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How to apply for BDO ATM Card?
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Let's get quick and easy. These are the steps on how to apply for Banco de Oro or BDO ATM Card, specifically the BDO ATM Debit Card.

Step 1

Prepare and bring the needed requirements:

a.) At least two (2) valid id's (original copies and photocopies):

     > school ID
     > Company ID
     > Driver's License ID
     > NSO Birth Certificate
     > Baranggay Clearance
     > NBI Clearance
     > Police Clearance
     > Postal ID
     > Passport
     > SSS ID
     > TIN ID
     > any other valid id...

b.) Two pieces 1x1 colored pictures

c.) P2,000 initial deposit

BDO may require you to present other valid id's to verify your identity. So don't forget to bring other ID's if necessary.

Step 2

Go to a nearest or to your chosen BDO branch and tell a bank officer in the New Account section that you want to open a BDO ATM Debit Card. Prepare the requirements. A bank officer will give you some forms/documents to fill out.

Step 3

After filling-out the forms, give P2,000 initial deposit and receive the deposit slip. The bank officer will tell you to come back after a week.

Claiming Your BDO ATM Card (Waiting Period)

You can claim your atm card after 7 days (1 week). Be sure to bring and present your deposit slip and your valid id upon claiming.

Below are pictures of a real BDO ATM Debit Card:


BDO ATM Card back

If you receive your new BDO ATM Debit Card, congratulations! Happy banking with BDO!

Maintaining Balance

BDO offers many types of accounts with ATM. Each has different required maintaining balance:
  • ATM Card with Passbook (Peso Passbook Savings Account): P5,000
  • ATM Card without Passbook: P2,000
If you open or apply for ATM card only (without passbook), then you are required to maintain at least P2,000 or else you will be charged a fee if you fall below the maintaining balance.

Falling Below Maintaining Balance Penalty

BDO charges P300 (per month) if your atm account falls below the required maintaining balance.

What you can do with your BDO ATM Card?
  • You can withdraw cash through any BDO, MegaLink, Expressnet, BancNet ATMs in the Philippines and through Visa/Plus, MasterCard/Cirrus ATMs worldwide.
  • You can inquire about your account balance, transfer money, pay bills, buy prepaid cellphone load anytime and anywhere using BDO ATMs and through BDO online banking.
  • You can use your BDO ATM Card to purchase on any malls (SM, Ayala, Robinsons, Gaisano, Emall, etc.) departments stores, convenience stores, gasoline stations that uses MasterCard and VISA swipe machine.
  • You can apply for BDO online banking through your BDO ATM Debit Card.

Do you have any concern or problem with your BDO ATM Card?

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137 Paul Peñaverde • 1:47 AM, 19-February-2015
This is very useful, thanks a lot!
136 Vivian Sadsad • 6:36 AM, 05-January-2015
does it requires you have to deposit every month?
135 Jero Alingog • 2:09 PM, 24-November-2014
Hi! I'm a 3rd year college student I'm 18 years old. Can I now apply for BDO ATM card?
134 Darren David • 11:14 PM, 23-November-2014
If my account reached zero because of balance penalty charge after 1 or to 2 months, will it become dormant account or it'll be subject for closure? Thank you
133 Tristan Diemsen • 10:54 AM, 16-November-2014
for the 1by1 picture its ok the background is white? or there is a requirement for the color of background? and this requirements for all nationwide branches? i hope someone answer my question thanks :D
132 Irine Guatno • 8:35 AM, 28-September-2014
Hi sir I have smartmoney card it's also bdo right if this ok to use payment online how well active using online payment, please please
131 Lovely • 11:05 PM, 08-June-2014
Sir, ma ba.block ba yung atm card kapag wala ng balance natira for how many months na..
130 Lovely Dialong • 11:02 PM, 08-June-2014
I have already two blocked ATM. When i enter my password it can't be opened anymore.
129 MARK • 7:21 PM, 06-June-2014
hi sir,

would like to ask if may managers check po ako tapos napangalan po sa akin. pwede po ba yung gamitin ko as initial deposit para pag open ng account
128 kelly • 4:14 PM, 06-June-2014
Hi, I wanted to ask if I can already deposit after completing all the process in opening a savings account, even if i still don't have an atm card? Thank you!!
127 Esey Guay • 7:21 PM, 30-May-2014
Hi, I want open an atm account in your bank, but do I really need to give 2k as initial deposit?
I also have a friend who had a bdo atm but she said she only give 100.00...tnx
126 Rosalyn Indino • 1:33 PM, 20-May-2014
Hello Sir/Madam,

I'm Rosalyn Indino of San Fernando, Cebu. I want to have ATM card for the remittance of my husband who works in Saudi. Is it really need to have 2 thousand pesos? I had a friend, she said she only deposit 100 pesos. Is it possible? Please answer me. Thanks.
125 ainsley • 12:51 PM, 12-May-2014
I would like to ask, can I link my bdo atm to paypal and shop online
124 Gena Roman • 10:06 PM, 11-May-2014
How to apply open account for single status but i am married already
123 Divine Diastan • 6:33 PM, 07-May-2014
Hi, my ATM account was inactive(no deposit at all) for almost 3 years, was it closed already? now i want to continue my savings do i need to apply for a new one? pls help me.tnx much
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