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Globe Customer Service New Contact/Hotline | Phone Number
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For your problems concerning your Globe (may it be landline/telephone, tattoo, broadband internet, bills) or any other Globe-related concerns, you can now call them in their new hotline/phone number indicated below.

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Globe logo - "abot mo ang mundo"

Globe Customer Service New Phone number: 027301000

The good thing is it's FREE of charge to call as long as you have at least 1 peso remaining balance using your Globe landline/telephone or your Globe or TM mobile number. You can call them anytime, anywhere (24/7).

You can also contact Globe at the following hotline numbers:
  • 211 or 2629 - using Globe Mobile Phone
  • 173 - Repair (using Globe landline/telephone)
  • 02-730-1000 (using Globe landline/telephone)
You can also contact the following 24-Customer Care Hotline Number:
  • 171 - toll-free from any Globelines
  • (02) 919-8888 [Luzon]
  • [032] 410-8888 [Visayas and Mindanao]
You can also send your concerns, problems or questions to Globe Customer Service email address:
  • talk@globetel.com.ph

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1238 Nesofel de Guia   (26-July-2015 9:37 AM)
I cannot use my mobile data, I already registered in a promo but the thing is I can't use my browser, and the mobile data is not functioning, what could be the cause of it? Thank you

1237 stephen   (22-July-2015 8:42 AM)
My problem is same as the others. New installation, but after a couple of days modem connection is going on and off. No wifi connection and very slow loading. Then I already receive a bill that we used it in just 1 week plus. Globelines is fast in computing bills but very slow in customer service and technical response. Worst thing there is no dial tone on our landline. We can't call, and no one could contact our number.

1236 Cyrille Lopez   (21-July-2015 5:14 PM)
I can't register to anything even if I just loaded minutes ago. It happened 3 times already. I'd appreciate if you would do something about this. I spend over 100 pesos but I haven't used it because it always says that I'm out of load when I register.

1235 joel hizon   (16-July-2015 8:47 AM)
our land line is not working since last week after d thypon this was last july8 try to call ung hotline but ur # is always busy thier such time im waitng for more than 30 min waiting someone to answer my call

1234 jessa   (13-July-2015 3:58 PM)
My concern is...i could not use our landline here..if there is someone call with us...can't contact too..and we also cannot use for calling otgere...it seems network busy...no line

1233 mike   (11-July-2015 9:14 AM)
Please contact me regarding new internet service in Minglanilla. I am moving there from USA next week. Please email me a number I can call too speak with someone in english.

1232 jane alcanado   (11-July-2015 8:45 AM)
ive been calling 027301000 for about 20 minutes then there was no response....not friendly user ang globe.slow response to customer service.

1231 Alvin Galicia   (05-July-2015 7:17 AM)
Sir. can you check my connection. my connection on internet either no internet or lack of signal this past few day.

1230 Miller Camado   (04-July-2015 5:31 PM)
I have a globe retailer sim. I texted a globe agent to load my globe retailer sim (loadwallet) but to know avail. After 3 days, the globe load agent is saying that i have to pay the loadwallet which I texted previous days ago. I insisted to him that I can't pay it because my globe retailer sim did not recieve it. He showed me a confirmation that it was already loaded to my retailer sim. What should be done to check whether the load was loaded to my globe retailer sim?thank you.

1229 Ridge Servillon   (03-July-2015 6:29 PM)
I cant receive any internet connection in our home and if we recieve a connection just after 3 mins it will be not recieving a connection again ....and im trying to conntact Gloe 211 and no response! plss help mei need a connection beacause i do online schooling... plsss help

1228 chen   (01-July-2015 10:15 PM)
Hi! I would like to use my globe tattoo internet sim on my android phone starmobile up mini(kitkat) to play games and surf the internet, is that possible?
If yes, how do I do it? How do I set it up?

Thank you!

1227 nomielee alvarico   (01-July-2015 9:27 PM)
hello good day maam/sir,just want ask about my status cause connect a plan for 2 yrs internet with landline we pay for 1299 and he not put yet the connection of my landline and also the antenna then the signal is weak said to me that return for the next days to put the antenna till now not yet.,name subscriber Sim Alvarico.,hopefully give an action.

1226 jean   (23-June-2015 6:34 PM)
GOOd day Evry one! i just want to follow up my post paid plan 300 lenovo A328 i received the unit on june 17 2015 but still no load, i try to contact but i cant reach you. tnx reply regarding this matter.

1225 Abigail Borromeo   (15-June-2015 10:03 AM)
Hi! Good day! I am on a postpaid plan 499. I only bought the sim and I am only allowed 3gb of free internet. I would like to inquire if I am paying extra when I use imessage on my iphone (international imessage)? Or is it just charged to the 3gb free internet? Second is, I am able to tx other networks, will the charges be only seen when I pay? Third, why is it no one can call me with my number? It says call barred. Please advice. Thank you!

1224 Kim   (12-June-2015 12:08 PM)
How can i change my wifi password using 211? i dont know what number should i press. thanks. technical something.

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