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How to Apply China Bank Online Banking

You can now do banking nowadays by just a click of a mouse. The advent of computer technology and internet provides an opportunity for the banks and their accountholders to transact online - which is called online banking. No need to fall in line to pay your utility bills (electric bills, phone or internet bills, cable tv service bills, etc.). No need to go to the bank to transfer money to your love ones. You can do banking online (through internet) at the comfort of your home, office or anywhere and anytime. That's why China Bank (which is one of the top banks of the Philippines) doesn't want to be left behind in utilizing online banking facility. If you want to enroll or apply for China Bank online banking, just follow the procedures below:
Step 1
If you don't have a China Bank account yet, you must open or apply an account. This might help you: "How to Apply for Chinabank Passbook and ATM Card Savings Account?". While applying for a new account, you can also apply for an online banking. Just tell the bank officer that you want to apply for an online banking. You will be automatically enrolled in China Bank's online banking after 1 or 2 weeks.
If you already have a China Bank account and not yet enrolled in online banking, then continue to follow the steps provided here.
Step 2
Go to the official China Bank website (http://www.chinabank.ph/). Click the Enroll button:
Official China Bank Website
Step 3
You will be redirected to the log-in page of China Bank online banking enrollment/application:
China Bank log-in page for online banking enrollment
Enter your ATM Card Number and ATM PIN correctly.
Step 4
Click the Agree button to agree with China Bank's Online Banking Terms and Conditions:
China Bank Online Banking Terms and Conditions
Step 5
Fill-out the enrollment form appropriately:
China Bank online banking enrollment form
Click the Submit button after filling-out the form.
Follow further instructions and your application will be accepted right away.
Inside China Bank Online Banking Website
With China Bank online banking, you can access your account balance or do balance inquiry for free. You can also transfer funds to other banks and trace your transaction history.
Inside China Bank online banking website
With China Bank online banking, you can pay your bills.
China Bank online banking website
You can buy prepaid card (PIN for eload) for your mobile phone.
Buy cellphone load through China Bank online banking
Are you having any problem applying for China Bank's online banking?

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Elena Tacda Bon   (28 November 2020 6:49 PM) [Entry]


Elena Tacda Bon   (28 November 2020 6:48 PM) [Entry]

How can I open an atm back accout here in china bank

BettyGuicy   (06 October 2020 3:37 AM) [Entry]

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Antonio Rondina Jr   (29 April 2019 6:25 PM) [Entry]

i can't access after OTP is being send.

Lara   (14 July 2017 8:54 AM) [Entry]

Walang ENROLL button sa site. How's that?
Is there any alternative way to register than going to a bank branch?

Lyan Lim   (25 March 2017 2:47 AM) [Entry]

I only have passbook account. Can i enroll in china bank online? When i open the link, there's no enroll button.

Jimmy Farofaldane   (28 February 2017 3:04 PM) [Entry]

Tried to register online Banking however no ENROLL option as mentioned. Please tell me how to proceed. Thanks.

Niks   (22 February 2017 1:00 PM) [Entry]

Theres no such thing "enroll" button. I visited the sites for a couple of months. Can you please send me the link where i can register my online banking!?

James   (16 February 2017 10:02 PM) [Entry]

There's no REGISTER button on the China bank website! there isn't even any decent tutorials about going e-banking!!!!

Roger   (17 December 2016 10:30 PM) [Entry]

I want to enroll my account but No "Enroll" button in the China Bank website pls advise. Thank you.

Mark Hanly Delos Santos Delima   (29 November 2016 3:42 PM) [Entry]

Good Day Madam/Sir

Gusto ko po sanang mag apply para sa MasterCard or Debit Card ?

marie cris   (15 November 2016 2:16 PM) [Entry]

how to apply online banking? upon searching, there is no "ENROLL" button to register. Please advise. Thank you!

vinny   (02 October 2016 2:51 AM) [Entry]

I can't see any ENROLL button in the china bank website? is there any way i can enroll my account online without going to the bank?

Sweety   (15 September 2016 7:35 AM) [Entry]

There is no "ENROLL" button in the present website of Chinabank

EMil   (31 August 2016 6:24 PM) [Entry]

Can I enroll my credit card online so I can view my purchases? If yes, how do I register?

Where can I get a supplementary card application form? Is it available online or do I need to visit your branch?

Thank you

Chinabank Client   (27 July 2016 4:37 AM) [Entry]

There is no "ENROLL" button in the present website of Chinabank

Chan   (15 July 2016 5:54 PM) [Entry]

China Bank server not available.

Please advise.

JESUS MALLARI BELANIO   (29 February 2016 8:09 AM) [Entry]

I reset my online password via email. I was sent the new log-in and transaction passwords, but every time I use the new log-in password it says "Please enter valid password" , until i exceeded the maximum number of attempt. I am sure I am
logging-in the correct password you provided me via email.
Please advice, thanks

Ann   (24 May 2014 4:10 AM) [Entry]

Already done with the Chinabank E-banking Enrollment, my only problem is the final step of online enrollment which is activating the account through chinabank atm..
>insert your card >enter your pin > press other transaction
>press ACTIVATE EBANKING ACCOUNT.... Unfortunately, after pressing the "activate ebanking account", ATM machine displays nothing on its screen.. During my first attempt, i thought im just encountering some atm malfunction so i just ignore it.. But after repeating the step, again and again and again, same thing happened..

yen   (30 March 2014 3:31 PM) [Entry]

i have problem in applying for chinabank online banking. when i click the submit button it always says that i have to use the preferred user ids base on the guidelines. i already use user ids with alphanumeric characters but still it does not proceed in enrolling my account. pls help. thanks.

helen   (25 March 2014 10:33 PM) [Entry]

how to apply online banking if i dont have atm but only passbook account?

sai   (05 November 2013 7:37 PM) [Entry]

can i open an online account if i have a passbook?