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Pag-Ibig Fund Caloocan Branch | Telephone Number
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Pag-Ibig Fund Caloocan Branch PHILIPPINES

Office/Branch Address

 Puritan Philippines, Inc. (PPI) Building 355 EDSA cor Gen. Tirona Street, Kalookan City

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Products Services Offered
Financial Services/Loan Assistance/Housing Loan

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30 Andrea   (01-September-2015 5:26 PM)
My sister told me that there is an online registration for new employees, where should I sign up? Thank you.

29 jen-jen monera   (23-August-2015 8:48 PM)
Ma'am/Sir good evening may i ask about passing the MID no.is there any payment when i pass the MIDno. to the payroll officer?Thank you

28 Jun Santos Pablo   (17-August-2015 11:24 AM)
Hi, i would like to confirm or check if JUNE 2015 contribution is already POSTED. i am waiting for this posting so that i can LOAN. Hope you can reply my message as soon as possible. i was calling many times in your landline, line was always busy so i just message through this.

thank you so much!

27 alvin jamore   (21-July-2015 9:47 AM)
my name is alvin jamore and i would like to follow up my loan that i applied 3 weeks ago

26 alvin jamore   (21-July-2015 9:45 AM)
good morning,i am alvin jamore and i would like to follow up regarding to my loan application that i applied 3 weeks ago. thank you.

25 Mary Grace Banluta   (20-July-2015 8:00 AM)
good morning.
i file a loan last week and i already withdraw it from my ATM issued to me. how can i get the voucher for that loan?
hoping for your immediate response.
thank you.

24 nathaniel garcia   (01-July-2015 12:11 PM)
What are the requirements for claiming my distribution for muna diss ability? And how much can i get?

23 Grashel Lajom   (01-July-2015 9:52 AM)
My PAG IBIG MID # is 121142601545.

22 Grashel Lajom   (01-July-2015 9:50 AM)
Please correct my mailing address. Please change the Brgy DEL MONTE to Brgy SAN ANTONIO.
I applied for an ID last month and it might be delivered to a wrong address or brgy. Please correct as soon as possible. Thank you very much

21 RAQUEL A. STA.INES   (29-May-2015 8:29 AM)
Good Morning,
This is RAQUEL A. STA.INES and i would like to ask status regarding my loan application filed 2 weeks ago.

Hope to hear feedback from you.
Thank you very much.

20 GRACE ACOSTA-PRIMO   (29-April-2015 8:30 AM)
Good day SIR/MAAM:

I just want to follow -up my STL application filed last April 23,2015? Do I have check already?

Thank you!!!

19 Criz Joanne   (23-February-2015 1:22 PM)
pls reply at my concern

thank you

18 Shella Mae Gonzales Dematogue   (21-January-2015 2:04 PM)
Ma'am/Sir I'm Shella Mae Gonzales Dematogue i just verify my Calamity Loan Balance and Memeber Contribution as well if it's updated?can you send it through my E-mail address at shellamae_dematogue@yahoo.com or on my Fb mail 09994072951...I have no time to go at Pag-ibig Caloocan to verify personally because of my working time conflict....Thank you very much

17 Mark Baliguat   (21-June-2014 9:15 AM)
GUDAY MAAM/SIR i just want to know how to get online my pag ibig loan balance, because since i was loan on pag ibig does not deduct it on my salary because i dont have voucher to present on my employer that's why until now they did not work it to deduct . pls reply thank you

16 mark   (19-June-2014 5:12 PM)
maam/ sir good day how can i get my voucher balance in my pag ibig loan because i need now to get it. so that my loan is being deduct every payday. plss. help me how to get my pag ibig loan balance as soon as possible. thank you

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