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Globe Customer Service New Contact/Hotline | Phone Number
For your problems concerning your Globe (may it be landline/telephone, tattoo, broadband internet, bills) or any other Globe-related concerns, you can now call them in their new hotline/phone number indicated below.

Globe Customer Service
Globe logo - "abot mo ang mundo"

Globe Customer Service New Phone number: 027301000

The good thing is it's FREE of charge to call as long as you have at least 1 peso remaining balance using your Globe landline/telephone or your Globe or TM mobile number. You can call them anytime, anywhere (24/7).

You can also contact Globe at the following hotline numbers:
  • 211 or 2629 - using Globe Mobile Phone
  • 173 - Repair (using Globe landline/telephone)
  • 02-730-1000 (using Globe landline/telephone)
You can also contact the following 24-Customer Care Hotline Number:
  • 171 - toll-free from any Globelines
  • (02) 919-8888 [Luzon]
  • [032] 410-8888 [Visayas and Mindanao]
You can also send your concerns, problems or questions to Globe Customer Service email address:
  • talk@globetel.com.ph

Do you have any concern with Globe?
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Total comments: 1406
1406 Randy Maxwell   (30-April-2016 7:36 PM)
Why are you allowing gamepad to take money off my phone without authorization they have taken five pesos each day for the last two days I did not sign up for this service they did not have my permission nor do you have my permission to allow them to do this. Now I expect a full refund or I will no longer use your services I will change carriers

1405 Gina   (30-April-2016 7:26 PM)
Hello!what happened to my load prepaid,everytime i put load in my mobile after 15 min.my load gone

1404 Glenn verches   (29-April-2016 8:22 AM)
Still poor connection globe tatoo here las pinas with acct. Number860582820 paying regular bills monthly very unsatisfactory. Im operating small netshop with 5mbps and i receive only 1 mbps always have to call and complain never get the service i paid for im losing money and i have to pay the regular bill for 5 mbps always have to call and complain to hotline never receive any rebates. Poor service of globe should take action immediately or i will put the complain to the consumers right. Globe wake up

1403 ERMINA CURA   (26-April-2016 4:37 PM)
hi good pm please see attached photo in my account . it is about wrong type of account number in bayad center your hotline said that i need to post this photo for you to settle this contest . thanks . i need asap confirmation . please

1402 jonalyn dua   (24-April-2016 10:38 AM)
i want to ask, how can i change my wifi password i would like to change someone connecting in it that resulting to weak signal would you like to give guidelines or an instruction to do it.

1401 Marilyn canada   (21-April-2016 9:18 AM)
Please answer my question untill now i cnt access my globe landline i dont know what is #

1400 Marilyn canada   (21-April-2016 9:12 AM)
Please access my kindly concern about my problem to your site

1399 Allan Garde   (17-April-2016 5:53 PM)
hi i jz want to complain since day two of our phone service until now we cannot make outgoing call and even cannot receive incoming calls.

1398 argie   (15-April-2016 4:44 PM)
Hi!!I just want to ask why my globe tattoo pocket wi-fi with a simcard number 9271941961 has been deducted on its existing load of 467 last month. Since we loaded it with Php.1000.00 last march 2016 and registered it to a promo GS499. We loaded it again a php.500 last april 01,2016 and registered it to a promo GS499. When we check it out why the connection is poor, and the load balance remaining. It has only php. 06.00 pesos left on it!! where did the php.467.00 existing load balance gone.

1397 maricel m. valencia   (11-April-2016 9:11 AM)
i want to ask i cant enter the password of our wifi its user and the password is user what happen?it declare authenthic what is it

1396 Belle   (05-April-2016 4:40 PM)
hello, I want to inquire about why our bill increases to 1k plus. We paid our bill last march 2016 and now we receive a bill for april. Now, my question is why do we receive a higher bill?

1395 benjielyn delacruz   (05-April-2016 8:07 AM)
Hi,Great Day!
May I ask if they have any problem today with your network Globe,because I cannott receive any incoming messages and call.

1394 angelie torculas   (02-April-2016 11:05 AM)
Do you globe signal in lisbon portugal? My husband can't use his roaming sim. How can he use it? How to roam his sim there? Please reply.. thanks

1393 Dante Pamintuan   (02-April-2016 3:00 AM)
My postpaid other phone 09175864825 was stolen here in Paris

1392 Nissly   (01-April-2016 8:40 AM)
can i used my old no. if that no. was already gone??? because that no. is very important for my job hunting purposes. please advice.

1391 ronalyn i. torrres   (31-March-2016 1:07 PM)
Hi! Just need to follow my account on my tattoo bundle cuz its been more than 48hrs. And i dont still have my landline number.. kindly response

1390 FRANCESCA CAMILLE ALFARO   (31-March-2016 11:28 AM)


1389 Rosana Aberion   (31-March-2016 9:24 AM)
how can i view my billing

1388 Math   (31-March-2016 6:56 AM)
good morning! We request to change our unit of telephone we didn't hear the ringing of the telephone. Thank you

1387 Yang   (29-March-2016 9:03 AM)
Hi Good am! Just to follow up billing for our account

1386 jovenlibrea   (28-March-2016 2:44 PM)
i need to help an assistant for i request , my request is all about the upgrading my internet ..

1385 alphi   (26-March-2016 9:30 PM)
how will i be able to know my mobile number? the device does not give options for me to view it.

1384 Mary grace dungo   (24-March-2016 4:31 PM)
Hi. I need help assistant to customer services in gcash i don't know what number. Do I have to call 2882 is useless please help

1383 Henry D. Actub   (24-March-2016 6:00 AM)
The signal of my globe Tatto is very slow I can`t browse any video on youtube please fix this problem

1382 Jesus Garcia De Vera   (23-March-2016 7:23 PM)
hello. i just have my globe home broadband installed just yesterday, how can i replace my wifi password? please give me answer, thanks

1381 azzyiele   (21-March-2016 3:12 PM)
Why my free fb last for only one day yet i am registered in GOTSCOMBODD70. Give back my free fb promo.!!!

1380 Abapo Cecelio   (21-March-2016 11:20 AM)
hello..good morning...i can't call your customer service care, even i have 5 pesos load...why...?

1379 Abapo Cecelio   (21-March-2016 11:19 AM)
how can i activate my old prepaid no. please help me..

1378 janbernard manrique   (17-March-2016 3:13 AM)
I registered to Gosakto but un a few I have received a message that my load is already expired? Cab you back my load today Php70.00

1377 janbernard manrique   (17-March-2016 3:04 AM)
I register ed to this promo GOTSCOMBODD7
VALID UNTIL 7 days bit to day they say ha already expired?
Kindly back my load of Php 70.00

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