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How to apply for BDO ATM Card?

Let's get quick and easy. These are the steps on how to apply for Banco de Oro or BDO ATM Card, specifically the BDO ATM Debit Card.

Step 1

Prepare and bring the needed requirements:

a.) At least two (2) valid id's (original copies and photocopies):

     > school ID
     > Company ID
     > Driver's License ID
     > NSO Birth Certificate
     > Baranggay Clearance
     > NBI Clearance
     > Police Clearance
     > Postal ID
     > Passport
     > SSS ID
     > TIN ID
     > any other valid id...

b.) Two pieces 1x1 colored pictures

c.) P2,000 initial deposit

BDO may require you to present other valid id's to verify your identity. So don't forget to bring other ID's if necessary.

Step 2

Go to a nearest or to your chosen BDO branch and tell a bank officer in the New Account section that you want to open a BDO ATM Debit Card. Prepare the requirements. A bank officer will give you some forms/documents to fill out.

Step 3

After filling-out the forms, give P2,000 initial deposit and receive the deposit slip. The bank officer will tell you to come back after a week.

Claiming Your BDO ATM Card (Waiting Period)

You can claim your atm card after 7 days (1 week). Be sure to bring and present your deposit slip and your valid id upon claiming.

Below are pictures of a real BDO ATM Debit Card:

BDO ATM debit card with visa logo

BDO ATM Card back

BDO ATM Card - Mastercard
BDO ATM Debit Card with MasterCard logo

BDO ATM Card back-rear view

If you receive your new BDO ATM Debit Card, congratulations! Happy banking with BDO!

Maintaining Balance

BDO offers many types of accounts with ATM. Each has different required maintaining balance:
  • ATM Card with Passbook (Peso Passbook Savings Account): P5,000
  • ATM Card without Passbook: P2,000
If you open or apply for ATM card only (without passbook), then you are required to maintain at least P2,000 or else you will be charged a fee if you fall below the maintaining balance.

Falling Below Maintaining Balance Penalty

BDO charges P300 (per month) if your atm account falls below the required maintaining balance.

What you can do with your BDO ATM Card?
  • You can withdraw cash through any BDO, MegaLink, Expressnet, BancNet ATMs in the Philippines and through Visa/Plus, MasterCard/Cirrus ATMs worldwide.
  • You can inquire about your account balance, transfer money, pay bills, buy prepaid cellphone load anytime and anywhere using BDO ATMs and through BDO online banking.
  • You can use your BDO ATM Card to purchase on any malls (SM, Ayala, Robinsons, Gaisano, Emall, etc.) departments stores, convenience stores, gasoline stations that uses MasterCard and VISA swipe machine.
  • You can apply for BDO online banking through your BDO ATM Debit Card.

Do you have any concern or problem with your BDO ATM Card?
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183 Agnes   (13 November 2017 6:22 AM)
Hello, BDO said it will take 2 weeks for debit card with mastercard to arrive.

182 Pietro Ringo E. Badayos   (06 September 2017 7:05 PM)
Do you really need to bring ₱2,000.00? What if dahil sa employment purpose mo sa pag apply?

181 Gerald Nadnaden Mabiasan   (19 August 2017 5:06 PM)
Hellow maam, accepted ba if mag aaply ako ng debit card and my reguirement ko ay barangay clearance, nso at tin id.

180 andrea   (17 August 2017 11:58 AM)
and yung ID ko lng pong andito is Philhealth and umid ID..

179 andrea   (17 August 2017 11:54 AM)
pwedi po bang sa ibang lugar ako magopen ng atm savings?kaso yung address ko po sa ID ay iba po..and ang mapapakita ko lng po na billing is yung tinitirahan ko po ngayon paano po yun?

178 iyot moko   (02 August 2017 10:07 AM)
putang ina ka!

177 Fritzie L. Cabaron   (25 July 2017 10:10 AM)
good day po maam.meron po akong debit card,provided po yun ng employer ko which is mcdonalds company,nagstop napo ko ng work for 1 year and 5 months,so hindi ko na po nagagamit yung debit card ko,pwede ko pa po bang magamit yung debit card ko ngayun?activated pa rin po ba yung debit card ko ngayun?

176 JOHN MARK C. FRANCISCO   (21 July 2017 9:38 AM)
good day!!!

sir/ma'am pede po bang school id ang gagamitin ko kahit na graduate na ako ,pero po wala naman pong validation ,,,at fresh graduate po ako ....

thank you.....

175 christian paul delacruz   (18 June 2017 12:12 PM)
Ask ko lang po panu po pag 50 pesos nlng po laman ng debit card kopp close npo kgad yun

174 Christine Soronio   (07 June 2017 9:30 AM)
Hi good morning bdo debit card po gamit nang aming company para sa salary pwd po na mag deposit ako sa account na un kahit sa company yon? Or pwede kaya except sa company KO my ibang maghulog thin sa account na un?

173 Jessie Lubenaria   (07 May 2017 0:52 AM)
hello po tanong ko lang po sana ok lang po ba kahit iisa lng po and valid. i.d na hawak mo?

thank you in advacne sa mga sasagot

172 Jes   (02 May 2017 8:17 PM)
Paano po kumuha ng ganyan para sa student po/ minor pa lang? Ano po mga requirements?

171 Nueve condez   (04 February 2017 12:03 PM)
This is a helpful article.thank you

170 andrey   (20 January 2017 4:39 AM)
Hi good day,

I just would like to ask which is better visa or master debit card?

Thank you.. looking forward for your fast response

169 Charlene vinas   (05 January 2017 7:05 PM)
Ano po requirements pag nag-open account para po sa studyante?

168 Charlene vinas   (05 January 2017 7:03 PM)
What are the requirements to open account in arm card for student?

167 andrey   (22 December 2016 6:16 AM)
How much is the minimum amount that you can withdraw using the BDO ATM card?

thank you

166 Jovelyn   (26 November 2016 10:10 PM)
Good evening. Itatanong ko lng kasi naiclose ko Ang debit card ko last September of this year. Pwede pa po ba ako mag open ng New savings account?

Thanks in advance for the reply.

165 Charlene r. Sapio   (16 November 2016 1:09 PM)
Mam panu po mag apply ng master card na debit card para sa abroad po . kasi po yung id ko po nong college pa po yun nong 1014 pa po . Tapos meron lang po ako passport ..

164 Daisy A. Dongga-as   (31 October 2016 12:08 PM)
Good Morning ma'am/sir,
Ask ko lang po, sa ATM card po ba pweding magpadala jan yong nasa abroad?

163 Regiene R. Onelan   (12 October 2016 10:25 AM)

I'm Regiene Onelan and i'm 18 years old, i just want to ask which ATM Card should i choose? I'm just a beginner and probably i don't know which ATM Card should i apply for my savings. And also i only have PhilHealth ID and Company ID is it ok if i only have that two to present? Please advice. Thank You.

162 Ray Mark felipe Malaguit   (11 October 2016 1:19 AM)
mind if i ask,paano naman po kapag magdadagdag ako ng pera sa debit card,,,saan ko sya ipapasok,through ATM Machine nalang po ba o pupunta pa ako sa loob ng bangko para mkipag-ugnayan sa teller

161 Ilyn   (22 September 2016 0:25 AM)
Good Morning po.
Inquire lang po ako kung pwede po bang mag apply ng debit card abroad? Dito po kasi ako sa Taiwan ngayon. Pwede po bang maka apply sa mga remittance dito like EEC? Maraming Salamat po.

160 kerin magsayo   (02 September 2016 10:36 AM)
is it possible if my son or sister on behhalf to open an account for me?as im in thailand and my account is already closed since it cannot reopen i want to apply a savings account with atm...do i need an authorization or SPA? what are the requirements for it


159 Madz   (08 August 2016 7:05 AM)
Hi! Mind if I ask, what is it about with BDO Debit Card without Visa and or Mastercard logo on it? Can I still use it to pay my purchases without withdrawing cash? Just asking. Thank you!

158 Manelskie 1903   (23 July 2016 12:15 PM)
The BDO branch near on our house required for a landline at home. Pag wala di daw pwede.

157 Cristie Jamero   (08 June 2016 7:17 AM)
Hello ! GOOD morning ,I visited your bank last saturday. I asked on how to open an account and they give me the requirements ..Can I ASK what is Junior Savers account? Is it for those who wants to open and account and they are still student?

156 jay loid desoyo   (04 May 2016 6:05 PM)
hi!!! I just want to ask how a student can open a new savings account or debit card. i only have here a student ID and a NSO birth certificate. would i be able to qualify if i only provided those two?

155 Melchor B Tuazon Jr   (28 April 2016 10:59 AM)
i can use this card for paying in lazada philipines? if i can use this how?

154 marilen dobla   (13 April 2016 6:20 PM)
hi just wanna ask how to reactivate my atm

153 Marjorie Maceda   (29 March 2016 11:27 PM)
Hi. I just want to ask how a student can open a new savings account. i only have here a student ID and a NSO birthcert. would i be able to qualify if i only provided those two? (together with the iniialdeposit billing statemnet and pictures)

151 kristina   (26 February 2016 10:48 PM)
Hi I want to earn online What ATM Card should I choose Im beginner so I don't know

152 admin   (27 February 2016 8:57 AM)
kristina, you should get a Unionbank EON Card. You can use this card to receive money from Paypal. Online employers usually used Paypal as their payment option for online employees (online staff). You can also use Unionbank EON card to pay for products/services online.

150 jomel june ebreo   (14 February 2016 11:05 PM)
BDO Debit card can be use to purchase items in Lazada for installment?

149 anne caingles   (12 January 2016 10:22 AM)
What if i only have one valid id(voter's id) ? And i want to apply for open an atm only..is my request will be accepted?

148 Czarine villablanca   (11 December 2015 12:22 PM)
Hi. I withdrew all of my money on my atm account because of an emergency. I checked my account through online banking and it stated there that my account is inactive. Do I need to apply for a new one? Or I just need to pay for the charges and deposit a minimum amount to reactivate my atm account.

147 Mark Tiu   (31 October 2015 9:11 AM)
Hi, i was informed that there are three different kinds which are mastercard, visa, and the local card only. Dies the teller or personnel in bdo asked you what do you want?

146 HAZEL MANATA PRESNO   (26 October 2015 11:19 AM)
is this use in payment lazada

145 abu tahet   (22 October 2015 11:57 PM)
student ATM

144 Jay-R Mendoza   (20 September 2015 9:46 AM)
Hi! I just have a concern and I hope you can help me. I opened an account last March 2015, however, due to an emergency I had when I was in vacation in Bicol I withdrew all of my money. Is it still active? Or is my account already closed? Thanks in advance! May you have a good one!

143 north alexander   (07 September 2015 11:42 AM)
how to open a BDO atm debit card (esp. master card) and what is the initial deposit required for it?

142 errol   (06 September 2015 6:44 PM)
hi..can we choose betweeen mastercard logo or visa??

141 rosita nacario   (18 July 2015 8:05 PM)
I want to open a new account here at bdo but im here in japan.is there possible that i can open while im at other country?and how?hope u can reply me.thank you in advance

140 Jonela Jane   (01 July 2015 1:21 PM)
Is there any age requirements? I'm 16 y/o and I'm planning to get a Debit Card instead of Power Teens Club hope you can help Thanks in advance

139 Archita E.Pastorpede   (30 June 2015 12:26 PM)
Good afternoon may I ask if you consider the Postal I.D from Dagupan City to get an ATM Card here in BDO Baguio city thanks..

138 jesel nillama   (14 June 2015 12:20 PM)
is there an age limit ?

137 Paul Peñaverde   (19 February 2015 1:47 AM)
This is very useful, thanks a lot!

136 Vivian Sadsad   (05 January 2015 6:36 AM)
does it requires you have to deposit every month?

135 Jero Alingog   (24 November 2014 2:09 PM)
Hi! I'm a 3rd year college student I'm 18 years old. Can I now apply for BDO ATM card?

134 Darren David   (23 November 2014 11:14 PM)
If my account reached zero because of balance penalty charge after 1 or to 2 months, will it become dormant account or it'll be subject for closure? Thank you

133 Tristan Diemsen   (16 November 2014 10:54 AM)
for the 1by1 picture its ok the background is white? or there is a requirement for the color of background? and this requirements for all nationwide branches? i hope someone answer my question thanks :D

132 Irine Guatno   (28 September 2014 8:35 AM)
Hi sir I have smartmoney card it's also bdo right if this ok to use payment online how well active using online payment, please please

131 Lovely   (08 June 2014 11:05 PM)
Sir, ma ba.block ba yung atm card kapag wala ng balance natira for how many months na..

130 Lovely Dialong   (08 June 2014 11:02 PM)
I have already two blocked ATM. When i enter my password it can't be opened anymore.

129 MARK   (06 June 2014 7:21 PM)
hi sir,

would like to ask if may managers check po ako tapos napangalan po sa akin. pwede po ba yung gamitin ko as initial deposit para pag open ng account

128 kelly   (06 June 2014 4:14 PM)
Hi, I wanted to ask if I can already deposit after completing all the process in opening a savings account, even if i still don't have an atm card? Thank you!!

127 Esey Guay   (30 May 2014 7:21 PM)
Hi, I want open an atm account in your bank, but do I really need to give 2k as initial deposit?
I also have a friend who had a bdo atm but she said she only give 100.00...tnx

126 Rosalyn Indino   (20 May 2014 1:33 PM)
Hello Sir/Madam,

I'm Rosalyn Indino of San Fernando, Cebu. I want to have ATM card for the remittance of my husband who works in Saudi. Is it really need to have 2 thousand pesos? I had a friend, she said she only deposit 100 pesos. Is it possible? Please answer me. Thanks.

125 ainsley   (12 May 2014 12:51 PM)
I would like to ask, can I link my bdo atm to paypal and shop online

124 Gena Roman   (11 May 2014 10:06 PM)
How to apply open account for single status but i am married already

123 Divine Diastan   (07 May 2014 6:33 PM)
Hi, my ATM account was inactive(no deposit at all) for almost 3 years, was it closed already? now i want to continue my savings do i need to apply for a new one? pls help me.tnx much

122 hillary sey   (06 May 2014 2:22 PM)
take note pag mag open account ka yong ATM card with Passbook maintining balance na is 10,000.00 dati 5000 lang start nung May 1,2014 ng incrase na daw.. pero okay pa din

121 Anabelle   (05 May 2014 11:37 AM)
what is the difference between an BDO ATM Card issued para sa salary and a personal BDO ATM Card?

120 Joy Adilein   (29 April 2014 11:16 AM)
Pag nag fall down yung account mo sa required na maintaining balance, may charge na 300 PER MONTH?
Kahit maibalik na uli sa 2k ang balance mo, may charge pa din?

119 Leah Gagarin   (27 April 2014 1:52 PM)

118 marjon   (23 April 2014 7:19 PM)
is there a age requirement for this I'm only 16 years old

117 Adjolyn Huchrak   (19 April 2014 9:13 AM)
HI, I have a BDO passbook account but would like to have a ATM card....Do I require any extra paperwork even though I have a passbook account already. Regards

116 Gabz   (12 April 2014 10:49 PM)
I have a BDO atm debit card that has no mastercard logo on it. I saw my friend that his BDO atm debit card has one. Can I change my BDO atm debit card that has a mastercard logo in it? If yes, what would be the requirements? Thanks!

115 reden   (09 April 2014 4:11 PM)
kahit po 2000 ang initial deposit. pwede po ba rin po yun e withdraw kapag nangangailangan na talaga?

114 Roda   (09 April 2014 1:14 AM)
Hi there? Can I open an account even though I am only 16? For my daily deposit?

113 JR   (26 March 2014 6:50 PM)

112 nudels   (16 March 2014 3:16 AM)
Hello, pwede po bang ma link sa paypal ang bdo atm account? may mga nabasa kasi ako na review na hindi na daw pwede

111 Vianca   (13 March 2014 11:25 PM)
Ask lang po, what if may ATM Savings Account ka na tapos gusto mo bumili online. Nakita ko po kasi sa website ng BDO na may ATM Card sila w/ MasterCard/VISA logo, yung Card ko po kasi wala.. so pwede po bang i-upgrade yung card ko po?

Thank you! :)

107 moey   (07 March 2014 8:38 PM)
meron po akong tatlong bdo atm, gusto ko pong pagisahin na lang ito at ilipat yong 2 kong tm sa isa, thru internet banking, pwede po kaya ito. bale ico close ko na lang ung 2? salamat po

110 admin   (08 March 2014 3:22 PM)
moey, you can transfer the money from your two (2) atm accounts to your other atm account through online banking and close those 2 atm accounts.

106 Ian   (04 March 2014 4:57 PM)
Hi, ATM savings account for only 2000 pesos without passbook, halimbawa po after opening this kind of account after a month may 7000pesos na ako sa account ko tapos gusto kong mag-passbook pwedi po ba mag-acquire or mag-apply? THANKS ^_^

109 admin   (08 March 2014 3:21 PM)
Ian, yes.

105 RINA   (03 March 2014 4:40 PM)
hi, ask ko lang po, mayron na po akong atm savings card dahil dun po papasok yong sahod namin. can i still be apply again for another atm savings for my personal .

108 admin   (08 March 2014 3:20 PM)
Rina, yes.

104 lim   (03 March 2014 9:57 AM)
good morning i have passport,TIN card,Baptismal..
is that enough for the new open accnt requirments atm!?

100 admin   (11 February 2014 1:41 PM)
Jhayvlnc, Php 2,000 pa rin ang initial deposit.

99 DYKSTRA   (06 February 2014 4:32 PM)
pwede po bang NSO tapos passport? salamat po

101 admin   (11 February 2014 1:41 PM)

98 isoy   (08 January 2014 8:55 PM)
Hi guys. I'd like to know how to opt to have Mastercard or Visa as the BDO debit card carrier? Are there any additional requirements that i need to know?

102 admin   (11 February 2014 1:43 PM)
isoy, just ask the bank officer that you want Mastercard or Visa card. There's no additional requirements to bring.

97 Elmer   (03 January 2014 1:56 AM)
my account has already zero balance almost a month, is this will be automatically closed? thank you.

103 admin   (11 February 2014 1:43 PM)
Elmer, no.

96 Kate   (28 December 2013 9:20 PM)
Hi po. Kakazero balance lang po ng ATM Debit card ko this December 2013. Nagpadala po ang mom ko sa account ko? Active pa po ba ATM ko and pwede pa rin ba ako magwithdraw? Thanks po

95 maika   (27 December 2013 10:49 AM)
sir ask q lng po bakit iyong atm debit card ko walang nakalagay na mastercard or visa?? ano po ba iyong mga requirements para maging mastercard or visa iyong atm q..?? please reply

93 Claire Cuevas   (20 December 2013 10:29 AM)
sir tanong q lang po pwde po ba mag open ng pesos saving account ang iang 17 years old student i.d and nso birth certificate lang ang ibigay na i.d? yung passbook with atm?

92 larry rallos   (17 December 2013 1:54 PM)
sir, tanong ko lang po kung pwede na ang postal id at barangay clearance para makapag open ng atm card? at pwede rin po bang dito ipadala ang pera mula abroad?

94 admin   (20 December 2013 12:20 PM)
larry rallos, yes. But it still depends on how strict the bank officer is. If you know the bank officer or if you're a relative with the bank officer, your application will be accepted using those ID's.

In your case, it's recommended to bring also your NSO birth certificate (original copy and photocopy).

91 Ronald   (29 November 2013 9:13 PM)
hello po ask ko lang po pano ko po kukunin ung atm ko sa bdo sabi kasi sa company namin pwede ko na daw kunin ung atm ko sa bdo kami na daw mismo ang kukuha dun newbie po kasi ako pagdating sa ganyan eh pahelp naman po pls ano po kelangan ko dalin at sabihin sa bank staff para makuha ung atm ko thank you po...

90 Adrey John   (25 November 2013 6:36 PM)
Maraming salamat po.

89 Pearl   (21 November 2013 9:36 AM)
What is the requirements for student ?

85 Annabelle S. Tercenio   (24 October 2013 11:16 AM)
,pwd po ba na ung NSO birth certificate ang isang ID tapos student ID na ung isa?

86 admin   (25 October 2013 3:26 PM)
Annabelle S. Tercenio, yes.

84 yang   (18 October 2013 1:30 PM)
good day mam/sir. is it already possible to have an atm card with this ID's philhealth, tin, and postal ID.. thank you po.

87 admin   (25 October 2013 3:26 PM)
yang, yes.

83 Katrina Danes   (24 September 2013 4:30 PM)
Good day! I just want to ask po if students are qualified to apply sa BDO debit card although wala po kaming source of income aside from allowance given by our parents. Thank you po.

88 admin   (25 October 2013 3:27 PM)
Katrina Danes, yes.

82 Kristine   (17 September 2013 12:56 PM)
Just got the answer. Since it will be in dormant status or still active within 2 years. For the months that it was zero balance. Will you be charging me 300 per month? Since I have not used it for 4 months. Are u going to charge me 1.2k just to continue the service?

81 Kristine Calub   (17 September 2013 12:47 PM)
Hi, I have no deposits on my acct for atleast 4 months and planning to deposit again. Is my acct still active? I would like to continue using it.

80 Rigel Poblete   (01 September 2013 5:45 AM)
pede ba yan sa PayPal?

79 caroline martin   (25 August 2013 0:16 AM)
ask ko lng po kng ung atm with passbook e pde po ipacancel ung passbook..need ko lng po atm card..ung naapply ko kse nun atm with passbook..ask ko lng kng pde pachange without passbook?thanks..

78 Jam   (21 August 2013 7:21 PM)
I think the best way to get answers to your questions is to call the BDO hotline which is 6318000. It's simple, just dial 6-3-1-8-0-0-0 then wait for a live person to assist you. Some answers are already on the post itself, just take the time to READ, for goodness' sake!

77 DJ BARNIZO   (21 August 2013 5:05 PM)
hi good after mam sir i want to open an atm card but i want to make sure if the 2,000 peso is the depost,,?

76 Malit Tanio   (20 August 2013 10:01 AM)
It is my 1st time to have an atm debit card, i just want to know if i will go shopping in malls like sm dept or supermarket, can i use to pay my bills with my atm debit card? if yes how and what is the process of this payment?

74 kristine   (11 August 2013 9:24 AM)
I just want to know if in case i don't have any withdrawals or deposits on my account, can my account debit card will still work? i haven't used it for two months, so i just want know if my account is still active or not...thank you

75 admin   (11 August 2013 7:29 PM)
kristine, your account will still be active.

73 shine   (10 August 2013 9:04 AM)
Hi good day.i just want to ask if there is a limit upon deposit? And how to deposit through atm card? Its by monthly? Or anytime i want? What is the maximize amount in atm card? Thanks.

72 shine   (10 August 2013 9:00 AM)
Hi good day. Ask ko lang if i apply a atm card, meron ba syang limit kpag mag deposit? And kailangan ba laht ng requirements meron. I just a student. Thanks

71 paul blanco   (07 August 2013 1:42 PM)
BDO ATM Card maximum limit meron ba????

70 kris   (02 August 2013 2:09 PM)
hello po,,tanong ko lang pano po vah mlamn kung ang ilan na ang points ko..sa atm debit car ko po,,,,

69 SAMMUEL Q. TACALAN   (31 July 2013 1:37 PM)
Good day! Nakapag-apply na po ako ng ATM card ko (Debit card). Pero sir, bakit wala pong Mastercard/Visa na logo sa harap. I wanted to use it sana to purchase online. Pwede ho bang palitan ito ng me logo ng visa or mastercard? Thank you very much.

68 joy   (31 July 2013 10:28 AM)
ask q lng po f ok na po ba ung philhealth pag nag open ng account tanx po

65 Paul   (26 July 2013 2:43 PM)
if i will maintain my 2,000 balance in a couple of month and i did not withdraw it for a couples of months it has a 300 pesos of charge or none?

66 admin   (26 July 2013 8:39 PM)
Paul, none. No charge.

64 meryred   (21 July 2013 6:33 AM)
completo ako sah requirments but I don't have 2 id just one only but wrng spealling answer me plss bcouse tomorrow I apply ????

63 meryred   (21 July 2013 6:30 AM)
panu po pag isa lng id

67 admin   (26 July 2013 8:40 PM)
meryred, application will be denied or not accepted.

62 dianne   (20 July 2013 1:08 AM)
what should i do if i want to have bdo atm debit card? i currently have an bdo atm card. thanks!

61 jhervin   (13 July 2013 1:00 PM)
may maximum limit po ba ang atm card? mgakano ang maximum na pede ipasok na pera sa atm?

60 maricris ricon   (10 July 2013 12:07 PM)
hello, ask ko lang po if ever ba mag open ako ng bdo debit atm card, pwede ba ito magamit kung meron magpapadala sa akin galing from other country?

please help me po kasi i want to open na sana today...

para din ba itong saving accounts?

59 toni3   (09 July 2013 2:13 PM)
Good day! Nakapag-apply na po ako ng ATM card ko (Debit card). Pero sir, bakit wala pong Mastercard/Visa na logo sa harap. I wanted to use it sana to purchase online. Meron po ba akong dapat inispecify nung pplication process? Thank you very much, sir.

58 cherry rose arcangel escarpe   (06 July 2013 9:33 AM)
Hi! Ask coh lng poh if is it ok kng mg open acoh ng account using my maiden name? I am married pro gusto coh poh gamitin ung ung last name coh not my husband's..

57 jess   (04 July 2013 1:07 AM)
helo! ask ko lang po I am a trader on online pwede ba magwithdraw sa debit card? please reply

56 Romeo Castro   (03 July 2013 8:36 PM)
What is/are the requirements for applying in BDO Teenager Club? Thanks REPLY FAST PLS! and if NEEDED for parents to sign.. or anything

55 merz   (03 July 2013 10:19 AM)
Good morning sir, ok lang po bang magpagawa ng 2 atm cards with the same account no.?

51 justgetme   (03 July 2013 7:30 AM)
sir anong information po ang ibibigay ko kapag my gustong mag deposit sa ATM BDO DEBIT CARD ko, without passbook kasi ito,

52 admin   (03 July 2013 9:13 AM)
justgetme, your account name and account number.

50 justgetme   (03 July 2013 0:45 AM)
sir, my tatanung lang ako tungkol dito sa atm bdo debit card ko, kung pwde ko pang gamitin ito, noong MAY po kasi nagwithdraw ako, lahat ng laman, kaya zero balance na sya, hangang ngayun, gusto ko lang pong malaman kung, valid paba eto

53 admin   (03 July 2013 9:14 AM)
justgetme, active pa po ang account niyo. Magiging dormant or inactive lang po ito kung hindi ginagamit ng dalawang taon.

49 noli   (01 July 2013 9:52 PM)
ask ko lang po sana kung pwede na pong mag apply ung may age na 17 po?

54 admin   (03 July 2013 9:16 AM)
noli, yes po. You can apply for BDO Power Teens Club Savings Account which is available for teens (13 to 19 years old)

48 christine   (01 July 2013 8:06 PM)
Ask Lg po AKO Mag Kanu PO ung CARD tSKA need PO ba TalAGa nA 2000 unG depoSIT?

47 Yasmin   (29 June 2013 6:06 PM)
Hi. Tanong ko lang if pwde siyang gamitin sa iTunes to purchase an app or song? Nakalagay kasi sa card 'Electronic use only' does that mean na pang ATM Machine lang ba siya?

44 paul   (28 June 2013 8:15 PM)
hi ask ko lang po kng ilang araw po bago makuha ang atm pag nag apply ako ngayon ?
ilang araw po ang process ?

45 admin   (29 June 2013 10:03 AM)
paul, 7 days.

43 mhaille   (27 June 2013 8:53 AM)
how much is the maintaining balance? is it 2000? what if i withdrawed all my money in my atm? will it be closed forever? or i can reopen it again? (atm account only)....whats the requirements to reopen the closed account?

46 admin   (29 June 2013 10:14 AM)
mhaille, yes P2,000 (for ATM card only without passbook).

If you withdraw all the money, BDO will charge a service fee (P300) for falling below the required maintaining balance within that month. And if your atm account has below P2,000 balance or has zero balance until the next month, BDO will charge another P300. So if you deposit an amount of money to your atm account, BDO will automatically deduct service charges from your account.

Your account will not be closed if you're using it for at least once in two years.

Requirements to reopen the closed account: just bring at least two valid id's and pay for the service charges.

42 melanie   (13 June 2013 5:23 PM)
Can i ask, ilan po ang limit cash deposit for debit card?
waiting for you answer quick

41 JESSIE MILLER   (13 June 2013 4:44 PM)


38 IYA   (06 June 2013 7:31 AM)
hi ask ko lang poh kung pude mag apply ng atm card,but 1 valid id lang meron aqu tsaka nso,brgy clearance and police clearance? thnx

39 admin   (06 June 2013 8:24 AM)
Iya, yes pwede po kayong mag-apply.

37 samuel almaxan   (04 June 2013 10:46 PM)
Good evening sir `maam I m still a young boy but iwant to have an cash card only 1 school id tobe present if you ask me a valid: d, uhmm I wish I have atm card by now , can you tell me how to get faster and easy application for me pls.

40 admin   (06 June 2013 8:25 AM)
Samuel Almaxan, apply for a generic atm card. You can get it in an instant... with the help of your parents (mother or father or any guardian)

36 tirso camba   (29 May 2013 4:34 PM)
i only have one i.d (barangay i.d) how is dat?? other options?? tnx tnx

35 vashti   (29 May 2013 12:33 PM)
what are the requirements for the bdo kabayan savings acct? How much for the initial? For the id is it okay if company id where i work.. Im currently with greenwire global.. Its a BPO comp. And for the other ID is Pag-ibig ID yet it doesnt have a picture on it but its a govt id.. Would it be okay? And does it need maintaining balance? Does it have atm card or just a passbook? Hope you can answer all my queries.. Thank you so much for your time.

34 Aironski   (29 May 2013 12:03 PM)
What is the requirements for applying in BDO Teenager Club? Thanks

32 vashti   (29 May 2013 10:25 AM)
hi... Im planning to deposit money to a bdo debit card to a different branch.. As in the branch where the acct was opened is in malabon.. And im in cebu.. Will it charge for a service fee?

33 joselito777   (29 May 2013 10:26 AM)
vashti, yes.

30 Jane Isobel R. Vinta   (23 May 2013 3:44 PM)
how much is the initial deposit for atm? and what if joint accounts in atm?? waht the requirements?

31 joselito777   (28 May 2013 9:22 AM)
Jane Isobel, as stated above, initial deposit for opening a BDO atm card is P2,000.

29 juan suarez   (23 May 2013 12:36 PM)
Hi. I would like to have an ATM. I only have a school Id and nbi clearance. would that be enough? Also, can i deposit money even without a passbook? If not, can you give me other options for that? first timer. thanks.

27 cris chan   (23 May 2013 2:32 AM)
Hi tanong ko lang paano at saan ako mag dedeposit ng pera sa atm debit card ko? First time po kasi ..

28 admin   (23 May 2013 7:29 AM)
cris chan, you can deposit to any BDO branch in your area. There's no charge of depositing money to any BDO branch within your province.

25 Jhon   (09 May 2013 7:41 PM)
Hi.. magkaiba po ba ang Credit Card at ATM Card? Tnx po,

26 admin   (09 May 2013 9:20 PM)
Jhon, yes.

23 Arben Alcido   (05 May 2013 1:18 PM)
Hi, Pag nagapply po ba ako ng ATM Debit Card.. pwede ko po gamitin yan sa PAYPAL?? thank you po

24 admin   (05 May 2013 4:48 PM)
Arben Alcido, no. You can use Unionbank EON Card for that purpose.

22 WOOHOO   (30 April 2013 10:12 PM)
That's weird. I opened a savings account with BDO and the card have "ATM Debit Card" on it but it doesn't have MasterCard or Visa logo on it. Can I replace my card with a MasterCard logo on it instead? If so, how?

20 chychin   (23 April 2013 3:43 PM)
is it ok if I have one valids i.d and I will just bring nbi or police clearnce since they required two valid i.d's in opening a cash card??thanks..

21 admin   (23 April 2013 4:46 PM)
chychin, one valid id (a photo-bearing ID) and another one supplementary ID such as you've mentioned (NBI or Police Clearance).

18 maribelle   (21 April 2013 5:34 PM)
hi .. can i ask if baranggay clearance or baranggay id and sss e1 number is ok to applying in BDO atm card?

19 admin   (21 April 2013 6:59 PM)
maribelle, you need at least 1 photo-bearing ID. SSS ID (photo-bearing ID) and baranggay clearance maybe accepted.

16 cristen   (18 April 2013 8:40 PM)
Hello, is this the card that comes with the savings account? or is this different? Thank you

17 admin   (18 April 2013 8:42 PM)
cristen, what do you mean savings account? Do you mean Passbook? ATM account is also a savings account.

You can apply for Passbook with ATM or an ATM without Passbook?

15 ronaldo   (14 April 2013 2:48 PM)
i need to aply ATM master card BDO

13 Tobin Frost   (05 April 2013 2:40 PM)
Does this have maintaining balance?

14 admin   (05 April 2013 7:04 PM)
Tobin Frost, yes.

12 sandy   (03 April 2013 1:53 AM)
Can i use this card abroad?

11 jhoanna   (02 April 2013 10:17 AM)

I am looking for a visa/mastercard debit card for my son whose attending a college in Malaybablay City, Bukidnon where he can purchase in any of a grocery stores or in case of emergencies if ever.
I appreciate for a quick respond.
Thank you and have a good day!

Jhoanna Baker

10 Jham   (31 March 2013 4:58 PM)
Hi Sir,

I am an OFW and I want to open an ATM acct in BDO, is there any possible way that I can do this? Looking for your advise and help.

Thanks and Godbless :)

9 rodelyn a.dinglasa   (31 March 2013 8:21 AM)
How can i reopen my close atm card?

8 meriam   (28 March 2013 6:01 PM)
what if i don't have 2 valid ids?what will i bring?

7 admin   (11 March 2013 11:18 AM)
yes jho.

4 Justine   (16 February 2013 12:43 PM)
Do I still need a BDO Bank account for this? How often should I deposit for ATM Debit Card?

5 admin   (16 February 2013 5:28 PM)
Justine, no. You can apply for ATM card right away. It's up to you on how often do you want to deposit for ATM card.

3 gabriel   (08 February 2013 10:31 AM)
mam, sir gud morning how about if ou have only one valid i.d because you are stil a student ? you dont have any kind of valid i d only the student i.d?

6 admin   (05 March 2013 8:32 AM)
gabriel, you can use your student's or school id and a barangay certificate or an NSO Birth Certificate.

1 Naneth Pangilinan   (27 December 2012 1:23 PM)
hi bdo.am from kalawaan pasig.my concern is am jst a plain hosewife.i only 1 id which is postal id.and 2 valid ids in the requirements to provide.is there other way to open acct in ur bank?

2 admin   (27 December 2012 1:53 PM)
Naneth, you can acquire a Baranggay Certificate in your baranggay office or a Police Clearance in your city, or get your NSO Birth Certificate. Just bring at least 2 valid ids.