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How to Replace Lost or Damaged BPI ATM Card?

If you solely rely on BPI ATM card as your source of money, keeping it safe always is your number one priority. But no matter how much you care for your BPI ATM card, some things in life are unavoidable. You might lost it. It might get damaged or stolen. So, you want to replace your BPI ATM card as quick as you want.

Lost-Damaged BPI ATM Card

How to Get Your BPI ATM Card Replaced?

1. You can report your lost or damaged BPI atm card by calling BPI Hotline Number:
  • 89-100 (for Metro Manila)
  • 1-800-188-89100 (for Domestic toll-free calls)
  • (02) 89-10000 (for mobile phone users)
  • If you are abroad, you can call the International Toll Free Numbers posted at BPI Customer Service Hotline Numbers.
This option (number 1) is highly effective. Response is immediate. Though you can save time but it might cost you money for call charges.

2. You can report it by going directly to your BPI branch of account or any BPI branch. Don't forget to bring valid id.

3. Another option is to report it by sending a message to BPI's Customer Service email address: bpidirect@bpi.com. This option might cause you more time or delay. You'll have to wait several minutes or hours to receive a reply from customer service representative.

If you card is lost or stolen, BPI will proceed to block your ATM card to prevent unauthorized use from someone who found or stole your atm card. BPI will then process a request for card replacement. The bank will inform you when you will pick up the new ATM card.

BPI may charge a replacement fee (Php 100 as of this writing) for the lost or damaged ATM card. This is to replenish the cost of service maintenance.
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13 rhodora pascua   (22 September 2016 7:20 PM)
pls help me my atm card is loss this day september 22,2016

12 Virgilyn G. Teatro   (05 August 2016 8:54 AM)
I would like to report a lost debit card BPI. And I would like it to be replace.

11 Jalanie A. Dindang   (25 May 2016 8:17 PM)
Kindly block my atm express card with atm number 2019103563 because i unknowingly lost or someone might stolen it. I just discovered it tonight that my atm is missing, thank u and hoping for your quick action to blocked any withrawal from it.

10 mylene   (12 May 2016 4:56 AM)
your bloody hot line number for domestic call does not work!

9 Raul M. Baguio   (04 May 2016 2:57 PM)
sir / ma'am...how much do I pay to change my old ATM? and how many days it might be replace for a new one? I plan also to apply for a passbook for my saving account, in order for me not to simply withdraw my money...thank you

8 Mim Tinsay   (31 August 2015 1:17 PM)
can BPI Family replace my BPI (Island) atm card? if so, how long? thank you

7 rohaima sambolawan   (08 August 2015 11:47 PM)
block the atm number of my sister acct no. 94030359

6 edwin condeno   (04 August 2015 10:29 AM)
hi, i just want to ask what is the process of how to change my atm, cause it's get damage,the atm machine cant read my atm

5 Vanessa D. Gutierrez   (03 August 2015 5:44 PM)
I want to replace my damaged atm card,and how much will it cost.thank you!!

4 Ma.June M. Flores   (03 August 2015 2:51 PM)
can i go to other branch to change my damage atm?

3 Ma.June M. Flores   (03 August 2015 2:49 PM)
hi im ma.june flores,i just want to ask what is the process of how to change my atm ,cuz it's get damage,the atm machine cant read my atm

2 Cebe Arjay Notarte   (27 July 2015 4:21 PM)
I would like to report a lost ATM card and I would like it to be replace.

Thank you

1 dian   (07 April 2015 11:15 PM)
So the requirements for the lost atm card are just 2 valid ids and the replacement fee?Theres No need for another application form or something?