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How to Apply for BPI Jumpstart Savings Account?

BPI Jumpstart is the type of savings account that BPI offers for minor persons or kids (10 to 17 years old). It has special and powerful features that you can enjoy. If you want to apply for BPI Jumpstart Savings Account, just follow the procedures below:

Step 1

Prepare and bring the following requirements for opening a BPI Jumpstart Savings Account:

a.) At least 2 valid id's
   > School ID
   > NSO Birth Certificate
   > Barangay Certificate/Clearance
   > etc...

b.) Two pieces recent 1x1 colored pictures

c.) P500 required initial deposit

Step 2

Go to a nearest or to your chosen BPI branch. Inside the bank, go to the New Account section and tell a bank officer that you want to apply for a Jumpstart savings account.

Step 3

The bank officer will process your application and will give you an application form to fill-out.

Claiming Period of BPI Jumpstart ATM Card

After processing your application, the bank officer will tell you that you can claim your BPI Jumpstart ATM card after 1 week.

Maintaining Balance of BPI Jumpstart

Required monthly maintaining balance is P1,000.

Photo of BPI Jumpstart ATM Card

BPI Jumpstart ATM Card

Do you have any trouble or problem applying for BPI Jumpstart account?
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Total comments: 21
21 Nathaliepugoy   (26 December 2017 6:24 PM)
Is my account still active and can I use it for remitance

20 Michael Pusta   (30 April 2016 11:04 AM)
Do you need the presence of Parent/Guardian in applying Jumpstart Savings?

18 kelly   (11 March 2016 2:47 PM)
hello! I am a jumpstart cardholder, and recently 14 years old, I availed when I was 13 when bpi bankal branch went in our school. what happens if ia already 18 yearsold?

19 admin   (11 March 2016 5:39 PM)
kelly, you can convert it to a regular savings account when you reach 18.

17 JM   (15 January 2016 12:41 PM)
Good day, is it possible to open Jumpstart account for me 13 years old at BPI Pasig branch?,my home address is at Sta. Cruz Pasig City Thank you.

15 Zette   (11 November 2015 9:15 PM)
what if im already 18 na po? can i still use my account?

14 Joselyn M. Caro   (23 April 2015 10:58 AM)
Good day, is it possible to open Jumpstart account for my daughter at BPI Trinoma branch?,my home address is at San Jose del Monte Bulacan, but my husband & i work near Quezon City.Thank you.

13 Gemmarie Claire Balbino Antonio   (08 November 2014 12:34 PM)
How much the deposit in monthly in BPi Jumpstart But I am Student only Ihave A requirements But I have no Barangay Clerance I have A Nso Birth certifacate and 1x1 picture and i have a school Id how much the minimum in monthly How Much it is ?????

11 najie macapaz   (17 December 2013 1:28 PM)
Is NSO original copy required? Do I need to bring photocopy of it?

12 admin   (20 December 2013 12:15 PM)
najie macapaz, you should bring the original copy and a photocopy.

10 hamor   (17 September 2013 4:54 AM)
Is the initial deposit 500 pesos?

9 hamor   (17 September 2013 4:48 AM)
Is the initial deposit amount to 100 pesos or 500 pesos?
I want to apply im 14 years old

san pedro laguna

8 bel   (15 September 2013 0:40 AM)
Can kids below 10 eligible to apply for BPI jumpstart savings account?

16 admin   (19 December 2015 3:47 PM)
No bel.

7 Janella Flavio   (07 September 2013 3:03 PM)
Will I be accepted even if I didn't bring my parent with me? Do I need to bring a photocopy of my school ID? or just an original school ID?

6 Julie   (05 September 2013 1:18 PM)
it says there that "savings account that BPI offers for minor persons or kids (10 to 17 years old)" is it possible that i can avail jumpstart even if im 18 ?

and i want to ask also,

what if, i have my jumpstart account when i was 14 yrs old, and i will turn 18 this coming month, what will happen to my account?

5 nika   (06 August 2013 9:41 PM)
i want to avail the jump start but i have only school id and voter's id ....thanks

4 gennelene   (31 July 2013 4:26 PM)
I want an atm and passbook... I want both.

3 gennelene   (31 July 2013 4:17 PM)
hello mam/sir,

I thought that a student will just bring a school ID only with 1x1 pictures.
i have birth certificate/id/school registration bill...

2 David Lozano   (05 July 2013 6:39 PM)
What are all the requirements in opening an account plus the payment to open it.

1 James Albert   (28 May 2013 9:42 AM)
hi I'm 21 years old i just go back studies, I'm currently in second year college, i just wanted to ask if i can avail the jump start..if not what are the savings account that i can avail which don't have a higher initial dep. i really need to save money thank you