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How to Apply for BPI ATM Card?

For an average or ordinary client of Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI), the typical type of ATM card that BPI offers is its BPI Express Teller Card. To apply or open for this type of ATM card, just follow the procedures below:

Step 1

First you must prepare and bring the following requirements for applying/opening a BPI ATM Card:

a.) At least 2 valid id. For the list of valid id's, you can read it in "Top 28 Valid ID's Required in the Philippines":

    > School ID
    > Company ID
    > NSO Birth Certificate
    > Barangay Clearance
    > Postal ID
    > Voter's ID
    > Driver's License
    > Police/NBI Clearance
    > etc...

b.) Two pieces 1x1 colored picture

b.) P3,000 initial deposit in order to avoid maintaining balance penalty

Step 2

Go to a nearest or to your chosen BPI branch. Inside the BPI branch, go to the New Account section and tell a bank officer that you want to apply for an ATM Card.

Step 3

The bank officer will now process your application. She/he will give you an application form to fill-out. After processing the papers, the bank officer will give you a deposit slip.

Claiming your BPI ATM Card (Waiting Period)

You can claim your ATM card after 7 days (1 week). So, you must go back after a week to claim your new ATM card. Don't forget to bring and present your deposit slip and your valid id upon claiming.

Pictures of a real BPI Express Teller ATM Card


Logos which can be found at the back side of this BPI ATM Card are Cirrus and ExpressNet.

Maintaining Balance

Required maintaining balance (monthly Average Daily Balance) for this ATM card is P3,000 to avoid penalty or service charge. Likewise, the required maintaining balance in order to earn interest is also P5,000.

Falling Below Maintaining Balance Penalty (Service Charge)

If your account balance falls below the required maintaining balance, BPI will charge P300 (per month).

What you can do with your BPI Express Teller ATM Card
  • Withdraw money, transfer funds or free balance inquiry on any ATM with Cirrus or Expressnet logos.
  • You can use it to purchase on any BPI-affiliated Merchants such as in SM malls, Gaisano malls, Emall, Robinson's malls, in gasoline stations, appliance stores, etc.
  • You can use it to access or inquire your BPI account balance online and pay your bills (electricity bills, water bills, phone/cable tv bills, etc.) through ATM, online banking and mobile banking.
  • ...and many more.

Do you want to apply for a BPI ATM card?
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142 yancel macabuag   (04 July 2016 10:00 PM)
Ask ko lang po.. Kailangan po ba tlaga ng 3k initial deposit? Or may mababa pa?

141 Nueda Caderao ,Coronel   (01 July 2016 3:42 AM)
Ask ko lang kong active pa ba atm card ko...

140 Tata may cupas   (23 June 2016 3:58 AM)
Hello sir/maam,..tanong lang po..may 100 initial deposit po ba kaau para mag open ng atm card

139 Snooky Abarquez   (08 June 2016 2:22 PM)
Want Kong mag open account student lang po akk

138 Ana   (17 May 2016 8:45 AM)
What about of 500 initial deposit and as maintaining balance?

137 lhea   (16 April 2016 2:15 PM)
how about 500 initial deposit?

136 luivelyn sanchez de guzman   (04 February 2016 9:12 AM)
the services is fast and reliable..thank you

135 Marybeth yuerata obedoza   (20 November 2015 2:33 PM)
Please send my latest bank transactions on my email acct.
Really need it now thank you

134 Arjay Juntilla   (26 October 2015 8:43 AM)
How to avail ATM Card ? and how much ? Im still a high school student I just want save money May i know ?

133 marilyn singson   (09 August 2015 10:03 AM)
Is NSO zerox copy will be honored? Thank you

132 marilyn singson   (09 August 2015 10:02 AM)
Is zerox copy of NSO certificate will be ok? Thank you

131 marilyn singson   (09 August 2015 10:00 AM)
Is NSO zerox certificate copy is ok?or the original one?thank you

130 kingkyrie   (28 July 2015 5:23 PM)
sir/mam good afternon can i apply atm card but can be deposit 500 whatever thank you

129 ariel camasin   (21 June 2015 5:26 PM)
Could the students avail?

128 ana camasin   (21 June 2015 5:23 PM)
I just wanna ask,if the initial deposit must really be P 3,000 ? Because i've read from the other site about the requirements just like in this site, that their initial deposit is atleast P500. Does students could also apply ?

127 ranz   (08 June 2015 9:30 AM)
hi mam/sir..
good day. i want to apply for an ATM card, i had 2 valid ID's with me but every time i went to the nearest branch they ask me for too much requirements like NBI, POLICE, BARANGAY CLEARANCE, NSO,..
why such thing??? where in fact in the requirements list, we are asked only two(2)valid ID..
*school ID
*voter's ID
i think thats valid enough..
thank you po..

126 John Wilfred Montilde   (01 June 2015 5:39 AM)
Hi, Good day!, can I open an account if I only have a School ID, a NSO Birth certificate and a Voter's certification?

Best Regards,

125 john henric cahapay   (19 May 2015 5:58 PM)
is pag-ibig id is valid?

124 dimple   (16 May 2015 12:38 PM)
hi ma'am/sir. i want to know if NSO birthcertificate,new issue of POSTAL ID,and BRGY.CLEARANCE,is acceptable as a requirements by applying an ATM CARD

123 jerome   (23 April 2015 9:20 PM)
hi maam i have only NSO BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND A BARaNGAY CLEARANCE.,i ask if this is acceptable to open an account..?

122 Cam   (16 April 2015 9:40 AM)
Alumni ID, NSO birth certificate, Voters Certification and NBI clearance are just my valid IDs. I hope when I apply I will have my ATM card. Regards.

121 Jocelyn   (16 April 2015 6:44 AM)
Hi ma'am I want to apply for bpi ATM card , I have my school id from year 2011 -2012 is it still considered ma'am? Thankyou

120 Zella Mae   (14 April 2015 10:55 PM)
This is my first time to get a ATM Card , my problem is I only have a one valid id should they allow to apply even I have only one valid id ?

119 Jrose Jm Domingo   (10 February 2015 12:23 PM)
Hi Ma'am i want to apply BPI card but my problem is my requirments only i have is a Postal Id and Birth Certificate.

118 bbjj   (19 September 2014 7:42 PM)
yes I want also applying and having an atm card on BPI band can I sign a form online please?

117 roooooooooooooooooooooooy   (06 September 2014 11:56 AM)
i've been going back and fort to the BPI bank for 3 times i have my bills and everything but the id that i have is 'BIR' and they said its not valid. then they asked be to get a company ID then when i went back with my Company ID they said it's not also valid but they told me before that i should have one. then i went to get NBI , then suddenly i went back again to BPI and they said it's still not valid. they just let me going back and fort and still I DONT HAVE AN BANK ACCOUNT , and it's very important because this where the only way i can get my salary and until now i can't get my salary!! i don't know what ID they want for them to make me a bank account.

116 Che Gan D   (23 June 2014 3:24 PM)
Yes, i want to apply for BPI ATM card. Can i sign now online?

115 Anonymous   (13 June 2014 4:11 PM)
Hi, just wanna ask if school ID is still accepted even if i graduated last April? I also have voter certification only because my voter's ID is not yet printed. I still don't have a company ID yet. I need to open an account ASAP because my company is requiring me to have a BPI account.

114 Aiko Mae L. Dela Cruz   (26 May 2014 7:41 PM)
Hi ! I want to apply in your bank ..

113 Malou Belarmino   (26 May 2014 12:42 PM)
.,Hi Maam/Sir,
I want to apply BPI ATM Card..I want to asked if BPI office in SM is open at after 5 o'clock pm?.

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