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How to Apply for Metrobank Online Banking Service (MetrobankDirect Retail Internet Banking)
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Do you want to avail Metrobank's internet/online banking services? If yes, apply or enroll for their MetrobankDirect Retail. MetrobankDirect Retail is an online banking service created by Metrobank targeting internet users. With the advent of internet technology today, you can now access your Metrobank accounts in a click of a button using your computer with internet connection. The good news is: it's FREE OF CHARGE.

New Metrobank Online Banking Website
Picture snapshot of MetrobankDirect Retail Webpage (this is where you are going to log-in)

Before we proceed to the steps in applying for MetrobankDirect Retail, let me enumerate to you some wonderful features and services you can use with MetrobankDirect Retail.

MetrobankDirect Retail allows you to:
  1. View your Metrobank account balances
  2. Transfer funds
  3. Reorder checkbooks
  4. Pay electric, water, phone, or internet bills
  5. and perform many other online banking services with a click of a mouse...
This is the MetrobankDirect Website: https://personal.metrobankdirect.com. This is where you log-in everytime you want to access your accounts and do some online banking services.

Steps on How to Apply for Metrobank Online Banking Service (MetrobankDirect Retail)

Step 1

It is required that you already have an account with Metrobank. If it's your first time to open an account with Metrobank, don't forget to include also your application for Metrobank Online Banking (MetrobankDirect). Only individual or joint accounts are eligible to enroll or apply for online banking (corporate accounts have different online banking service). Have a personal appearance in a Metrobank branch/office. Or you can enroll directly through Metrobank's online banking website (https://www.metrobank.com.ph/)

Step 2

If you personally enroll in the bank, fill out the Metrobankdirect enrollment form given to you by a bank officer.

Step 3

Create a unique Customer ID in your enrollment form and enter your working or active email address.

Step 4

After filling out the enrollment form, you will be given a Password Mailer (containing your initial password that you are going to use when you log-in to MetrobankDirect)

Step 5

Within 2 to 3 days, you will receive a confirmation letter from Metrobank in your email address you indicated in the enrollment form. The confirmation letter contains a short Welcome message and your Customer ID. This letter also confirms that you are now activated and you can now do online banking services of MetrobankDirect Retail.

Step 6

To access your accounts, go to Metrobank's website: www.metrobank.com.ph. Click the link "Personal" in the metrobankDirect right sidebar of the website. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to a different webpage: https://personal.metrobankdirect.com

Step 7

In https://personal.metrobankdirect.com, enter your Customer ID and password to log-in.

You can now enjoy online/internet banking for FREE with MetrobankDirect Retail. To let you feel the Metrobank online banking experience, let me share to you some snapshots inside the online banking website of Metrobank:

Photo Snapshots Inside Metrobank Online Banking Website

View Account Balance For Free

Inside Metrobank Online Banking Website

Pay Bills (e.g. internet or electricity) Online Anytime

Pay Bill Metrobank Online Banking

Powerful Features of Metrobank Online Banking

Through your Metrobank online banking service, you can pay your bills such as (electric bills, phone bills, internet bills, cable TV bills, travel tickets, insurance, SSS, PAG-IBIG, etc.). You can also:
  • access or inquire your account balance online (free).
  • transfer funds/money from your enrolled source account/s to enrolled own or third party target account/s in an instant or at a future date
  • pay your credit cards
  • reorder checks
  • view, print or download your account statement online
  • manage stock trading transactions with First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation (FMSB)
Below is a list of updated Metrobank Billers where you can pay your bills:
  1. Air Asia
  2. Avon Cosmetics, Inc.
  3. Awesome Deals Inc.
  4. AXA Philippines
  5. Bankard/RCBC
  7. Bay Gardens Condominium
  8. BF Visa
  9. Blue Cross Health Care Inc.
  10. Blue Cross Insurance Inc
  11. Blues Brothers
  12. Bureau of Customs Duties
  13. Cathay Land Inc
  14. Cebu Pacific Air
  15. Citibank Credit Card
  16. Citiseconline.com, Inc.
  17. Coke - GMA Region
  18. Coke - Key Accounts
  19. Coke - Mindanao Region
  20. Coke - North Luzon Region
  21. Coke - South Luzon Region
  22. Coke - Visayas Region
  23. Colgate Palmolive Philippines
  24. Cordia Communications Corp
  25. De La Salle University -
  26. Destiny Cable-CATV
  27. Diocese Of Baguio
  28. Dyna Drug Corporation
  29. Eagle Ridge Golf  & Country Club
  30. Easy Trip Services
  31. Essilor - Dagupan
  32. Essilor Phils - Luzon
  33. Essilor Phils - Mindanao
  34. Essilor Phils - Visayas
  35. Extelcom
  36. Father Al's Children Fundation Inc (FACFI)
  37. First Life Financial Co., Inc.
  38. First Metro Save & Learn Balanced Fund, Inc.
  39. First Metro Save & Learn Equity Fund, Inc.
  40. First Metro Save & Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc.
  41. First Metro Save & Learn Money Market Fund, Inc.
  42. First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp.
  43. Fly Ace Corporation
  44. G-Xchange
  46. Global Business Holdings
  47. Globe Handyphone
  48. Globe Quest BC - Lease
  49. Globe Quest BC -Telex
  50. Globe Quest G-Net
  51. Globelines
  52. Go! MasterCard
  54. HSBC Corporate Collection
  55. HSBC Credit Card
  56. ICA - GH
  57. ICC Bayantel
  58. Indiana Aerospace University
  60. Kawasaki Motors (Phils.) Corp.
  61. King Solomon and Associates
  62. Liberty Broadcasting Network,
  63. Loyola Plans Consolidated Inc
  64. Manila Memorial Park
  65. Manulife Financial Plans
  66. Manulife Philippines
  67. Maynilad Water Services Inc.
  68. Meralco
  69. Metrobank Dollar MasterCard Gold
  70. Metrobank Dollar MasterCard Platinum
  71. Metrobank Femme Visa
  72. Metrobank MasterCard Classic
  73. Metrobank MasterCard Gold
  74. Metrobank MasterCard Platinum
  75. Metrobank Value MasterCard
  76. Metrobank Visa Classic
  77. Metrobank Visa Dual Currency  Dollar
  78. Metrobank Visa Dual Currency Peso
  79. Metrobank Visa Gold
  80. Metrobank World Mastercard
  81. Nutri-Asia, Inc.
  82. Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)
  83. OWTel (PH)
  84. Pacific Internet - PhP 100.00 minimum payment
  85. Pag-Ibig Fund (Individual)
  86. PAMI
  87. Phil. Charter Insurance Corp.
  88. PLDT
  89. PRU Life UK
  90. PSBank MasterCard Classic
  91. PSBank MasterCard Gold
  92. Red Ribbon Bakeshop Inc.
  93. Republic Cement Corp/Fortune Cement Corp
  94. Rockwell Leisure Club
  95. SB Cards Diners/SBC Mastercard
  96. Scanasia
  97. Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa
  98. Siliman University
  99. SkyBroadband
  100. SkyCable
  101. SKYY Services
  102. Smart Telecom
  103. Southeast Asia Food, Inc.
  104. SSS Cont - Farmers & Fishermen
  105. SSS Cont - Non Working Spouse
  106. SSS Cont - OFW
  107. SSS Cont - Self Employed
  108. SSS Cont - Voluntary Member
  109. St. Paul College Pasig
  110. Sta. Lucia Realty & Development Corp.
  111. Standard Chartered Credit Card
  112. Statesfield School Inc.
  113. Stradcom
  114. Suysing
  115. Teletech
  116. Thinking Tools
  117. Toyota Financial Service
  118. Trade Payments
  119. Tyco ADT
  120. UC-Banilad (University of Cebu - Banilad)
  121. UC-LM (University of Cebu - Lapu-Lapu & Mandaue)
  122. UC-MAIN (University of Cebu - Main)
  123. Unicard Credit Card
  124. University of Sto. Tomas
  125. Victory Liner Inc.
  126. Visayan Electric Co., Inc.

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181 Yogine Marie Gallardo • 12:20 PM, 16-February-2015
How can I know if my account is already active? I am also trying to make an online account but the website always say that I entered an invalid data. I even sent an email to Metrobank support but have not received any reply. I applied and got my debit card here in UAE Exchane. Please help. ymvg.haniwells@gmail.com
180 janetokyo • 2:15 AM, 21-December-2014
my card is activated and i can withraw a dirhams in UAE,but now im here in russia...any problem if i deposit in my account?
179 Benie Mansueto Vison • 2:26 PM, 15-November-2014
If you apply online in Metrobank direct, there is an information asking for 19 digits of your ATM card and in the card it's only 16 digits. Just add three zeros (000) in the after you typed the 16digits. Or just click the sample
178 elms • 3:22 AM, 02-November-2014
Hi,i just want to know if my saving still active?i missed for a year not to deposite..and i will know how much is still there...
thanks,send me on my email the link to know it..Godbless
177 Charlie Papa • 4:52 PM, 19-October-2014
i like to have credit card im richard with work at ortigas tektite building my phone # is 09394060618
176 bigmack6112 • 10:01 PM, 02-October-2014
i am new with this card? my question, is the 13 digit number under your name the account number?
175 jellica avera • 2:50 AM, 01-August-2014
after i fill in the details in signing up online i get this c5e8264840a02ee31a6c9f519886bea3cb2282b675e3bf81ce53713b608fcf97 error in every box. And ask me to fill in again the details but still no go. help!
174 jellica avera • 2:44 AM, 01-August-2014
im unable to sign in, I keep on getting error in all fields after I click on continue, It will ask me again to fill in my info. :(
173 Eric Mariano Cordero • 3:01 PM, 24-July-2014
I was trying to register my atm for the online banking however I keep getting the error message : The card you are trying to register is not in range.- What does that mean?
172 Ronnel Martinez • 10:24 PM, 07-July-2014
16-Digit ATM Card Number (Front) + 3-Digit CVS Code (Back) = 19 Digits :)
171 Syd Ronald Verril Oredina • 1:20 AM, 07-July-2014
how can i register my debit card online?
170 Elenita calisang • 6:28 PM, 31-May-2014
Hi im not in my residence but im out of town for a vacation. I wish to settle my metrobank mastercard no. 5474071264003005. Can you email me my statement of account asap. By the way kindly update my other cellphone number 09275917786. Pls email or send it on my cellphone.
169 ronald • 0:43 AM, 30-May-2014
Hi! I just want to ask how to open or apply a online banking in metrobank?. and is it safe to use??. please email me tnx!.
168 anthony • 7:03 PM, 18-May-2014
Hi same hproblem with Rosalie, always giving me the error message, "you have entered and invalid data" pls help
167 Rosalie Resma • 7:49 AM, 09-May-2014
Hi! I just wanna give my feedback in creating online account. I tried creating mine though I do not have my card with me that time and I kept on getting the error "You may have entered an invalid data". It was difficult for me to think of what data to change/modify as there was NO specific indicator on which info i have entered incorrectly. I was upset that moment and I just stopped applying online.

Just an advice, You may wanna include specific error message so it will be easier for us customers to make our online account. That will be a GREAT HELP! Thank you.
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