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How to Apply for BDO Power Teens Club Savings Account?

A special savings account in Banco de Oro (BDO), Power Teens Club account is a fixed interest-bearing savings account for young adults above 12 to 19 years old, with specially designed passbook and ATM card which can be used as a shopping card at all SM Department Stores. Here's the procedure on how to open a BDO Power Teens Club Account.

Step 1

Prepare and bring the following requirements:
  1. Initial Deposit of Php 2,000
  2. At least 2 valid ID's (photo-bearing):
  3. School Registration
  4. 2 pieces 1" x  1" colored pictures (recent photo is recommended)
    • School ID is required.
Step 2

Go to your preferred BDO branch where you want to open a Power Teens Club Account.

Step 3

In the bank, go to the New Account section and ask any bank officer that you want to open a Power Teens Club Account. The bank officer will then facilitate your request and will process your application. You will have fill-out an application form and some documents and give your requirements.

After the application process, you need to give the initial deposit (minimum of Php 2,000) and the bank officer will give a deposit transaction slip. Never lose this slip. This will be required upon claiming your Power Teens Club ATM card and Passbook.

Claiming Your Power Teens Club ATM Card/Passbook

Usually, you can claim the Power Teens Club ATM/Passbook after a week (7 days). Bring your deposit slip upon claiming the ATM card and Passbook.

Features of Power Teens Club Savings Account
  • You have to maintain Php 2,000 on the account to earn interest.
  • The ATM card is specially designed
  • The ATM card can be used as a Shopping Card
  • The account is insured with PDIC up to Php 500,000 per depositor
Service Charge

*Service Charge for falling below the Monthly Average Daily Balance (MADB) requirement is Php 300.  The Php 300 service charge is automatically debited from an account at the end of the month if the MADB fell below requirement for 2 consecutive months.

You will be charged with Php 300 if you close the account within 30 days from account opening.

  • You can open a joint account with Power Teens Club.
  • Power Teens Club account is for the teens (ages 13 to 19 years old). So, those who are 14, 15, 16, 17 years old can open this type of account in BDO.

Are you interested to open a Power Teens Club? Do you have any problem with your Power Teens Club account?

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Total comments : 41
auslie23   (03 March 2018 11:47 AM)
hi, i only have a school id. I don't have 2 valid id because I'm still 16 years old

alvin   (08 January 2018 1:57 AM)
hi Im seventeen . what if you only have 1 ID and that is your school ID ,How can I apply if the requirement is atleast 2 ID with my picture on it?

Alexis   (22 November 2017 8:20 PM)
I have the same question, What if I only have 1 valid ID since I’m only a student .. What am I going to do? Do I need my guardians consent??

Angel Kristel Durana Faciol   (16 October 2017 8:59 AM)
Hello po ^_^ ! Itatanong ko lang sana , kasi isang ID lang po yung meron ako which is the School ID ? Kailang po ba talaga ng two(2) valid ID's ? Thank you .

hannah   (01 September 2017 2:49 PM)
Hi! I am 13 years old and I only have a school ID also can I do this without a guardian? Thank you.

Gelli   (01 July 2017 2:08 PM)
Good day! Can we open an account without a guardian? Thank you

daaaaa   (25 June 2017 4:12 PM)

Lance   (07 June 2017 8:11 PM)
Hi! I only have 1 ID which is the school ID. Do I still need provide 2 valid IDs? And Am I allowed to create this account all by myself without any guardians? I'm 15 years old. Thanks you!

Chesca Calleja   (06 June 2017 2:13 AM)
I want to change my account from junior savers to teen club savings. How will I do it?

Chesca Calleja   (06 June 2017 2:11 AM)
Hello po! Itatanong ko lang kung papano gagawin kung gusto ko na ipalipat yung junior savers ko sa teens club saving kasi I am turning 13 this coming month

Precious   (28 May 2017 11:33 PM)
12 years old turning 13 this July. Makakapag apply pa rin po ba ako?

Precious Openiano   (28 May 2017 11:28 PM)
So sa unang deposit po kailangan 2,000 agad? Pano naman po kung meron ng account tapos magdedeposit nalang ulit kunyare magdedeposit ako in one week ng 300 pwede kaya yun?

curiouser   (25 May 2017 6:29 PM)
BDO doesn't have thiss in their official website. Is this service still available?

stefaniGaga   (01 May 2017 2:09 PM)
Does all BDO branches in Philippines offer 'Power Teens Club Savings Account'? Particularly,here in Catanduanes,Virac branch because I really wanted to open my own savings account.My mom did opened an account in ARDCI with my name on it but it happened then when we're still member of the said bank.Please reply on my email because Im very eager to create my own savings account as soon as possible.Thank you.

Michaela   (28 March 2017 8:17 PM)
What if I don't have registration card??

Renz   (05 November 2016 1:49 PM)
Mayroon po bang registration fee

Jorge Russel   (18 September 2016 9:38 PM)
Yes according to the comment below, someone asked that how if a person exceeded to the age limit for example his/her is 19 and turn to 20. Is he/she can able to access with his/her account? or their using card will change into a BDO debit/credit that using of our parents ? And what do you mean by "Photo Bearing" ? 2nd We're student only and one of your requirements is 2 valid ID how come ? And last one is school registration? Are we going to request a new one or the past one which we passed when enrollment.? Thank You

leah villocino   (10 August 2016 4:05 PM)
hello, can i apply power teens club account for my daughter even i am outside the country?

Mae   (06 August 2016 9:26 AM)
Kung wala po akong school registration pwede pa po ba akong mag apply sa BDO power teens club?

Dennis   (11 May 2016 5:08 PM)
What if I don't have any 2 valid ID's can I still apply for BDO Power Teen Savers Club?

Hans Rutherford   (30 March 2016 9:20 AM)
Can I use the ATM for online shopping?
Example: Minecraft

Clarissa Marasigan   (18 March 2016 10:17 PM)
Do I really need a school registration to open an account in power teens club? how if you don't have a registration form?

Joy nakpil   (18 January 2016 8:07 AM)
My daughter is 15 years old.. how could she provide of 2valid id's? She may only has a schoold id.. Could this be allowed for her to open an account in power teens?

gladnes ann acob   (11 January 2016 6:21 PM)
I have power teen club account. May I ask if I'm turning 20 can I still use it?

Ruffa Mae Amparo   (25 December 2015 4:29 PM)
Do I really need a school registration to open an account in power teens club?

Denize Brezowar   (10 November 2015 6:21 PM)
How to re open my account?

Michelle   (24 September 2015 8:04 PM)
What if I don't have any 2 valid ID's can I still apply for BDO Power Teen Savers Club?

Kim   (09 September 2015 9:47 AM)
Can I apply for BDO Power Teens Club online? We don't have any BDO branch in our place

Alliah bilocura   (02 September 2015 11:05 PM)
Does the power teensclub has can be use to withdraw o. Deposit money??

Tin   (12 August 2015 12:18 PM)
how if you don't have a registration form? I'm not able to go to school this sem.

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