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Cebu Pacific (Cebu Air, Inc.) Main Office | Telephone Number
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Cebu Air, Inc. operates Cebu Pacific, the largest airline carrier in the Philippines. It's main office is located at:

2nd Floor Doña Juanita Marquez Lim Building
Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Cebu Pacific can be contacted at the following telephone numbers:

  • (02) 802-7000
  • (032) 230-8888
  • (02) 702-0888
Do you have any concerns or problems with Cebu Pacific? Just post them in the comments below.

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100 catherine labora   (16-November-2015 10:22 AM)
I want to request for my itinerary for this coming nov.22,2015 from butuan to cebu..booking ref: C14WWB flight no:5J224..thank you..

99 Natalia Quintos   (23-October-2015 10:08 AM)
Ref. Number FCVQFQ
I got the confirmation, however, the dates. were wrong! It should be : Depature from Mainila, Jan. 20 and Depature from Singapore is Jan. 29, 2016. We are still in Singapore Cruise on Jan. 28, 2016.

Kindly correct the error! Many thanks.

Natalia & Orlito Quintos

98 Emelyn Bagasbas   (19-August-2015 5:09 PM)
Good day! We would like to add an extra 40 kilos baggage, each 20 kilos to the confirmed tickets international.. We checked it online but it didnt works. Is there any contact numbers or websites to manage the baggage add ons? thanks! Be very grateful for your answers.. please send answers to my email.

P.S: the said flight was on aUGUST 22,2015 THIS COMING SATURDAY.. THANKS!

97 LAZIEL ROMANO   (14-August-2015 1:51 PM)
good day cebu pacific/ i have problem now about my booking. online not successful. decline my payments. now i have report to my bank because they deduct the money from my bank. now my bank ask a letter of cancellation to prove cebu pacific decline my payments. so now i hope you help me of this problem i dont know where i go to get this cancelation letter, please i need your feedback cebu pacific..laziel

96 Leah Walker   (07-August-2015 6:22 PM)
I would like to update my luggage purchase but the website is down. I purchased extra 20kg but I want to change it to 30kg each passenger.Also, do I get a free check-in luggage with my ticket and what the luggage weight?
Thank you.

95 merigen claudel   (29-June-2015 12:06 PM)
I will request of Itinerary of my officemate his flight is tommorow. Thank you

94 Judith Amido   (19-June-2015 8:28 AM)
we would like to apply as distributor for your airline's air ticketing needs... Which office should we go to?

93 Josefina Talagon   (06-May-2015 9:44 PM)
Cebu Pacific is inefficient most of the time. Worsts experience ever is when the flight was delayed for 7 hours. We should depart at around 4:20 in the morning but unluckily, we depart at around 11:00 in the morning; its happened last December 28,2014. We stayed there doing nothing AND hoping that the management will do something about the problem. To compensate,free flights were given to every passenger. But then availing this free flight seems to be very impossible. Why is this so? Do we really need to talk to several Customer Service Representative to enlighten us about the policies, rules and other things that we should know about it? Do we have to spend a lot of effort and time just to tell your representatives the same information OVER AND OVER again, and receive the same response from them? Any improvement regarding the concerned matter will be much appreciated. If its a form of compensating your customers then why do something about it that would lessen the hassle on the part of your end customers? If you intend to keep loyal customers PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure everyone in your team knows what they are doing and what they should do to please the passengers.


92 Christine   (27-April-2015 8:59 PM)
I would like to ask what should I do because I book my cousin but due to graphical error I got mistake her real name is Maria Russel Parreno but in ticket I encode Maria Russel Parre what should I will do .


91 camilo requierme jr   (25-April-2015 1:15 AM)
Hi maam/sir, just wanna ask if your company is hiring for OJT this coming June? Im an IT student. I have to accomplish 500 hours for our OJT. Please email me. Thank you and God Bless!
(requiermecamilo20@yahoo.com)- my yahoo account

90 Fejilyn Dacquel Esteban   (23-April-2015 2:57 PM)
Sir/Ma'am,How to know the promo code ?from manila to Riyadh K.S.A

Thank you
Fejilyn D.Esteban

89 Leah Walker   (13-April-2015 1:12 AM)
Hi! I am trying to book a round-trip ticket online but there was an error that I wasn't able to purchase the tickets. Should I call to book a flight? Thanks!

88 RODIL SABINO SANTIAGO   (07-April-2015 3:20 PM)
Good Morning,

Hi,I RODIL SANTIAGO membership number 1000644250. I try many times to call to manage my booking because i have a mistake key in the correct spelling of my friends name. please help to correct the spelling of his name. On the booking ticket is MARK DOMINIC OMOROSO .. the correct is MARK DOMINIC AMOROSO. Confirmation number TI1W2B. I hope for your response on my email. I am calling from Malaysia and I was not able to talk any costumer service because no one answer the line .

Thank you very much,
Rodil Santiago
Membership number : 1000644250

87 Marjorie ann Samson   (06-April-2015 3:00 PM)
Hi, good day..I would like to ask if I could rebook my flight coz last Friday which happen to be Holy Week i was supposed to board but some problem occurred when I was at the airport that's why I didn't make it to my scheduled flight.
Can I just rebook it?

86 Tayan Qo Raubaya   (13-December-2014 10:22 AM)
GoodmOring Sir/Maam.

I Aida sambulawan.ijust want to aSk abOut mY TicKet that i bOoked On December 08,2014,i used to travel on December 18 2014 & Most get the Returned ticket on Dec.25 2014.but i Didnt Tecieve the ConfirmitiOn # Or the Refference #..pls i need ur RepLy soOon.thank U.

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