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How to Type Letter Ñ (letter enye) in a Computer (letter n with a tilde)
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If you're an average internet user, you might be wondering how to type letter 'enye' or letter ñ in your keyboard. Some find it difficult to memorize the keyboard characters to press in order to create a letter 'enye' or ñ. That's why I want to show you here the guide on how to do that. In case you forgot, this will be the page you are going to refer on how to type the letter 'enye' or letter ñ.

Typing the letter 'enye' or ñ in a keyboard (letter n with a tilde)

Typing the letter 'enye' or ñ differs by capitalization and operating system. Here are the shortcut keys of letter ñ (enye).

How to Type the letter 'enye' (ñ) in Windows?

  • For a small letter ñ: hold the Alt key in your keyboard while pressing 0241 or 164
    • ALT + 0241 = ñ
    • ALT + 164 = ñ
  • For a big or capital letter Ñ: hold the Alt key in your keyboard while pressing 0209 or 165
    • Alt + 0209 = Ñ
    • Alt + 165 = Ñ

Type letter enye

How to Type the letter 'enye (ñ) in Ubuntu or Linux?
  • Go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard and change the Compose key to something you don’t use like your right windows key.
  • Then you can type:
    Compose key n ~ to get ñ
    Compose key e ‘ to get é
How to Create Letter Enye ñ The Easy Way?
  • Just copy the letter enye below and paste it wherever you want. Highlight the letter and copy. The letters are in different sizes (small to bigger ones). Choose whatever suits your need.

How to create an ñ letter in a laptop without a numpad (numeric pad)?

Use the built-in Character Map of your Windows operating system. You can find the Character Map by going to Start button --> All Program --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Character Map. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Letter Enye ñ in Character Map

Letter Enye ñ in Character Map
In the Character Map, click the letter enye (ñ) and copy it.

Are you having any problems creating or typing the letter enye on your computer?

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34 zedrick   (19-July-2015 7:53 PM)
Thank you :)

32 Jet Trinidad   (14-July-2015 10:39 AM)
How do you insert "Ñ" using a laptop? without the external number pad.

Thanks in advance!

33 admin   (14-July-2015 7:16 PM)
Hi Jet, you can use Character Map. Go to Start button --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Character Map. You can find ñ character. Just copy the character and paste it wherever you want (in Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, in a website, etc.).

31 admin   (17-February-2015 12:00 PM)
What did you do? You should hold Alt button and press 0241.

30 Charmaine Bejar David   (17-December-2014 12:48 PM)
ha! that was easy! ññññ

29 Ragimar Tolo   (24-October-2014 6:03 PM)

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27 Susan Cruzada   (12-August-2014 8:22 PM)
thanks it really help me

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24 stephein   (04-June-2014 5:23 PM)
Why i can't do it??

23 DESIRE   (16-April-2014 8:04 PM)
thank you very much...
now i can share my new discovery =)

22 robert   (03-April-2014 4:46 PM)
THANKS now i can write Ññ in key board... :P

21 Jaina   (28-December-2013 6:47 PM)
its good thank you!

20 Jaina   (28-December-2013 6:46 PM)
It works. thank you :)

19 kfrances   (16-September-2013 6:11 PM)
its good thank you!

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