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How to Apply for BDO Online Banking?
Online banking nowadays makes your life easier than before. No need to personally go to the payment office of your biller to pay for your bills such as PLDT bills, SMART or GLOBE bills, SSS online payments and other utility bills. With a click of a mouse you can do any financial transactions anytime and anywhere in the world. And one of the best banks that offers such online banking service here in the Philippines is Banco de Oro (BDO). Here you can learn how to apply for Banco De Oro (BDO) online/internet banking.

BDO Internet Online Banking

Steps on How to Apply for Banco de Oro (BDO) Online Internet Banking

It is assumed that you already have a BDO account. You cannot apply for BDO online internet banking without an account. BDO named their online banking service as "BDO Retail Internet Banking".

1. Go to the official BDO website (www.bdo.com.ph). On the homepage, click the ONLINE BANKING LOGIN link  and click the Enroll Now Link.

BDO new online banking website

2. You will be redirected a the enrollment page. You must Agree BDO Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions of Use by checking the checkbox below and click the Submit button.
BDO internet banking terms and conditions

3. You must fill out and complete the BDO Online Banking Enrollment Form.
BDO new online banking enrolment form

Continue to fill out the form until you finished.

(Note: Do not create a password that relates to your birthday or personal information. Use a long combination of numbers and letters, small and capital letters for your password.)

4. Review your Enrollment form and click the Submit button then be sure to print a copy of the Enrollment form. You will be notified in your email that you have a pending application status until you submit your Enrollment form to the BDO branch. Below is the notification email for a "User with Pending Application":


< --------- Start Email --------- >

Dear Mr. ******,

Your BDO Electronic Banking Enrollment has been saved.

        Transaction Reference No.:  OE**********************

In order for BDO to process your enrollment, you need to send information to the bank.  You may send your BDO Electronic Banking enrollment until 8 P.M. the next day.

To send enrollment, login to BDO-Electronic Banking under "User with Pending Application" using your nominated User ID and password.

For any question or concerns, you may contact BDO Call Center at the following nos.:

        631-8000 (Metro Manila)
        1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free No.)
        Int. Access Code-800-8-631-8000 (International Toll Free No.)

You may also send your inquiry via email to callcenter@bdo.com.ph.

Thank you for enrolling to BDO Electronic Channels.

BDO - Electronic Banking Unit

< --------- End Email --------- >

5. Pass your Enrollment form to the BDO branch where you open an account. Then wait for 2 to 3 weeks of approval. You will receive a confirmation letter in your email that your BDO Retail Internet Banking has been approved. Below is the confirmation letter that you will receive in your email upon approval of your application:


< --------- Start Email --------- >

Dear Mr. *******,

We wish to inform you that your enrollment to BDO Electronic Channels has been approved. You may start accessing your account/s and do banking transactions 24 hours after receipt of this notification via the following BDO Electronic Channel/s:

Internet Banking

For any question or concerns, you may contact BDO CALL Center at the following nos.:

          631-8000 (Metro Manila)
          1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free No. PLDT)
          1-800-3-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free No. Digitel)
          Int. Access Code-800-8-631-8000 (International Toll Free No.)

Or send an email to callcenter@bdo.com.ph.

Thank you for enrolling to BDO Electronic Channels.

BDO - Electronic Banking Unit

< --------- End Email --------- >

Inside BDO online banking website

BDO online banking website

Pay Bills in BDO Online Banking

Buy Load in BDO online banking

Powerful Features and Benefits of BDO Online Banking

Through your BDO Retail Internet Banking, you can enjoy and do the following for free 24/7:

Other Things You Can Do with BDO Online Banking
  • If you have another BDO account (aside from your old BDO account), you can enroll that new account to BDO's online banking facility. It can be done by logging-in to your old BDO online banking account and go to Enrollment Services --> Own Account --> Enroll.
  • If your old BDO account is inactive and no deposit has been made (zero balance), you can delete or unenroll that account from BDO online banking by going to Enrollment Services --> Own Account --> Edit/Delete Own Account.
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185 Samina T. Usop   (04-May-2016 3:36 PM)
How to make a BDO Account online

184 Mechiel Villaluz hernandez   (02-May-2016 10:44 PM)
Good day ,my account is close how It might to activate.

183 Joanna B. Caños   (31-March-2016 8:26 AM)
Hi how to enroll BDO online banking?

182 sitti sarah kinang   (23-March-2016 11:14 PM)
Hi good evening i just want to check if my kabayan savings is active

181 Elvie Borejon   (04-February-2016 7:37 PM)
THank you

180 DOLORIZ   (01-February-2016 3:06 AM)
hi good day,,just wanna ask if may kabayan saving still active..i didnt put any savings for 2 years.thanks

179 catherinedelatorrern   (25-January-2016 6:54 PM)
hi,im working in saudi arabia now and i have difficulty using the kabayan savings account. I can't use it even by having a balance inquiry. please help. thank you.

178 roxanne   (13-January-2016 2:43 PM)
Good afternoon just i want to us f the bdo cash card is can expire i didn't put money for 2yrs it is possible to expire my cash card

177 monzer f haron   (17-December-2015 0:06 AM)
very nice bank bdo

176 monzer f haron   (17-December-2015 0:04 AM)
nice bank

175 rosana barbosa   (03-December-2015 4:24 AM)
i want to apply new account..how i will do it?

174 Reynaldo Baculinao Batuigas   (19-November-2015 11:08 PM)
I am here in Saudi Arabia now I want to enroll my BDO Accounts (2 accounts) into ONLINE BANKING, please help me out. Thank you.

173 Mary Ann A. Barroga   (19-November-2015 9:56 PM)
I just want only to know if my kabayan savings account is still active.thank you in advance.

172 maria   (09-November-2015 7:19 PM)
i want to aplly bdo visa card online, how?

171 Ignacia P.Maderse   (28-September-2015 4:23 PM)
I want to apply online banking

170 Jecyl O Pomicpic   (22-September-2015 1:08 PM)
I want to check my balance, thanks

169 Blessie ebol   (10-September-2015 2:08 PM)
I want to apply online banking

168 SHEILA C.SILANG   (07-September-2015 9:05 PM)
I want to know my balance at my bankacount I open at OFW kabayan savings with past book only pls can u reply me.bcuz I sent money at remitans By BDO Direct

167 Lester   (04-September-2015 10:22 PM)
I want to apply online

166 Luanne c.Lucerna   (19-August-2015 11:31 AM)
I wanted to know if my account kabayan saving still active

165 jeralinda s. zata   (16-July-2015 1:55 PM)
Is there a way, i can activate my bdo online banking from tanauan branch? I already submit my form there 2 years ago. But im here now in new york. that time i dont open my account online until i forget my password and username. Do i have to do it again? Or i can recover my old username and password?

164 grace glifonea   (16-July-2015 5:51 AM)
Hi!!! Good day i just wanna asked why i cant submit my information account in your online banking... how can i check my balance they asked my atm card no. but when i get my kabayan savings in philippines atm card is not available that time.. thats why i have only passbook. No atm ..but in online access needed atm card number .please help me ..

163 Riza S. Parigde   (16-July-2015 4:12 AM)
I want to inquiry my balance account

162 Paquito G Montales Jr   (05-July-2015 7:40 AM)
I want to inquire my balance account

161 andjo   (02-July-2015 7:01 AM)
i can't enroll my form because my atm card no. has already on site....how can i enroll again????

160 Michelle   (01-July-2015 9:30 AM)
I wanna know my maintaining balance thanks

159 Sheralin   (29-June-2015 9:20 AM)
Hi,,, I can't submit my information account on your online banking enrollment.

158 jonathan manlunas   (13-June-2015 1:52 PM)
hi i want a bdo credit card, please help me....

157 Daniel Aaron I. Genuino   (08-May-2015 10:29 PM)
I'll be waiting for your reply as soon as possible please..... I'm just worried about all my savings.... Thank you very much.... Or at least give me a contact number where I can call in the bdo southmall branch so I can clear things out....

156 Daniel Aaron I. Genuino   (08-May-2015 10:27 PM)
I've been remitting money to my bdo account in the Philippines coming from macau but I don't have any records to check if all of my money has been reaching the bdo southmall branch where I opened last year... Please email me as to how I can check it or a number where I can call so I can now if all has been sent to my account... I only have my passbook but now other prints yet , just the initial amount... Please email me ASAP... Thank you very much.

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