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How to Find Serial Number of Toshiba Hard Drive?

Serial number of a hard drive plays a very important role in identifying identical individual hard drives. It prevents counterfeiting and helps trace the stolen hard drives. It's valuable in quality control. It is required by the vendor for warranty and replacement purposes. So, if you don't know how to locate the serial number of your Toshiba hard drive, here's a very simple way.

On your Toshiba hard drive, you can find the Serial Number next to S/N. S/N stands for Serial Number. It has a bar code above it. You can see in the picture below where the serial number of Toshiba hard drive is located:

Toshiba Hard Drive Serial Number

In this 1TB (terabyte) Toshiba hard drive, the serial number is Z3RWMNENS WK7.

Toshiba Hard Drive Serial Number 1TB

While in this 500GB Toshiba hard drive, the serial number is 75QLOPYKS WK5.

Are you having any problem finding the Serial Number of your Toshiba Hard Drive?
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