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Globe Customer Service New Contact/Hotline | Phone Number
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For your problems concerning your Globe (may it be landline/telephone, tattoo, broadband internet, bills) or any other Globe-related concerns, you can now call them in their new hotline/phone number indicated below.

Globe Logo
Globe logo - "abot mo ang mundo"

Globe Customer Service New Phone number: 027301000

The good thing is it's FREE of charge to call as long as you have at least 1 peso remaining balance using your Globe landline/telephone or your Globe or TM mobile number. You can call them anytime, anywhere (24/7).

You can also contact Globe at the following hotline numbers:
  • 211 or 2629 - using Globe Mobile Phone
  • 173 - Repair (using Globe landline/telephone)
  • 02-730-1000 (using Globe landline/telephone)
You can also contact the following 24-Customer Care Hotline Number:
  • 171 - toll-free from any Globelines
  • (02) 919-8888 [Luzon]
  • [032] 410-8888 [Visayas and Mindanao]
You can also send your concerns, problems or questions to Globe Customer Service email address:
  • talk@globetel.com.ph

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1316 Jan Ruel Galang   (27-November-2015 0:12 AM)
I took an absent at my work waiting for your technicians and I've waisted my time waiting for nothing. You will inform me? After how many days? Then I'll pay for those days without giving me what I'm paying for? If I won't having back my landline and internet connection this day, please disconnect my line. I'm tired of hearing your excuses about restoration issues. And I'm not paying for nothing. Thanks

1315 Tristan Figuracion   (21-November-2015 10:51 PM)
It is possible to change my 16gb iPhone6s plus to 64gb Iphone6s plan?

1314 Luchie F. Mamac   (21-November-2015 3:20 PM)
Good afternoon.. I would like to ask if what is the process for a reissuance of a company postpaid sim that have been lost but has been continuously billed. Hoping for an immediate response. Thank you.

1313 Noel L. Caliwagan   (14-November-2015 5:46 AM)
I already paid 190.00, but still my line is deactivated. your staff told me that two hours after my payment, my line will automatically be activated. What happen. pls. call me at 09088629934 for any thing to reconnect my line

1312 Jayric Tumon   (12-November-2015 9:31 PM)
I was registered to GoSurf499 and it is suppose to expire on December 05, 2015 but when I checked on it, it is already gone. Can anyone check on this please? My number is 09176051728.

Thank you!


1311 Rose   (11-November-2015 9:30 AM)
my concern is about the load..my officemate bought a load.. and she always experience that her load is gone example she bought a 100 pesos and after a minute or hour when she checked her load the amount is 40pesos.. My GOd is unfair.. please check that OK

1310 theresa kaw   (07-November-2015 3:10 PM)
since i dont have any signal i can not make a call to your customer service too using my phone.. i need my signal back. i am waiting for an important call.

1309 theresa kaw   (07-November-2015 3:07 PM)
good afternoon globe.. is your network signal unstable? my globe number can not send or receive text or calls for the whole day.. what can i do about this.. and can i go to the nearest globe store for my concerns? or i still need to call for your customer service that is not picking my call? thank you..

1308 kurt   (07-November-2015 11:05 AM)
Hi globe. I've reloaded my retailer sim but when I used to load my globe costumer, it always appearing "Check Operator Sevice" please help me. I dont want my load wallet go to waste. This is my email. kurt_06darelle@rocketmail.com

1307 pierce   (03-November-2015 10:56 AM)
My concern is i cant register to any of your promos and youve taken away 164 pesos of my load now i dont have any load to even contact your hotline numbers ..

1306 haro   (02-November-2015 3:49 PM)
...my 70 worth of load just got snatched. Called 808 (having 1peso left) still cant reach their customer service

1305 Susana A. Soriano   (31-October-2015 11:53 AM)
have been trying to fill out the info needed for my reference number. i tried it 5x but am told that the code is erroneous.

i called your hotlines but i am always directed to the site for ordering iphone6.

so how can you help me? i want to order a 6s plus.

1304 MhadzGutierrez   (31-October-2015 8:42 AM)
Get back my load.
I bought load this morning and i registering it to GoUnli25 but its informing me that my balance is not enough for the promo. When i checked my balance its o.oo. Where did my load goes?

1303 Jay   (29-October-2015 8:32 PM)
Hi there, I've been waiting for my promo response for almost 2 hours... please take an action immediately..,,,

1302 Roberto mercado   (29-October-2015 10:20 AM)
Hi is there a problem with your system. I cant register to A combo promos.. It always sent me msg that ive already registered multiple times.. Please response asap.. Need data connection very badly

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