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Cebu Pacific (Cebu Air, Inc.) Main Office | Telephone Number
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Cebu Air, Inc. operates Cebu Pacific, the largest airline carrier in the Philippines. It's main office is located at:

2nd Floor Doña Juanita Marquez Lim Building
Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Cebu Pacific can be contacted at the following telephone numbers:

  • (02) 802-7000
  • (032) 230-8888
  • (02) 702-0888
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86 Tayan Qo Raubaya • 10:22 AM, 13-December-2014
GoodmOring Sir/Maam.

I Aida sambulawan.ijust want to aSk abOut mY TicKet that i bOoked On December 08,2014,i used to travel on December 18 2014 & Most get the Returned ticket on Dec.25 2014.but i Didnt Tecieve the ConfirmitiOn # Or the Refference #..pls i need ur RepLy soOon.thank U.
85 Tayan Qo Raubaya • 10:16 AM, 13-December-2014
Goodmorning Sir/Maan Im Aida SambuLawan WhO Want tO ReqUest To Sent me Back My RefferenCe oF Our Booked few Days ago,,pLs Maam/Sir i ReaLy Need tO knOw it.thanK U.
84 Carole See • 8:04 AM, 25-November-2014
hi! i am WAITING for the response of the call revalidation from the head office (according to ofelia). I was told 24-48 hrs. Since Thursday, I expected Saturday for a response. Nothing. Today Tuesday I spoke to John employee ID 0314 and was told - no feedback yet from the head office. He told me to call after 5 hours. Please know TOMORROW (Nov 26) is our flight 5J 345 booking reference DDRQTK and I just want to make sure the call was listened to because the first agent FAILED to give me the information that we can re route the trip if your company cancelled the flight due to aircraft maintenance. I called your number today, stayed on the line to wait for an assistance but it just kept ringing and was disconnected. If you respond to my email carl_alsee@yahoo.com or give me a call as this is URGENT at 404 035. Thank you.
83 Arbies Favorites • 6:27 AM, 10-September-2014
HI!good am! i want to ask if my ticket is refundable. I purchase it last Sept. 5, 2014. I was supposed to travel to Singapore last night (5J 547) Sept. 9 at 1955H and got a return ticket to Cebu on Sept. 12 0400H (5J 548) but i wasn't able to board the flight last nyt. I just want to ask if can i ask a refund for my return ticket?

Thank you!
82 armando cacayorin • 10:55 AM, 18-June-2014
Hi Good Day! I would like to ask in your good office, a certification in lieu of my boarding pass which was misplaced. For attachment purposes for my liquidation with the phil. government.

details of flight:
Davao - Manila - flight # 5J 962 - Dep: Sat 12 April 2014, 0550H (5:50AM) - Francisco Bangoy International Airport Manila - Davao - flight # 5J 8975 - Dep: Sun 20 April 2014, 0550H (11:10AM) - Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Thank you very much and more power!
81 manolite t. aves • 2:18 PM, 20-May-2014
Hi Good Day! I would like to ask in your good office, a certification in lieu of my boarding pass which was misplaced. For attachment purposes.

details of flight:
Cebu Bacolod - flight # 5J 124 - Dep: Mon 05 May 2014, 0550H (5:50AM) - Mactan Cebu International Airport

Thank you very much and more power
80 Madelyn Denura • 3:50 PM, 02-May-2014
Hi gud afternoon! I want to know how much is your rebooking fee. My flight is on Sunday, May 4 ,2014 at 4:30 am Cebumto Manila. And be back on May 6, 2:30 pm Manila to Cebu. I want to re schedule it on june 9 , 6am ana june 10 , 6pm the same route. Yhank you
79 Madelyn Denura • 3:18 PM, 02-May-2014
Hi I would like to ask how much is the rebooking fee. Tnx
78 B.Johnson • 3:38 PM, 28-April-2014
To Mr Ivan Henry Gaw -re medacase/C9CVMJ -Due to life threatening diving accident which required my wife to be transported from Dumagete to the Hyperbaric chamber at the military hospital in Cebu in the middle of the night (5 hour trip), we were not able connect with our Cebu Pacific flight on April 8. We contacted Cebu Pacific well before the flight to cancel it. They told us what we thought was all the information that was required to support our claim for a refund of the portion of our flight from Dumagette to Manila. After 3 days of treatment, we were given various forms by the Hyberbaric Chamber personel which CONTAINED EVERYTHING that Cebu Pacific needed to support our claim. This was all forwarded to Cebu Pacific. Now that we are 10,000 miles away (northern Canada) from the Philippines, we are told by Cebu Pacific "service" ? desk that the information is not on the right form (a medical certificate) and therefore is invalid. The personnel (including the supervisor, Mitch Magtibay) handling these medacases have no basic medical education to even partially understand the issues being considered. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! With all the nurses that exist in the Philippines, there is no excuse not to have at least one as a supervisor. The present personnel assume that since the information is not exactly in the format that they demand, then it doesn't exist, and thus you have no valid reason for getting a refund. I do not understand how a company can continue to do business with such blind bureaucratic procedures. It will certainly never succeed on the international market by treating its customers like this. I will be more than happy to relay my feelings about Cebu Pacific to the many Philippine workers here in Canada, who are my good friends.
77 suzuki cecilia,, • 7:45 PM, 15-April-2014
regarding to change of name i will send letter of authorization for name change, xerox copy of passport change name of a , suzuki to akari suzuki,,
76 Joanne untal • 1:17 PM, 12-April-2014
I would like to ask how much is the rebooking fee. My flight is on april 14, and i would like to resched it to april 20 in the evening. Please reply asap.
75 rose ria • 9:33 AM, 17-March-2014
hi! good day this is ria form nueva ecija i have my aunts ticket and her departeure time and date is march 30 2014 at around 3:40 pm manila to iloilo and her name is teresita yap.can i ask if we can rebook the ticket because my aunt wants to go in iloilo early than march 30 . the booking reference is HGJPUE thanks so much kindly contact me in my number its 0932 394 5115 thanks so much. God bless
74 jesusa_primicias • 11:39 AM, 15-March-2014
im calling your Manila off. number but nobodys answering, only recording. im already panicking, pls help me!

pls call me in this number 532-8744 or 0925-2557. re. my change of flight. tnx.
73 tina • 1:19 AM, 02-March-2014
Customer Service is very unprofessional.
Talked to somebody a while ago and hang up the phone.
calling from 09063585293
72 Mime Bana Cordova • 11:56 AM, 27-February-2014
Sir/Madam, I book the ticket March 29 going to Iloilo and my employer cancel my flight one way going to Iloilo and they said I can refund that amount but how could I refund that because the email address that my employer written is wrong. I book thru online and my correct email is mimecordova@gmail.com and Here's my booking reference JFJM3E. It's is possible that can I refund that amount?
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