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How to Apply for BPI ATM Card?

For an average or ordinary client of Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI), the typical type of ATM card that BPI offers is its BPI Express Teller Card. To apply or open for this type of ATM card, just follow the procedures below:

Step 1

First you must prepare and bring the following requirements for applying/opening a BPI ATM Card:

a.) At least 2 valid id. For the list of valid id's, you can read it in "Top 28 Valid ID's Required in the Philippines":

    > School ID
    > Company ID
    > NSO Birth Certificate
    > Barangay Clearance
    > Postal ID
    > Voter's ID
    > Driver's License
    > Police/NBI Clearance
    > etc...

b.) Two pieces 1x1 colored picture

b.) P3,000 initial deposit in order to avoid maintaining balance penalty

Step 2

Go to a nearest or to your chosen BPI branch. Inside the BPI branch, go to the New Account section and tell a bank officer that you want to apply for an ATM Card.

Step 3

The bank officer will now process your application. She/he will give you an application form to fill-out. After processing the papers, the bank officer will give you a deposit slip.

Claiming your BPI ATM Card (Waiting Period)

You can claim your ATM card after 7 days (1 week). So, you must go back after a week to claim your new ATM card. Don't forget to bring and present your deposit slip and your valid id upon claiming.

Pictures of a real BPI Express Teller ATM Card


Logos which can be found at the back side of this BPI ATM Card are Cirrus and ExpressNet.

Maintaining Balance

Required maintaining balance (monthly Average Daily Balance) for this ATM card is P3,000 to avoid penalty or service charge. Likewise, the required maintaining balance in order to earn interest is also P5,000.

Falling Below Maintaining Balance Penalty (Service Charge)

If your account balance falls below the required maintaining balance, BPI will charge P300 (per month).

What you can do with your BPI Express Teller ATM Card
  • Withdraw money, transfer funds or free balance inquiry on any ATM with Cirrus or Expressnet logos.
  • You can use it to purchase on any BPI-affiliated Merchants such as in SM malls, Gaisano malls, Emall, Robinson's malls, in gasoline stations, appliance stores, etc.
  • You can use it to access or inquire your BPI account balance online and pay your bills (electricity bills, water bills, phone/cable tv bills, etc.) through ATM, online banking and mobile banking.
  • ...and many more.

Do you want to apply for a BPI ATM card?
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155 johnriel asucan pagas   (22 November 2017 3:23 AM)
Mag apply po ng atm card i have TIN ID,DRIVER LICENSE,POSTAL ID,BARANGAY CLEARANCE,NSO and NBI clearance plus initial 500 pesos and 3000 for deposit

154 Irene corpuz   (25 April 2017 1:26 PM)
Gooday po Sir/maam,
Pwede po ba mka apply ng Atm card ang available ID ko po ngayon ay TIN id lang po .tnx po

153 Agnes Padreque   (22 April 2017 6:46 PM)
Also..about my TIN id..

152 Agnes Padreque   (22 April 2017 6:44 PM)
I want to ask if I do I have a card at bpi?

151 Noel S. Gumatay   (11 April 2017 5:26 AM)
Sir/ Maam:
Good Day!

150 Noel S. Gumatay   (11 April 2017 5:23 AM)
Where can I find the nearest BPI office here in Al Jesr Alkhobar Saudi Arabia?
I want to open a new account because my BPI ATM Card is in the Philippines and I want a new one International and also with passbook. I want to save money on it.

Hopefully you can response as soon as possible!
Thank you and Godbless.

149 Joy ignacio   (10 March 2017 9:10 PM)
Paano po mkapag apply ng saving account ot atm here in abroad po.

148 Gen Jam   (28 November 2016 9:04 AM)
halos 2months na po akong nag apply for ATM, bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa rin? :(
ang hirap pag walang ATM lalo na pag payroll.

147 grace dado   (15 September 2016 12:57 PM)
hi company id and TIN id accepted ba then yung sa billing statement . nangungupahan lang kasi kami

146 grace dado   (15 September 2016 12:54 PM)
hi po panu po pag n ngungupahan lng . kaylangan parin poba ng billing statement

145 Ara Ancheta   (26 July 2016 9:15 AM)
Hi. Makakapag open po ba ako ng account kung ang id ko lang po ay philhealth and baranggay id? I also have my nso birth certificate. Thankyou!

144 Ara Ancheta   (26 July 2016 9:13 AM)
Hi. Is it possible na makapag open ako ng account kung ang id ko lang ay philhealth and baranggay id? And i have my nso birth certificate? Thank you.

143 Dodjie Cajucom   (26 July 2016 6:31 AM)
Can I use a check for the initial deposit?

142 yancel macabuag   (04 July 2016 10:00 PM)
Ask ko lang po.. Kailangan po ba tlaga ng 3k initial deposit? Or may mababa pa?

141 Nueda Caderao ,Coronel   (01 July 2016 3:42 AM)
Ask ko lang kong active pa ba atm card ko...

140 Tata may cupas   (23 June 2016 3:58 AM)
Hello sir/maam,..tanong lang po..may 100 initial deposit po ba kaau para mag open ng atm card

139 Snooky Abarquez   (08 June 2016 2:22 PM)
Want Kong mag open account student lang po akk

138 Ana   (17 May 2016 8:45 AM)
What about of 500 initial deposit and as maintaining balance?

137 lhea   (16 April 2016 2:15 PM)
how about 500 initial deposit?

136 luivelyn sanchez de guzman   (04 February 2016 9:12 AM)
the services is fast and reliable..thank you

135 Marybeth yuerata obedoza   (20 November 2015 2:33 PM)
Please send my latest bank transactions on my email acct.
Really need it now thank you

134 Arjay Juntilla   (26 October 2015 8:43 AM)
How to avail ATM Card ? and how much ? Im still a high school student I just want save money May i know ?

133 marilyn singson   (09 August 2015 10:03 AM)
Is NSO zerox copy will be honored? Thank you

132 marilyn singson   (09 August 2015 10:02 AM)
Is zerox copy of NSO certificate will be ok? Thank you

131 marilyn singson   (09 August 2015 10:00 AM)
Is NSO zerox certificate copy is ok?or the original one?thank you

130 kingkyrie   (28 July 2015 5:23 PM)
sir/mam good afternon can i apply atm card but can be deposit 500 whatever thank you

129 ariel camasin   (21 June 2015 5:26 PM)
Could the students avail?

128 ana camasin   (21 June 2015 5:23 PM)
I just wanna ask,if the initial deposit must really be P 3,000 ? Because i've read from the other site about the requirements just like in this site, that their initial deposit is atleast P500. Does students could also apply ?

127 ranz   (08 June 2015 9:30 AM)
hi mam/sir..
good day. i want to apply for an ATM card, i had 2 valid ID's with me but every time i went to the nearest branch they ask me for too much requirements like NBI, POLICE, BARANGAY CLEARANCE, NSO,..
why such thing??? where in fact in the requirements list, we are asked only two(2)valid ID..
*school ID
*voter's ID
i think thats valid enough..
thank you po..

126 John Wilfred Montilde   (01 June 2015 5:39 AM)
Hi, Good day!, can I open an account if I only have a School ID, a NSO Birth certificate and a Voter's certification?

Best Regards,

125 john henric cahapay   (19 May 2015 5:58 PM)
is pag-ibig id is valid?

124 dimple   (16 May 2015 12:38 PM)
hi ma'am/sir. i want to know if NSO birthcertificate,new issue of POSTAL ID,and BRGY.CLEARANCE,is acceptable as a requirements by applying an ATM CARD

123 jerome   (23 April 2015 9:20 PM)
hi maam i have only NSO BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND A BARaNGAY CLEARANCE.,i ask if this is acceptable to open an account..?

122 Cam   (16 April 2015 9:40 AM)
Alumni ID, NSO birth certificate, Voters Certification and NBI clearance are just my valid IDs. I hope when I apply I will have my ATM card. Regards.

121 Jocelyn   (16 April 2015 6:44 AM)
Hi ma'am I want to apply for bpi ATM card , I have my school id from year 2011 -2012 is it still considered ma'am? Thankyou

120 Zella Mae   (14 April 2015 10:55 PM)
This is my first time to get a ATM Card , my problem is I only have a one valid id should they allow to apply even I have only one valid id ?

119 Jrose Jm Domingo   (10 February 2015 12:23 PM)
Hi Ma'am i want to apply BPI card but my problem is my requirments only i have is a Postal Id and Birth Certificate.

118 bbjj   (19 September 2014 7:42 PM)
yes I want also applying and having an atm card on BPI band can I sign a form online please?

117 roooooooooooooooooooooooy   (06 September 2014 11:56 AM)
i've been going back and fort to the BPI bank for 3 times i have my bills and everything but the id that i have is 'BIR' and they said its not valid. then they asked be to get a company ID then when i went back with my Company ID they said it's not also valid but they told me before that i should have one. then i went to get NBI , then suddenly i went back again to BPI and they said it's still not valid. they just let me going back and fort and still I DONT HAVE AN BANK ACCOUNT , and it's very important because this where the only way i can get my salary and until now i can't get my salary!! i don't know what ID they want for them to make me a bank account.

116 Che Gan D   (23 June 2014 3:24 PM)
Yes, i want to apply for BPI ATM card. Can i sign now online?

115 Anonymous   (13 June 2014 4:11 PM)
Hi, just wanna ask if school ID is still accepted even if i graduated last April? I also have voter certification only because my voter's ID is not yet printed. I still don't have a company ID yet. I need to open an account ASAP because my company is requiring me to have a BPI account.

114 Aiko Mae L. Dela Cruz   (26 May 2014 7:41 PM)
Hi ! I want to apply in your bank ..

113 Malou Belarmino   (26 May 2014 12:42 PM)
.,Hi Maam/Sir,
I want to apply BPI ATM Card..I want to asked if BPI office in SM is open at after 5 o'clock pm?.

112 eroll b. ruiz   (14 May 2014 12:38 PM)
i want an ATM card from your bank how can i avail the atm this is my no.09489442807

111 rose benitez   (12 May 2014 6:04 PM)
Good day, i have payroll account at your bank, my last transaction is january 31,2014. I am confuse if that account is still pay roll, bacause the balance is below 100.00.

110 John Rey   (02 May 2014 11:10 AM)
Guys, last wed. nag.apply ako for BPI ATM somewhere in malabon! the only requirements that i have provided is only the billing , 1copy of 1x1 pic. 2 valid id's, E-1 sss, and Php250.00 that's it! and the ATM card will be released a week after!

109 jolina beramo   (29 March 2014 5:33 PM)
Can I ask. Is TIN ID and Postal ID accepted in opening an ATM card?

108 Pearly joy lopez   (29 March 2014 11:00 AM)
How to apply atm card through online?

107 JoyNonnato   (27 March 2014 10:42 PM)
i want to have my own atm card as early....... my mobile number is 09394305047

106 mike   (21 March 2014 9:50 AM)
i have an bpi express teller payroll atm card from my previous company. i resigned 4 mos ago bu t still have that atm card. is it still active? have nothing in it. no transactions and no balance? will i be charged penalties for not having maintaining balance? there were no maintaining balance required back then when it was still linked to my old payroll.

105 Miss Just Asking   (05 March 2014 10:16 PM)
Hi! Yesterday I went to a BPI branch somewhere in Tondo, Manila, I inquired on what documents will be needed for applying a BPI ATM card. One of their Information personnel told me to present 2 valid ID's, Billing statements, and 1x1 colored pictures. She also asked me to photo copy those requirements. But since Voter's ID is all I have that time I decided to check other requirements over the 'net that could qualify for my ATM application.
It says provide at least 2 valid ID’s which includes:
School ID, Company ID, Postal ID, Voter's ID, Driver's License ID UMID,SSS ID, GSIS ID, Phil Health ID, PAG-IBIG ID, Passport, NSO, Birth Certificate, Barangay Clearance, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, any Government-issued ID's, 2 pieces 1x1 colored pictures and P3,000 pesos initial deposit.
And just this afternoon, 04 March 2014, I decided to come back to the said bank to process my ATM application. I then brought with me my Voter's ID, billing statements and 2 1x1 pictures. I photo copied those stuffs right away 'coz I'm really dying to have a BPI ATM card since my Company is requesting for it. But to my dismay the said personnel told me that my requirements are not good enough in applying for a BPI ATM card. So I asked her if NBI clearance or maybe my E-1 No. would do, but to no avail she simply says NO. Voter's ID is nothing but a secondary ID, she added. So that’s it, end of talk.
Are NBI, Police and Barangay clearance are in compliance with the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP), circular 564? Does clients who engage in a financial transaction with the covered institutions for the first time shall be required to present the original and submit a copy of at least two valid photo-bearing identification documents issued and signed by a government official? (from TOP 29 VALID ID's IN THE PHILIPPINES)
Then why put those 3 Government clearances in your list of requirements for ATM application if it wouldn’t be honored and accepted at all? Does it mean that the information that you have stored online doesn't apply to that bank branch of yours in Tondo, Manila?
Look, I don’t have any issues with BPI, in fact I do love this bank.
...But I think that love had died today.

104 Esther   (07 January 2014 8:22 PM)
Good day. Is it necessary to pay for the 3k initial deposit upon applying for an atm account? I thought it would only cost me Php250 including for the card and I can get the card on the same day. Please paki answer. I need to have an acct asap but still cant provide the 3k :(

103 Elaine Bueno   (11 December 2013 9:24 AM)
I want to apply for BPI Easy Saver

102 Criza   (05 December 2013 2:23 PM)
applying for BPI atm card

101 rosh   (29 October 2013 4:46 PM)
Good morning. Can I apply for BPI atm card through online? I'm here outside the Philippines and I want to apply for BPI atm card. But I don't know the processes through online and if it's allowed?

100 maria celia bautista   (21 October 2013 9:10 PM)
hello, good day! i would like to open an account in BPI, philippines.as of now im working aroad. what are the procedures to open an account while im here in other country, how to open the account?
please advise.

99 laoxander   (06 October 2013 0:38 AM)
I want to open a BPI savings account, It is possible to settle it even im work now at abroad. what is easiest way to settle it?

But before that, I already have an existing account in BPI, but sad to say right now it is already deactivated, because of the zero balance. It is possible to reactivate my existing savings account?

hoping for your response.. thanks a lot...

98 ian13   (17 September 2013 9:22 PM)
Is there any age limit? I was planning to have an ATM since. When should the deposit be given? Is it at the time of application? Please answer. Thank you.

97 DJ BARNIZO   (11 September 2013 6:52 PM)
Want to ask how much is the charge if falling below maintaining balance the first month. I need response please asap.

96 mave   (31 August 2013 9:55 AM)
My BPI ATM cost Php 250 upon opening. It is now containing Php 200. Just tell that your a student. If student, they require 2 pieces 2x2 picture, school ID and registration form. BPI Easy Savers Account.

95 mark   (29 August 2013 4:03 PM)
Want to ask are Postal ID and NSO Birth Certificate accepted? Those are only my IDs. When I opened in BDO I was denied. How about BPI?

94 angela tuazon   (25 August 2013 4:59 PM)
Is deposit or cash in accepted? Do you have any much lesser initial deposit?

93 DJ BARNIZO   (24 August 2013 6:46 PM)
How about postal Id, NSO birth certificate, baranggay clearance, NSO marriage contract. Is Php 500 initial deposit accepted?

92 Erwin Sawal   (14 August 2013 2:30 PM)
good afternon sir/madam
Is there any below Php 3000 initial deposit in opening an account. I have only 100 pesos per day salary. Can you offer an account fit to my budget?

91 karentelecaster   (06 August 2013 2:25 PM)
Sir, I'm 20 years old. Am I qualified to apply for BPI Jumpstart?
I have budget just enough for that account. Is it mandatory for 10-17 years only? thanks.

90 Mau Hernandez   (01 August 2013 5:30 PM)
Good evening. I have a BPI atm card that I used when I was working way back in 2011. I resigned in the same year but I kept my card. Can I still use its account number? My new employer is requesting one for salary transaction. Thanks.

89 jayson   (28 July 2013 11:53 AM)
Can I open an ATM card for Php 500? I have postal ID and 1x1 picture. Do you accept them for application?

88 audimor g. pelayo jr   (25 July 2013 3:38 PM)
good afternoon sir! may i ask can be allow Company ID
NSO Birth Certificate paper xerox copy. true only 500php BPI ATM CARD BLUE? how

87 nikki   (23 July 2013 11:42 AM)
Can someone abroad remit money on this kind of ATM account? Thanks

86 ellen v. compuesto   (21 July 2013 9:18 AM)
Is there a possibility to get my atm card in 5 days

85 amariah gundayao   (17 July 2013 5:03 PM)
I opened a BPI ATM account. I have been told that the maintaining balance is Php 3,000. I deposited Php 1,000. Why is it stated here that the initial deposit is Php 500. According to the teller, it needs Php 3,000 maintaining balance. Below that, Php 300 will be deducted. Which is true?

83 jane   (16 July 2013 8:55 PM)
Can I open an ATM account as a student?

84 admin   (17 July 2013 9:19 AM)
jane, yes.

81 jera   (15 July 2013 5:01 PM)
hi! i'd like to ask if its okey to open an account if i have only School ID, Voter certificate, and no driver's license?

82 admin   (16 July 2013 12:01 PM)
jera, You must also bring your NSO birth certificate.

80 Cydee   (11 July 2013 11:30 AM)
Hi! I just wanna ask if I can still open an account if I only have my School ID and NSO birth certificate as my requirements? Thank you!

78 Marife   (09 July 2013 10:55 PM)
can i encash a bpi cross cheque to a bdo account?

77 jane   (03 July 2013 4:44 PM)
Can I submit just 2 valid IDs?

76 noli   (01 July 2013 10:04 PM)
may ask you mam/sir, age 17 years old are allowed to apply an atm?

79 admin   (11 July 2013 8:05 AM)
noli, yes you can apply for BPI Jumpstart Savings Account.

75 noli   (01 July 2013 10:00 PM)
Can a 17-year old apply for a BPI atm account?

74 christian pagaduan   (24 June 2013 1:03 PM)
I want to have an ATM. I have company ID and NSO birth certificate.

73 christian pagaduan   (24 June 2013 9:41 AM)
Sir, I have company ID and NSO birth certidicate. They're not valid and enough according to the BPI Taguig Branch.

72 jayson   (21 June 2013 11:02 AM)
Can the application form be brought outside the bank? Because my cousing wanted to apply for an ATM but he don't have a time. Is it possible to process the application by a representative? Thank you.

71 Jeanicar Culi   (21 June 2013 8:49 AM)
I only have student i.d. .which was valid until last March? but i also have NSO Birth certificate and brgy. clearance with me..would that be ok?

70 ma.rubylyn libo-on   (18 June 2013 2:07 PM)
Don't you have atm for kids?

69 zaafira   (17 June 2013 6:08 PM)
hello. Are school ID and baranggay certificate sufficient?

68 Diana D. Cave   (17 June 2013 2:08 PM)
Good afternoon
How to get an ATM card? what should be done?

66 robertsapeIII   (15 June 2013 1:20 PM)
How much money to bring for having a new ATM card?

67 admin   (15 June 2013 3:01 PM)
robertsapeIII, 100 pesos is the cost of BPI ATM card replacement.

65 Aya   (15 June 2013 12:46 PM)
Good day!

I'm Aya Olmedo of IBM Techno-hub. I enrolled for an employee ATM card this June 11, 2013. I am aware of the requirements for claiming the card. I would like to know if I am going to claim it to the branch I chose (Commonwealth Branch) or in our IBM office instead, and when it will be available. I am hoping for your kind and immediate response, better via Email.

Thanks and best regards.

63 Loidy   (14 June 2013 12:35 PM)
What card can be used for Paypal?

64 admin   (14 June 2013 2:24 PM)
Loidy, only Unionbank EON card.

61 Loidy   (13 June 2013 2:49 PM)
Can this be used for Paypal Account?

62 admin   (13 June 2013 4:59 PM)
Loidy, no.

59 mhonaliza   (13 June 2013 8:43 AM)
Please enlighten us. How much is the initial deposit in opening a bank account? Php 3,000 or Php 500?

60 admin   (13 June 2013 10:45 AM)
mhonaliza, Php 500

54 Leandrew Castillo   (11 June 2013 6:10 PM)
is it required to deposit P500 every month?

55 admin   (11 June 2013 7:00 PM)
Leandrew Castillo, no.

53 misty   (10 June 2013 4:49 PM)
what if I only have school ID? Can I still apply?

56 admin   (11 June 2013 7:01 PM)
misty, no. BPI will need additional valid id or supplementary id to verify your identity.

52 Aeryl   (05 June 2013 6:45 PM)
Hi. i'm only 16 years old and the valid ID I have is only school ID? Is it enough?

57 admin   (11 June 2013 7:05 PM)
Aeryl, it's not enough. You need to bring another valid id or supplementary ID's to verify your identity.

Sample's of valid id's are presented in the above article.

51 vintot   (02 June 2013 11:11 AM)
Will the ATM expire if it is being deposited every month? If not, when will it expire?

58 admin   (11 June 2013 7:06 PM)
vintot, no.

50 Hazel de padua   (27 May 2013 11:34 PM)
Hi. Can i deposit a canadian dollar check to a bpi et blue international card? Thanks!

49 rene lara   (26 May 2013 8:44 PM)
HI, I want to aak question. Can a 16 years old open a BPI atm account? How to open for it?

47 renelyn   (26 May 2013 0:22 AM)
What if i am in other country,can i withdrawn my money?

48 joselito777   (26 May 2013 10:00 AM)
renelyn, yes as long as the ATM has either the Cirrus or Express Net logos.

46 jenelyn gonzaga   (22 May 2013 10:58 PM)

44 Bandido   (22 May 2013 1:08 PM)
Sir, does it refers to the one with my printed name? Just like Marykiel. My name should be printed on the card for remittance. thank you!

45 admin   (22 May 2013 1:42 PM)
Bandido, yes.

42 marykiel   (21 May 2013 12:55 PM)
Hi! I want to open an account/ATM because I have a small online business. Can the atm be used as remittance for my clients?

43 admin   (21 May 2013 1:00 PM)
marykiel, yes. You can tell your account number to your clients and ask them to deposit the money to your account. As easy as that.

40 invictus   (17 May 2013 6:04 PM)

Do BPI Branches throughout the Philippines have different policies regarding application for an ATM Card? I have read the requirements and procedure in application for atm card and one of which is payment of P500 as initial deposit. However, when my cousin attempts to apply for an ATM Card in one of your branches in Iligan City (Quezon Avenue Street), she was required to give P3, 000 as initial deposit. Please enlighten us on this matter.

39 Harv Samp   (15 May 2013 12:43 PM)
How much is the charge for withdarwing to other atm bank using bpi atm?

41 admin   (17 May 2013 7:43 PM)
Harv Samp, P15.

37 Teresa Joy   (07 May 2013 2:28 PM)
What if I won't able to get my ATM card after a week? Will it be get expired? I'm afraid.. I might lose my Jumpstart account. :((((( Will it be invalid now? It's almost 4 months

36 adel   (07 May 2013 9:54 AM)
hi..good day! I'm just concerned. I went to BPI near my office. I was opening an account. I present my two valid ID's, company ID and PhilHealth ID. They didn't accept my PhilHealth ID because according to them, it's not a valid ID. It's very clear what is stated in the Top 28 Valid ID's that the PhilHealth ID is a valid id. What's wrong?

38 admin   (07 May 2013 3:19 PM)
adel, some banks are very strict in choosing valid id's. You must comply what your bank told you.

34 PRINCESS LHEE A. OBIEN   (30 April 2013 3:46 PM)
hello in case I open an account such as bpi atm international, will I be able to receive money in any part worldwide in case someone sends me? how many days will I get my card? Thanks

35 admin   (30 April 2013 5:01 PM)
hello incase I open an account such as bpi atm international, will I be able to receive money in any part worldwide in case someone sends me?

how many days will I get my card?
7 days or 1 week.

33 azel   (29 April 2013 10:56 PM)
Is check deposit allowed or accepted? thank you for your reply :)

31 annie   (27 April 2013 8:14 AM)
hello po!... pwede po bang... postal I.D saka NSO?

32 admin   (27 April 2013 9:39 AM)
annie, yes.

30 Chanda Rose Claro   (26 April 2013 2:08 PM)
please need your reply

29 Chanda Rose Claro   (26 April 2013 2:08 PM)
How much is the penalty for atm card every month?

27 joanne corong   (22 April 2013 4:20 PM)
Is it allowed to deposit Php 500 initially, then Php 3,000 afterwards in order for me to get an ATM card. I really need an ATM card because that is where my father will send my money from Libya.

28 admin   (22 April 2013 4:30 PM)
joanne corong, yes. Initial deposit is P500.

24 joanne corong   (22 April 2013 4:06 PM)
Are Baranggay Certificate and NSO Birth Certificate allowed in getting an ATM? How much to be paid? Is it allowed to deposit Php 500 partially in opening an ATM card in BPI? thanks

26 admin   (22 April 2013 4:16 PM)
joanne corong, You have to present at least 1 photo-bearing id and another 1 valid id such as Brgy. Certificate or NSO Certificate.

23 joanne corong   (22 April 2013 3:41 PM)
Is Baranggay Id alone accepted?

25 admin   (22 April 2013 4:15 PM)
joanne corong, no

21 JOHNNY   (21 April 2013 6:41 PM)
Are voter's ID and baranggay clearance alone accepted?

22 admin   (21 April 2013 7:50 PM)
Johnny, yes.

19 juliet baillo   (20 April 2013 11:38 PM)
I'm working as maintenance. I want to save every salary. I have no other valid ID's such as SSS ID, voter's Id. What I have is Agency ID only. Is it enough to be accepted? thank you.

20 admin   (21 April 2013 9:47 AM)
juliet baillo, you can use your agency's ID. And bring any of the following supplement id such as Barangay Clearance/Certificate, or Police Clearance, NBI clearance, etc.

18 joycie de vera   (11 April 2013 1:14 PM)

14 Khat   (01 April 2013 11:20 PM)
Good evening. So I'm a college student, so what if po student? Do they have same requirements or do I have special forms to fill?

And, paano po if for a long time hindi kana nakapag deposit? What's the penalty? Di po ba pwedeng i-close account na lang po? So bale, 3000 dapat laman ng card every month?

Thank you po! :)

15 admin   (02 April 2013 6:44 AM)
Khat, same requirements and no special forms to fill-out. Since you're a student, you can use your school ID and other supplementary valid id's such as "Barangay Clearance", etc.

13 justin   (27 March 2013 4:39 PM)
Hi Good PM. Are TIN Id and Passport alone accepted in opening an ATM account/atm card?

16 admin   (02 April 2013 6:44 AM)
justin, yes.

12 cara-xy-za aparece   (25 March 2013 7:58 PM)
good evening! i just wanna know? there's 2 choices for credit card right? the one if for the 500 and the other one is 200 hundred...i wanna know the information for appling credit card in 200 pls.responce thank you

11 Stephanie   (20 February 2013 9:23 AM)
Upon claiming the ATM from the branch, is valid Id enough for verification or is the deposit slip needed? thank you.

17 admin   (02 April 2013 6:46 AM)
Stephanie, either of the two. But the main important thing is the valid id. That one verifies your personal identity.

10 aliam azneitac   (17 February 2013 2:54 PM)
Last question. What will happen if the atm card is empty (without maintaining balance) for many months? thank you very much. more power.

8 aliam azneitac   (17 February 2013 2:23 PM)
After getting the atm card within a week after the sign-up process, Is it neede to have Php 3,000 deposit?

9 admin   (17 February 2013 2:29 PM)
aliam, no. it's up to you when are you going to deposit cash. Just be extra careful of the required maintaining balance.

5 aliam azneitac   (17 February 2013 2:00 PM)
I thought the initial deposit is the same with the maintaining balance of the ATM card . and the initial deposit written here is 500 pesos . why Php 3,000 ? just a question. thanks.

6 admin   (17 February 2013 2:15 PM)
aliam, it's their rule.

4 mary jane barros   (31 January 2013 4:20 PM)
NBI ID alone? Is it enough? What other valid ID's are accepted?

7 admin   (17 February 2013 2:17 PM)
mary jane, at least two valid id's.

2 aliam azneitac   (29 January 2013 3:41 PM)
i thought the maintaining balance is 500 pesos as of 500 pesos is also the initial deposit . but 3,000 is written here. why? any clarification? ...more power.

3 admin   (30 January 2013 2:04 PM)
aliam azneitac, "P500 pesos for initial deposit and P3,000 for maintaining balance" - is accurate according to BPI's Table of Deposit Requirements and Fees.

1 dhen   (14 January 2013 0:14 AM)
Do you have a BPI branch in Saudi Arabia?