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BDO Call Center Phone Number
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If encounter a problem with your Banco De Oro (BDO) Account, you can contact their call center phone number provided below:

Domestic Toll-Free Nos:

1-800-10-631-8000 (PLDT)
1-800-3-631-8000 (Digitel)
1-800-8-631-8000 (Globe)
1-800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel)

1-800-10-814700 (PLDT)

International Toll-Free Nos.:

BDO: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-6318000
AMEX Personal Cards: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-8141700
AMEX Corporate Cards: (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-8407400

Calling all numbers are free of charge.

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21 Joemarie Mae Manzo • 3:05 PM, 01-June-2014
Good day.. I would like to ask about my balance last May 30,2014.. is there any deposit for my account 001690157087? Thank you
20 Clariza D. Baylon • 10:00 AM, 29-April-2014
Good day!!!

i would like to know why my atm card (cash card) are not allowed in any transaction??
19 jefferson flores • 0:49 AM, 30-March-2014
Hello Sir/Ma'am

Good day ! i would like to know why my atm card authorized invalid card if i put in the machine
18 Janet camilet saratubias • 11:34 AM, 08-December-2013
i forgot my pincode how can i reset it i never used hat already bec its new i dont think if i succesfully change the pin im here in taiwan now my card is in philippines i left it to my parents
17 rosalie ranola • 4:27 AM, 13-October-2013
pls. response asap
16 rosalie ranola • 4:26 AM, 13-October-2013
please unlock my on line banking access asap. It is now blocked.
15 Lisa Biescas • 4:16 PM, 01-October-2013
Hello Sir / Ma'am,

Good Day! I would like to follow up my credit card application.

Please advise status.

thank you.

14 Reynaldo A Francisco • 3:32 PM, 19-September-2013
Good day..I would like to sign in and do banking deposit on line.please thanks
13 Jacky • 6:39 PM, 02-August-2013
hello gud pm i ll make paypal acct then the money in my palpay its cant widraw because its keeeping error whn i verify .. just fill up the card number which can see in my card ? and the security code im not sure where i can see it? is in my card to ? pls i need help thnkss
12 Dennis • 12:36 PM, 25-July-2013

I have savings account, i can check my balance in BDO online banking.I open another account together with BDO AMEX credit card. My sister is my suplementary, I want to add this 2 in my ONLINE banking how to add?Im in abroad is it possible that i can pay balance of my sister?how?

Thanks in adnvance.

11 mars • 6:32 PM, 17-July-2013
is 026881200 belong to BDO also
10 Glenn G.dela Pena • 6:38 AM, 19-April-2013
Good day ! I want to inquire regrding personal loan or asenso kabayan personal loan.what is the requirements and if posible to apply if your contract of employment is only 4mthns ? im a seaman or a seafarer.im qualified for this kind of loan?Thanks and more power.
8 cielo cruz • 1:44 PM, 12-March-2013
I have a problem in calling the international toll free number,I can not contact them,can you send me the designated email address that needed to be address my message,I have a personal inquiry in credit card let me convey it in the right email address. Thank you.
9 admin • 1:49 PM, 12-March-2013
cielo cruz, you can view BDO's email addresses.
7 richard mata inso • 9:27 AM, 24-October-2012
pls provide me the tel. no. of bdo mepz 2 branch coz i left it in phil. i just want to inquire my savings account.thankzzzz
6 richard mata inso • 9:24 AM, 24-October-2012
can i have the updates wih my savings account in bdo mepz 2 branch even if im here in naari,japan?how?
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