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How to Type Letter Enye - ñ with Android Phone?

Some of you might be confused on how to type letter enye (ñ) with your android phone. Yes, you cannot see the letter enye (ñ) on your android phone's keyboard screen. It's the same with a physical computer keyboard. You cannot see it, right? No letter enye button. But a very simple trick can create that letter enye you need. Here's how...

In your keyboard screen, long press the letter n. A pop-up box will appear containing the different variations of letter n which also contains the letter enye (ñ) - enye.

Type letter enye in Android Phone
Creating small letter enye in Android Phone

If you want to create a capital letter enye, the same method applies. Don't forget to press Shift button to convert the small letters into CAPITAL letters. Long-press the letter N, and a capital letter Ñ will appear.

Capital Letter Enye in Android Phone

Are you having any problem creating letter enye with your phone?
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