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Globe Customer Service New Contact/Hotline | Phone Number
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For your problems concerning your Globe (may it be landline/telephone, tattoo, broadband internet, bills) or any other Globe-related concerns, you can now call them in their new hotline/phone number indicated below.

Globe Logo
Globe logo - "abot mo ang mundo"

Globe Customer Service New Phone number: 027301000

The good thing is it's FREE of charge to call as long as you have at least 1 peso remaining balance using your Globe landline/telephone or your Globe or TM mobile number. You can call them anytime, anywhere (24/7).

You can also contact Globe at the following hotline numbers:
  • 211 or 2629 - using Globe Mobile Phone
  • 173 - Repair (using Globe landline/telephone)
  • 02-730-1000 (using Globe landline/telephone)
You can also contact the following 24-Customer Care Hotline Number:
  • 171 - toll-free from any Globelines
  • (02) 919-8888 [Luzon]
  • [032] 410-8888 [Visayas and Mindanao]
You can also send your concerns, problems or questions to Globe Customer Service email address:
  • talk@globetel.com.ph

Do you have any concern with Globe?

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1349 Bijan Arnwine   (04-February-2016 10:52 AM)
elderly father blocked all his phone numbers can you reset his phone his phone number is 011639777821246 we are in usa and can not reset the phone for him

1348 Donardo Peralta   (30-January-2016 9:46 PM)
hi globe. i just want to confirm when will you fix our INTERNET connection. i submit already the correction on my requirements. but still no INTERNET connection. its been already a week since you disconnect it. i paid 1599 for our installation... please.. fix it.. i want an explanation why still no internet connection

1347 Liezl acaylar   (30-January-2016 1:47 PM)
Have globe numbers 09165968657 and 09157061080. I used these as my roaming number now,siglan is lost. Can you please help me activate. I used these numbers enrolled to a very important transcations not to mentions here. Please, hoping for your immediate actions. My emai ad is amacaylar@gmail.com. Thank you.


1346 reina eusebio   (30-January-2016 9:03 AM)
please help to fix my wifi connection

1345 Deo Sorrosa   (28-January-2016 9:50 AM)
Hi Globe,

I would like to inquire what store have an available Sony M4 unit?

Deo sorrosa

1344 Esteban C. Pascua   (27-January-2016 4:18 PM)
First concern:
I don't want to avail of your gadget care, thus, i don't want to be charged with any additional amount on top of my monthly charges of P999.00.

Second concern:
What is this additional charge of P50 for the statement or the statement fee, for same reason i don't want to be charged with it, you may email my statement to my email add indicated above.

Thanks and i want to hear feedback from you.

1343 andrew pinero   (26-January-2016 2:18 PM)
i paid my bill at western union porta vaga here in baguio last january 21, 2016 and has not been reflected. now i'm getting messages that i have not settled my bill and that it is already due. my globe number 09778551200. account number is 1027652468.

1342 Aika Andrea N. Serrano   (23-January-2016 12:54 PM)
how much is my bill

1341 Rose Marie Vergara   (21-January-2016 12:56 PM)
We can't use our internet and phone for almost a month now. Technician visited and told us that he'll update our service but noticed he didn't do anything. The connection gets worst as of this time. PLEASE HELP! Telephone # 032-401-9325 Acct # 840161584

1340 Baldeep singh   (14-January-2016 7:41 PM)
Can not call from landline to anywhere

1339 Sharyn Diaz   (08-January-2016 8:11 AM)
newly installed home dsl home broadband, cannot call from landline to phone, please help. Thanks

1338 Melody Marie C. Guzamn   (07-January-2016 1:08 PM)
How can I unlock my NDD?

1337 Pacita Armenio Manay   (30-December-2015 1:18 PM)
prepaid landline (7399079) no dial tone since last week, i'm residing at 632 f. blumentritt ext., hulo, mandaluyong city

1336 helen grace   (28-December-2015 4:17 PM)
please send me a installer to reset my wifi router

1335 helen grace   (28-December-2015 4:15 PM)
in just want to know about my globe tatoo wifi router ,how to reset due to default

1334 Aissa Aquino   (28-December-2015 11:13 AM)
Can you please check out tattoo home internet acct #855661620 under the name of Aissa F. Aquino.

1333 jocelyn   (21-December-2015 2:21 PM)
i just wanted to ask how can i change the password of a wifi?

1332 nerissa g contreras   (18-December-2015 12:49 PM)
please check our globe internet, it is not functioning.

subscriber name: hazel neriz g contreras
no. -4034803

thank you

1331 Benjamin Adelino II   (16-December-2015 2:16 PM)
Just wanted to ask my account number to my home broadband. Thank you

1330 cha abad   (14-December-2015 9:00 PM)
We have been a customer of globe for a year, and we have had nothing but problems with guys, if you want you can chek our account, my email address is above if you really contact people. We have a 5mbps signed contract but right now when we try to do speedtest, it only gives us 1mbps, why?!! Am i the nly one who has a problem with your network?! We are paying for 5mbps by the way not for 1 or 2 mbps. We had this problem for over 3 weeks, but your customer service line couldn't even answer. Fix this.

1329 arthur alpino   (10-December-2015 11:14 AM)
i had an Iphone 5 and it has a Globe carrier.Just wandering why it it locked.please help me and appreciate it very much.

1328 Dianne Enero   (09-December-2015 2:22 PM)
Hi Ma'am/Sir,
please check our account,under my father's name, Lorenzo A. Enero. Our landline phone is not yet activated though the handset had arrived last December 1, 2015. Our bundle is the 5MBPS LTE internet with the landline phone. We also did not received our HOOQ activation code which they told us we should be receiving 24 hours after our line is installed. Please make a follow up on these matters. thanks.

1327 Lea rivera   (08-December-2015 7:22 AM)
Kindly check the account of maryjane soriano garcia,she is a scammer,she has many victiims

1326 Juanita De Mesa Sope   (04-December-2015 9:03 PM)
Peace! My son is in the U.S. his roaming was deactivated because he wasn't able to reply YES. How will he activate his roaming again.I was calling GLOBE SERVICE but no one is answering. Hope you can help me. Thank You!

1325 Darlene   (04-December-2015 6:01 PM)
Our retailer sim become undetectable by the phone. Unfortunately, it still has a balance of P270.14. What are we going to do now?

1324 aurelia campos aromin   (03-December-2015 8:09 AM)
Sir/madam, am trying to call with your free of charge using 211 and 2629 but answered me "your balance is not enough to make a call". please checkup ASAP please. Thank you

1323 aurelia campos aromin   (03-December-2015 8:06 AM)
Sir/madam good morning. Kindly please check up our globe landline phone because it is not operational since last week. I thought there was only a repair but until now we don't have dial tone. Thank you so much.

1322 luzy   (02-December-2015 0:13 AM)
hi..i want to how to connect internet in my house in laguna while im here UAE.

1321 jasmine bondoc   (01-December-2015 5:57 PM)
Hi, my sim card is locked and they're looking for a code to unclock it. I didnt even know why my sim card suddenly became like that. Invalid. Please advice me on what to do and where to get the code for my sim card to be unlocked.

1320 Johara   (29-November-2015 5:01 PM)
I would like to ask how to turn off the call baring . I was not able to send a text messeges since yesterday. I registered the GoTXT15 promo. Supposed to be it will expire tomorrow, November 30. Please call me. 09156271149

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