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Mactan-Cebu International Airport Information, Contact Number and Pictures
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Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Business Name: Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority

Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City,
Cebu, Philippines 6016
Contact Number/Telephone Number: +6332 340-2486
Official Website: http://www.mactan-cebuairport.com.ph
Email Address: paffairs@mactan-cebuairport.com.ph

Pictures of Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Cebu Airport)

Front View Picture of Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Cebu Airport)


Birds Eye View Picture of Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Cebu Airport)


Inside Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Cebu Airport)

Pictures credited to philippineairspace.blogspot.com, philippines-travel-guide.com and Henk van Kampen

SCAM WARNING! Alleged Bureau of Customs Officers are asking for administrative, airport or tax charges to people having package delivered to the airport. Victims are required to pay through Western Union. Know more about this scam. Read "Mactan-Cebu International Airport Scam".

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167 gerlie huiso • 2:54 PM, 27-October-2014
Gud day!
i just want to know if my package from Liberia has arrive there in Mactan international airport. the sender Mr. Dennis McClane and the receiver is Ms. Gerlie Mae O. Huiso. i also want to know if is it true that i have to pay custom tax and clearance fee for the release of my package.
166 marjorie garianala • 8:58 AM, 22-May-2014
I have recieved the same message stating I need to pay 10,000 pesos to get the package, please help our fellowmen spared from this scammers
165 gina baltero • 11:11 AM, 06-March-2014
Let me know if it is true, it is a small parcel from Indian Ocean, 10kgs. I received a message from the officer name HARRISON EKE STEVE, i need to pay for the taxes worth 30,000peso, if i want to release it from the customs.. Please check if it is true or scam pls...
164 gina baltero • 11:06 AM, 06-March-2014
I just want to confirmed if i have a package in cebu city, arrived Feb 19, 2014??
163 sweetgirl • 9:34 PM, 28-December-2013
"Hon how are you doing? i am happy now that the package is your country now finally, honey i paid only for sending the
package and the tax here not included the tax in your country, i forgot to tell you in my previous email that you need
to clear the items also there in your country immediately the parcel arrived there because of i bought many things so before they will deliver it to you payment of clearing will be needed so honey look for a way and settle the amount needed., honey don't let those things become a waste, because if they even return it here i am not longer there to receive it so what will happen to the gifts which i cherish so much and again the money i fix in the laptop because i did not see any MONEY TRANSFER here because of the fight going on here many places is shot down, the money you are paying is because of the gadgets in the parcel which need clearance from airport before they can deliver to your address, i decided to fix the money there in the
laptop, and you know that i am here in ship as i told you in my previous email, honey do all you can to clear that as
soon as possible, since they said you should pay then send them the money , so they will deliver in your address is
door to door delivery you cannot pick it up, i understand that if you did not settle, they will charge you also for
living it for long there, so honey i beg of you to listen to them as they instructed you. Don’t let them know that i
put money in the laptop the company has emailed me that the package is there in your country but not exactly in your
address as they said after the payment they will deliver to your address so try and look for money and settle it then when you receive the parcel have the money inside and use wisely. i love you honey email me if you receive it already so that i will have rest of mind here hon, you know is risky for the package to stay long under their custom it might spoil or even get lost and you know i fix money in the package."

162 angelica • 10:16 AM, 11-October-2013
From: "trans.delivery@fastservice.com" <trans.delivery@fastservice.com>
To: jeahkaye123@yahoo.com
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 5:04 AM


We are here to inform you that your package has reached (PHILIPPINES) transit and right now, the parcel is on hold for Airport clearance Tax. as we went this morning to pick up the parcel from the cargo clearance office ,Unfortunately,
the Custom clearance department told us that You need to pay some certain commissions which is for Airport clearance Taxes, and this must be paid immediately through us Which is for the Clearance of Your package immediately there at custom to enable us get the items,
This in Accordance to The mode of operations in The Sector For the Courier And parcel Delivering, We have already Taken in the Order number For this Package, A Commission of the Total Sum of ( Php9,999 ) Has Been Charged on This Package
For The Airport Tax Clearance, after then Your Package Shall Be Release to us (TRANS DELIVERY COMPANY) so that we can proceed To Your Destination address today before 12 noon OR Within 24/Hours to deliver your package ,
Our representatives are available to take your emails Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday through Sunday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Please note: This e-mail message was sent from a notification we accept incoming e-mail. Thanks

TOTAL Php 9,999....NOT PAID

Please settle the Payment: With Our Agent Name Through Western Union To our Branch Office in Philippine
Contact our agent in western union to resolve the matter

Cont # : (+639)2757-59133
Address : Cebu City

SIGN BY: tdl service
Mr.wilver bill

IS THIS TRUE??????????
161 emz • 8:36 PM, 02-September-2013
i experienced the same thing Ms. sonia .. howard crowfort is also his name and happened the same thing .. sana po mahuli yung tao na yan .. nagtext po yan sakin
"+639272708467 yan po ung number nia !
160 Sonia • 12:35 PM, 26-August-2013
Howard crowfort is my chat mate in Tagged . He said he wants a seriuos relationship he's divorce and he's coming over to visit me next month. He send me pics of package rose flower, necklace,earrings,iphone, laptop acer and 3,500 british pounds. Today john summerville emailed and texted me asking for 8,200 saying tax for my package. Its a good thing that my daughter knows how to search on things if its legal or not. They ask me to send money thru western union under Jovelyn Castillo . I was about to send the money when my daughter saw this page. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories.
158 merchie • 10:37 AM, 09-March-2013
Please..help me my passport lost when i was taking a plane in the domestic ,where can i found that please...
159 biba123 • 10:43 AM, 09-March-2013
PI passport? if PI passport try to go to the airport office and ask at their lost and found area about your passport, if not, get affidavit of lost and gather docs (just like first time applicant) and apply for passport at DFA
157 biba123 • 3:48 PM, 08-March-2013
Last Feb. 21, 2013, A name Andrew Newman sent me a message, I replied and we started exchanging emails, then after about 8 days he sent me a message asking for my address and complete name and #, since I trusted him I gave it to him, couple of days after he sent me an email again saying he sent me a package with  





I was surprised, I didn't buy it but I just played along, he even said he put 3500 usd inside the package, after couple of days I received an email from sales@freighttendercargo.com with tracking number when I checked everything is there and It really look so true, seems the airway bill is original and genuine, after few Hours I got an email from Andrew Newman asking me if I got the package I said nope not yet,  then today I received a text from Alice Mortiz (09158629526) saying my package is in Davao waiting for my clearance and to check my email for more information, I asked her why is that the package is in Davao, knowing I am here in Manila she said there's a lot of delivery in Davao that's why they just include mine, when I checked my email I got a certificate from Bureau of Custom asking me to pay 12k pesos tax, I was like, I knew it, It is a scam. I hope they will catch these scammers, The certain Andrew Newman sound like Australian, I called him before, he said when I was chatting with him that he is looking for a serious relationship and that he is divorce that he will visit me here in PI next month he also said that he is from US but right now he is in London for a conference,  but I never believed what he said I was just playing along.... Alice Mortiz I hope you'll burn in hell with what you're doing with your fellow Filipino,
156 tonette • 9:35 AM, 20-February-2013
Edward Occonor sent package but the bureau of customs is asking money for the tax. Pls beware of this because this was happen many times already but i did not the tax. i know this is scam. right now the person name alice motiz is texting me.n0 09158629526.
155 luv • 10:31 AM, 18-February-2013
mga hayop tong mga ito panira ng araw ginising ako n txt ng di ko alam wer nila n get number ko...

Please open the attachment of this message and act accordingly to the instruction given to you by Philippines custom management.

THIS is Philippines custom management we are inform you that your package have arrived just now at mactan International Airport Cebu terminal 1 time, 7:30am this morning you have to pay your custom tax fee which is (17,800 pesos) as soon possible you make your payment we will allow your package to deliver to you.

the new government can’t allow any foreign goods to cross international airport without made his or her tax custom fee.

that is new government law. you can contact us mobile; ( +639387680302 ) .You can make your payment in any western union near you as soon as possible
Yours Faithful
The management.

Name of cashier for payment `

ADDRESS: General Aviation Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

mactan Cebu International Airport Terminal
153 karren alarde • 1:50 AM, 17-November-2012
thanks for this web page and i read all the msg. actually i just looking on the net to check about the customs in cebu coz someone texted me that i have a luggage there and i need to pay 9,000 pesos glad that i didnt pay it yet thanks God ! and again thanks sa web page na toh wala na sana mabiktima
152 camel • 5:32 PM, 09-November-2012
...amhmmm is it possible that they know with each other and just playing on me?
151 camel • 5:28 PM, 09-November-2012
but its coincidence i have a friend from UK he said that he send me the luggage through air maroc cargo, he told to log in on ma email to track luggage if when it will be here in pi?..he is calling me also and till now we still have a communication... .
154 IHATESCAMMERS • 6:28 PM, 18-November-2012
It's a Scam Camel
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