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Open or Apply a Metrobank Account in Canada?

No doubt, Metrobank is one of the largest banks in the Philippines. Not only trusted but also very accessible to most provinces in the Philippines for its vast growing number of branches. If you're currently living or planning to live in Canada, you might asked, "Is it possible to open or apply a Metrobank Account (ATM, Passbook, Credit Card, etc.) in Canada?".

Open Metrobank Account in Canada


Yes, you can open a Metrobank account in Canada. To open a Metrobank Account (ATM, Passbook, Credit Card) in Canada, you should personally visit any of Metrobank's branches or Remittance Centers in Canada, USA.

Requirements needed to bring

Present two (2) government-issued or acceptable photo-bearing valid IDs (photocopy and original) and one (1) 2x2 picture.

For non-residents please present your Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR). 

A Metrobank branch personnel will be providing you the assistance that you need for account opening.  Initial deposit and maintaining balance for Metrobank regular savings account (ATM) is Php 2,000 and Php 10,000 for a Regular Passbook account.

Metrobank Remittance Centers in Canada where you can open an account

Vancouver Office
4292 Fraser Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5V 4G2
Telephone Number: 1 (604) 874 – 3373
Fax Number: 1 (604) 874-3374
Email Address: vancouver@metroremittance.ca
Toronto Office
1466 Bathurst Street, Suite 108-A
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 3S3
Tel. No.: 1 (416) 532 – 9779 / 1 (416) 532 – 3223
Fax. No.: 1 (416) 534 – 4040
Email: toronto@metroremittance.ca
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13 Orlando   (22 December 2017 7:33 PM)
Just wanna ask if possible to open an account thri online? because I am very far from yourr branches. I really appreciated your response. Thank you.

12 Queen   (30 April 2017 3:07 PM)
good day, i just wanna ask if i can apply an account online here in canada, because the said centers is to far from where i live. hoping for your respond. thank you and godblessed

11 Don   (09 October 2016 11:42 PM)

Pwede po ba ako mag open ng account dito sa Toronto tapos makukuha ko ba siya pagdating ko sa Pilipinas? Magkano po ba ang maximum amount na insured? Thanks


10 anita l. hernandez   (19 September 2016 10:54 PM)
I have opened an account in the Philippines prior to our departure. I would like to enquire if I can deposit or withdraw here in Canada.

9 Victor   (13 May 2016 10:15 PM)
Hello - at some I need to transfer money to a friend in the Philippines - Can you supply me ( by e-mail) with the International Routing Code for the branch at : Metrobank, Ayala Triangle Branch, 15th Floor Tower One & Exchange Plaza Building , Makati City Philippines -- it should be known as the ABA, or IBAN, or BIC, or Swift code.
Thank you , Victor

8 Susan   (07 February 2016 7:37 AM)
Can I send money to oher banks in the Philippines through my Metrobank account?

Thank you!

7 Carleen Ramos   (18 July 2015 10:42 PM)
I have an existing metrobank credit card in the philippines.i moved here in canada last june.and i want to ask if theres a way that i can pay my credit card here.thank you :)

6 jonabel   (14 July 2015 7:30 AM)
me and my husband open an account in the philippines for passbook savings account. we want to change it into time deposit but we are here in canada. is that possible to do it here, or we need to open another time deposit account. thanks

4 Nelson   (22 June 2015 8:05 AM)
I want to use you service to transfer money to a metrobank account here in the Philippines one day after I arrive there in Canada, do I need to open-up an account of my own to do the funds transfer?

5 admin   (23 June 2015 8:50 AM)
Yes, Nelson. It's better to open a Metrobank account first here in the Philippines.

3 Michelle   (08 April 2014 2:36 AM)
I had a metrobank account and it was recently got closed because I didnt maintain a maintaining balance, is it possible to renew my account?
I'm from vancouver. Thank you

1 donovan   (05 March 2014 9:00 AM)
if i open an account here in canada, will someone from the philippines can deposit a sum of money. can i withdraw here in toronto the money that they deposited in the philippines? thanks.

2 admin   (06 March 2014 7:45 AM)
donovan, yes.