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Globe Customer Service Contact/Phone Number
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I think Globe is constantly changing their customer service contact/phone number. This is their new contact number.

Globe Customer Service Contact/Phone number:

  • 211 - This is toll-free using your Globe or Touch mobile phone)
  • (02) 730-1000 - This is also toll-free using your Globe Landline or Globe/Touch mobile phone in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
Note: Upon calling this number using you cellphone prepaid, you must have a minimum of 1 peso load balance in order to successfully call.

If you know other Globe customer service number, kindly share it us by posting it in the comment below.

Do you have any concern with Globe?

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49 Melanie Manlangit Diez • 8:36 AM, 11-February-2015
hello, this is from the account # 832944068 would like to inform you that we want to disconnect our connection... and we would like to inform u that we already paid the payments for the month of january 27, 2015 amounting 7736.00 due to direct call... at this month we received our bills for this month of feb. amounting the total of 10,397.46 including the last previous bill that we payed already... and the current bill amounting 2661.48... how it comes...
please check our status and overlooked the payment for our previous bills..

thank you so much...

you can contact me @ my mobile #09163185779
48 Eugene Torres • 4:34 PM, 08-December-2014
is Talisay City Cebu do have LTE?
47 remegias villarmino • 10:04 AM, 28-June-2014
can i get the number of south seas cargo forwarders inc in ormoc city, leyte?? thank you
46 Ana Gaw • 0:46 AM, 01-June-2014
Dearest Globe,

Im just a concern customer,i would like your office to replace all the guards handling customer service in lucky chinatown mall,they are accepting bribery so as to lessen the hassle of lining up in que,,all the guards get a 100 bucks in exchange for getting the headache lining up,imagine i waited for 2 hours while the one paying bribe gets 10 minutes job finish, ..i think your company should take considerations of customer complaining its not only me,,if you ask a secret customer to seat there .you can catch the anomally their doing..thank you and hope this letter will not be put to waste,,just a concern citizen...Godbless
45 kristine abrea • 1:57 PM, 17-April-2014
hello.gud day.i have a problem with my globe landline phone.there is a dial tone but i cant contact anybody.pls help me fix it immediately.here's my cel #09273139047.lndline # 5300902.
44 alexis tamelin • 2:12 PM, 06-February-2014
can i get the number of Bureau of Immigration in tacloban city
43 jaime roda • 6:20 PM, 26-December-2013
Please email to me globe numbers, only first four digits so that i can do unlicall to these numbers.....


42 STEVE • 4:29 PM, 20-December-2013
this 3 person are from bulacao,talisay city.cebu..i am unable to contact them after yolonda typoon
41 STEVE • 4:27 PM, 20-December-2013
Can you please find me the globe landline number of ..Emerlie rabaya david or Ellinesa rabaya sarabosing or Emericiana labaya Rabaya...
40 ANTHONY C.ANGELES • 8:42 PM, 16-September-2013
why did globe took our load then we cant register any unlimited call and text then when we call for the customer service no problem arrived from my number. it is too embarrassing for us during emergency this network comes too slow. BIG BIG PROBLEM for us
39 liza • 6:28 AM, 20-August-2013
how to make out going calls?
38 thel • 6:40 PM, 01-July-2013
Why broadband does not work on my tablet. What should I do to fix this and come out the 3G. please help for I use my tablet.
37 raul • 6:33 PM, 28-June-2013
would like to know if you're still giving free telephone directory for new globe subscribers? and where to claim or get it?

my location is in cebu.


36 dexter juntilla • 10:24 AM, 22-June-2013
please return my load 80php the 2929 automatically send me something when i inquire my balance it automaticaly deducted,i switch this tm bec.it lesser of nakaw loads....pls return my load to me my mobile number is 09169581355 it would not easy to look 4 money in split of seconds my load balance is turning into zero....pls pls pls thamk you am waiting for you responds
35 cristalina • 3:17 PM, 15-June-2013
i would like to know our monhly bill of this month of june because we dont get informed by the billing service.Thank you
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