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How to Apply for Chinabank Savings Account?

If you're a money-wise person, you might like opening a Chinabank savings account.

Because, aside from being one of the largest banks in the Philippines, Chinabank offers lower charges, lower initial deposit, lower maintaining balance and other banking fees.

You can open as low as ₱2,000 pesos for a Passbook or ATM savings account. So, how to apply? Follow the steps below:
Chinabank logo

Step 1

Bring the needed requirements in applying for a Chinabank Savings Account:
  • ₱2,000 initial deposit for ATM Account or ₱5,000 initial deposit for Passbook Account
  • 2 pieces recent 1x1 ID picture
  • At least 2 valid id's (original copies and photocopies):
    • Driver's License
    • Company ID
    • School ID
    • Postal ID
    • Voter's ID
    • Passport
    • OFW ID
    • Seaman's Book
    • PRC ID
    • NBI Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • Barangay Certificate
    • GSIS ID
    • HDMF ID
    • any Government-issued ID's
Chinabank may require you to present additional or supplementary IDs to verify your identity. So, you must bring other ID's if you have.

Step 2

Go to a nearest or preferred Chinabank branch. Inside the bank, go to the New Accounts section. Tell any bank officer that you want to open or apply new savings accounts. Don't forget to always wear your sweet smile.

Step 3

The bank officer will require you to present the valid id's and other requirements mentioned above. He will ask you what type of account you would like to open. Chinabank offers many types of savings account. For ordinary individuals, you can open a Passbook or ATM account. Passbook account has different account number with the ATM account. So they're separate. They're not offering a Passbook and ATM with the same account number. Please take note of that.
Initial deposit of Passbook account is P5,000 and initial deposit of ATM account is also P5,000. If you want to open both Passbook and ATM, your total initial deposit would be P10,000.
And he will then give you some forms (application form, personal profile form, etc.) to fill-out.

Step 4

After processing the application and the deposit, the bank officer will give you the deposit slip (for the ATM account). 

Claiming Your China Bank ATM card

You can claim your ATM card after 1 week (if you're in Metro Manila) or after 2 weeks (if you're outside Metro Manila). Don't forget to present your deposit slip and bring a valid id.

Pictures of China Bank ATM Card

China Bank ATM Card
Front side
China Bank ATM Card back side
Back side. With BancNet logo.

New Chinabank ATM Card (with EMV chip)

New Chinabank ATM Card (with EMV chip)

Chinabank Savings Account has:

  • ₱2,000 maintaining balance for ATM account and ₱5,000 maintaining balance for Passbook Account
  • P200 monthly charge for falling below maintaining balance
  • 0.250% interest rate to earn per year

Some Powerful Features of Chinabank ATM account:

  • withdraw money fast in any Bancnet ATM (machines).
  • transfer funds from your account to other accounts (to other banks)
  • you can access your account balance online through China Bank's online banking.
  • shop to major malls, appliance centers, department stores using your China Bank ATM card.
  • buy prepaid load (PIN) through China Bank ATMs.
  • etc...
Are you having problems opening or applying a Chinabank Passbook and ATM savings account?

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Jerry Mendoza   (08 December 2017 2:36 PM)

Hi good day!
I would like to ask what are the requirements needed for a cooperative who wish to open a china bank account?

Chelle   (27 September 2017 10:58 AM)

Paano po kumuha ng atm? . Anu po mga requirements? At mag kanu po kailangan na initial deposit? . Wala pa po akong acc. . Pero atm po ang aking kailangan hindi bankbook .. salamat po

Angelica Caday Vales   (14 August 2017 10:40 AM)

If iI open a Chinabank account with atm,can my son send money through my ATM account?..He is an OFW in China ...Please reply..

Benedict Torres   (18 January 2017 1:41 PM)

Can i transfer my savings in my pass book to ATM card

Katie Christis   (11 June 2016 10:00 AM)

Hi, I'm a foreigner and have a filipino husband. We're currently staying in china..however i want to open a savings account in the philippines. What are the requirements and process to open a bank acct for foreigners? Thanks.

Raymart P. Tolentino   (13 April 2016 5:50 PM)

Goodevening :) Hi Im from Philippines I actually wanted to Open a New Savings Account that has a DEBIT CARD but I am only 16. Is it ok to open an savings account at this age and How much is the initial deposit please answer ASAP THANK YOU!

Milagrosa Dela fuente   (27 February 2016 11:31 AM)

I have an existing account but was blocked...I wanted to reopen it..what I'm gonna do?

sheryl   (03 July 2015 3:35 PM)

I had my existing passbook account. Is it okay to use it again. I used this account last 2011. Is it still active? I forgot my account number but, please check Sheryl De La Victoria. Is it safe to use it again.

Myra Nicolas   (21 December 2014 9:20 PM)

I just want to know if chinabank have here in japan and where is the place here in japan

Ivi Mendoza Saballa   (11 November 2014 9:33 PM)

Good evening, is it possible to deposit from other country to my atm account?

NAnte Salas   (15 October 2014 9:12 PM)

is it possible to change my atm savings acount in to the checking account?

Gilbert Solomon   (10 August 2014 12:07 PM)

is it possible to have a joint account if one partner is in middle east the other is in the Philippines?

Mike Esperanza   (15 May 2014 11:49 AM)

Is it okay to open a savings account just by presenting a passport? I have one valid id only. No NBI and stuff. Please reply the soonest. Thanks.

Maria Monessa R. Daguil   (13 April 2014 9:05 PM)

how to open a joint account?

Michael Braddy   (07 April 2014 1:18 PM)

hello i am an american now residing in anilao east I am retired US NAVY and would like to know if i can open a direct deposit us dollar account in your bank as i will be staying here as i travel back and forth to saudi arabia so am i able to open an account????

lina   (08 March 2014 2:42 PM)

hi i want to ask if I can apply an ATM card for my savings in ChinaBank. I'm an OFW here in Riyadh. There are Filipinos here who brought Chinabank representatives for this. I filled-out an application but he didn't able to come back and give the atm card. Can follow it up here?

natalie reyes   (07 March 2014 10:26 PM)

i had a chinabank savings account.. i dont know if its still active or close...
i never use it for almost 3 years...

admin   (10 March 2014 9:07 PM)

natalie reyes, go to a ChinaBank branch, ask for assistance from a bank employee and check the status of your savings account.

Geraldine Miñao   (14 January 2014 4:46 PM)

Is it okay that i will use my Phil health card since I do have 1 valid i.d only which is my voter's i.d.

ann   (25 September 2013 5:04 PM)

what if i had only a NBI Clearance and brgy clearance and i got that in our province but not yet expired and i want to open a savings account here in metro manila . my question is, are they valid or able to use in applying a saving account ?

ann   (25 September 2013 5:01 PM)

what is i have only a NBI Clearance and brgy clearance and i get that in our province but it didn't yet expired and i want to open a savings account here in metro manila . my question is, are they valid or able to use in applying a saving account ?

julieann   (26 August 2013 2:37 PM)

Good day. I'm here in China. It's hard to send money here. I want to ask a question. Can I open an account one for my family as a remittance? What are your office or bank partners here in China particularly in Chengdu. How much is the charge?

ferdinand a. parcon   (01 August 2013 9:19 AM)

Is the china bank ATM ACCOUNT opened here in manila can be use by my cousin for deposit there in china? can she transfer from her ATM account to my china bank atm account?

mardie estillore   (17 June 2013 10:43 AM)

If i i open account this ATM and PASSBOOK is it already okey to recieve from taiwan to my account..Is there a charges?How much?

admin   (17 June 2013 10:57 AM)

mardie estillore, what do you want to receive from Taiwan to your account?

rosadelia   (28 May 2013 7:51 PM)

thanks for d info but i want to know how i could open an account while i am here in canada?
could u please provide me the address where i could go here in calgary alberta?
thank you for your response