank you.

137 marivic muhi   (14 March 2014 12:30 PM)
How can I monitor my bank statement???

136 kathy   (14 March 2014 7:10 AM)
Hi just want to ask if I can deposit cheque in my kabayan savings acct?

135 rex   (13 March 2014 3:42 PM)
hi, i am currently working in Hail City, Saudi Arabia. I have recently enrolled in online banking but the problem now is there's no BDO atm here in my place to activate the account. Is there possibility i can send the printed page and give an authorization to my relative in Philippine to do the activation? please reply soon! thanks

133 ann   (09 March 2014 4:18 PM)
can i enroll my payroll account online? are there any charges?

134 admin   (10 March 2014 9:35 PM)
ann, there are no charges in enrolling your BDO account to BDO's online banking facility. Types of BDO Account that are accepted in BDO's online banking facility are:

Savings Account
Current Account
Time Deposits
BDO Cash Card*
BDO Consumer Loans
Trust Account

*Can only be enrolled if you have other available accounts for enrollment

132 kobe   (22 February 2014 2:15 AM)
Hello Sir, I tried to register online but unfortunately it's denied..I tried to add 00 to my bank account but still error..Can you help me how to resolve this matter??Thanks in advance...

131 carlo   (02 February 2014 4:07 PM)
I'm Abroad i want to check my Savings Account Balance???

130 Rosario   (24 January 2014 6:12 PM)
josefsson i just want to check my balance

128 lyn   (16 January 2014 1:52 PM)
hi, nag open po ako ng savings account sa philippines and now nasa UAE ako im trying to register online account kaya lang im geeting an invalid account no. error. which is tama naman po. please help.

129 admin   (17 January 2014 11:38 AM)
lyn, make sure you have entered a 12-digit account number. How many digits does your account number have?

If your BDO account number has 10 digits, try to add double zeros "00" at the beginning of your Account.

00 + 2345678901 = 002345678901

127 rosemarie d. reyes   (12 October 2013 8:19 AM)
hi i have a pending application a long time ago and havent submit it how can pushthru my application? will I log in a new one.?

126 robyn dela pena   (07 October 2013 4:12 PM)
i would like to get a replacement for my lost bdo card,and credit card so i can save in purchasing high priced items at a discounted rate.

125 abbey claire arandilla   (15 September 2013 6:20 PM)
hi i registered my kabayan account for online banking just today..how am I goin to activate my account and where am I goin to submit my enrolment form?

124 abbey claire arandilla   (15 September 2013 6:19 PM)
hi good day im currently working here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I registered my kabayan savings account for online banking just today. I made it through online also,how will I activate my account? and how can i submit the enrollment form?

123 jessa calinog   (13 September 2013 11:37 PM)
Gusto q lng po echeck balance sa accnt q thanks

122 ma.cecilia delacruz   (12 September 2013 2:16 PM)
hi i just want to enroll my dollar account.

121 Editha Silpao Watson   (07 September 2013 2:38 AM)
i have an account in BDO bacolod branch, i'd like to know my balance inquiry.

120 Cess   (23 August 2013 3:20 AM)
I tried applying in bdo online banking system. I already completed the required details except fot the atm card number since the account i have is current (cheque) account. How can i continue my application if i dont ave the atm card acount. Thans!

119 graselyn p.inot   (12 August 2013 6:24 PM)
hi,i have an account already in bdo phils.im here now in norway .il just want to check my accounts.can you help me?

118 Rosemarie Bautista   (11 August 2013 4:22 AM)
Hi,I applied a online bank to check my accounts online for Kabayan savings,I filled the form and got the reference number and activation code,how can I activate I'm here in Dubai,it's written there i need to submit the form in any branches of BDO?anybody can help me. Thanks!

117 cecil capacio   (07 August 2013 9:42 AM)
how to recover your forgotten passcode?

116 MYLA   (06 August 2013 10:04 PM)
Hi I just want to ask i have already online banking but i open again another account,can i add this to my online banking, they told me in the bank they going to add but until now still not appearing. thanks ...

115 Glori Mae A. Magno   (04 August 2013 8:33 PM)
Hi! I would just to ask if I can use my existing payroll account with BDO for this internet online banking? if yes, will I be able to have a copy of my transactions or bank statements to segregate everything? thank you very much for your response!

114 Marilou Orel Cera   (30 July 2013 2:32 PM)
Good afternoon can I apply online banking within 5days because i don't any BDO account yet...i just go back to Phils for only 5days...thank you


113 marivic cabrera   (23 July 2013 6:39 AM)
i want to apply atm bdo international

112 estrelita silva   (08 July 2013 11:23 AM)
good morning i enroll bdo online israel last month june and they told me to log in today my account.but until now still pending.pls. can you check it for me.thanks

111 Jeff   (26 June 2013 4:32 PM)
Hello!! A friend of mine opened an internet banking but his problem is it's asking him to activate it thru BDO atm. However, there's no bdo ATMs in Saudi Arabia. What would be the alternative way for this? Thanks!!

110 joaquina langamon   (14 June 2013 8:24 AM)
i need a certification that certify my account status in bdo because of my requirements then can i get it online? please ....

109 Merlinda Zamora Contreras   (01 June 2013 1:30 AM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am

Hello and good day! I have already bank account in Philippines before i left last 2009. I would like to ask if it's possible for me to register a new account for the internet banking which is i'm living in abroad now? and it's possible also to transfer to my bank account in (BDO) by internet banking? I should use also to transfer the money to the other account using my account there at the internet banking?

108 evangeline heidenreich   (31 May 2013 9:48 AM)
hi, is it possible to open an account through internet? if yes , your guidance please. thanks

107 marites redoble   (28 May 2013 7:42 PM)
sir. i want to apply for on line banking but how is the procedure because im here in saudi arabia and i open my bank account at iligan city branch. step #5 is my problem .please help me. thanks

106 emeld datuin   (09 May 2013 4:39 AM)
hello po magandang araw po sa inyo ,tanong ko lang po tungkol sa akin account gusto ko malaman kung magkano na ang na e deposit ko salamat po.emelda datuin

105 Mary Concepcion Ramirez   (29 April 2013 3:39 PM)
how do i print my bank statement online? I am working at spi global dumaguete, and my account was opened through online. I want a hard copy of my bank statement How could I do that? I already registered at bdo online banking. I did not found any link that redirect me to bank statement. please email me. tnx

104 dtc   (11 April 2013 8:31 PM)
ang tagal naman ng reply ninyo sa mga car loan applications dapat call niyo na applicant kung denied para di na maghintay.

103 babylove   (05 April 2013 7:38 PM)
I fill up online banking in bdo then they gave me 6 codes but the teller in philippines says only 4 codes need to use it. Im in US and I open account my mom in Philippines. I dont know what to do. Please help me. Thank you..

102 abelardo2   (27 March 2013 1:10 PM)
im here abroad in u.a.e. i would like to apply an online banking to monitor my account, i have already my passbook and atm card..please tell me what to do apply...

101 joane   (22 March 2013 9:00 PM)
Hello sir/maam

paano po ba mg-inquire ng savings acccount online?
Ng registered napo ako pero wala parin..


99 ncp   (16 March 2013 3:01 AM)
tanung ko lang po anu ggwin kc nalocked internet banking ko. kakaapproved palang ng ebanking ko eh, i try na naglog in ka agad akala ko papasok na. pero after how many attempts wla pa din. hnd q alam na mabloblocked pala un.

100 admin   (16 March 2013 8:19 AM)
ncp, Try to refresh your IP address or wait for 24 hours. Make sure you enter the right USER ID and PASSWORD. 

If you forgot your USER ID or PASSWORD, just go to the log-in page of BDO's online banking facility and click the links:

Forgot your user ID?
Forgot your password?

98 Myra Saguni   (15 March 2013 12:43 PM)
hi p0!pede po bag magtanong kung paano ko machecheck ang laman ng passbook acct.namin,september 22,2012 p0 yung huling hulog namin,paano ko po malalaman kung pumasok na ito sa acct.namin?txtbck.salamat p0!

97 Jonalyn Orbiso   (06 March 2013 11:08 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam;

Is this also applicable for corporate account? We wanted to enroll our BDO account to online banking.

Hope to hear from you.

Thank you.

96 dorina m. quitaleg   (01 March 2013 7:23 PM)
i can't login..

95 khey   (19 February 2013 7:16 PM)
hi sir/madam again i ask how can i checked the balance of my debit through cellphone?

94 khey   (19 February 2013 7:12 PM)
hello sir/madam i just want to know if my debit bdo card can i use in all country?tnxs

93 baby   (17 February 2013 3:01 PM)
hello po.pwede bang magopen ng account para sa anak ko kahit nasa abroad po ako.?ano po yung mga requirements?

91 kim   (17 February 2013 8:11 AM)
.anu pho b kilangan sa pag open ng ATM CARD sa inyo at magkanu pho pwd ihulog. ? Tnx

92 admin   (17 February 2013 8:22 AM)
kim, just follow the steps written in "How to apply for BDO ATM Card?".

90 Aiza   (13 February 2013 3:43 PM)
Good day!
I would like to open a new account in BDO, currently here in Dubai, UAE. Is there any branch near in Al barsha 1, Dubai (such as in Mall of the Emirates) for the submission of requirements? Please let me know.
Thank you so much!

89 carol joy espinosa   (31 January 2013 9:39 AM)
hi sir,my mother just recently open a BDO acct for us to use to send my money from Chile.what bank are you affiliated here.How can I send her to her BDO acct?tnx

88 Jennifer Romero   (31 January 2013 2:43 AM)
good evening , maam en sir.

I would like to open an account in the phil thru internet site if can, because im living in the netherlands europe ...if possible pls send me a feedback or reply..i want to save some money now, and i want to have an bank account aswell id possible..
thanks en regards,

jennifer romero

87 Jane   (27 January 2013 11:48 AM)

I keep on sending my payslips and ids to shopemoreapplication@bdo.com.ph and forever21application@bdo.com.ph however it keeps failing. I even tried callcenter@bdo.com.ph but still to no avail. I tried to BCC my other email and i got it, i dont know why though, but it seems like your email doesnt work.

85 rudy bohulano   (24 January 2013 2:26 PM)
di ko pa rin magamit on line banking nio pano ba umpisahan

86 admin   (24 January 2013 4:30 PM)
rudy bohulano, did you carefully follow the procedures in the above article?

84 john o. jardin   (23 January 2013 5:05 AM)
bakit po not valid ang ATM number ng aking card $ acc.pero nakalagay po dito sa card ay valid thru 12,2022 at tuloy pa ang hulog dito

82 christine gimoto   (18 January 2013 11:26 PM)
hello sir/madam...im in abroad right now,,,i just what to ask if possible to apply via online and what is the requirements that i need to submit?do i have any way to apply eventhough im still here...i just need you're suggestion about my concern...thank you...

83 admin   (19 January 2013 9:21 AM)
christine gimoto, you can send an application or request to BDO's email address: CALLCENTER@bdo.com.ph .

80 edison s payumo   (18 January 2013 5:44 PM)
good day how cant i accese my acct via internet pls mam/sir help me?

81 admin   (18 January 2013 5:46 PM)
edison s. payumo, kindly elaborate your problem. In what way you can't access your account. Did you put a wrong username or wrong password? Or did you forgot either one or both of them? Or are you already enrolled in BDO's online banking service?

79 Graciano P. Dela Cruz   (10 January 2013 8:46 PM)
Good Day!, presently im working here in KSA and i want to apply internet online banking and when i filled up the form my account number is only 10 digits and required is 12 digits.

78 phillip c. pangan   (04 January 2013 1:15 PM)
Hi, i have a concern regarding my bdo atm debit card
Im from the philippines but at the moment im here in australia
My cocern is accidentally i swipe my debit card amounting 55 australian dollars. May i know how much is the charge fee and how much is 55 australian dollars into peso..
Waiting for your feedback. Thanks!

77 Armida Salango   (03 January 2013 4:25 AM)
how to access my acct via internet help me

76 rl   (28 December 2012 5:47 PM)
i cant login in my online banking

75 josebel calalin carcueva   (26 December 2012 1:20 AM)
hi,good ady po gusto ko lang po malaman kung paano po ako makapagcheck ng balance ko sa internet nasa ibang bansa po kc ako.can i request din po na huwag niyo na po ako padalhan ng kahit anu statement regarding sa balance,withdrawal and deposited sa address ko sa application dahil nasa ibang bansa naman po ako.

74 REBECCA DEASIS NEVADO   (22 December 2012 11:57 PM)
hello good day po gusto ko pong malaman kung papano ko po ma check ung balance ko sa internet nasa ibang bansa po kc ako maraming salamat po

73 DIVESA REBANO   (05 December 2012 5:09 PM)
sir/maam gudpm,baka hu pwede na po akong maka pag aply sa regular cheking acount,matagal na po akong depositor ng BDO. MARAMI PONG SALAMAT SA INYONG PAG UNAWA.

72 DIVESA REBANO   (05 December 2012 5:06 PM)

71 noel flores   (04 December 2012 6:06 PM)
how can i enroll electronic banking if i here in riyadh?

70 Venus Samson   (27 November 2012 4:45 PM)
Dear BDO online team,

I would like to request an electronic (via email address provided above) of my monthly BDO credit card bill and to stop the posting/mailing the printed statement. starting this November 2012.

Thank you and looking forward to your quick action

69 Noel Flores   (27 November 2012 3:32 AM)
Sir, Ma'am:

I don't save my enrollment form what should I do to make a copy of that.
thank you ...

68 aalfonso r. rivera   (19 November 2012 10:03 AM)

good day,

i want to follow up regarding my Account,# if Activateed or Not. this is my Account # -27809228733

pls help me because i want Send my Remetance to my Family.i'm here mow in Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

thanks & best regard..

67 Elsie Barbon   (05 November 2012 10:00 PM)
Hello how can i enrolled banking online ?

66 gaby   (01 November 2012 7:47 AM)
Hello Khen,
I'm here in NEW YORK at this time po and want to open an account.Meron na po akong Enrollment Form. Gusto ko lang po sanang itanong kung pano at alin po ba ang dapat kong fill-up an sa form? pwede paki guide ... Meron na po akong representative at authorization letter.
Thank you..

65 Carmel   (29 October 2012 9:05 PM)
I enrolled already in internet banking, I have a user id and password but when I login it doesn't accept it. Do I need to enroll again?

64 tess a. angulo   (23 October 2012 4:18 PM)
can i enroll in internet banking our joint account that does not have atm card just a passbook?

63 SONNY ARES YMASA   (18 October 2012 8:24 AM)
i enrolled already in internet banking,i have a username and password,but i cant access it,im here in abroad,our company directly remitted my salary to my family,,,my ref.#: OE-20121016-366757,,thank you

61 athena   (10 October 2012 2:06 PM)
i want to open a peso account. panu po kung gusto ko mag deposit buwan-buwan? can i deposit to bank directly?

62 admin   (10 October 2012 8:42 PM)
yes athena.

59 Gotheng Antiquera   (10 October 2012 4:22 AM)
hi, i forgot my user ID and password. do i have to enroll again?

60 admin   (10 October 2012 10:03 AM)
Gotheng, you don't need to enroll again. You may contact BDO Call Center at the following nos.:

631-8000 (Metro Manila)
1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free No.)
Int. Access Code-800-8-631-8000 (International Toll Free No.)

Or you may send your inquiry via email to callcenter@bdo.com.ph

58 jose florentino C. sevilleja   (01 October 2012 10:40 AM)
I wish that my credit card billing would be sent to me through email ty

56 Soraya Waradji Khan   (10 September 2012 2:14 PM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am
Good day. I would like to apply for online banking inorder for me to update my account. Is there any option to do this? I am presently working abroad. Kindly assist me in this matter.
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

57 admin   (29 September 2012 12:06 PM)
Soraya Waradji Khan, you need to go to a BDO branch and apply for online banking.

55 MARILOW CATALAN DEASIO   (07 September 2012 2:18 AM)

I want to know my account balance. thanks

54 MARILOW CATALAN DEASIO   (07 September 2012 2:17 AM)

How to apply for Banco de Oro Internet online Banking? Gusto ko po update ung deposit k po, kc wla po ako s Pinas, date ako
S Bahrain. pls help me. thanks.

53 jhelie   (06 September 2012 8:31 PM)
kailangan po ba id din dito paanu mag claim need pa ba mg open account

52 remalyn arcena api   (31 August 2012 5:47 PM)
follow up ko lang po sana ung apply ko sa inyo.for interview na po ako..thanks po

50 ray   (30 August 2012 6:51 PM)
may charges ba ang pag balance inquiry thru online banking?

51 admin   (30 August 2012 7:42 PM)
ray, no. Balance inquiry through online banking is FREE.

49 CAroline Acosta   (21 August 2012 3:08 AM)
Can I just fax the enrollment form instead of sending it to Manila since I'm in the US?...

47 Estelita B Serrano   (14 August 2012 3:42 PM)
Please help me to register online banking

46 Estelita B Serrano   (14 August 2012 3:37 PM)
i already enrolled BdO online banking ,but i forgot my ID user name and the password,should I enroll again ? ; and what should my husband do if his account is dormant ?

48 admin   (14 August 2012 3:44 PM)
Estelita, you should contact BDO Customer Center at 631-8000.

You can also go to your BDO branch and ask for help.

45 leonardo p surio   (09 August 2012 2:20 PM)
please accomodate my request


44 leonardo p surio   (09 August 2012 2:20 PM)
kindly accomodate my request



43 Bernadette G. Carlos   (07 August 2012 10:17 PM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am,
please assist me on how to have my MasterCard BDO cancelled since i have already an existing other credit cards and i don't want to overspend and also to be paying the yearly dues.

Thank you.

42 rhodora nicolas   (01 August 2012 3:23 AM)
paano po mag subscribe through internet kung papaano ko po echeck ang balance ko sa atm?nagawa ko naman po pinapagawa yon nga lng po diko maipasa sa nearest bdo bank kasi po asa uae po ako.what will i do?

41 joanne calip   (24 July 2012 3:12 PM)
paano po mag install ng laptop ng 12months na babayaran sa BDO?

39 janet   (21 July 2012 6:18 PM)
i still cant acces my internet banking but i already completed the whole process,..why????????

40 admin   (21 July 2012 8:34 PM)
janet, did you receive in your email a confirmation letter from BDO that you have been approved?

If not, you must wait for approval.

37 lyvia g. gomez   (17 July 2012 10:52 PM)
just check my balance..do BDO can access in Sweden Country?

38 admin   (18 July 2012 8:14 AM)
lyvia, what do you mean? can you give a clearer question. Please be specific what do you want to access?

35 petrus   (16 July 2012 6:28 PM)
BDO websites are hacked or down. Can not reach any website. I have a "mybdo,com ph" internet account. BDO says they don't know about any problem. Please tell BDO about this problem. I can not reach them.

36 admin   (16 July 2012 6:40 PM)
petrus, I think, BDO websites (http://www.bdo.com.ph and https://www.mybdo.com.ph/ ) have not been hacked. They are online. Please try to visit their websites again and see if you can access them. For me, I can access both of them.

32 caren   (03 July 2012 8:21 PM)
hello may i ask some question...how can i assure that they online banking is secure?

33 admin   (03 July 2012 8:40 PM)
caren, banks are very smart in terms of online banking security. They have plenty of money on hiring those people who can develop online security systems of their online banking facility. The websites of the banks which utilize online banking facilities are using SSL Certificate. This kind of certificate can secure and encrypt your private information (username, password and other confidential info). You can easily notice a secured website of a bank if its online banking website starts with https.

For example the online banking website of Banco de Oro (BDO) starts with https - https://www.mybdo.com.ph. Another examples are:

> https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/ - for Metrobank

> https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/AuthFil....nin.htm - for BPI

So make sure, before you login in an online banking website, see to it that it starts with https.

31 gyu   (03 July 2012 7:35 PM)
I enrolled at internet banking but realized that I typed my name wrongly.
How can I change it?

34 admin   (03 July 2012 8:46 PM)
gyu, you must enroll again and type your name correctly.

27 bern   (02 July 2012 5:07 AM)
hi, I am working here in UAE. I wish to have a bdo online account to be able to check my remittance in bdo pasay and bdo, mariveles. but since I am here it would be a problem as to how I could submit the printed application form to my bdo branch.

28 admin   (02 July 2012 8:56 AM)
bern, are there any BDO overseas office in your current place. If it has, you can submit the printed application form there.

26 freeman   (28 June 2012 1:07 AM)
hi.. i want to know my balance account thru online? how?

29 admin   (02 July 2012 8:57 AM)
freeman, you can access your account balance online if you are enrolled in BDO's online banking.

25 Leslie B. Ramirez   (25 June 2012 6:07 PM)
I want to know if I can acces my account here in abroad, and if my acct is still open..

30 admin   (02 July 2012 8:58 AM)
Leslie, yes you can access your account abroad if you are enrolled in BDO's online banking.

23 MERRIAM PANCHO   (21 June 2012 8:25 AM)
hi i want to check my account through net or through phone. how can i access my account through net or phon banking?thank you and God day

24 admin   (21 June 2012 8:49 AM)
merriam, you can access your account through net if you enrolled/applied in BDO's online banking. Did you enroll for BDO's online banking?

22 mary jane delos reyes   (15 June 2012 6:14 PM)
i want to know my account balance

19 raffy   (06 June 2012 7:20 PM)
hi i just enrolled at the bdo online banking, but i forgot to print the letter that i have to submit at BDO. what should i do?

21 admin   (06 June 2012 7:44 PM)
raffy, print that Enrollment form and submit it to the bank.

18 monalisa   (06 June 2012 7:17 PM)
pls help me to enroll for online banking in bdo...thanks

20 admin   (06 June 2012 7:40 PM)
monalisa, did you read the above procedures?

17 Jeralane Alenton Javier   (04 June 2012 11:36 AM)
i would like to entroll online banking...

16 Llane   (23 May 2012 8:46 PM)
I have BDO savings acct.opened in Phil,,now I am working in Czech Republic,,my family have emergency financial needs..can I ask someone to withdraw even the ATM w/ me..just I need to send autohorization letter...

15 CARLOS JAVINEZ   (18 May 2012 1:04 AM)
im an OFW,and i already have BDO Saving account,,the problem is the my card is not been activated on internet banking before i leave philippines,,pls help me..tnx

14 Ma.Alona Hechanova   (01 May 2012 9:34 PM)
pls help me? on how to enroll the online internet?

13 Ma.Alona Hechanova   (01 May 2012 9:34 PM)
Id like to know? the balance inquiry. and i want to enroll the online bdo internet?

12 Franquillo B. Villamor Jr.   (09 April 2012 0:07 AM)
I like to know my checking account balance on BDO Intramuros Branch

10 edengracelazar   (21 March 2012 10:14 AM)
Hi this is eden hrace lazar why i cant inquire my account thru online bdo here in philippines

11 admin   (21 March 2012 10:40 AM)
edengracelazar, have you been enrolled in BDO online banking?

9 myra dalit   (19 March 2012 9:05 PM)
i want to know my balance account.

8 Teresita Jugo Plamio   (18 March 2012 6:56 PM)
I would like to enroll

6 Sosammy Traifalgar   (13 March 2012 4:03 PM)
hi i want to check my account through net. how can i access my account through net banking?thank you and God bless

7 admin   (13 March 2012 4:10 PM)
Sosammy,did you already enrol in BDO online banking? If not just follow the procedures above.

If you successfully enrolled in BDO online banking, you can now access your account online.

5 pamela florentin   (02 January 2012 10:37 AM)
i would like to enroll

3 genevieve   (06 August 2011 4:32 AM)
i cant go to online banking pls help me i want to enroll so that i can view my accounts and transactions, right now i am in canada. it always says " internet explorer cannot display"...i need help! genevieve of canada

4 admin   (06 August 2011 7:19 AM)
genevieve, try to check your internet connection, clear or delete all browsing history and refresh.

1 roy   (12 July 2011 10:05 PM)
can i still open internet banking eventhough im out of the philippines/abroad? can anybody process my application in the philippines?

2 admin   (13 July 2011 10:39 AM)
roy, it might be helpful to contact the following numbers:

BDO Corporate Center
7899 Makati Avenue
Makati City 0726, Philippines
Trunkline: (+632) 840-7000

BDO Customer Contact Center
Metro Manila (+632) 631-8000
Domestic Toll Free 1-800-10-6318000 (PLDT)
1-800-3-6318000 (Digitel)
International Toll Free International Access Code + 800- 8-6318000