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How to write or type letter enye "ñ" in Macintosh?

If you frequently use a Macintosh computer, you may reach to the point when you want to type letter enye or ñ. But it's sad to say that when you looked at your keyboard, nowhere you could find letter enye right?
Macintosh Keyboard
A Macintosh Keyboard
To type letter enye in your Macintosh keyboard is very simple.
To type small letter enye (ñ), hold the option key while pressing letter n, then release. 
  • Option + n = ñ
To type big/capital letter enye (Ñ), hold shift while pressing letter n.
  • Shift + n =  Ñ
You can also put tilde on the following characters/letters (letter a and o):
  • Option + n, a =  ã
  • Option + n, o =  õ
Do you find it difficult to type letter enye in your Macintosh computer? Let us know in the comment below.

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Total comments : 3
Christian   (18 June 2014 0:49 AM)
This doesn't work if I have "caps lock" on while I use this command... anyway to fix it ?

kianna   (07 September 2012 1:27 PM)
where's the option?

admin   (07 September 2012 1:45 PM)
kianna, this is for Macintosh

If you're using Windows operating system, this is the procedure "How to Type Letter Ñ (letter enye) in a Computer (letter n with a tilde)"